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  • Marking Tools
    is an ideal tool for every fine woodworker s toolbox Marking Knife the traditional marking tool used by joiners and cabinet makers when needing to mark across the grain This nicely produced version has a carbon steel blade and rosewood handle scales Produced in right and left handed versions Scratch Awls For use in marking out and pricking through a scratch awl is a very useful tool Equipped with a 5 inch 125mm round blade or spike these awls are supplied with choice of beech or rosewood handle Our own version the 0812 P is a somewhat larger and more robust version with a larger diameter awl and rosewood handle especially useful on larger tasks such as timber framing projects Spirit Levels These levels are produced in the traditional boat or torpedo style from solid rosewood with brass facings top and bottom The larger 9 model features both horizontal and vertical bubbles whilst the miniature version 4 holds a horizontal bubble only F or checking and setting out levels on larger jobs such as door hanging brickwork this aluminium cased spirit level is right at home This type also finds favour when setting out timber frames for scribing where small

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  • Sorby Carving
    Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6004 3 4inch Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6005 1 8inch Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6005 1 2inch Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6006 3 8inch Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6008 3 4inch Carving Chisel Straight Gouge 6011 1 16inch Carving Chisel Veiner 6014 3 4inch Carving Chisel Bent Gouge 6027 3 8inch Carving Chisel Spoonbit Gouge 6039 1 4inch Carving Chisel Vee Tool Economy Carving Tool Sets from Hamlet Craft Tools Economy Starter Carving Tool Sets We appreciate that the cost of getting started in carving can seem very steep We therefore offer the following British made quality carving tool set from Hamlet Craft Tools as a way of easing the burden of getting onto the ladder In every way to the same high quality as their other tools these carving chisel sets are an ideal starting point for the aspirant carver The HCT 046 basic set i ncludes the following tool selection 3 8 2 Skew 3 4 4 straight gouge 1 4 5 straight gouge 1 8 7 straight gouge 3 8 16 bent gouge 1 8 39 vee tool New Tools for an Old Craft Carving Tools Sets from Flexcut Flexcut Carving Tool Sets Every once in a while some bright individual happens along who applies a whole new way of thinking to a problem One such case is Flexcut Until now every carver had to learn to manipulate his tools and often contort his body to create the cuts needed to produce the workpiece But then Flexcut found a way to make the tool itself do its share of bending and contorting and in the process a whole new style of carving tool was born These tools made of spring steel actually flex under carving pressure adapting themselves to the shape of the cut being made and allowing cuts in places you never thought posible with conventional tools We are currently offering a selection of packages of these tools each comprising a handle into which the interchangeable blades are fitted plus a selection of most used blades Individual Flexcut carving blades and handles in which to mount them are listed below Carver s Mallets We stock a unique carver s mallet hand turned to our design specification for us by a local turner who also does some carving These are turned in one piece from a selection of domestic hardwoods to the classical shapes We have described these as far as possible in the table below but please bear in mind that these are approximate descriptions to aid selection and the product you receive will be guaranteed unique These mallets are supplied in the as turned state and we would recommend a good soaking in linseed oil to condition them before use The lignum vitae mallets we formerly offered are no longer available due to export restrictions on lignum vitae which has suffered plundering like so many other woods WivaMac Carver s Clamps Get a Grip might be a very apposite saying for

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  • Sorby Sculpting
    craft for creating works of the wood sculptor s art NB Whilst not listed in detail on the site yet we also stock and are pleased to supply Henry Taylor wood carving and wood sculpting tools Please call or email your requirements Left Cutting edge profiles derived from the London List NB These sketches are in proportion but not to an exact scale NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value

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  • Sorby Mini
    overall form renders them more manageable for smaller hands NB Whilst not listed in detail on the site yet we also stock and are pleased to supply Henry Taylor wood carving and wood sculpting tools Please call or email your requirements NB The above sweep illustrations are in proportion but the exact size of reproduction cannot be guaranteed NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added

