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  • BlindVet
    the Shoreham Herald Heasman has signalled his intention to paint his milestone 50th wooden car green adding My sister wants that one It s a far cry from 12 years ago when the then window cleaner and hobbyist woodturner began to lose his sight as a result of dry age related macular degeneration prompting him to sell his lathe Ted had to make other major compromises due to the loss of his sight including giving up driving I used to cycle with my brother in law and then I had to give that up My wife and I had to travel on buses However since getting in touch with Blind Veterans UK in 2012 Ted has been helped to lead a more independent life once more including being given a Merlin Low Vision Magnifier for viewing his collection of old photos During World War II Ted was a radar operator for the Royal Navy serving his first six months on the Isle of Man before his ship set sail for Asia during Christmas 1943 His next two years were spent on several vessels along the Burmese coast in the Bay of Bengal and to Sri Lanka He positively likened his new experience with Blind Veterans UK to that he enjoyed during wartime remarking that Just coming here is amazing The comradeship is like the Navy Those interested in purchasing any of a complete range of beautifully handmade wooden bird boxes and racing cars are invited to do so on the Blind Veterans UK website With many of these gorgeous gifts having been coloured white red and blue in celebration of the charity s 100th anniversary this year we couldn t think of a better way to support such a hugely important cause Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost

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  • TPSmock
    complain as one manufacturer after another introduces a new product that fails to address longstanding shortcomings evident on so many woodturners smocks Instead we wanted to introduce our very own smock that benefits from not only the latest 21st century thinking but also the common sense of the most seasoned and capable woodturners That is why for instance we offer our ProDesign woodturners smocks in chest sizes ranging from 32 to 58 so that ladies youngsters and more generously proportioned individuals of any gender or age can comfortably and safely practice their craft It is also why our smocks incorporate such no nonsense and undoubtedly useful features as a padded smooth lined collar a double ended plastic heavy duty zipper cuffs with Velcro closures and sleeves with real leather wear patches on the elbows There s even plenty of storage space provided in our new smock in the form of a handy pencil pocket divided into two sections in order to keep your marking tools out of harm s way on the left sleeve as well as a pair of generous patch pockets on the rear of the jacket The latter are strategically located so that they are easy to reach but do not fill up with shavings as you slave away on your latest turned wood masterpiece We are delighted with so many of the little touches to this seemingly simple smock that help to mark it out as not just another addition to an already crowded market but smething worthy of the attention of the most knowledgeable and critical buyer More information about this proud new part of our product range can be found on the main website of The ToolPost where you may also find pricing and place your order for swift delivery Editor s Note The

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  • Vouchers
    or video or could instead very much do with some new turning tools chucks accessories lathes abrasives timber or any other woodturning product they can use a voucher from The ToolPost to make just such a purchase Of course there is an important condition attached to that such a purchase has to be from us However given our formidable reputation as a supplier of woodturning products we are sure that your recipient will be more than happy with such a restriction As it happens it s a very exciting time to shop at The ToolPost at the moment with our long established range being further strengthened recently with the introduction of the products of Carter Son Toolworks Steinert Drechsleroel D M Natural Finishes our new line of ProDesign woodturner s smocks and aprons and Starbond Adhesives Don t forget too that you can order a ToolPost gift voucher in whatever denomination you desire just as long as it is a minimum of 5 All that you have to do is complete and submit our simple online form and the recipient will have a voucher delivered to them consisting of an appropriate photo card printed inside with their name the gift value and your personal message We don t charge for this service beyond the amount that you specify so your recipient really does benefit from the full value of your purchase The voucher can then simply be used by the recipient as if it were cash either at our Didcot Oxfordshire shop showroom or right here at http www toolpost co uk We do our very best to brighten up Christmas for woodturners everywhere not least by making it easier for those purchasing for them to make sure that the recipient is given something that they will definitely value That

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  • Xmas_2015
    As usual here at The ToolPost our online and physical stores are available right through the winter months for those who suddenly find that they require this accessory or that finish or some more timber or a different tool or something else altogether in order to finish off a particular project with a 25th December deadline But we are also delighted to be able to offer all manner of great potential gifts to those seeking a little something for the woodturner in their life this Christmas time What items are we talking about Well we could always highlight some of the products that we have been so proud to add to our range in what has been another triumphant year for our team here at The ToolPost Did you know for example that this year saw us appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland dealer for the extensive range of CA glues of USA based Starbond Adhesives We have also in the last few months become European representatives of Carter Son Toolworks as well as stockists of Drechsleroel finishing oil from Steinert in Germany Those additions are of course merely the latest to what was already one of the most comprehensive ranges of woodturning products available anywhere in the UK with all of the usual chucks in fact elevent different chucking systems at the last count accessories lathes sharpening systems tools abrasives project parts and so many other woodturning items also kept in stock both now and throughout the festive season But bear in mind that we are closed from 24th Dec at 13h00 until 4th Jan 2016 at 09h30 However you intend to treat yourself or another woodturning enthusiast this Christmas you shouldn t make any purchases until you have checked out the formidable range of potential gifts that

