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  • Veritas_P_&_S
    business We have therefore decided to relinquish the dealership agreement for Veritas planes but only planes and to concentrate on what we are best at woodturning and woodcarving We still have a few Veritas planes in hand and if you are seeking such a plane may be able to do you a deal against our last list prices It may be worth a phone call at least What s the

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  • Planes & Scrapers
    25 Cabinet Scrapers and Scraper Burnisher For fine finishing especially on curse grained timber there is nothing to beat a well sharpened cabinet scraper Although a new generation seems to believe that all finishing is done with abrasives you know better No abrasive in common workshop use can match the silky smooth finish left by a scraper Here you will find scrapers scraper sets including the curved gooseneck scraper and a burnisher for forming the essential cutting hook when sharpening the scraper But how do you keep your scrapers in tip top conditon free of corrosion and preventing their neatly honed edges being dinged and dented as they rattle around the toolbox or bench May we recommend our supple leather scraper wallet complete with press stud fastening belt loop and pockets for four scrapers It may seem like luxury today but next time you are in a hurry to find your scraper when you don t really want to have to spend half an hour getting the edge back to perfection you ll be amazed at just how grateful you are that you treated your scrapers to one of these simple low cost wallets One thing that almost all scraper users will agree upon is that the finish you can achieve is truly superb the other point of agreement is that holding the blade is arduous physically demanding and energetic use can even lead to burns from the heat generated By the end of a few minutes of scraping the inexperienced especially will find that their thumbs and fingers burn from the exertion How do you overcome that May we suggest the clever little wooden gizmo shown here alongside the Scraper Blade Holder Suddenly you can have all of the control that hand holding a blade affords but without the pain Beautifully sculpted in plantation grown rosewood and fitted with a brass blade tensioning screw under the rosewood knob for durability and smooth operation this is one tool that deserves a place in any cabinetmakers toolbox not that you d ever admit that you find scraping tough would you But if you have more sense than macho pride don t wait a moment longer before relieving the pain Description Price Click to Buy Crown Tools 377W Scraper Burnisher Rosewood Handle above left 8 75 Crown Tools 376 Set of three cabinet scrapers above right 7 67 Robert Sorby 1600 1 Cabinet Scraper 4 x 2 1 2 3 02 Robert Sorby 1600 2 Cabinet Scraper 5 x 2 1 2 3 59 Robert Sorby 1600 3 Cabinet Scraper 6 x 3 3 78 ToolPost Scraper Blade Holder takes blades up to 6 x 3 Rosewood 11 87 Toolpost fine leather scraper holder with 4 pockets to hold four scrapers up to 170 mm x 90 mm 7 23 Scraper Plane Insert Blades The excellent P06 01 Scraper Plane Insert from Veritas would convert any 2 or wider Bailey pattern plane into a highly accurate and controllable scraper plane Unfortunately it

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  • Planes
    Left Jointer Plane Type no 7 Description Price Click to Buy Silverline No 4 Economy Smoothing plane 245 mm 9½ sole 50 mm 2 wide blade 2 mm thick Wooden handles with brass fittings 13 58 Stanley No 3 Smoothing plane 240 mm 9½ sole 45 mm 1 ¾ wide blade 54 53 Stanley No 4 Smoothing plane 245 mm 9 ¾ sole 50 mm 2 wide blade 48 97 Stanley No 4½ Smoothing plane 260 mm 10¼ sole 60 mm 2 3 8 wide blade 54 72 Stanley No 5 Jack plane 335 mm 14 sole 50 mm 2 wide blade 58 30 Stanley No 6 Fore plane 445 mm 18 sole 60 mm 2 3 8 wide blade 89 21 Stanley No 7 Jointer plane 560 mm 22 sole 60 mm 2 3 8 wide blade 101 65 Block Planes Devised originally ar at least so named because of their use for trimming the end grain surface of butcher s blocks those wonderful old hallmarks of the butcher s trade now all but eliminated by the Food Police ever mindful of the benefits of filling us with chemicals in preference to allowing us to truly benefit from the natural anti bacterial action of timber See the article on www woodworking co uk OK now I ll get off the soap box The standard 9½G block plane has the cutter seated at 21 degrees and has adjustments not only for depth of cut and blade alignment but also for the mouth width allowing very fine cuts to be taken and inhibiting sub surface damage to the wood fibres This plane is very useful for detail work and fine finishing of a range of projects and can be used for end grain trimming However if cutting end grain is of particualr importance to you then the 60½G style incorporates a blade bedded at a low 13½ degree angle making it superb for both this role and that of trimming laminates Left General purpose Block Plane Type no 9½G Right Low Angle Block Plane Type no 60½G Description Price Click to Buy Stanley No 9½G Fully Adjustable Block plane 155 mm 6¼ sole 42 mm 1 5 8 wide blade 47 45 Stanley No 60½G Low Angle Block plane 150 mm 6 sole 36 mm 1 3 8 wide blade 45 90 Rebate Planes Rebate planes are designed for creating rebates a job for which the router is much use these days However the smaller planes listed below can get into places where no router dare to tread and they re so much more peaceful to use The Duplex plane can be used for normal and bullnose work thanks to its two cutter positions It is supplied with an adjustable fence depth gauge and cutting spur The No 75 plane features an adjustable mouth for fine cutting The No 90J is machined on its sides as well as the base so that it can be used in any position to give

