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  • Wolverine
    down and becomes dull and worn and trhe wheels become clogged with metal particles during grinding If grinding wheels are not sharp they begin rubbing rather than cutting which results in burned tools due to the overheating The Wolverine Dressing System consists of a Support Arm which slides into the Wolverine Grinding Jig base and a sturdy Holder in which the Diamond is placed A fine adjustment knob positions the diamond in relation to the wheel Dressing the wheel in the required 0 001 increments is easily accomplished by turning the knob by one quarter turns Only minimal care is needed for even finer increments This is the only dresser on the market that allows controlled removal of this minute amount of material Because the Dressing Jig removes such small amounts your grinding wheels will last much longer Expensive wheels become a better investment After dressing with the Dressing Jig your wheels will be round clean and sharp They will cut faster cooler and finer You will get a better finish on tools than anything you have ever experienced Your tools will have sharper edges and smoother bevels If you wish to use your high speed grinder to sharpen bench tools such as chisels and plane irons you really need an element of control beyond hand guidance on a flat platform In order to get the type of refined smooth edge essential for clean finishing cuts on timber it is essential to hone the tools after grinding The OneWay Flat Tool Jig enables you to do both these operations using a single jig that is equally at home mounted on the bench grinder for the initial grinding operation or acting as a honing guide as you finish the tools by honing on a bench stone This clever new jig will

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  • Tormek_System
    now so sharp that I m using it whilst moonlighting as a brain surgeon Next week I plan to proceed to split the atom with it These last two might indicate that I am being economical with the truth but I think they help you get the gist of my drastically revised views What follows is the sane view of this outstanding system but by heck I m excited that we have these products to offer My grandfather used to have a large sandstone grinding wheel used wet the handle of which I was required to turn for him as a child How he would have loved the wetstone system produced by Tormek in Sweden which features jigs to accommodate just about any tool type which you can imagine This superb wetstone system is unrivalled and is to be recommended for use in a wide range of applications in cabinetmaking wood carving woodturning and in the home Right The Tormek T 7 Water Cooled Grinding System Why Tormek and not a copy from one of their several often cheaper imitators Primarily the answer lies in the objective of owning any sharpening system seeking to make sharpening quick easy and effective What Tormek have produced and the others have failed to recognise is a comprehensive sharpening SYSTEM They have a jig for sharpening just about anything you can imagine and maybe some you can t all of which not only work but work well These ensure that the process of sharpening and that is what they have made sharpening a process not an art is simple rigorous and repeatable regardless of the tool in question We have come to recognise the skills of the Nordic countries and of Sweden in particular in making engineered products of excellent quality legendary longevity with

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  • O'Donnell
    both novice and expert alike in the sharpening of woodturning tools all of which bear his esteemed name As if that were not enough he is also an excellent author as proven by his books on Turning Green Wood and Decorating Turned Wood a producer of what I believe to be the best woodturning videos available today Turning Green Wood and Tool Sharpening for Results and of course a turner

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  • Other_Sharpening
    Products Knife and Gouge hones traditional leather face products Slipstrop hand honing system Powerstrop power honing system Holzer Diamond Sharpening Equipment a huge range of diamond tools Bench Stones Slipstones in many sizes and guises Pocket files even for the angler Honing cones in a range of sizes to suit almost any flute size Credit card hones sharpen up your spending power Needle Files Diamond T bar Dresser making creating a flat dressed surface simple Other Diamond Sharpening Diamond sharpening slips set of three coarse fine extra fine Diamond sharpening and honing discs Credit card diamond honing slips Replacement diamond wheels for Tormek grinders Grinding Jigs Robert Sorby Pro Edge Sharpening System for sharpening all of your tools the way the factories do it on a belt Veritas Mk2 Honing System for bench chisels plane irons etc Hamlet Celtic grinding jig for woodturning tools and the associated Profile Pro grinding set up tools or guides for simplifying the creation of the sweptback grinds so popular in current woodturning practice Robert Sorby jigs including fingernail jig for turning tools and bench tools High Speed Bench Grinders Slipstones for honing carving and turning tools from Henry Taylor Sharpening points for woodturner s