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  • Chip Carving
    a handle which is so beautifully sculpted that whatever detail task is approached t he knife always sits perfectly in the hand whether the cut requires pushing or pulling Click on any of the thumbnail photos in this section to see a larger image of the products The set of all five of these knife styles is presented in a beautifully soft leather toolroll with ten pockets giving plentiful room for expanding the collection as a later date Sometimes even whittlers meet situations where the conventional knives just seem to be out of their depth For just those situations we have obtained two unique and very specia l designs of knife The 313 B is a skew chisel knife which as its name suggests can be used to remove larger pieces of timber using a chiselling action pushing the handle from behind It also has the strength and rigidity to be used to create deep stop cuts and to pare larger surfaces An unusual knife with lots of uses falling squarely as does that which follows into the why didn t I think of that class The offset or cranked blade knife reference 313 C has an immensely powerful cutting action used with the heel of the blade against the thumb and the handle levered against the fulcrum thus created At the same time the action of rolling against the thumb allows the cutting action to be very precisely controlled Our seven piece carving tool set includes both of these heavy duty cutting tools to create a combination of cutting power that is unmatched anywhere else The seven piece set is delivered in our ten pocket soft leather toolroll Chip carving has its roots in the tradition of kerbschnitzen found principally in Switzerland Bavaria Austria and other countries of that region Perhaps the man who does most to perpetuate the art today is Wayne Barton whose books and videos on the subject may be found in our Book Videos department Look for the Chip Carving heading For chip carving we have selected a set of just three knives a beauty of chip carving is that it is a simple art yet capable of creations of great beauty One might well opine that only two knives are really required for this activity and you d be right in principle However the use of a heavy knife is essential when making larger cuts yet such a knife can feel clumsy and the thickness of the blade can cause undue resistance when the same knife is used on more delicate work For this reason we have decided to include two sizes of chip carving cutting knives in our set of three chip carving knives The set is completed by a superbly soft and supple toolroll with five pockets just in case you decide that three is just not enough knives even for chip carving The knives are of course in common with all those listed here available separately Finally for those who need

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  • WivaMac Carving Machines
    35 KPB6090PRO 1 x 1050w 600mm 900mm 3921 85 KPB6090HF 1 x 550w 600mm 900mm 4953 91 Copying Inverse Copying machines KPB S6099PRO 1 x 1050w 600mm 990mm 4908 04 KPB S6099HF 1 x 550w 600mm 990mm 5940 11 NB in relation to the above table models with el suffix are standard models with speed variation using router s speed control Models with PRO suffix employ a high specification router with improved bearing housings and motor speed control Models with HF suffix employ an external frequency converter system to give speed control with low noise and low power loss All models run from a single phase 220 volt a c supply It is also possible to order the carving machines without motors no suffix on part numbers in list with corresponding price reductions allowing the user to supply his own router The Copying Inverse Copying KPB S version has the capability to produce opposite handed copies of the original as well as conventional copying Replacement Alternative HSS Router Cutters for WivaMac Carving Machines Designation Diameter Shank Dia Type Price WRC2 2 mm 8 mm Standard 28 70 WRC4 4 mm 8 mm Standard 28 70 WRC8 8 mm Standard 8 mm Standard 28 70 WRC10 10 mm 8 mm Standard 36 52 WRC12 Finishing cutter 12 mm 8 mm Standard 36 52 WRC14 Finishing cutter 14 mm 8 mm Standard 39 13 WRC16 Finishing cutter 16 mm 8 mm Standard 41 74 WRC8V 8 mm 8 mm Veiner 45 deg 37 39 Tracing Stylii Followers for WivaMac Carving Machines to suit above Cutters Designation Diameter Type Price WSF2 2 mm standard 13 04 WSF4 Double ended 4 8 mm supplied as standard 13 04 WSF8 Double ended 4 8 mm supplied as standard 13 04 WSF10 10 mm standard 13 91 WSF12 Finishing cutter 12 mm standard 13 91 WSF14 Finishing cutter 14 mm standard 14 78 WSF16 Finishing cutter 16 mm standard 14 78 WSF8V 8 mm for veiner 14 78 N B Finishing Cutters These are to be used only for finishing cutting and not as bulk mass removal bits for mass removal we recommend the 8mm cutter The 12mm 16mm finishing cutters are designed to be used for plunging to the final depth over the ground area of the carving and can then be subsequently used laterally to remove very shallow cuts thus flattening the ground They should not be moved laterally under significant load Additional Technical Information The units are supplied as standard with an 8mm cutter in HSS HSS performs much better than carbide tipped cutters in this application leaving a much cleaner surface It is widely accepted that HSS can be sharpened to a finer edge than can tungsten carbide The follower is a double ended 8mm 4mm size The reason that only a single cutter is provided as standard is that experience with this machine in heavy commercial use in Belgium and Germany has shown that this allows far faster material removal with

