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  • Workholding
    version of the Big Mach is no longer available but we offer the Big Mach Kit which contains all the basic parts to allow you to construct a vacuum table of your own for a very economical price This includes 21 ball valves a vacuum control tap and mounting plate all required screws gaskets and full instructions You supply the skill and around three hour s effort though this is not a particularly testing project and either MDF or marine ply for the baseboard 25mm for top 18 mm for base plus the power source NB The Big Mach Kit does not include the Fence shown in the photograph above MiniMach Vacuum Table 610 mm x 320 mm 24 x 12 5 Like its larger cousin above the MiniMach brings vacuum workholding within the reach of virtually any woodworker The MiniMach has been designed for those who routinely indulge in smaller projects such as boxmaking furniture making signmaking etc But don t be fooled by its compact size When connected to the recommended 1000 watt vacuum cleaner power source this device can hold components up to 1220 mm 4 feet square yet copes equally well with workpieces as small as 95 mm 33 4 square The MiniMach has eleven hold down chambers of graduated sizes making it suitable for a wide range of workpiece sizes up to its maximum capacity Being a sealed unit the MiniMach can be laid onto any worksurface without loss of holding power and by simply attaching a batten to the rear can be easily clamped into a vice or portable workbench making it ideal for on site use It can also be screwed to a workbench if a permanent installation is required U Mach Vacuum Table Kit 259 mm x 482 mm 10 x 19

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  • Screwdrivers
    both hot and cold weather without suffering blisters sweaty hands or frozen fingers And they take on a lovely patina with use just like real tools used to The well made bits supplied are for the individually packed screwdrivers 5 mm and 7 mm flat blades PZ1 and PZ2 for Pozidrive and Supadrive screws and PH1 and PH2 styles for users of that older US derived style The twin driver set contains both types of driver and an extended range of 9 tips all of the above plus a 6 mm flat blade and both PZ3 and PH3 sizes Nicely packaged in robust cartons with an information sheet making these unusual products an excellent notion for gift giving Cabinet Screwdrivers These scr ewdrivers owe nothing to the age of plastics machine drive head patterns or the shelves of the DIY barns But what you do get is a fine beech handled traditional pattern screwdriver with a forged blade and a nicely turned handle Overall dimensions stated are approximate and are for guidance only Blade lengths are as per manufacturer s catalogue descriptions Rampin Rampin is a brutal sounding word for a device designed to hold a small brad panel or

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  • Mallets
    traditional bench hook provides a quick simple secure means of holding the timber in place whilst also promoting accurate cutting A reasonably secure bench wall or table is all you need to use one of these versatile tools and it is far easier than trying to cut timber held awkwardly in a bench vice Mallets Or as Dad used to call em Knocking Sticks A range of traditional carpenter s or joiner s mallets made by Crown Hand Tools from first quality kiln dried beech Designed for general workshop use and ideal where a mallet is needed for chopping out with a chisel though take it easy on the finer sizes and styles Mortise chisels are really made to take the punishment of heavy use with a mallet but all good quality chisels should feature a shock absorbing leather washer and a bolstered tang to withstand a degree of mallet use Above all don t fall into the I m a rank amateur trap of using a hammer on your chisels Sharp intake of breath sucking of air through clenched teeth etc etc Choose from a range of sizes defined by the length of the straight side on the handle

