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  • Forest_Wood_Fair
    chance to climb up into the canopy of one of Beacon Hill s great oak trees absolutely free of charge among a host of other events of interest to woodturning professionals amateurs and enthusiasts and their families One such event was the Wood Fair Auction at which items donated by top craftspeople and timber suppliers were auctioned off for the benefit of the UK based development charity TREE AID which helps to fight poverty and encourage self reliance via the planting of trees in the rural communities of Africa s drylands Donated items were displayed throughout the day ahead of the auction and included furniture woodcraft items chainsaw carvings and a specimen tree for the garden Other events taking place at this year s National Forest Wood Fair that simply couldn t be missed by those with or without an interest in woodturning ranged from chainsaw carving and a lumberjack show to the Forest Food Festival and the Horse Logging Corral The latter was the perfect opportunity for visitors to watch heavy horses haul timber and learn how this centuries old working method retains its relevance today Certainly our woodturning material and tools customers here at The ToolPost would have taken a particular interest in the many woodlands crafts and forestry displays to say nothing of the series of woodworking masterclasses in the stage tent featuring three leading craftsmen David Richardson is a teacher of woodturning whose recent projects include the Mountsorrel Railway Project the Great Central Railway and the National Trust at Stoneywell in Ulverscroft Mike Painter is a woodcarver and advocate of Henry Taylor woodcarving tools available from The ToolPost and Mike Abbott is an evangelist for all aspects of Green Woodworking who has done so much to bring these traditional skills to the attention of the public

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  • Saburr SM250
    woodturners across the United Kingdom and the world who have long admired his elegant hollow forms twisted goblets vases and Mortimer eggs Indeed the Hampshire resident and retired Police Inspector produced his first twisted goblet in 1969 and his creations have since become synonymous with almost every kind of spiral form It is that very spiral form that is aspired to by many up and coming woodturners and Stuart has long worked hard himself to encourage young people into the woodturning craft including through the private woodturning group that he formed in 1992 But it has also inspired his recent collaboration with The ToolPost resulting in our new tool that is specifically designed to simplify and speed up the cutting through of a hollow form to create the bines of a spiral form It s called the SM250 cutting disc and we couldn t be more delighted to announce that production quantities are now in stock This cutting disc has benefitted from extensive product testing by Stuart himself The bines that form the structural part of a spiral work are created by cutting through into a vessel s hollow core The timber is gradually reduced in bulk and its shape developed to create the spiral elements An angle grinder is the best tool for easily cutting through the vessel with compact devices like the mini Arbortech or the Proxxon LWS also available from The ToolPost being most strongly recommended However this task is only made even easier by our new bine cutting disc developed with Mortimer created to his specification It also facilitates the subsequent shaping and refinement of the bines making it a wise investment for any woodturner aiming to produce spiral forms on a par with those of the great man Editor s Note The ToolPost http www

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  • Indiana
    the event but there was no doubt of the exceptional quality of the woodcarved creations on display Eastern Woodland Carving Club Board of Directors Chairman Gary Freeman told the Kokomo Tribune The quality of the pieces this year has been amazing I like to see what everyone brings every year because you expect the work to get better and it always does Members of the woodcarving club meet every Tuesday for open carves the current membership count of almost 250 being a far cry from the 13 present at its establishment in 1988 The club holds seminars and workshops throughout the year in addition to maintaining a carving library from its location on South Jefferson Street Last weekend saw not only the display of some great woodcarving work but also carving demonstrations basket weaving and door prizes Freeman observing that the show gave people from across the American Midwest the opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity associated with the practice of woodcarving It s one of those hobbies that if you have a lot of stress it just goes away when you re carving You just forget about all of the clutter in the world Participants at this year s show included Greentown resident Jim Hartley a woodcarver since 2000 whose signature bowl design took third place for Best in Show while the outright winner was Roger Strautman of Woodburn with his chip carved replica of the Ten Commandments Strautman said that his victorious creation required between 75 and 100 hours of work but that his perfectionist nature lend itself well to the attention to detail required for chip carving In chip carving the cuts have to be just so I have a lot of patience and that s the type of carving that requires a lot of patience Those are

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  • OH_June_014
    the working week We also felt that a weekend opening would give visitors the benefit of far easier travel conditions avoiding the need for visitors to make an early start to get to Didcot in good time and more so avoiding the need for an early rush homeward in hopes of avoiding the inevitable weekday evening congestion That change also had the knock on effect of diminishing the build up of queues at the shop tills as the dread departure hour approached virtually obviating waiting in line at a stroke Anything that makes life easier and more pleasant for our visitors is a good move in our opinion Thankfully we are pleased to report that these changes at the latest Spring Open House contributed to making it a big success even by the standards of previous events Travel was easier and more relaxed parking was more convenient the weekend timing made the event accessible to a wider spectrum of people and access to demonstrations was improved due to the better flow of traffic around the shop All of these factors made our 2014 Spring Open House not only safer but also more enjoyable for everyone involved Our visitors were better able to appreciate the skills of such renowned woodturning professionals as Peter Hromek known for his incredible multi axis turned and carved hollow vessels as well as his production salt and pepper mills and the Irish woodturner and cabinet maker Seamus Cassidy Our visitors were also again wooed by Robert O Connor s insight into how he designs and creates his unique Irish wooden artworks gifts and home accessories Isn t it amazing how something as simple as a change of days can make all the difference It takes effect for our next event too the Autumn Open House taking

