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  • Chestnut Finishing Products
    exhibits a high degree of water resistance It can easily be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth Friction Polish French Polish A high build shellac based polish for use on or off the lathe to produce a hard bright French polish style finish Simply hold a cloth preferably a safety cloth or kitchen towel moistened with the polish against the revolving work and let the friction heat dry the polish to a high gloss finish Warning beware loose ends and trailing parts of rags which could get tangled in the rotating machinery or wrapped around the workpiece causing injury to the operator The use of safety cloth helps minimise this risk as it tends to tear before any damage ensues A personal opinion is that this product is superb for s maller spindle turned items but is not the easiest to apply on large smooth surfaces such as bowls over 6 150 mm diameter If that s what you need take a look at Shellawax Cream If you have a cabinet piece to finish then the traditional finish for such work is French Polish This contains a high proportion of shellac to give the traditional amber glow we associate with fine furniture Use Shellac Sanding Sealer as a preliminary base and then apply French Polish using a traditional polisher s rubber A ball of cotton wadding held within a clean cotton cloth and nothing to do with the London Rubber Company Melamine Lacquer Melamine Spray If you are producing timber goods which are going to be subjected to water or other liquids hot or cold then this is the only finish designed to stand the strain Simply applied by rag or brush over a cellulose sanding sealer base coat the lacquer is allowed to dry after which multiple coats can be applied cutting back with steel wool between coats For most applications three coats is sufficient after which the finish can be cut back with 0000 steel wool or a NyWeb pad and wax polished to give a soft sheen or burnished to a high gloss NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Wax Polishes Stick Waxes Paste waxes are a firm favourite with woodturners offering as they do very quick drying good penetration and a deep sheen over a simple sanding sealer base or even directly onto the timber of dense close grained species However many of the favourite formulations of the past contained toluene which is now under suspicion as a carcinogen This new generation formulation from Chestnut Products contains no harmful solvents and is even easier to use than the older potentially harmful formulations and gives a superb finish with negligible effort Offered here are both a clear paste wax Wood Wax 22 and Liming Wax which is used to create a most attractive finish on open grain timbers such as oak ash etc Note that Liming Wax should be top coated with WoodWax 22 or Finishing Oil as it is not intended as a s tand alone finish Because Liming Wax needs to key into the surface of the timber it is beneficial to open up the grain before the application of the wax This is most easily achieved using the bronze bristled liming brush listed which will quickly pull out the softer grain creating deeper fissures to hold the liming wax Microcrystalline wax is sometimes kn ow as Curator s wax because it is hard to get a shine on museum employees No I didn t mean that because it is much favoured for use on valuable antique furniture as it is very benign in use creating an excellent finish without introducing petroleum contaminants into the wood and drying without creating a build up of polish This wax is very hard wearing and has the additional benefit of being water repellent The high melting point of microcrystalline wax makes it a very popular finish for much handled items such as pens Woodturner s wax stick is a blended wax bar containing carnauba and beeswax designed for use over sanding sealer to impart a high gloss finish onto turned items especially spindle work Softer than other examples this bar will not damage your work when applied Carnauba wax is a very hard vegetable wax food safe and capable of being brought to a very high shine when burnished onto your spindle work Gilt Creams To add extra zing to your workpieces these metallic pastes are ideal Bright easy to apply and with dense rich colours these creams can be used either as an overall finish as grain enhancers or to highlight detail in turned or carved or both artworks Use over ebonising Lacquer for a stunning effect and contrast Available in gold silver and copper colours Burnishing Cream This product was originally developed for use in reviving old polished and waxed surfaces such as in furniture restoration However recent feedback from adventurous woodturners has suggested that it is also excellent when used as a surface refinement treatment to burnish lacquer finishes sanding sealer etc when it will be found to impart a silky smoothness to the timber surface that simply invites a touchy feely response from your fingers Try it and f e e l the difference Steel Wool NyWeb Synthetic Alternative Despite the introduction of the synthetic alternatives to steel wool many woodworkers still prefer the real thing when it comes to de nibbing of a surface preparatory to final waxing or finishing For smoothing sanding sealer coats and for applying paste wax grade 0000 steel wool remains the product of choice for these craftsmen However developments in the world of synthetic products have created new and excellent materials such as the Chestnut NyWeb product which equal and in many applications exceed the performance of the traditional abrasive In my own work I routinely use NyWeb to apply finishing oil and final wax coats