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  • Tool Storage
    understand why your old toolroll has the pockets cut to shreds Here s a demonstration of how to do it Description Price Click to Buy 7 Pocket split leather toolroll for longer tools 400mm tool length 13 50 10 Pocket split leather roll for shorter chisels 280mm tool length 15 00 5 Pocket split leather roll for knives carving chisels 200mm tool length 8 09 10 Pocket split leather roll for knives chisels carving chisels 240mm tool length 9 79 There is one thing that will make a mess of your stored tools even if your selection of tool cases is careful and that is the dreaded corrosion Help is at hand Shield Technology manufacture a superb range of active corrosion protection and inhibition products and we have them available for you Included in the range are waxes for long term protection of tool blades and machine tables as well as the superb VCI vapour phase inhibitor toolbox protector which simply sits in your toolbox and releases protective vapours continuously until exhausted keeping damp at bay and surrounding your precious tools with a proven corrosion inhibitor In fact Shield even have products to promote the removal of rust from spoiled tools enabling you to bring them back to pristine condition When it comes to corrosion you really do need an effective Shield A major contribution to keeping tools in good condition is to store them appropriately Tool cupboards and divided toolboxes properly organised can do the job in the workshop but what about when you are working out and about or if your tools have to lie in a large bin or box where tools lie atop each other Tools at particular risk in these circumstances are edge tools and most of all chisels Both woodworking and woodcarving chisels are subject to damage from unprotected storage and need to be protected To mitigate these risks we are pleased to offer an economically priced leather chisel roll which will keep your tools in good condition for many years T hese chisel rolls will take tools up to 310 mm long and are secured by a tape closure Although offering eight pockets if that is not enough bear in mind that at this price you can afford to buy sufficient rolls to allocate a pocket a piece If your preferences are for less exotic materials then we would commend our cotton canvas toolroll to you photo right this features twelve 12 pockets including two with specially wide pockets to accommodate the chunkiest of chisel handles The pockets are arranged as six pockets on each of the two leaves of the roll which fold against each other and are secured by plated press studs to create a secure storage environment large enough to take a chisel 310 mm long Now we all know that tool bags are designed to contain almost all the tools you need for the job but never quite enough Turners in particular suffer from tool bags that are too

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Tool_Storage/tool_storage.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Drilling & Routing
    precision manufacture makes them extremely accurate if precise hole sizes are a must for your project then these are the tools to choose Bormax Forstner drills work equally well in hard and soft woods particle boards and MDF High speed reduced effort and greater accuracy what more could one ask Economy Forstner Bits These bargain Forstner bits are titanium coated for extended life The set includes 7 of the most popular sizes used Also listed is the 50mm version which is useful for creating a first fixing recess for use with certain woodturning dovetail chucks likewise the 40 mm which creates a hole that will drop onto 1 ½ jaw sets Other chucks may require the use of larger bits as listed above Beall Single Flute Countersinks These countersinks are feature a single flute to prooduce clean chatterproof countersinks in timbers of all types Claimed by its maker Jerry Beall to be the best on the market and knowing Jerry it probably is Being of generous size it will countersink holes up to a full 1 25 mm diameter yet can be used right down to pin size holes The chamfer produced is 82 degrees making it ideal for countersinking screw heads The integral shank is 3 8 diameter to fit in most hand braces pistol drills or a drill press Countersinks These countersinks are based on the snail design which make them suited for use in all natural timbers and composite boards The central flute clears waste efficiently even when countersinking at maximum diameter These countersinks can be resharpened simply by using a diamond lap through the flute hole Economy Twist Drill Bits and Power Drills For times when you may want to keep your finest drill in its finest condition this very affordable hammer drill offers superb performance

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  • Squares & Bevels
    from Crown Tools featuring a solid brass blade 1 8 3mm thick with a brass faced rosewood stock The blade is profiled to provide angles of 90 45 30 and 60 degrees A handy device and one that it s unlikely that anyone in your neighbourhood owns In brass and rosewood it s worth buying just to hang on the shop wall using the handy little hole so thoughtfully provided Adjustable Bevels The 116X bevel is another unique marking tool from Crown Tools featuring a solid brass 9 225 mm blade 1 8 3mm thick with a brass bound rosewood stock as illustrated The blade is secured with a brass wing nut to complete the impression of a solid traditionally styled instrument A longer 12 304 mm steel blade distinguishes the 118A M3 Multi Function Square NB Please note that in future M Power tools may be delivered in an alternative more sombre livery alternatively badged as Trend products following a change in distribution arrangements The quality design and performance of the products remains unchanged we re happy to report What a pity some folk think that all tools should be drab and workaday in appearance If you thought that the try square was one of those tools that always has been always will be it just is then you didn t have the vision of M Power Tools This innovative company have taken a fresh look at the traditional tool in the light of the wood craftsman s needs and have brought it into the 21st century with a bang The result is the M3 square which not only acts as a precise square but one that can be re zeroed when you have dinged it and that allows you to mark two edges of the timber at one setting regardless of the edge form but also as a bevel gauge and a marking gauge too Incredible Take a look and see what the world has been missing until now The superbly conceived M3 square is shown above in its tough low friction powder coated finish At left can be seen the unique capability of marking two edges at one setting face side and face edge marks are always aligned with this square and the ability of the M3 square to bridge across moulded corners on worktops frames and other such workpieces The 9 230 mm blade of the M3 square now supplied laser etched graduated can also be re set to zero so that unlike normal squares there is no long term loss of accuracy should the tool be dropped or suffer severe knocks whilst in use or storage Also supplied with the M3 square is the M3 Scribe based on the Tri Scribe shown elsewhere but offering the advantage of turning the square into an accuarate pencil marking gauge See illustration above right And now there is a further recent addition of a concept based around the Tri Blade whereby a blade can be used for marking

