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  • Hand Sanding Pads
    5 Prices as follows per single silicon carbide sanding pad 150 320 grits 0 27 each Enter the desired quantity Minimum delivery 5 pads per grade pads Select the required grit Grits 150 180 220 240 280 320 150 Grit 180 Grit 220 Grit 240 Grit 280 Grit 320 Grit NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid

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  • Condiment Mills
    a long time even when used with harder seeds and corms The retaining nut at the top of the mill is a parallel sided chrome plated item which looks well enough as supplied but is of this form so that if the mood takes you you can create a fancy wooden finial to glue in place over the top nut to personalise your creation Please note that the kits listed DO NOT include timber A square blank of 2 inches square and at least an inch longer than the nominal spindle length is required to complete the project If you fancy making one of the long long mills so beloved of the restaurant trade then you ll also see listed below a spindle extender which adds 8 linches 200 mm to the spindle length using a simple coupler to join the extender onto the original mill spindle We recognise that it is not always easy to source the correct size drills to enable the making of condiment mills without a degree of fiddling about Happily we have also sourced a set of six drills it includes Forstner bits in sizes 20 30 35 and 40 mm diameter x 95 mm long and auger bits of 7 and 24 mm diameter x 200 mm long That should take care of all of the different diameters that you are likely to need if turning a Cerastar or similar mill according to the standard instructions The instructions for the making of mills have been much improved thanks to the efforts of Chris West author of the definitive modern book on the making of condiment mills of all types Turning Salt Pepper Shakers and Mills see below This book is highly recommended to anyone embarking on the production of these useful implements NB Prices

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Project_Parts/Condiment_Mills/condiment_mills.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Domestic_Timbers
    amend the quantities of a particular species size combination on the basket page of the site To do so simply circumvents our attempts to make this page reflect current stocks as closely as possible normally within 24 hours and risks the chance that we cannot then supply as per your request The following timbers are normally available from The ToolPost albeit stocks will vary from time to time and further species are sometimes available see timber listing below Bowl Blanks Alder Ash Beech clear and spalted Birch Cherry Elm Hornbeam Lime Maple Oak Poplar Sweet Chestnut Sycamore Squares Alder Ash Beech Cherry Elm Oak Sycamore Native Hardwoods in Bowl Blanks and Turning Squares To order simply enter the required quantities in the boxes for as many or few species and sizes as you require Then scroll to the bottom of the page where you may place your order simply by clicking on the Order Timber button at the bottom of the table We have tried to make this service a little more user friendly by indicating if an order for a particular size of timber exceeds current stock availability However please note that this is a guide to availability not an exhaustive test It is possible to fool the system quite easily the end result of which is that you could order timber which we cannot supply Please note that most of our bowl blanks are now supplied in SQUARE format I e a 150 mm x 50 mm bowl blank will actually be 150 x 150 x 50 mm with the grain running across the 150 x 150 face so the grain orientation will be as normal if you were to cut a traditional circular bowl blank out of the square The advantage to you is that the timber

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Hardwoods/Domestic_Timbers/domestic_timbers.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Tropical_Timbers
    Italian grown Olivewood including stock of significant dimensions up to 250 mm 10 square bowl blanks 100 mm 4 in depth We also have cubes up to 150 mm 6 cube which could work well in a pestle and mortar project Of course we also have the smaller sizes of bowl blanks as well as spindle blanks but the pieces we have turned example left have been superb and a large salad bowl in this timber would be sensational As you can see in the photo the figure is quite dramatic and there s little to match the sweetness of turning olive or the appetising odour Just one word of caution be sure to clean your tools and any exposed lathe components after turning olive as the sap is corrosive and tools may discolour in use The following timbers are available from The ToolPost though stocks do vary significantly dependent upon supply availability Anjan Indian Bodo African Bubinga African Ebony African Goncalo Alves Brazilian Imbuia Brazilian Indian Rosewood genuine Jarrah Australian Kingwood Brazilian Lemonwood Olivewood European Padauk African Pau Amarello Brazilian Purpleheart Brazilian Sonokeling Indonesian Rosewood Zebrano African Exotic Hardwood Bowl Blanks To order simply enter the required quantities in the boxes for as many or few species and sizes as you require Then scroll to the bottom of the page where you may place your order simply by clicking on the Order Timber button at the bottom of the table We have tried to make this service a little more user friendly by indicating if an order for a particular size of timber exceeds current stock availability However please note that this is a guide to availability not an exhaustive test It is possible to fool the system quite easily the end result of which is that you could