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  • Honing Systems
    pre drilled so that it can be screwed to a convenient place on the bench or sharpening table it could even be mounted on a wall provided it can be easily reached This is probably the best product to use on knives and other reasonable straight edged tools The 1210 P is designed for more complex shapes such as carving tools though it too features a large flat surface suitable for straight edged tools This hone has a working area of approx 235 x 80 mm and has one edge finished with a smooth curve of around 10 mm diameter and the other brought to a 45 degree vee angle suitable for honing the internal surfaces of vee tools The tools incorporates a handle making it easier to manipulate when honing shaped tools We use these strops without any form of dressing in the traditional manner You can t beat raw well tanned leather Description Price Click to buy ToolPost Leather hone on bench mount block 210 mm x 50 mm face 3 49 ToolPost Leather hone with handle 235 mm x 80 mm faces angled and rounded profiled edges 7 62 Powerstrop Power Honing System Two products with one name and a common purpose Powerstrop designed to make honing of carving and other edge tools simplicity itself Provided that you have a convenient source of power such as a lathe power drill or powered arbor on which the honing wheels can be mounted this tool will make honing a fine edge on your tools simplicity itself Note though that the wheel MUST be arranged ONLY so that the wheel is moving away from the cutting edge of the tool being honed The distinction between the two kits is that the PWS10 is the standard kit which contains a single real leather honing wheel with a flat edge surface square to the sides of the disc This is ideal for honing the outside of curved gouges skew chisels and for tools such as whittling and carving knives I use this wheel to keep my pocket knife in tip top razor sharp shape The inside of larger radius gouges can also be honed on the corners of this wheel The second kit the PWS20 DeLuxe kit contains an additional vee shaped leather honing wheel inverted vee to be precise which is ideal for honing the inside of vee tools and other hard to reach areas Both kits also include arbors for the wheels 2 in the case of the PWS20 DeLuxe kit a bar of honing compound and installation and operating instructions The genuine leather wheels can be easily re shaped if required to suit special purposes Description Price Click to buy Powerstrop PWS10 Standard Honing Kit with single leather wheel 19 54 Powerstrop PWS20 DeLuxe Honing Kit with two leather wheels one flat one vee profile 31 87 Slipstrop Hand Honing System The Slipstrop system from Flexcut is an economical way of maintaining a fine edge on carving tools A

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Grinding_Systems/Other_Sharpening/Honing_Systems/honing_systems.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Wood Books
    book you should be reading Covering both practical and theoretical aspects of these operations William Brown guides the user from branch to plank In these days of more environmental awareness the ability to convert timber on a small scale may contribute to reducing the pressure on scarcer hardwood resources Price 15 95 Understanding Wood A Craftsmans Guide to Wood Technology by R Bruce Hoadley Why does wood do what it does Covering all aspects of the subject this book explains everything from how trees grow to how best to cut season machine joint bend and finish wood Published in hardback by Taunton Price 24 95 Wood Identification and Use by Terry Porter This unique book brings together a remarkable amount of practical information on the most important tmber species in use today Aimed to meet the needs of the smaller user it describes the appearance and properties of a huge range of woods in common use in the various timber trades today Illustrated with superb colour photographs this is an excellent identification reference and the substantial technical data provides a ready reference to the full properties of each species along with notes about any related health issues a most valuable addition Softback 2012 edition Price 16 99 Harvesting Forest Products by George Tsoumis A full account of the economic and practical considerations of harvesting forest products whilst protecting the natural environment of the forest It covers felling and felling equipment extraction methods pine resin time studies etc Price 20 00 British Woodland Produce by J R Aaron E G Richards A comprehensive account of the properties uses and markets from the wide range of conifers and broadleaves grown in British woodland For growers students and all those engaged in handling marketing and processing timber Price 15 95 The Commercial Woods

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