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  • Shellawax
    this excellent product gives a hard durable finish with impressive resistance to marks and blemishes from water alcohol and heat The cream formulation retards the frictional drying characteristic of friction polishes making it suitable for use on larger lathe turned items such as bowls and platters Being a cream this product is easily controlled in application and is very economical in use Shellawax Cream is non toxic EEE Ultrashine This amazing product is a cut and polish paste containing Tripoli powder an ultra fine abrasive The polish is designed to be used in conjunction with Shellawax Cream and liquid formulations or as a finish in its own right on plastics such as acrylic resin impregnated burr crushed velvet artificial ivory and similar products used for pen bodies It can also be used after French polishing and restorers will find it useful to cut and revive previously polished surfaces Although designed to be used directly on raw timber bear in mind that EEE is not a finish in itself and the polished surface will need protecting by the use of some other product such as Shellawax EEE Ultra Shine can be used over many other finishes such as oils and most types of varnish enhancing the surface and giving it a smoothness and lustre with an ease that you would never have thought possible Shithot Waxtik is an exotic blend of waxes including animal vegetable and mineral waxes Carnauba the hardest wax of all Ozocerite and Ceresin high melt waxes for extra hardness and water resistance microcrystalline wax for water resistance and durability and a hint of beeswax Waxtik is applied to the work directly with the lathe running and the wax is melted into the timber surface using the frictional heat created when the applicator cloth is moved slowly across

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  • Liberon
    for indoor use Tack Cloths Getting a perfect finish on your work has at least as much to do with the preparation as it has to do with the finishing process itself One of the banes of the finisher s life is dust Using cloths and brushes it doesn t matter how many times you wipe a surface most of your effort will simply result in shifting the particles around To remove them once and for all you need a resin impregnated tack cloth Conc entrated Water Based Dyes A concentrated pigment in a water base makes these dyes very versitile Water them down for a softer colour or mix with palette wood dyes to make all together new colours For best results when using these water based dyes always pre wet the timber to raise the grain of the piece of work allow the area to dry and then rub down this should dramatically reduce the raising of the grain when the dye is applied NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Touch Up Pens Designed to enable small scratches and chips to be toned in to match the surrounding timber these pens spilt into three parts giving a light medium and dark shade of the base colour They contain a quick drying dye which is waterand wipe resistant Should be overcoated with wax or other suitable finish when dry Renovation Repair Products Wax Polish Remover Ring Remover Stripper Bleacher For removing old wax dirt and grime from furniture prior to refinishing without affecting most original hard finishes use Wax Polish Remover this will also remove heat and water marks from waxed surfaces If a polished surface has been damaged by heat or water marking then Ring Remover will eradicate marks from most hard surfaces such as French Polish varnish lacquer and most modern finishes The Burnishing Cream listed on our Chestnut Products page may also be of assistance in these circumstances If the piece requires stripping and refinishing then Fine Wood Stripper a methylene chloride free product will remove old paint and varnish Stains caused by rust alcohol damp fruit etc can be removed and lightened using Wood Bleacher this product also lightens naturally dark wood or paler timbers which have darkened through alkali stripping staining and weathering Paraffin Wax Perhaps better known as candle wax this is a mineral wax product which finds favour with many woodturners and woodworkers as a sealer for end grain to minimise splitting during the air drying of timber Supplied in a 500 gm block approx 1 1 pounds this has to beat melting candles to obtain sufficient wax to seal a log NB wax can create a fire risk and should not be heated over an open flame use a Bain Marie instead Lubricating Wax formerly known as Lubo Wax A superb product that deserves to be on the shelf of