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Hardwoods/Tropical_Timbers/tropical_timbers.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Project_Materials
    timbers many unknown all unlabelled but an economic way of creating an unusual subtly different project NB As available not always Tigerwood Impregnated Timber Pen Project Blanks Tigerwood is a ToolPost discovery a colourful extravaganza of a timber product ideal for the age and sized to suit the production of pen and pencils as well as other turned projects such as key fobs perfume dispensers and boxes This is a timber based product based on a strong laminate of brilliantly dyed timbers the secret to the making this such a clean turning timber without the chipping and delamination which plagues so many competing products is that this laminate is impregnated with phenolic resin to create a tough durable timber blank The accompanying picture gives an idea of the colours of Tigerwood available with their reference numbers used in the first part of the part number i e PB3 K1913 indicates a blank in the PB3 colour combination shown in the reference photo This photo also shows the appearance of a couple of typical pen kits made up using Tigerwood We provide Tigerwood pen blanks which are a full 19 mm 3 4 inch square instead of the 16 mm 5 8 delivered by other such products and in a choice of lengths to suit your pen project For items requiring a chunkier approach we also stock 50 mm 2 in squares in 300 mm 12 in lengths Acrylic Pen Blanks Acrylic has become a very popular material for penmakers It is colourful available in a variety of colours and patterns and can be brought to a very high finish with due diligence Above is a representation of the acrylic blanks available from Chestnut Products with the titles listed alongside This photo also shows the blanks from left to right in

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Hardwoods/Project_Materials/project_materials.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Timber_Specialities
    a minimum of 1kg and in multiples of 0 5 Kg thereafter Simply enter the required weight of boxwood in the box below then press the Order button Enter the required weight of boxwood Kg 6 67 per Kg Please note that whilst we will supply the requested amount as closely as possible from stock we cannot guarantee exact weights we do not cut to weight Banksia Nuts Above Large and below Medium Banksia Nuts Large are typically 7 10 overall length and 3 3 1 2 in diameter Medium are typically 6 8 1 2 overall length and 2 1 2 3 diameter All sizes are approximate The Banksia Nut is the fruit of surprise surprise the Banksia tree named after the pioneering naturalist Banks After the tree has seeded the empty pods are collected from the forest floor under licence in its native south west Australia What arrives here is a dried fruit ready to be turned into works of art to amaze and delight your friends and family However it is a material that hides an aggressive nature against which you need to take precautions Firstly the holes in the Banksia are where the seeds reside whilst in a perfect world all of these would have fallen to earth the reality is that the orifices can still contain a seed whioch can be propelled out at devastating speed when you start the lathe Hence both eye and face protection is ESSENTIAL Do not even start the lathe experimentally without taking this precaution Furthermore the ends of the fruit are furnished with a lovely velvety down BEWARE some people find that they are highly allergic to the irritating hairs divested by these velvety portions of the fruit Hence it is also strongly advised to wear hand protection and

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Hardwoods/Timber_Specialities/timber_specialities.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Carving_Timber
    was often dyed and polished to match the other timbers used within a decorative scheme Today it is the material normally both recommended for beginners and is commonly used for all sorts of sculptural work We supply Lime Carving Blanks cut into rectangular cuboid shape The supply varies substantially in terms of size so most of the pieces available are one offs there may be others on our shelves of similar size but we rarely have significant numbers of identically sized pieces This is to try to provide you the customer with the maximum variation in hopes this allows you to find a piece to suit your project The timber is kiln dried to an MC of around 10 15 though this will vary with ambient conditions Lime Carving Blanks We generally try to keep a selection of Lime boards and smaller pieces of carving timber in stock but the variety makes them unsuitable for on line ordering Please call so that we can discuss your needs and we ll endeavour to cut to suit or find you a piece of suitable size from our stock NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Hardwoods/Carving_Timber/carving_timber.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Charity
    PowerCap D M Natural Oil Finish and The Versachuck encompassing such categories as the latest woodturning tools respiratory protection lathes and many more However there was something else notable about our seasonal advertising the opportunity that we gave Woodturning magazine readers to nominate 100 for a charity of their choice if they could name the location used to back our witty Christmas photoshoot The winner of that competition was Great Yarmouth resident David Wollard who nominated East Anglia Children s Hospices as his beneficiary charity Mr Wollard told us that he became aware of the Hospice s work when a friend s child was in need of support and he has since been supportive of the charity s activities We therefore could not have been more delighted to present his local Norfolk hospice with a cheque in Mr Wollard s name with our compliments for such an incredible amount Alas only issues of geographical distance prevented us from photographing our competition winner in the customary victor s pose while receiving the cheque Nonetheless we hope that such a cheque will in some small way assist East Anglia Children s Hospices in furthering its invaluable work in the community we are certainly sure that Mr Wollard s generosity in naming the charity as the beneficiary of his good fortune will not be in vain In the meantime we can only invite our blog readers and loyal customers to continue to do what they have always done keep supporting us with their purchases of the latest and greatest woodturning supplies so that we can keep supporting the hard working charities that we are so thankful to have here in the South and East of England We would certainly urge you to keep an eye out for future competitions perhaps characterised by yet

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Charity/charity.html (2016-04-28)
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