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  • Wallcharts&Wheels
    hard as diamond but that is effective for the sharpening of High Speed Steel the material from which turning tools are generally made Although diamond has been experimented with as a material to grind tools on it is very detrimental when used as an abrasive grain for the grinding of tools on a high speed dry wheel and is therefore never used by wise turners in such an application CBN grinding wheels are different and can last almost indefinitely if looked after properly They are available from us in a choice of grit grades including Extra Fine Standard and Coarse However we also stock what could only be described as the ultimate Aluminium Oxide grinding wheel the O Donnell Ruby wheel its increased sharpness than the grey white or pink aluminium wheel alternatives allowing it to keep its shape more effectively than any of them yet available at very affordable prices in sizes to suit a wide range of grinders Wait did we suggest that the Ruby wheel was the ultimate One might need to rethink that opinion on encountering another of O Donnell s acclaimed creations the Blue Ceramic grinding wheel Aside from its pale blue colour this wheel cuts even faster than the Ruby while also producing less heat due to its micro grain grit structure and the grit bonding characteristics It is a more specialised wheel that is best suited to the workshops of more competent turners who are comfortable with its high rate of material removal Finally we can t fail to mention the set of three highly informative fully encapsulated wallcharts that we also stock These are laminated practical works of reference telling you what bevel angle to grind on a specific woodturning tool or how the grind can be modified for better performance They

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  • Starbond_Intro
    those especially fine woodworking pieces Bulk bottles of the glue are also available enabling economies of scale to be enjoyed by heavier users Whichever glue you choose from our extensive Starbond range you can be assured that it is non toxic non flammable and waterproof in addition to boasting a guaranteed 20 month shelf life For those in need of a superglue delivering the best possible performance quality and shelf life Starbond has therefore long been the go to option these qualities largely achieved by the triple distillation process that the glue undergoes in its production Then there s simply the fact that Starbond is so economical compared to the alternatives You ll notice from our range shown online that we offer Starbond CA adhesives in an impressive selection of viscosities runniness from the thinnest variety that is best for the penetration and stabilization of soft and punky timber to the thickest grade that makes a great solution for gap filling In between these two extremes you ll find Medium Thin glues that many customers choose for pen finishing as well as the Medium Thick variety that is a good choice for using in poorly fitted joints The Medium option meanwhile makes the perfect general purpose adhesive The extra cap and fine feed extension tips that accompany our 50 gm bottles of Starbond CA allow you to avoid such traditional problems as glued on caps and the splashing of big glue droplets into your workpiece where a delicate joint is required Opt for the 450 ml size meanwhile and you will receive what is effectively a bulk supply kit complete with three 50 gm bottles caps and extension tips which can also be purchased separately from us If you re a wood turning enthusiast living in the UK or Ireland

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  • Behind_Bars
    chopping boards and kitchen display units for a local company Rough Stuff Oak its customers mostly made up of catering companies and high street restaurants Interviewed for the article was company co founder Matt Cannon who described his relationship with the prison as pretty challenging He continued If something happens in the prison we can t be told for security reasons So for example if there s a lockdown we won t be told when it s happening why it s happening or when it ll end There s complete radio silence and when we call the prison they can t tell us anything Production can stop for days or even weeks as a result of lockdowns and other incidents although Cannon has described most customers as very understanding of such delays Naturally the prison environment means other differences from more traditional woodturning businesses While the company has outgrown its existing workshop for instance the matter of relocation is even more complicated than it would be in the normal world Cannon observing What should have taken two weeks has taken over two months and we still don t have phones or computers in the workshop However there s no question of why this unique woodturning business exists As Cannon puts it in the article There are lots of reasons We want to do something good and make a difference Also from a marketing perspective the fact our products are made in prison does differentiate us Such companies play a big role in the rehabilitation and management of the prison population benefitting the inmates themselves but also their family and the wider community It is certainly intriguing to read of ways like this one in which woodturning is being used for wider social good whatever your relationship with and or attitudes

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  • Xmas 2014 Groups
    established here in the UK still exist but that doesn t stop their former members continuing to do good work We aren t just talking about the wood turned pieces themselves Just ask St Andrew s Children s Hospice which as reported by the Grimsby Telegraph received a 1 200 donation from members of the Louth Woodturning Club in November That club may have disbanded as a result of dwindling membership but by selling off equipment and holding raffles the former members were able to raise some extremely appreciated and useful funds for the hospice OK so as lovely news as that is what about some wood turning groups that remain active For those of you living in or near the gorgeous Lincolnshire Wolds the Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association may be worthy of further investigation The group meets on a twice monthly basis at West Ashby Village Hall with its more than 50 members travelling from as far as Gainsborough Cleethorpes Grantham and Boston The main club meetings take place on the last Tuesday of each month when new ideas and techniques are demonstrated by a professional woodturner However the second Tuesday of every month except for in July August and December also sees hands on nights held presenting the perfect opportunity for beginners to get to grips with the group and wood turning in general With upcoming events of the Association including a tickets only Christmas Party at The George The Dragon in Hagworthingham on 16th December as well as the annual meeting and a talk by Steve Wright from the timber merchant Elston Sawmill there may not be a better time to investigate the group if you live nearby But don t forget who pointed you in their direction only the humble ToolPost Editor s Note The ToolPost

