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  • Carving Books
    structured course guiding the tyro carver through the essential techniques of the craft Twelve projects are included in the book with clear illustrations and step by step instructions for their completion Special attention is given to the detail areas which so often tax the skills of carvers with a wealth of drawings and photos taking away the mystery Price 15 95 Carving Facial Expressions by Ian Norbury This book makes an effective companion volume to Fundamentals of Figure Carving described above Here Ian Norbury shows the carver how to graduate from producing figures and busts with generic faces to bringing those faces to life with appropriate expressions In common with his other books this one is fully illustrated with photographs and drawings to reinforce the clearly written progressive text The models used cover a range of ages male and female and of all types from the clear skinned beauty to the character Price 12 95 Grinling Gibbons and the English Woodcarving Tradition by Frederick Oughton FRSA With publication timed to coincide with the exhibition of Gibbons work at the Victoria and Albert Museum this paperback re issue is a remarkable study of English Woodcarving from the earliest times to the era of Georgian furniture craftsmen It is the result of twenty years of work by Frederick Oughton the well known author and expert on the subject The author pays special attention to the role of the carver in relation to work carried out for The Crown over a period of several hundred years of Royal Patronage At the centre of the study stands Grinling Gibbons the great stylist which is exemplified by his work at Petworth Chatsworth and other historic great houses In addition to the appraisal of the master s major pieces there are biographical details of his business

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  • Turning Books
    tried and tested methods for turning spheres spindles rings and ellipses eccentric multi axis and slender turning as well as chucking and drilling in the lathe Mike covers all these aspects with his usual thoroughness and clarity He gives fresh insights explains new devices and shows through old etchings and engravings how methods have developed over the centuries Price 19 95 Beyond Basic Turning Off Centre Coopered and Laminated Work by Jack Cox A very aptly named book this one goes beyond way way beyond basic turning yet makes these advanced techniques accessible to all In this book you will find detailed descriptions and instruction on the arts of coopering laminated turning segmented vessels off centre turning and much more With more than 350 illustrations little is left to the imagination and the photographs of finished work provide inspiration to those following in Jack Cox s sure footsteps Price 16 95 Click this link to go to the basement where you ll find many more woodturning books Domestic Utensils of Wood by Owen Evan Thomas This book was originally published in 1932 and has gone on to become one of the standard references in its field Through this facsimile of the original book we are now privileged to enjoy the information that was available to our forebears The period covered by the book runs from the 16th to the mid 19th centuries and many of the items illustrated are now housed in the Pinto Collection at Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery UK Turners and carvers seeking inspiration or a deeper knowledge of design will find this book useful as will collectors of treen With its lavish illustrations this book will find a place of honour on many bookshelves Price 19 95 Mouldings Turned Woodwork of the 16th 17th 18th

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  • Furniture Books
    can t all attend the prestigious exhibitions of work organised by proponents of craftsmanship such as Betty but through this work we can all share in the admiration for this outstanding woodwork Price 27 50 Furniture for the 21st Century by Betty Norbury This book presents a collection of superb work from eminent British professional designer makers and highlights the best of hand built individual furniture commissioned by corporate and private clients from around the world 420 full coour photographs illustrate this state of the art display of quality and craftsmanship from uncompromising designers who represent that telling standard which sets them apart from the blandness that oveewhelms so much of today s furniture design Price 35 00 Decorative Routing Jigs Techniques by Jack Cox As winner of the Trend Routing Invention and Innovation Gold Medal for two successive years Jack Cox knows a thing or two about routing And in this book he tells us a few of those things In these pages you can learn how to make inlaid picture and mirror frames jewellery boxes clock faces and a variety of gift items He shows how to make jigs for oval routing as well as a plethora of other jigs and fixtures As a step by step guide to getting more out of your router this is an unsurpassed book Price 17 50 Click this link to go to the basement where you ll find many more books on Wood Finishing Furniture Making Routing Box Making Garden Woodwork Doll s House Woodwork Book of Boxes The Complete Practical Guide to Box Making Box Design by Andrew Crawford This all colour book provides woodworkers with detailed instructions an planning designing and making a wide variety of attractive boxes Includes various decorative techniques to enhance the design and stunning examples