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  • Jigs
    SVA170 SVM00 141 63 TNT708 Woodturning Kit Comprises items SVD185 SVS50 SVD110 LA120 MH380 TNT300 TTS100 216 63 TNT300 Turner s Instruction Box Contains DVD presentation and instruction book covering shaping and sharpening of woodturning tools 29 96 Individual Jigs SE 76 Square Edge Jig this jig is supplied with Tormek T7 T4 systems as part of the standard product and is used for sharpening plane irons wood chisels and spokeshave blades It will hold both flat and bevel edge chisels perfectly aligned for sharpening 44 13 SVH 320 Planer Jointer Blade Jig the SVH 320 will allow sharpening of HSS planer jointer blades of any length subject to a minimum blade width of 13 mm 1 2 The jig can also be used when sharpening mitre guillotine blades and for plane irons and chisels such a slicks up to 75 mm 3 wide NB TC planer blades cannot be ground with this system 119 13 SVP 80 Profile Knife Jig sharpens all makes and shapes of profile knives having 24 mm 30 mm or 36 mm centre distance between guide hole centres Not suitable for knives without guide holes May also be used for profiled paint removal blades 91 63 SVD 186 Revised Universal Gouge Jig this extremely versatile jig enables the sharpening of turner s fingernail spindle and Celtic Irish or fingernail bowl gouges plus carver s gouges straight and curved spoon gouges back bent gouges down bent gouges tapered gouges including Fishtails Long Pods Allongees and curved and straight vee tools Also sharpens most types of cutting tips for woodturning tools 49 97 SVS 50 Multi Jig for sharpening turner s skew and square chisels with both straight and curved edges and rectangular oval or round edge section Also for parting tools parting beading tools and roughing gouges For carver s straight and tapered gouges from 25 50 mm 1 2 and both square and skew chisels 44 13 SVS 32 Short Tool Jig designed primarily for short straight carving tools including vee tools this jig is also invaluable when sharpening power carver blades and cabinet maker s butt chisels 86 30 SVD 110 Tool Rest with patented TORLOCK bore giving positive locking onto the Universal Support this flat table jig is primarily for sharpening turner s scrapers of all profiles and bevel angles and cabinet scrapers It also provides an ideal method when sharpening carving scorps and inshaves as well as putting the tip back onto misshapen screwdriver blades 23 30 SVA 170 Axe Jig will accommodate axes and hatchets with a head length up to a maximum 170 mm 6 3 4 from cutting edge to poll 10 80 SVM 45 Knife Jig is suitable for most types of knife including most kitchen knives pocket knives and carving knives with a blade length not less than 60 mm 2 3 8 Woodcarver s draw knives are also sharpened using this jig 26 33 SVM 140 Long Knife Jig some longer very flexible knives such as

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  • Grinding Guide Wallcharts
    ts of tool grinding These charts bring that knowledge home to you There are three charts in this special series which are not widely available and each is encapsulated in a heavy duty laminate designed to give a lifetime s use in your workshop for these are practical Works of Reference not coffee table dressing The charts are large format approximately A3 size 300 x 415mm 16 5 x 11 75 and printed in two colours for easy reading The image heading this page really can t do justice to these excellent workshop aids but then all technologies have their limitations Each chart in the set takes as its subject one of the principal groups of woodturning tools in common use these being Gouges Chisels Parting Off and Sizing Tools and Scrapers For each class of tools there is all of the information provided to help you keep your tools sharp and in tip top condition GIVE YOUR TOOLS A BREAK ORDER A SET TODAY Description Price Click to buy Set of three Tools of the Trade wallcharts 5 95 NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid

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  • Sharpening_Accessories
    uick work of setting both skew and bevel angles left or right hand of chisel and plane blades The jig s machined aluminum base provides skew angle markings that are laser etched for accuracy and legibility The skew angle graduations cover the range of 10 to 45 in 5 increments and there are additional marks 18 22 28 to cover the angles of popular skew plane blades The base has four distinct tracks providing four bevel angle settings 20 25 30 and 35 The honing guide s eccentric roller allows variation from these angles for creating a micro bevel The unique sliding fence with blade stop allows you to match an existing skew angle visually even if it is non standard Diamond Dressers Neither people who dress in diamonds nor tools for making diamonds yet more brilliant but diamonds mounted in round bar holders to dress your grinding wheel true and clean Most in service grinding and sharpening problems have more to do with poorly maintained grinding wheels than any other single reason A glazed wheel cannot cut f reely causing the tools to burn due to over heating of the cutting edge giving poor and slow sharpening performance and creating frustrations that inhibit the creative process The wheel becomes hollowed due to wear and then can no longer be used to create a true cutting surface on the tools Regular dressing of grinding wheels is essential and these tools provide a very quick easy and economical means of achieving that Simply move the diamond point across the face edge of the normally rotating grinding wheel gently removing the glazed surface layer only a fraction of a millimetre should be required unless the wheel is badly dished Dress the wheel regularly to maintain it in peak condition and with a true flat cutting surface Take care to wear eye protection during this as with all grinding processes A respirator or dust mask is also recommended Also take a look at the Holzer diamond dresser with 45 mm wide head Slipstones Slipstones are used to refine hone the tool edge after sharpening on the grindstone and for touching up the tool between grindings These stones are sold either singly or as a pair The large slipstone measures approx 41 2 x 1 3 4 and the smaller one approx 2 1 8 x 1 The stones are ovoid in cross section all long edges are rounded such that between the two you should find an edge to fit inside the curvature of any gouge whilst the flat surfaces are ideal for the external bevel surfaces and for flat bevels If you prefer we also offer diamond honing cones and slipstones for tool maintenance Sharpening Points for Woodturner s Ring Tools Ring tools such as the Sorby 845H 1 2 845XLH 1 Hamlet HCT125 HCT126 Crown 275 275A are excellent for end grain hollowing but when it comes to sharpening they can present something of a challenge The correct method which avoids

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  • HS_Grinders
    larger cousin has a 500 watt motor ensuring adequate power for all normal tool sharpening operations if you find that you are slowing the wheel on one of these grinder during grinding then it is a sure sign that you are pressing the tool too hard against the grinding wheel Both grinders are supplied with eye shields spark arrestors and basic tool rests We strongly recommend that any grinder which is to be used for the accurate and repeatable grinding of woodturning tools should be equipped with a high quality grinding jig such as the Wolverine from Oneway Without the use of such a tool guidance system grinding is potentially something of a hit and miss affair The casings of these grinders are cast iron for rigidity and feature rubber feet to dampen vibration and to help keep the grinder in one place during use unless you screw the grinder to a baseboard which is to be recommended though you must avoid crushing the rubber feet completely as you fasten the grinder down NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering

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