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  • Bookshop
    months Jimmy Clewes remains a deservedly popular presenter and his DVD productions continue to set the standards by which others should be judged His latest release is Back to Basics a primer or refresher for basic skills We ve tried to make life easier by breaking the books up into categories and each book on the primary pages is accompanied by a short but we hope helpful review Videos are listed separately as our favourite DVDs Here s the index to our books and videos Our recommended reading viewing regularly updated Woodturning plus our newly extended turning book range Woodcarving including a new range of books covering Wood Carving Power Carving Chip Carving Whittling Finishing Box Making Furniture Making Furniture Design Routing and a newly extended range which includes Wood Finishing Furniture Making Routing Box Making Garden Woodwork Doll s House Woodwork Tools Puzzles Techniques Biography to which we have now added a range of books on Hand Tools Woodworking Techniques and Projects Machines Machine Woodworking Scroll Saw Projects Techniques and Pyrography Wood Technology Conversion Seasoning of Timber Videos CDs Woodturning and now a whole newly extended range on every aspect of woodwork such as Woodturning Videos Wood Finishing Videos

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  • Health_&_Safety
    are Respiratory Protection we supply active powered respirators from both JSP PowerCapIP and Trend Airshield as well as passive respiratory protection facemasks Click here for respirators facemasks spare parts and accessories Eye Ear Protection eyesight arguably our most precious faculty can be destroyed in seconds yet low cost effective protection is readily available here at The ToolPost At the same time we are becoming increasingly aware of the evil of hearing damage A range of solutions for eye and ear protection are available for your consideration Protective Clothing whilst unlikely to cause serious health injury apart from irate attacks from those who have to launder our dirty working clothes soiled workclothes are not pleasant to wear and do not present a very professional appearance to would be clients Smarten up your image and give your clothes a chance by looking at these specially produced woodworker s smocks and aprons On the same page you will also find protective workgloves in a choice of styles to keep your hands free of cuts and consequent infections Dust Extraction Perhaps the most important element in the woodworkers armoury against respiratory problems or the ingestion of carcinogens the dust extractor has come a long

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  • Abrasives
    packs which enable the occasional turner or those simply wishing to try it out to take advantage of this abrasive for only a modest outlay For most woodturners the use of power sanding techniques has considerably reduced the time taken to achieve a high quality finish on items such as bowls and platters With an increasing consciousness of health issues and dust hazards as well as environmental sensitivity shear sanding has become more popular recently using the rotational energy of the lathe itself to drive the sanding system We offer both the excellent Grip A Disc system in both power and shear sanding versions as well as the more conventional foam backed pad system represented by the Sandmaster system from Robert Sorby again in a shear sanding and power sanding version This latter system also includes a range of polishing mops for finishing inside bowls goblets and the like though if you are looking to take advantage of the considerable benefits of using buffing to finish your turned items we would strongly recommend that you also look at the Beall Buffing Systems For the dedicated power sanding enthusiast we also offer the excellent neoprene power sanding backing pads from Tim

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  • Project Parts
    pepper and a host of other granular spices Clock and watch inserts in a wide variety of shapes and sizes Temporarily unavailable Giftware items viz Pot pourri lids in ceramic and moulded resin perfume applicators bottle stoppers candle sconces etc To Follow Pen pencil and ballpoint kits To Follow The items marked To Follow are already in stock for personal callers at our shop and we will be uploading their

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  • Hardwoods
    Scotland where the cooler weather and shorter summers coupled with harder winters favours the development of a tight grain structure Most of this timber is kiln dried to a moisture content which is likely to be in the range 10 15 when you receive it dependent upon species timber section and the time of year This means that the timber should turn sweetly but it is NOT at centrally heated house levels of dryness typically more like 4 to 8 and thus will need a little time to stabilise slowly after turning before you place it on the dining table or window cill for the world to admire Any domestic timber which is not kiln dried is normally indicated by the letters P S to indicate part seasoned unless otherwise noted The lists on the attached web pages are based on stock in hand and this will certainly vary from time to time but we will apply our best endeavours to fulfill orders as specified In the event that a particular species size becomes unavailable we will contact you to try to agree on suitable alternatives We will also attempt to meet your special needs for turning timber domestic UK hardwoods only at this stage if you let us know what you need by email To simplify buying our timber store is divided into sections as follows Domestic Hardwoods in bowl blanks and squares Imported hardwoods in bowl blanks and squares Project materials dominantly Pen Blanks both in timber and acrylic as well as our unique and dazzling Tigerwood product Timber Specialities such as Boxwood and Banksia nuts Carving timber in block form generally Limewood Other materials may well crop up from time to time and we ll do our best to fit them into the above framework for ease

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  • Courses
    in a supportive environment with due regard being paid to the student s ambitions is the surest way to develop skills quickly and to embed those skills such that they become the foundation of a lifelong skill set Such skills can transform lives and reinvigorate the keen individual giving life new purpose and direction For those already possessed of a basic skill set formal training opens up the opportunity to learn new skills to use equipment that might be otherwise unaffordable or to try out a new methodology before investing in equipment as well as honing basic skills and providing a refresher for skills temporarily unexercised Our aim here at The ToolPost is to cater for this range of needs through a developing program of training courses utilising both in house staff and visiting tutors If you would like to know more about our training opportunities please call us on 01235 511101 or 44 1235 511101 for international callers We can also provide details of accommodation close by so distance from home need not be an object Woodturning Courses Our in house woodturning courses cover the whole range of abilities Unless the trainee specifies otherwise all training is carried out on a one to one basis Course dates duration and content are very much geared to the needs and wants of the individual student Courses can be one two or more days as required although we prefer that the student has practice time between sessions if possible as this enhances the value of the courses to the student and accelerates learning Costs are based on 120 day for beginner intermediate and refresher courses Advanced tuition is charged at 140 per day Taster days are also available at 120 day Special Courses We are currently working on a Carving on Turning