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  • General Books
    of these puzzles to fit is not exactly carpentry You will be amazed at what can be produced using only handtools a bandsaw or a fretsaw And when you re finished you ll have gifts to amaze and delight family and friends Price 7 95 Japanese Woodworking Tools Their Tradition Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate Many woodworkers have come to realise in recent years that the Japanese craftsman doesn t simply use tools he has a relationship with them Master craftsman Toshio Odate has written this unique guide to enable Western craftsmen to understand the ways in which Japanese tools are used and cared for Saws chisels planes plane irons waterstones and many more Japanese tools are now used by Western craftsmen and this book will help you get the best from all of them as well as putting them into historical context Rounded out by the author s reminiscences this book is a tool junkies delight Price 18 95 Marketing Promotion for Crafts by Betty Norbury As the wife of world renowned carver Ian Norbury and proprietor of the White Kinght Gallery Betty Norbury has first hand knowledge of the trials and tribulations faced by a craftsman seeking to market his work However Betty also brings to this book her expertise in craft marketing gained in running a craft gallery and annual exhibition through which woodwork of all types is presented to a very discerning public Add to this an intimate knowledge of the workings of publishing and it is easy to understand that this book is a truly practical guide to the marketing of craftwork Price 7 95 Click this link to go to the basement where you ll find many more books on Hand Tools Woodworking Techniques and Projects Machines Machine Woodworking Scroll Saw Projects Techniques and Pyrography Fret Cut Relief Work The Art Craft of Painted Relief Sculpture by David Jones This book introduces a whole new field of activity for owners of fretsaws scroll saws in the USA Starting from the simplest of designs the author shows the method of working to produce splendid fretcut relief sculptures A range of projects follows with full design information given as well as step by step instructions in both text and illustrations If you have the ambition to make unique craft products then this could be the book for you Price 12 95 Circular Work in Carpentry Joinery by George Collings revised by Karl Shumaker A practical guide on circular work of double and single curvature This is a completely re edited version of the 1911 original annotated with numerous new drawings giving clear easily understood explanations of the entire field of curved work Price 21 00 Treatise on Stairbuilding Handrailing by W A Mowatt Originally published in 1900 Mowatt s book became the foremost text on the subject and has remained one of the most lucid best illustrated and authoritative works It has accurate details of newelled stairs geometrical stairs stone stairs etc and all handrailing

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  • Videos
    finishes together with invaluable tips on woodturning in general this video is a must for those seeking to enhance their appreciation of workpiece decoration Title Format Price Click to Buy Decorative Techniques Robert Sorby DVD 8 29 The Allan Batty Masterclass Series Allan Batty is an time served and obviously very accomplished turner He is also a very nice bloke And if you have ever caught one of his demonstrations especially if son Stuart is in attendance then you have probably witnessed as close to slapstick as you will ever see in a woodturning shop within the bounds of safe working practice Take those qualities of skill communication and humour add in some skilled camerawork and you have the key elements of an important new series of videos from Allan The Allan Batty Masterclass Each production takes an aspect of woodturning and explores and explains it thoroughly and succinctly The videos are accompanied by a very useful aide memoir notebook which makes it very easy to take the lesson into the workshop By starting with two of the taboo subjects of turning Allan has shown his consummate skill in taking the mystery and lets be honest for some the dread out of woodturning The Skew Chisel an Allan Batty Masterclass I have a friend who tells me he has mastered the skew chisel he has put it in his tool rack and vowed never to take it out again At least this way he says the tool never needs sharpening either Now whilst I can t agree with the strategy I can understand why he and so many many other woodturners feels as they do about the skew arguably the most feared tool in the woodturners armoury Well the antidote to that fear is here at last in the guise of Allan Batty s Masterclass on the use of the skew and of alternatives to its use For this video not only covers the skew itself but also its close relative the beading and parting tool the parting tool itself and even the humble spindle gouge The video with its conversational style and Allan s superbly relaxed presentation is very easy to watch This is one that you ll end up watching just for its entertainment value Even my wife watched it Maybe that is the key to success with the skew relax and let it do its job The video contains all the hints and tips that a lifetime in turning have taught Allan and which he now generously shares with turners everywhere If you have ever battled with feared hated or locked away your skew chisel then this is definitely a video you should be watching See below for purchase details Hand Thread Chasing an Allan Batty Masterclass In fact the first of the Allan Batty Masterclass series was this production which established the informal but informative style which makes these productions so watchable The chasing of threads by hand has become very much the woodturner s holy

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  • More_Turning_Books
    to Woodturning Books Please allow a little extra time for delivery of these books as not all items are available ex stock Typical delivery time is fourteen 14 days Return to Woodturning Books NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling VAT is not payable on book sales in the UK 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The

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  • More_Carving_Books
    is not payable on sales of books Return to Previous Books Page Please note Typical delivery time for the following products is fourteen 14 days Return to Previous Books Page NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling VAT is not payable on book sales in the UK 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading

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  • More_Furniture_Books
    GBP VAT is not payable on sales of books Return to Previous Books Page Please note Typical delivery time for the following products is fourteen 14 days Return to Previous Books Page NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling VAT is not payable on book sales in the UK 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost

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