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  • Egypt_Carving
    its extremely dry climate this country was where 11 wooden panels were discovered in 1860 after more than 4 000 years of being buried under the sands These relief carvings were found in the tomb of Pharaon Hesy Ra each of the panels measuring two feet by one and a half feet It is also in Egypt where the earliest three dimensional figure yet found was discovered apparently carved in around 2500 BC Measuring some three feet high this carving depicts a typical Egyptian pose the figure walking forward one hand holding a staff both feet flat on the ground That Egypt has given us so many fine examples of woodcarving to enjoy for posterity is all the more remarkable given how scarce wood was in the country The only trees considered suitable for carving were the Acacia and the Sycamore their rarity granting them sacred status But of course woodcarving isn t thought to have begun with the Egyptians far from it When one imagines early man living in a forest or jungle surrounded by little more than standing or fallen trees and some of the earliest tools such as an arrowhead spearhead or knife it s also easy to imagine them trying their hand at woodcarving It s likely that this process resulted in the very first wooden tools and utensils Nonetheless it is Egypt that gives us so many of the remarkable examples of ancient woodcarving that we can appreciate today They are exhibited today by such institutions as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo and encompass everything from statues and mummy cases to furniture like folding seats Considered as a whole such items show just what a remarkable inheritance Egypt has handed us in this area and continue to inspire today s amateur and professional

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  • China_Carving
    a bit of the cultural heritage of China at the same time as learning a thing or two about wood carving this institution is therefore a very satisfying use of your time You ll find no private museum offering such an astonishingly in depth collection of red sandalwood and furniture anywhere else in China The building boasts some five storeys with even its gate being an amazing wooden structure built with traditional techniques according to the advice of experts from the city s Palace Museum Inside there remains much to enthral British wood carving practitioners such as a faithfully reproduced replica of the throne of the Qing Dynasty emperors Made entirely from red sandalwood and with a covering of gold foil the original can be found in the Palace Museum You ll also find a reconstruction of the kind of bedroom designed for the wedding days of nobles no nails or glue being present due to the way the various furniture components seamlessly fit together The museum was founded by multibillionaire Mrs Chen Laiwa who was ranked as China s second richest woman in 2013 32 million 19 million of her 6 billion 3 6 billion fortune was invested into the institution s foundation and as far as the collection is concerned Chen cites particular pride over the red sandalwood version of the Yongding Gate The original gate may have been demolished in 1957 but this version has certainly won many admirers Perhaps the museum s crowning glory however is a massive 10 ton wood carving recreation of the Temple of Heaven s Hall of Good Harvest It can be found on the top floor and is almost worth the institution s 50 RMB 4 76 entry charge all by itself In short don t overlook this fine foreign attraction

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  • Abrasive PR
    workshop and garage tasks In the case of the latter silicon carbide abrasive is extremely useful on paint plastics and leather However we have also worked hard to ensure a good stock of Abranet abrasive mesh for the many wood turning practitioners that appreciate its ability to bend into a given workpiece s contours delivering especially great results for hollow forms the exteriors of bowls and other large planar surfaces The product s open nature means that dust can fall through the mesh rather than clogging the abrasive The Abranet product is produced by Mirka and can be specified in various configurations including single grade strips and boxes of the same or mixed packs However many who are well versed in wood turning also often use power sanding or shear sanding techniques to achieve a higher quality finish so much sooner The former is the more traditional option although shear sanding has gained popularity in recent times due to greater concerns about the environment and dust hazards It differs from power sanding in that the actual lathe s rotational energy is used to drive it Realising that both power sanding and shear sanding retain popularity in the wider wood turning community The ToolPost offers the superb Grip A Disc system and the foam backed pad Robert Sorby Sandmaster system in versions that cater for both preferences Those who are firmly in favour of power sanding will appreciate Tim Skilton s neoprene backing pads which were designed with quality specifically in mind This acclaimed product s hexagonal shaft prevents it from slipping while shear sanding handles and lambswool buffs are available from the same brand Clearly if you want to achieve an excellent finish on your next wood turning masterwork only the very best but also most affordable abrasive products as

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  • More DVDs
    decades Glenn Lucas but you may not be so aware of the many DVDs produced by Jimmy Clewes who has demonstrated his considerable skills and artistry at our Didcot base previously From the Back To Basics with Jimmy Clewes and Turnaround with Jimmy Clewes releases to Turning The World Turn It Up and Turn It On the wittily titled 3 DVD box sets that each find new ways of making you feel like you re right there at one of his demonstrations we re sure you ll find something new and interesting to watch from this master But there are so many more DVDs out there that are easily missed and that can shed light on all manner of both well known and lesser spotted woodturning aspects and techniques These include the various releases of Mike Mahoney such as Bowl Basics Heirlooms Making Things That Last and On The McNaughton Centre Saver which are all firmly recommended Or perhaps you want something beyond a typical wood turning video production not necessarily something that guides you through the actual process of creating certain stunning objects but that instead focuses on the inspirations and motivations of the creator If so the Portrait of an Artist series is certainly likely to be of interest really shedding light on how a turned wooden object can assume the status of high art Other wood turning professionals or amateurs with more specialised interests may have their heads turned by the DVDs on pen making of Kip Christensen and Rex Burningham or even Robert Sorby s DVDs on such subjects as thread cutting and decorative techniques All of these DVDs together with various PAL NTSC videos are in stock right here at The ToolPost and we couldn t be more delighted to bring you the video productions

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