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  • More_General_Books
    sterling GBP VAT is not payable on sales of books Return to Previous Books Page Please note Typical delivery time for the following products is fourteen 14 days Return to Previous Books Page NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling VAT is not payable on book sales in the UK 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The

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  • More_Videos
    non business purchasers based in the countries of the EU Return to Main Videos Page Please note All videos listed below are in English language Typical delivery time for the following products is fourteen 14 days Review Shopping Basket Contents Return to Main Videos Page NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted

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  • Eye and Ear Protection
    for going into the workplace unptotected Left Panorama Faceshield Right Economy Faceshield Right The brilliant Galaxy wrap around safety glasses with built in high intensity led worklighting Perfectly focussed for the working range bright and clear One lamp in each side arm independently switchable Great for deep hollowing at the lathe see exactly where you re looking Above Jaguar safety glasses Above Hunter safety over glasses Below Bandido wraparound safety glasses Above Bolle Attack anti fog goggles Safety Glasses Viper above Hurricane below and Frisco below left Auditory Ear Protection Woodworking is so often seen as a calm peaceful occupation with one man and his chisel Well onc e upon a time that may have been true but with the ever increasing use of power tools and machinery our ears are being punished by the increased noise It doesn t take much to damage the internals of an ear so why take the risk And with these fetching blue corded luminous yellow Soft Neon earplugs left from specialist manufacturer E A R how can you resist These are ideal for use in the workshop and even around the home maybe on the commuter train too being very affordable If working on site they eliminate the risk of losing ear muffs whilst still providing a high level of protection to BS EN 352 part2 H 34 M 34 L 31 SNR 36 Easily inserted following the instructions on the hygienic packaging and comfortable to wear If you need to wear protection all day long then the solution is classic ear defenders such as the Keep Safe Ear Muffs listed below see photo right Mounted on a sturdy headband and featuring an acoustic foam fill these defenders will serve you day after day without breaking the bank what s the price of

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  • Dust Extraction
    out the damaging fine dusts the true causes of most of the respiratory dermatological and carcinogenic problems that can result from working wood without adequate protection We suggest the adoption of a three point strategy to minimise workshop dust hazards Working from the operator outwards personal respiratory protection is undoubtedly important and equipment to deal with this is covered in the Respirators section The respirator could be considered as your last bastion of defence the very air that will enter your lungs is filtered at the point of entry into your body But it might also be said that prevention is better than cure if we can reduce the amount of dust getting into the atmosphere then we can reduce the load imposed on the respirator The best way to do this is to extract the dust along with the chippings at the moment it is created For this we recommend the CamVac range of dust extractors which are well complemented by the range of CamVac pipe and hose accessories and which feature a particularly fine filter removing particles down to 0 5 microns in size The final stage of creating a safe working environment in terms of air quality at least is the continuous cleaning of the atmosphere through the use of a recirculating ambient air filter the best of which in our opinion is the Microclene range These cost almost nothing to run and we recommend leaving the Ambient Air Filter running for at least an hour after you leave the workshop to eliminate the dust which despite all your precautions will have been entrapped in the air whilst you were working Even with all these precautions one cannot guarantee that some dust provoked malady will not strike you down but you can be very certain that the

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  • Turning Abrasives
    you will consume less abrasive in total saving you money and you will have a far superior surface finish If you would like to see why this is true then take a look at our comparative grain size chart and all will be revealed Lots of initially sceptical people have decided to try our challenge and every one has come back and admitted that what we say is true Use the full range of grits and you win win win and win That s why we sell our Woodturner s Abrasive Pack below it gives you an easy and economical way to demonstrate these facts to yourself NB Having had experience of both over many years we STRONGLY recommend the use of the 50mm 2 inch cloth as this avoids the stresses caused by tearing 100mm 4inch material across into convenient sized strips prolonging the abrasive s life and easing the turner s task When you tear across a fabric backed abrasive it is the same as tearing any other fabric in the wrong direction is it warp or weft try it with an old shirt it will tear straight down the back easily but much less so when tearing across That s what those rippled edges along your tear are telling you that s not the way the cloth likes to be cut Tears like that give rise to loose abrasive grains loose abrasive grains sitting on top of your lovely flat abrasive sheet are like mini gouges scoring those lovely deep but totally unwanted tramlines around your work The price difference is absolutely minimal too Give yourself a break give your turning a whole new standard of finishing Woodturner s Abrasive Pack Mixed pack of 10 metres x 50mm wide Cloth Backed AlOx Abrasive An Introductory Bargain for just 10 95 For just 10 95 we will supply you with one metre of each of the ten grades 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 240 320 400 on J weight lightweight flexible cloth backing Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cloth in 50mm 2 width Simply click the price to order 10 95 Uncoated Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cloth 50mm 2 wide Prices as follows for 50mm 2 wide standard Aluminium Oxide Cloth 60grit 1 25 per metre 40 80 grit 1 15 per metre 40 100 600 grits 1 10 per metre 40 Enter the desired quantity in metres for each grade of 50 mm wide abrasive required the click on the Order button to add your selection s to the basket Minimum delivery 1 metre 40 per grade Orderable in 0 25m 10 increments 60 grit metres 80 grit metres 100 grit metres 120 grit metres 150 grit metres 180 grit metres 220 grit metres 240 grit metres 320 grit metres 400 grit metres 500 grit metres 600 grit metres Click the button below to add 50 mm wide Un Coated abrasives to the basket Stearate Coated Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cloth 50mm 2 wide Prices as follows for 50mm