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  • Measuring
    know there are other clever ways of doing this job but what s wrong with doing it the quick easy and accurate way After using one for some time I would pass on just one tip about its use the results will be more accurate if you always extend the unit beyond the end point dimension you require and then compress it to the exact end point positions Thi simply takes up any slack in the mechanism and is of course nor more or less than good practice with any mechanical device Another great gizmo from M Power Description Price Click to Buy M Power Point 2 Point setting out dividing tool 15 90 Heavy Duty Tape If you re looking for an affordable accurate measuring tape then this is the answer This tape is seriously heavy duty with its robust soft touch casing and its heavy gauge tape at this price you really can afford to chuck it around Description Price Click to Buy 8m 26ft Hi Vis Measuring Tape 2 58 Calipers Rules Micrometers Squares There are some tools that are so essential yet so economical if bought approproiately that they should be treated a consumables Without doubt steel rules are in that category The rules shown below are stainless steel single sided rules with an anti glare coating and clearly legible scales in both imperial inch and metric mm units The reverse side carries useful data such as imperial metric conversions and thread size data for ISO metric threads We are not going to claim that these are toolroom standard but they are very reasonable decent everyday rules appropriate for daily workbench use and economical enough to lose every once in a while Description Price Click to Buy Steel Rules 150mm rule single sided metric and imperial graduations stainless steel 0 49 300mm rule single sided metric and imperial graduations stainless steel 1 19 600mm rule single sided metric and imperial graduations stainless steel 2 96 900mm rule single sided metric and imperial graduations stainless steel 5 58 This excellent little 150 mm 6 digital caliper is a very real boon especially for those of us to whom Father Time is calling loudly and who now find themselves visually challenged I find reading a vernier scale very difficult now without the aid of a jeweller s lens even then the old grey stuff frequently forgets the answer I ve read before I get to write it down So what a boon this little beauty is The measured dime nsion is displayed in large clear digits to 0 1mm or 0 01 inches with an accuracy of 0 01 mm or 0 005 inches either selected at the press of a button giving instant conversion from imperial to metric units and is displayed until the auto power off kills the display after a period of inactivity Differential measurements are a doddle too as the value can be zeroed anywhere This versatile tool measures external and internal features as

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  • Marking Gauges
    alignment problems Because the cutting disc has its bevel on the inside towards the stock it draws the stock against the timber edge reducing the chance of wavering lines Being a cutter like a marking knife or cutting gauge the line it leaves across the grain is perfectly clean Setting is aided by an internal O ring which maintains just enough friction on the stem to prevent slippage A nice smart piece of kit well thought out The Micro Adjust versions feature a thimble setting system which allows really precision setting yet gives a full 3 16 5 mm of fine adjustment These are available in both graduated and non graduated versions metric and imperial The cutters on all Veritas wheel gauges can be simply sharpened by laying flat on a fine diamond or oil stone and honing the flat surface The latest addition to this excellent range is the 05N70 01 dual marking gauge In this model the two rods can be adjusted independently up to 5 3 4 inches 145 mm from the face of the head The cuitters have bevels on opposite faces ensuring that the cut can always be arranged with the bevel in the waste side of the line Not only is this a great gauge for marking mortises and tenons but it can also be used to set and repeat two independent dimensions thanks to the orientation of the cutting wheels in relationship to the head Tri Scribe from M Power is a recently developed tool which enables you to convert a rule into a trammel a try square into a marking gauge and a big one at that and with the addition of the Tri Blade cutter to make either of these into a cutting tool I ve had a Tri Scribe in

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Woodworking_Tools/Measuring___Marking/Marking_Gauges/marking_gauges.html (2016-04-28)
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