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Planes/planes.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Roberts & Lee
    the best is it good value and was it made by someone who cares are never voiced I guess that it is the best that one can hope for Epitaph for a nation maybe We shall shortly be offering the Pax range of saws from Flinns another English maker of repute NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Roberts___Lee/roberts___lee.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Other Saws
    into a fruitful exercise and means that when you go out to do a quick job around the house with just the right tools in your hand you can ensure that when the inevitable use for a saw turns up you have one in your pocket Fashioned with special fast clearing agressive teeth for fast easy cutting especially in wet or soft woods and a comfortable moulded rubber grip NB

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Saws/saws.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Jigs for Jobs
    our fields of specialist knowledge woodturning and woodcarving Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause 1997 2009 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Jigs_for_Jobs/jigs_for_jobs.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Clamps
    the reach and grip provided by a sash cramp Available in a range of sizes with the sliding jaw providing rapid continuous adjustment from the maximum length right down to zero The sliding jaw is held in place with a simple through pin in the traditional manner With a 1 1 4 x 1 4 bar 30 mm x 6 mm these are robust cramps and match the traditional patterns likely to be found in many workshops so that extension bars already in your possession may also be used with these models The heads are of machined cast iron and the fine screw thread gives a very high clamping pressure At these prices you can plan to use as many clamps as you need instead of the number you can afford Now that really is progress Guide Clamps a relatively recent addition to the woodworker s armoury these versatile tools may be used as light clamps as guide bars for power tool use or as benchtop workholding devices The clamp bar is from precision extruded aluminium and clamped across a board provides a firm straight edge against which a circular saw jigsaw or router may be run to give a true straight cut without the hassle of clamping a batten across the workpiece with the inevitable problem of clamps getting in the way and having clearance under the board for the clamp heads etc These handy clamps are simply dropped into place on top of the board the moveable clamp head is slid up to the workpiece and the cam action lever locks the whole in place Couldn t be simpler If two of these clamps are bolted back to back you have a neat way of holding any oversize workpiece in position whilst you work on it the lower

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  • Woodworking Benches
    huge capacity no matter what the basic size of the bench Dimensions of Sjoberg Benches All dimns in mm Elite 1500 Elite 2000 Elite 2500 Nordic Plus 1450 Worktop length 1375 1805 2380 1340 Overall Length 1515 1945 2520 1470 Worktop width 600 500 Overall Width 740 630 Vice Capacity 145 115 Working Height 900 860 Weight kg 104 122 140 30 Materials Beech top trestle Birch top pine trestle Overall length assumes one end vice fitted Overall width includes width of one front vice Weights are bench top and trestle only without storage modules A word of advice these benches are very heavy we would not recommend ordering for overseas shipment as the shipping cost could be prohibitive and damage could occur The final decision is your own but we feel more confident restricting shipping of these hefty items to the UK Sjoberg Nordic Plus 1450 bench shown with optional storage module below left The accessory holdfast ST03 is shown below right The Nordic Plus bench range offers economy with a high standard of construction and materials This bench can also be fitted with the optional storage module shown which provides a cupboard with sliding doors and four drawers with profiled handle cutouts in the front Two rows of dog holes are provided in line with each of the four possible vice positions the benches can be assemled to suit left or right handed use The Nordic Plus bench can be fitted with additional equipment and storage modules as listed below Sjoberg Elite 2500 bench and trestle fitted with optional storage module above Sjoberg Elite 2000 bench on standard trestle left For the dedicated craftsman professional or amateur the Sjoberg Elite models prove themselves worthy of the name With solid beech worktops 85 mm thick these are benches designed

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Woodworking_Benches/woodworking_benches.html (2016-04-28)
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