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  • General Finishes
    the blade NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Water Based Finish Application Guide Attributes of General Finishes Water Based Finishes This information has been developed to assist you in selecting the best finish for your project Application techniques differ between oil based and water based products There are several factors that may influence your choice Strong Clear Vibrant Colours Nothing produces beautiful colours better than water based finishing products Red blues and greens and everything between produce vibrantly in water based finishes Whether you want brilliant hues to enhance a neutral room a touch of whimsy or the comfort of classic colours furniture colour is the perfect venue for self expression With unfinished furniture the possibilities are endless If you struggle to understand the different attributes of Dye Stains and Water Based Wood Stain then maybe these notes will help WB Wood Stain is a pigment stain Pigment particles are larger than dye stain particles so will tend to stay on the surface of the woerkpiece and highlight the grain These stains are typically available in natural wood colours Because of its smaller particle size dye stain penetrates more deeply into the wood and will nto change the appearance of the garin Dye stains also permit the creation of brighter colours Some professionals first apply dye stains followed by pigment stains to give greater depth to the colour Top Coat Colour Water based top coats are milky white in the can but dry to a crystal clear finish and will remain clear throughout the life your project Oil based top coats have a slight amber colour in the can and dry to a clear finish which can darken over time Clean Up Water based finishes clean up conveniently with water Non Combustible Water based products are non combustible unlike oil based products Recommended Finish For Open Grained Woods Water based products are a surface finish We recommend using them on any woods that penetrate easily such as pine or birch to produce a more even looking finish Conversely oil based stains tend to penetrate the wood more and can bring out more variation in the final result With that said remember you are applying finish to parts of a tree and every piece will look different To test the hardness of the wood just use the fingernail test If your fingernail dents the surface you have a soft wood like pine or birch Sun Light The sun affects everything If left in strong sunlight the pigments and dyes in Wood Stains will fade like everything else However water based Milk Paints paints are an ideal exterior product and hold colour quite well over time Grain Raising Water based products produce more grain raising than oil based finishes they do require a different finishing technique Before applying the finish spray the project with water or rub down with a damp cloth Allow the wood to dry and then sand lightly with 220 sandpaper to remove the raised grain This conditions the wood to accept water based finishes The amount of grain raising is dependent on the wood species Drying Time Temperature Humidity Water based products dry faster so your project can be completed faster Drying times are temperature and humidity dependent but is normally 2 4 hours under ideal conditions 70 F 21 C and 70 humidity Cooler temperatures or higher humidity will prolong dry time to 8 10 hours Water based finishes must be applied at temperatures above 65 F 18 C Cooler temperatures will adversely affect how the finish will level and harden causing fish eyes or craters If it is cold enough to wear a sweater it is too cold to apply a water based finish Good ventilation air movement and higher temperatures will accelerate dry time If working in high temperatures or low humidity water based finishes may be thinned with 10 20 water or General Finishes Extender 3 to 6 oz per quart to improve open time for application High humidity can extend the dry time but will not harm the final finish Mixing Custom Colours Tinting You can create unique colours by mixing any two shades of water based products Be sure to write down exactly how much of each colour is in the mix and mix enough to complete the entire project Tinting may be accomplished by adding 2 oz of Wood Stain and 2 oz of water to a pint of Top Coat or 4 oz of each to a quart Mix the water and stain together first then add this mixture to tint the Top Coat Stir well Do not mix water based products with oil based products Cure Time Allow the final Top Coat to cure for a period of 14 days to reach optimum hardness You