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  • Apron
    choosing a heavier fabric that would normally be expected in an apron we have ensured that our entry into the market will truly last the distance amid all of the heavy wear and frequent washing that it doubtless be subjected to by the most committed woodturner wearers But of course that choice of such tough cloth was also partly motivated by a wish to better protect the wearers of our aprons this after all surely being one of the principal purposes of a woodturner s apron We don t believe in providing merely notional coverage Our apron complete with its wider than traditional bib section and greater than usual length to properly cover the lower limbs really is designed to provide the utmost protection against those inevitable workshop mishaps that even the most skilled and experienced woodturners can fall foul of from time to time Our ProDesign apron also simply couldn t be any easier to put on or more comfortable to wear thanks to such design touches as an easy to adjust neck strap made from heavy duty polyester webbing and incorporating a plastic buckle adjuster The waist strap works in much the same way as the neck loop minimising the hassle associated with putting on the apron and getting down to work Oh and there is also a deep robust and easily accessible front pocket in which to store all of those odd items that you end up carrying around with you as a woodturner from sweets and handkerchiefs to the occasional tool such as an apron plane With The ToolPost s ProDesign apron also available in three sizes and designed in such a way as to offer the best fit to the widest range of body types we would like to think that our thorough and scrupulous

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  • Giles
    sourced timber from sustainable sources wherever possible producing such functional pieces as bowls platters plates treen boxes and vessels in addition to various more artistic intricately decorated pieces Working from his own studio in the West Berkshire village of Chieveley close to Newbury and junction 13 of the M4 Steve continues to focus principally on production turning of all types from runs of rustic bowls to one off or even two off columns for porticos or porches Steve remains in demand for all manner of commissioned pieces encompassing the likes of spindles for builders and finials for antique repairers although many of his pieces are also independent sculptural works of art that can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table There is however another key element of Steve s life as a woodturner his highly respected teaching work Having worked at The ToolPost for several years along with his graphic artist partner Sheila Steve is now our resident turning tutor teaching both at our Didcot premises and his own studio as student demands require He also sells his work directly from his studio as well as through local galleries and is a member of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain AWGB in addition to being accepted onto the Register of Professional Turners in 2010 Certainly as many of his past students here at The ToolPost are able to attest Steve is a masterful woodturning tutor very much teaching on the basis of the student s own knowledge therefore providing invaluable help to those who have never previously touched a woodturning lathe or chisel as well as to more seasoned woodturners simply looking to brush up on more specialised skills But the evidence of such expertise is also clear to see in his own incredible woodturning work

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  • Shock
    his initial research in heat transfer and then industrial crystallisation informs his current woodturning work Richard s signature inlay pieces certainly reflect an interest in pattern and structure especially in relation to such areas as the Fibonacci Sequence and special angles Although he has described most of his woodturning work as functional he also makes purely artistic pieces with the aim of making high quality work that combines good technical turning techniques with attention to design in order to enhance the figure and grain s inherent beauty He has also cited ash as one of his favourite woods on the basis of its suitability to his designs and the wide variety of colours in which it comes Over the course of about 15 years Richard has developed from an enthusiast beginner turner into a skilled craftsman whose work is much in demand and sold through several London and regional craft galleries as well as directly by Richard at major craft events Richard s wife Kathy is a painter primarily in watercolours and they jointly hold an exhibition of their work in their home during the Oxfordshire Artweeks event in May each year Finally we can t possibly fail to mention that in order to create his remarkable woodturned masterpieces Richard uses a Wivamac wood lathe that he purchased from our good selves here at The ToolPost Indeed with Richard being a familiar face at our Oxfordshire showroom we are proud of the considerable success that he has achieved to date including winning the Oxfordshire Artweeks Mary Moser Award in 2010 It goes without saying then that we would certainly recommend that all woodturning enthusiasts visit Richard s website at www woodstockturning co uk to admire his latest creations and find out more about his wider career Editor s Note The

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  • Harrison
    Andy was working towards his imminent demobilisation when he contracted a debilitating tropical disease that has still not been clearly diagnosed This caused a delay in his demobilisation which led him to take up woodturning based on his knowledge gained working as a joiner through the Army s trade apprenticeship scheme many years previously When Andy was eventually demobilised on the grounds of his persistent ill health he started to rebuild his life around his continued interest in woodturning Purchasing a large lathe from The ToolPost the legendary VB36 for which we are agents Andy developed his woodturning skills in the direction of sculptural pieces generally in large formats Today he is the co owner with his similarly artistic partner Jennifer Crowshaw of the State of the Art SOTA Gallery in nearby Witney while continuing to combine turning and carving in the creation of artworks that are sold through both his partner s gallery and several others in the region Andy and his distinctive wooden work were recently the subject of an article in the Oxford Times in which he talked about his artistic approach explaining When you start work on a new piece you never quite know what to expect what you ll find inside what patterns will reveal themselves I choose each piece carefully for its colour and detail and I prefer to work with wood that has cracks or knots It s these flaws that add the character We are certainly great admirers of Andy s distinctive pieces here at The ToolPost and have long marvelled at how he combines well established woodturning traditions with intriguing modern touches Andy is most easily contacted at the gallery through Jennifer who we are delighted to report that he is planning to marry later this year We therefore wish Andy