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  • OH_Nov_14
    police inspector who had already gained proficiency in woodturning prior to his retirement in 1989 Stuart has gone on to win a series of national competitions for his work in addition to demonstrating judging and writing for national and international magazines Today Stuart enjoys an international reputation as a woodturning teacher and demonstrator but also for his actual work which often incorporates some form of spiral and is collected by private collectors and museums across the world One of his best known pieces is his popular twisted goblet that he first produced in 1969 Not for nothing is he known as The Twister Indeed Stuart quite literally wrote the book on spiral turning The Techniques of Spiral Work pub Stobart Davies 1995 now sadly out of print and in more recent times has even been commissioned to make six finials for the celebration thrones for her Majesty the Queen the thrones now taking pride of place in the permanent Royal Collection Such unparalleled credentials in woodturning would be enough in just one of our Open House demonstrators but we were also joined by the international demonstrator woodworker woodturner and wood hat milliner Andrew Hall also known as The Hat Man Andrew is renowned not only for the brilliance of his turning work in particular his vast range of wooden headgear spanning from Grecian helmets through sun hats top hats and bowlers to stetsons but also for his superb presentation skills enhanced by his armoury of hi tech audio visual aids which ensure that every visitor can clearly see every nuance his demonstrations Our Hat Man also proved his versatility as well as his kindness and sense of humour by creating a brand new tiny wooden hat to fit little Sophie s teddy whilst she watched the demo with her mother

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  • CarterTool
    10 year old Spending much of his early childhood around his Dad s engineering firm and therefore coming in close contact with metal in his formative years Paul soon began to learn wood turning s ins and outs but there was one problem He found himself doing a huge amount of sharpening and after being informed by his supremely experienced metallurgist father that he was using tools made from a less durable grade of steel Paul was soon inspired to create a much better quality tool for himself A lot of diligence and effort was required to make Paul s dream a reality but a reality it most certainly became in large part thanks to his use of only the very best material M42 High Speed Steel Not only is this metal precision machined to create these tools exceptional form but it is subsequently heat treated to 68HRC before being ground to a razor sharp edge That edge is one that retains its astonishing sharpness for a simply extraordinary period of time even under the most intense pressure Paul coupled his superb new tools with a handle made of aircraft grade aluminium styled for maximum comfort and having as near a perfect balance as we have ever felt The blades are secured in the handles with set screws and showing the pride in product and attention to detail typical of Carter Son Toolworks the blades even feature flats machined to receive the bearing points of the screws eliminating the risk of burring on the shaft and consequent jamming of the tool in the handle In the words of one turner we spoke to When I first used this tool it was the sharpest gouge I had ever used after using it for three days it is still the sharpest gouge

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  • Respiratory
    nearby to the sub micron size particles that are so directly linked to respiratory allergies infections irritations and cancers This is why we are so proud here at The ToolPost to be able to offer both personal dust masks and powered respirators of the very highest quality and from some of the leading manufacturers Our primary product in this category is the JSP PowerCap Active IP which is the latest incarnation of the renowned PowerCap line of respirators which delivers so much more in terms of ease and economy of operation as well as significantly enhancing reliability over previous versions such as the superseded JSP PowerCap IP with its cumbersome belt mounted batteries Indeed although the current Active s filters and visor are identical to those used previously the new model introduced an easily removable outer cover which can be machine laundered for hygiene The battery now being a Lithium Ion technology has also been repackaged and repositioned on the Active enabling easy access for its removal and placement in the supplied dock for charging Other advantages of the JSP PowerCap Active IP over the competition include its exceptional balance coupled with a high impact protection IP visor to EN166 and a low head weight of 440g not to mention its sheer affordability It is joined in The ToolPost s highly rated respirator line by the Trend Airshield Pro that improves on its predecessor with a significantly extended battery life lighter weight and enhanced filtering capacity Finally we also stock the 3M P2 Respirator Dust Mask for those seeking an economical albeit more passive means of protection from the customary woodworking hazards Not only is it not as fatiguing to wear as a conventional fabric filter type mask but it is also a cost effective workshop standby for visitors students

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  • Eyes and Ears
    the benefit of our amateur and professional woodturning customers alike sourcing great eye and ear protection from some of the most reputable manufacturers They re well priced too so you really do have no excuse not to keep yourself safe Our complete selection of visors glasses and goggles for instance includes a Panorama Faceshield 8 deep polycarbonate visor with protective edge binding and black polycarbonate brow shield Or why not invest in a pair of our Bolle Attack Safety Goggles with their anti mist and scratch lens and soft compression face seal for extra comfort We also stock the likes of Bolle Galaxy safety spectacles with built in LED lights as well as Keep Safe Hunter safety spectacles that have been designed to be worn over prescription glasses But auditory ear protection is another major priority of ours here at The ToolPost as shown by our offering of the specialist manufacturer E A R s blue corded luminous yellow Soft Neon earplugs which many prefer in the workshop given how much harder they are to lose than ear muffs They are easy to insert and comfortable to wear Or perhaps what you really need is the true all day protection that the Keep Safe Ear Muffs offer These defenders are mounted on a sturdy headband and incorporate an acoustic foam fill in addition to being kitemarked to BS EN352 1 which assures you of their quality and performance Treat them sensibly and you ll be using them for years to shield your ears from that nuisance noise What could be more valuable than your sight and hearing With The ToolPost s complete eye and ear protection range you can have peace of mind about both while concentrating on your many woodturning endeavours Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost

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