may use your furniture sooner Just treat it with special care during the curing period Maintenance To maintain the finish clean surface with a damp washcloth and wipe dry Cleaners such as Pledge are not recommended because they may leave a dull residue on the finish Water based surfaces may be cleaned with a damp cloth or General Finishes Orange Oil Do not use household cleaners or window cleaners Paste wax is not recommended because it builds up and yellows thus becoming a maintenance problem Top Coats may be recoated at any time in the future Remove any grease or dirt lightly sand with 320 or finer grit sandpaper and then apply another coat Coverage 15m² per litre 150 sq ft per quart Storage Keep from freezing Spraying While both oil based and water based products can be sprayed water based products really spray like a dream with water clean up Water based topcoats are self leveling and dry quickly Surface Preparation For more details regarding preparation supplies work area tips etc visit the General Finishes website www generalfinishes com All surfaces should

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  • Shield Technology
    contains a high proportion of unique powerful corrosion inhibitors suspended in a highly refined gelled mineral oil It produces a self healing film which is capable of creeping and migrating into rolled or pressed seams and other small cavities where electrolytic action can create a galvanic cell causing rapid and potentially catastrophic deterioration of parts Being a grease this product can also be used to both lubricate and protect larger items of equipment operating in damp conditions Removal is easy using a cloth dampened with white spirit Honing Fluid and Corrosion Inhibitor for Wetstone Grinders There is something that seems intrinsically perverse about sharpening ferrous tools using water Excellent though wetstone grinders such as the Tormek can be at sharpening tools it is essential that tools are thoroughly dried after sharpening Unless that is you render the water in your wetstone grinder trough non corrosive by using HoneRite Gold in the water This superb product is simply mixed with water to be used in the trough of the grinde r and thereafter will inhibit corrosion both in the tools sharpened and in the machine itself The same tool saving characteristics make HoneRite Gold the fluid of choice for lubricating Japanese waterstones and diamond sharpening systems of both perforated and solid plate construction HoneRite Gold is supplied as a concentrate a 250 ml tin makes up into 6 litres of non corroding honing fluid If you work with India stones or natural sharpening stones such as Arkansas or Washita stones then HoneRite 1 is the product for you It is a dual action ultra low viscosity honing and lapping fluid which speeds and eases sharpening by hand Its low viscosity makes it a fast cutting fluid whilst its powerful anti corrosive additives continue to protect your tools after sharpening HoneRite does not contain silicones Old clogged oilstones can be revived by soaking the stone in HoneRite and scrubbing with an old toothbrush or similar to remove the loosened debris from the pores of the stone Rust Removal If this talk of corrosion prevention seems to be a little late in the day for your tools then there s still no need to despair Those clever folk at Shield Technology have a solution even for this sorry state of affairs Restore Rust Remover will not only remove built up rust but it will also continue to protect your tools after the initial rust has been removed The non acidic water based formulation of Restore only removes the rust from your tools and will not attack plastics rubbers and non ferrous metals The solution is biodegradable when spent and is very economical in use with the 500 ml bottle making up a solution of 10 litres for rust remover for normal use Parts need to be degreased before treatment with Restore Rust Remover and for th is purpose Restore Pre Clean is ideal This product too is biodegradable and supplied as a concentrate which is made up to the required strength using water

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  • Fings for Framers
    wearying in itself even before you start to use them The economy planes offered here are a good choice for site work if you mislay one of these planes or if someone misappropriates it then you won t be heartbroken at these prices If you want workshop quality planes take a look at our more everyday products from Stanley on our Planes page Marking Out For initial layout a chalk line is essential We have selected an aluminium cased version for ro bustness and have packs of replacement marking chalk available in a variety of colours A marking knife works both for cross grain marking in the approved manner and a darn sight more safely than using a trimming knife and as a support for a rule or square when laying out the vertical side faces of the timber baulks Note that the Crown range includes a