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  • Resolution
    our showroom store where you will also see the option to undertake a 3D virtual tour of the shop s layout You will find our premises at Unit 7 Hawksworth Southmead Industrial Park in the quiet town and civil parish of Didcot and indeed you may wish to combine your visit with a bit of unrelated sightseeing With many of our online customers hailing from not just other areas of the UK but a wide variety of far flung locations it can be a revelation for them to discover our beautiful and historic locality Didcot may not exactly be the most obvious holiday or road trip destination but it has no shortage of its own charm thanks to such attractions as Didcot Railway Centre and the modern art installation The Swirl Yes we are still trying to figure out what this thing means ourselves For those who participate in the other national recreation retail consumption Didcot also offers an excellent retail environment in the Orchard Centre The Centre includes The Cornerstone a civic theatre boasting a wide range of productions exhibitions and displays Nor could you surely miss the opportunity to travel the 12 miles north to the gorgeous world renowned university city of Oxford the City of The Whispering Spires or even the 65 miles to London our resplendent capital And of course we are very close to the beautiful Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Didcot may frequently hide its light under a bushel but it is far from short of attractions But you don t necessarily need to be a camera wielding tourist to pay us an in person visit during 2016 That s because if the shopping trip doesn t suffice for you it is in our Didcot shop showroom where we also hold our annual

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  • Beatt
    s grocery business alongside his brother Ronnie before selling it to former Dundee United chairman Eddie Thompson It may have fallen by the wayside during this time but Beatt s urge to get back into woodturning was always there He decided to take up the activity again at the turn of the Millennium and has since become secretary for his local woodturning club in addition to making items such as bowls lamps and wooden pens to sell at nearby craft fairs Dave s love of woodturning could even be said to run in the family as it conspires that his uncle David owned a cabinet making workshop As for his old job the returning woodturner has admitted that he misses it like a hole in the head Join a woodturning club or ourselves here at The ToolPost Much like the one Dave is a part of woodturning clubs aim to promote woodturning as an art and raise awareness of the joys of the activity by helping learn and develop their skills in a supportive environment Anyone can join although the age range does tend to lean towards older people Clubs may invite professional demonstrators to show off their skills or assist their members in other ways with the development of their woodturning skills much as we do ourselves here at The ToolPost Indeed you may find us to be the ideal alternative to joining a club If you are as enthusiastic about woodturning as Dave is or you are looking to get started don t hesitate to shop with us here at The ToolPost You can do so in our physical Didcot store showroom or right here online for all of the woodturning supplies that you require in order to get your 2016 off to a hugely productive and rewarding

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  • OxonWT
    for a viable career although he has always been interested in making things His Burrwood Bowls studio is now situated near a forest in Bergbroke not too far away from Oxford I absolutely fell in love with woodturning from the moment I picked up a chisel he added Knight Benjafield 50 was so in love with what he discovered that day that he decided it should be more than just a hobby and took it up as a permanent job coming to the conclusion that it was more worthwhile in the long run He says how I wanted something different that would give me more time with my wife and my five children and that I loved the fact that the results were instant It certainly looks as though it s never too late to completely turn around your entire career as evidenced by Mr Knight Benjafield s sudden change of heart after over two decades in the same industry This wasn t exactly an easy as it sounds though as he added There was a lot of work involved Still there s no denying that it shows people how you can make big changes at any time in your life The ToolPost does of course specialise in supplying you with the best quality tools equipment and materials so that you can try your own hand at woodturning just like Mr Knight Benjafield We even host our own demonstration days that could be of great interest if you wish to develop an already existing hobby or are seeking to try woodturning for the very first time All in all our store whether here online or in our Didcot premises is the perfect place for you to purchase all of the materials and equipment that you could possibly need to follow

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  • Shopping_2016
    neither want nor need Well you could say that it s the thought that counts Furthermore you shouldn t struggle to sell unwanted presents before putting the financial returns towards something a lot more suitable for your needs from The ToolPost You ll have to wait until Monday 4th January before buying as that s when our shop and showroom reopen after the festive break However that can leave you with plenty of time to peruse our stock before making a wise buying decision As for what you should buy what should we recommend first With woodturning tools accessories lathes finishes and adhesives among the many products that fill our stock shelves you could find that simply making the decision of what to purchase takes you well into January anyway However as Christmas tends to be the time of year that we reserve for really splashing out we wouldn t be surprised if you opt for a high end gift We offer for example tools designed under the guidance of globally renowned turners including Glenn Lucas Ray Key and Dale Nish Meanwhile the sharpening systems we sell include the well rated Sorby Pro0Edge belt sharpening system and for use with high speed grinders the Oneway Wolverine Sharpening Jig Still you might find buying a book or video in order to further your woodturning knowledge more financially palatable By taking this route you could glean insights from such woodturning maestros as Jimmy Clewes Glenn Lucas and Mike Mahoney In any case here s to clinching the great gift that you wish you had unwrapped on 25th December here at The ToolPost it s our pleasure to right those ever frustrating festive wrongs Have a Happy Turning New Year Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html is

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