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  • Abranet
    is created on the face of the workpiece avoiding clogging the abrasive with dust At the same time this characteristic introduces a hazard which should be addressed by woodworking users in that copious amounts of free dust are created when using Abranet It is essential to use an efficient dust extraction system close to the point of sanding when using this product to ensure that this airborne hazard is conducted away from the operator before it has chance to become intermixed with the ambient air in the workshop Ideally Abranet should be used with sanders which have integral dust extraction but this is simply not feasible in most woodturning situations However if we cannot produce ideal circumstances for the prevention of the dust hazard we should all take care to be aware of the hazard and to ameliorate its effects as far as possible Wet sanding is another approach which may limit the amount of dust escaping into the atmosphere but this will reduce the effectiveness of the dust release properties of Abranet We offer Abranet in a variety of configurations Firstly unlike many suppliers who do not understand the sense and economy of keeping grade steps small see Ekamant abrasives page we offer every available grit between 80 and 1000 grit Grits from 80 to 600 are available as boxed packs of approximately 50 strips per box each strip measuring 70 mm x 125 mm Grits 800 and 1000 are only produced as rolls and these are 75 mm wide and 10 metres long For convenience and economy we supply each of these grits in packs of 10 strips all of the same grit Finally because some of us only turn occasionally or maybe simply want to try a new abrasive we supply two packs of Abranet assortments the

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  • Grip-A-Disc
    just become more and more impressed with it Instead of changing backing pads with a similar frequency to eating hot dinners I have used the same pad for all my work A highly recommended system If you would like to try out the system but don t have a suitable power drill or would like to keep one just for tis arduous task take a look at the economical Silverline product shown on the Sandmaster page Whilst power sanding is undoubtedly a very useful technique some turners do not own or do not wish to use their power tools for this process The ever present danger from dust inhalation also limits the attractiveness for health conscious turners Happily the Grip A Disc system provides a halfway house solution in the Shear Sanding system This provides a comfortable hand held tool with a head which can be positioned at the operator s choice of attack angle on the end of which is a free spinning backing pad faced with hook grips to hold the abrasive pad see accompanying photo By gently applying the pad to the work the rotation of the workpiece also causes the abrasive pad to rotate By altering the contact angle between the pad and the workpiece relative movement is produced and voila you have powered sanding without any external power source Being less aggressive than using external power this process is very controllable and generates far less dust A further advantage of this simple system is that the compact positionable head makes it easy to arrange the head to allow the inside of natural edge bowls to be sanded without risk to knuckles or bowl edges see the photo for clear evidence The system is available with either 50 mm 2 or 80 mm 3 diameter abrasive

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  • Sandmaster
    finishing appeals to you and it should then you are also recommended to take a look at the Beall Wood Buff system listed in our Finishes Adhesives area If you wish to use the Sandmaster system for wood buffing then select a suitable buffing mop from the range listed below To mount the mops onto the Sandmaster you will also need a pigtail mandrel listed below the same mandrel is used with all sizes of mops NB If you require a stand alone Wood Buff System or any of our range of Bowl Buffs along with a host of associated fine finishing products please don t miss our range of Beall Products in the Finishes and Adhesives section You may also wish to consider the wood buffing system available on our Chestnut Products page Power Sanding Pads Discs Drill Replacement pads and abrasive discs for the Sandmaster system are listed here In addition some users may prefer to continue to use the original style of foam backed sanding pad with velour backed abrasive discs in their power sanding operations We supply both 50mm 2 inch and 75mm 3 inch pads and abrasive discs in a range of grit sizes produced by Robert Sorby and others The 3 75 mm pad shown below may be used in conjunction with the Sandmaster above to replace the standard 2 50 mm pad supplied with that system These abrasive discs should not be used with the Grip A Disc system as there will be no foam insulation layer in the system to prevent the generated heat carrying back to the pad Tim Skilton is a highly respected Austr alian woodturner who like most of us who use power sanding methods became frustrated by the poor quality of the backing pads available on the market Unlike most of us Tim did something about it and created The Woodturner s Power Sanding Pad This fine product combines a hexagonal shaft so that it won t slip and can also be used in a power screwdriver neoprene a very durable closed cell rubber used in diving suits which gives high heat resistance to defeat de lamination tapered sides to give improved access and enhanced flexibility in awkward places such as undercut bowl rims and a choice of sizes 30 mm 1 25 50 mm 2 75 mm 3 and 100 mm 4 Tim has also devised a truly simple but beautifully engineered and effective sanding handle for shear sanding This is turned completely from plastic and sets the rotating head pad at a fixed angle mounted in real bearings The pads are interchangeable simply by pulling the spindle out of the bearing assembly so you can swap between 75 mm and 50 mm versions at any time With its short handle this sander is compact enough to access almost anywhere the fixed head angle means that it is more compact than other shear sanders too so access with bowl and under rims and lips is excellent These

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