left hand version We ll even supply you with a carpenter s pencil Measuring Again we have taken a route of supplying affordable layout tools as these w ill be in regular use on site and are not easy to keep out of harm s way whic h doesn t mean you shouldn t try The basic need is for a combination square for setting up tenon shoulders etc but a framing square surprise surprise can be very useful when laying out the frame geometry itself The tape is a full eight metres has a soft touch case in un losable bright colours and has both a belt clip and hand loop Square Rule layout methods can be employed to advantage by using spirit levels for setting up rather than winding sticks a suitable level is listed below Sharpening To keep your chisel in razor sharp condition you will need to give it

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  • Woodworking - Chisels
    such tools will give Robert Sorby Type 520 Bevel Edge Chisels For many woodworkers there is nothing to match the look of dark sophistication and unique feel of a rosewood handle Here the plantation grown timber is paired with a tapered brass ferrule to create a smooth refined handle shape you ll love to hold Robert Sorby Boxed Sets All of the Robert Sorby series chisel styles are also available in boxed sets of 5 chisels ideal for gifts The 5 chisel sets comprise 1 3 4 1 2 3 8 1 4 chisels All the sets are presented in the same way as that shown in the picture here in a presentation box Set of 5 Robert Sorby Series 167 bevel edge chisels pictured right Crown Tools Butt Chisels including sets Butt chisels are basically short bevel edge chisels The handle is designed to sit in the ball of the hand With an overall length of 6 including a blade of 3 1 2 these are very useful in tight confines and for very accurate cutting and paring of joints Sold singly or in sets and why wouldn t you want to own a full set at these prices Skew Chisels The skewed cutting edge of these chisels enables them to slice cleanly through the timber making them ideal for precise paring Their sharp point also makes them useful for cleaning into corners Sold as pairs one left and one right handed Paring Chisels Paring chisels come in two types the upper one in the illustration is the conventional straight paring chisel whilst that on the right is a cranked paring chisel The cranked chisel is especially useful as it is easy to work into awkward spaces with the tool blade still able to lie flat on the surface Specialist Chisels A couple of specialist tools that will help you get into the tight corners that little else will The corner cutting chisel will make short work of squaring out the recesses for things such as hinges whilst the corner cleaning chisels will work in the other plane to clean the waste out of the corners Registered Mortise Chisels from Crown Tools When the going gets tough the tough get their registered motise chisels Designed for heavy work of all types but originally conceived for cutting the deep mortises required for timber framed structures heavy section window and door frames and other substantial works Fitted with double steel hoops on ash handles for robustness Draw Knives The draw knife provides a quick and simple way of removing large amounts of stock from timber billets Much loved by the green woodworker these tools have been with us since the very dawn of woodworking Two styles are offered the straight bladed with handles set at ninety degrees to the line of the blade also known as the English pattern and the curved bladed style with handles in line with the cutting edge also known as the continental pattern We also offer

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  • Measuring & Marking
    M Power setting out tools developed to make the life of the craftsman just that little bit easier You will also find low cost steel rules and digital calipers in this section as well as the machinists best friend the Oneway Multi gauge For further tools for setting out it may also be useful to refer to the Measuring and Marking tools in our Woodturning Tools sections as many of those also have application in other branches of woodwork The tools are broken into the following categories to simplify navigation If that doesn t help then this mini directory of what is in each section may help Squares Bevels Try Squares Dovetail Squares Multi Angle Square Adjustable Bevels M3 Multi Function Square Framing Square Combination square Marking Gauges Marking Gauges Mortise Gauges Cutting Gauges Combination Mortise Marking Gauges Wheel Gauge Tri Scribe Tri Blade Trim Gauge Marking Tools Levels Marking Knife left and right handed Striking Knife Scratch Awls Spirit Levels Measuring Tools Oneway Multi Gauge R1 Right Hand Tape Measure Point To Point dividing tool Mitre Hook Steel Rules Vernier Caliper Digital Caliper Micrometer Digital Micrometer Engineer s Square 1997 2009 P Hemsley The information on this website is

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