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  • Clients_Clearances
    for you for free How does it Work This page is provided as a service to our clients If you have second hand equipment which you wish to sell then provided that you are a regular client of this shop you are welcome to use this space to provide details of this equipment to our other visitors This is not a free for all site it is strictly for the use of our clients and its content will be moderated and controlled by yours truly Please be pre warned that we will not allow the page to be used to sell in conflict with our own sales activities or in conflict with with our principles Use is also limited to sales of directly woodwork related items We ll allow up to about three months exposure before we remove an advert and please note that you MUST tell us if you sell the item in the meantime so that potential buyers are not mis led Our experience indicates that the most successful thing to be selling on such a page is used machinery such as your old lathe when you ve invested in one of our lovely WivaMac machines To request an advert to be placed please drop me an email giving full details of The item s to be sold NB we suggest listing no more than a couple of items per advert The selling price and the currency in which it must be paid Your exact location so that viewers know where and in which country the goods are located A contact telephone number that can be published with the information If all looks OK then it will be published as soon as time allows If the advert content or style is inappropriate then I ll advise you that

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  • News
    are an essential part of the woodturner s armoury the ToolPost boasts a wide range of these versatile tools The ToolPost stocks a growing range of project parts for incorporation into woodturning projects The Annual Ulster Woodturning and Art Fair in County Antrim brings the best of the province s wood artists to the fore Whilst most of our floorspace is devoted to tools and associated products we still stock many hundreds of timber blanks for woodturning and carving Know to so many of our visitors as The Aladdin s Cave for Woodturners our shop in Didcot is the hub of our worldwide tool supply operation We re proud to announce our recent appointment as the UK and Eire distributors for the VB36 and Steinert lathes hot on the heels of our confirmation in a similar role for the Rolly Munro line of high performance hollowing tools A 6 000 year old decorative wood carving has recently been unearthed on a mountainside in Wales Read where and how in this fascinating snippet We know that whether you are a professional in woodturning or woodcarving or simply a discerning amateur you put significant effort into finishing your workpieces and take great and justifiable pride in the results Did you know that The ToolPost offers the widest range of woodfinishes under one specialist roof Newcomers to woodturning may appreciate a quick summary of some of the major events in the history of woodturning in so far as that is possible after all it does date back thousands of years It is not often that we speak here of Carving Whittling this article explaining some of the background to these crafts makes up for that omission We record with sadness the recent death of Dale Nish one of the founding fathers of modern woodturning Representing major brands in woodturning and wood carving from around the world is one of the features of The ToolPost The ToolPost not only supplies tools and equipment for woodturners and carvers but also the essential materials be that timber plastics or specialised materials With the release of its new CompacTool set of turning tools The ToolPost becomes the first tool supplier worldwide to recognise the particular needs of woodturners who work on smaller lathes The ToolPost may now be a leading online source of the finest woodturning equipment but here its history is traced to its establishment as a humble webshop by owner Peter Hemsley On the principle that you can t have too much of a good thing we thought that a little more info about our up coming Masterclasses with Jimmy Clewes might be helpful If you are a beginner or a seasoned woodturner yourself or if you have a significant other who practices in this under appreciated art then you may be interested in the latest Valentine s Day gift ideas from The ToolPost The ToolPost goes a long way to assisting enthusiastic woodturners and carvers with the development of their skills by providing the best quality and most affordable woodturning tools but it s rare that one gets the opportunity to learn from a true master New Year brings New Resolutions and woodturners are no exceptions We thought we d like to share some thoughts with you on the subject With Christmas close upon us the giving of gifts becomes uppermost in the thoughts of many Here are a few woodworker s gift ideas to get the juices flowing Selecting a new lathe is always a little fraught so let us help with this resume of five good reasons for checking out the WivaMac range of superior woodturning lathes The Autumn Open House at The ToolPost will present a further cornucopia of delights with master turners Chris Eagles Heinz Wiedemann and Horst Weber showing the way The ToolPost strives to bring new information to the attaention of practitioners of the woodworking crafts is as meningful a manner as possible In the latest of events which are not to be missed there will be opportunities for turners to meet the creative minds behind some of the best regarded tools in the Meet the Maker series As one would expect from one of the country s foremost providers of woodcarving and woodturning tools and accessories The ToolPost is passionate about health and safety in the workshop With more different woodturning tools on display than any other store the ToolPost is truly a One Stop Shop for turning and carving enthusiasts and professionals alike Tools and machinery may be one side of the equation but every workshop needs accessories The ToolPost features a huge selection from which to choose Users of the Sorby Pro Edge belt sharpening system will be pleased with the new range of high performance low cost European manufactured abrasive belts for the system now available from The ToolPost Selection of a lathe is a critical part of assembling the tools and equipment for woodturning The ToolPost can help you in the selection of your next lathe To finish first you must first finish is an epithet equally as true in woodworking as in athletics General Finishes from the USA are truly among the first in finishes In calling our company The ToolPost we were recognising the importance of this piece of equipment the toolpost in enabling the turner to work successfully at the lathe The ToolPost is a specialist retailer just how specialised becomes more apparent when you contemplate the fact that this modest shop in Oxfordshire stocks more different woodturning tools than any other shop here or abroad and ships them all around the world We cannot emphasise too frequently just how important respiratory protection is for woodworkers and especially woodturners One particular hazard that is often ignored is that of ambient dust a problem addressed by the range of Microclene ambient air filters Glenn Lucas proves himself to be not only a Master Woodturner but also a master creator of instructional DVDs for woodturners Kelton Tools of New Zealand have recently

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