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  • Powercap_IP
    be an issue for such low impact purposes as pigeon keeping and stable work if you are seeking a suitable alternative to a disposal mask when engaged in woodturning or power woodworking some form of impact protection is imperative This is where the PowerCap Active IP IP Impact Protection proves its worth thanks to its incorporation of bump cap protection and an impact faceshield meeting the relevant industrial safety standards Even the standard PowerCap Active however offers plenty of features of relevance to a wide range of users this firm fitting lightweight and ergonomically designed respirator being highly effective at shielding the user from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants The cooling and comfortable filtered air that it supplies at a rate of 160 litres per minute ensures that there are no issues with breathing resistance or visor misting Throw in such other perks as eye and face impact protection to EN166 1B and an easy to use charging dock with each battery charge lasting for eight hours and it becomes obvious why the PowerCap Active IP has attracted such strong acclaim among the UK s most demanding woodturners But we can t possibly finish without mentioning that we also subsidise the cost of the PowerCap here at The ToolPost making us a much lower cost source than Screwfix for instance Indeed whereas the RRP of the impact resistant version is 306 you can pick it up for just 240 from us You certainly can t accuse us of not putting our money where our mouth is as far as workshop woodworker safety are concerned You ll also be pleased to note that since it complies with the standard for safety headwear the PowerCap does not attract VAT when sold within the EU which gives it a great value boost

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  • OH_Autumn_2015
    November 2015 from 10am to 4pm daily and is set to welcome both new and familiar faces among its demonstrators For those who could possibly remain unaware our Open House which takes place every autumn and spring presents the regular opportunity for guests to convene in our Didcot shop and experience up close and personal the masterful teachings and creations of some of the UK s finest woodturning demonstrators The event is completely free in more ways than one not just entry but also parking refreshments and the demonstrations themselves We therefore predictably tend to receive great numbers of visitors for our Open Houses which combined with our previous Friday Saturday opening format did present some issues in the past First of all there was the problem of parking space being at a premium on Fridays given its status as the last day of the working week and then there was the matter of many of our elderly visitors customarily deserting us by about 2pm fearful of getting caught up in traffic Thankfully we can report that such issues have been eliminated with the switch to an entirely Saturday Sunday event which means that for the next running of our Autumn Open House our attendees really can focus squarely on the woodturning action itself and the magnificent creations that result Topping the bill on this occasion are two of the UK s most renowned woodturners Gerry Marlow and Jason Breach who are also highly respected regulars on the demonstration circuit It s not just those two that visitors can look forward to seeing however as two familiar faces also make a return to the Open House acclaimed woodcarver Simon Clements and master of pyrography Bert Butterfield Given the presence as well of many of our suppliers who will be happy

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  • RayKey
    in 1958 when he became an apprentice pattern maker From an early stage woodturning had pride of place in his training leading him to purchase his first lathe in 1965 By 1973 he was a full time professional woodturner and the achievements have only kept stacking up since then Soon establishing a formidable reputation for his passion and dedication to woodturning Key was instrumental in the setting up of the first international seminar for practitioners of the craft in 1980 as he sought to promote and champion woodturning to audiences both here in the UK and overseas He was also the founding Chairman of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain AWGB in 1987 an achievement recognised in his being awarded honorary life membership in 1997 and becoming the Association s President a year later A sign of the AWGB s impact is the fact that while there were only about 300 woodturners in the UK at the time of its establishment that number has now swelled to around 3 500 As if all of these attainments weren t incredible enough for just one woodturning career Key also has the distinction of being the sole non American Honorary Life Member of the Association of American Woodturners In 2002 the Worshipful Company of Turners granted him Freeman status It s tiring just to read such a long list of career achievements and yet Key s own enthusiasm for woodturning remains undimmed He has said that he has always loved the beauty of wood Its warmth and tactility I like to read the wood and bring out the best in it No one here at The ToolPost could possibly disagree with such sentiments and we firmly salute him for such stellar achievements in his career to date Much more importantly however we

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  • Paignton
    to the parents when they start to hatch 137 eggs have been made in total by members of the renowned South West Devon woodturning club Woodbury Woodturners Club with the smallest being a mere centimetre in length and the largest measuring a stellar 20 centimetres The idea arose when Senior Head Keeper of Birds at the zoo Pete Smallbones found out that his Front of House co workers Justin Fuller and Izzy Warren had taken up woodturning as a hobby Pete commented We were talking and the idea of turning wooden eggs for the Bird department came up and they really rose to the challenge Although his initial request had been for dummy flamingo eggs the woodturners ended up using a range of woods from sycamore and yew to oak and beech to create eggs in a much broader assortment of shapes and sizes Izzy Justin and numerous members of the woodturners club contributed eggs which in some cases entailed just five minutes work and in other instances took as long as half an hour to make Pete said that the zoo now had a huge range of dummy eggs of different sizes the smallest will be good for the shamas the larger ones will be ideal for ostrich or flamingo We really do appreciate this pretty amazing gift Meanwhile Phil Knowling spokesperson for Paignton Zoo declared the eggs to be real works of art and on the evidence of what The ToolPost s team has seen of them we would certainly agree If you re stuck for something to do for the rest of August when our shop remains closed on Saturdays you might just want to go along to the Paignton zoo and see if you can distinguish between the real eggs and their remarkably well crafted and

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