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  • Books
    covering its origins history creation and use This book is highly suitable for anyone the student collector or enthusiastic amateur with an interest in wooden pieces Those desiring a more practical book however may look to Woodturning A Foundation Course New Edition by the late Keith Rowley a superb teacher who left beginner woodturners with the best possible legacy in this easy to understand and follow publication Slightly more seasoned woodturning enthusiasts however demand slightly more in depth reading material To that end they may be more interested in such books as Japanese Woodworking Tools Their Tradition Spirit and Use by Toshio Odate or Betty Norbury s Marketing Promotion for Crafts Odate is a master craftsman who knows how to inform western woodturners on the ways in which Japanese tools should be used and looked after while Norbury is the wife of internationally renowned carver Ian Norbury and complements this perspective with considerable craft marketing knowhow as gained in her running of a craft gallery and annual exhibition Across the categories in which The ToolPost sells woodturning books there is many a delight and surprise to be found If you thought you knew everything there was to know about woodworkers timbers for example you will be thoroughly disabused of that notion after a quick browse of World Woods in Colour by William A Lincoln It covers some 275 timber species in detail also providing a useful photograph and would be an almost certain mainstay of your own workshop There are many more general as well as fairly specialised books that we could mention on the wonderful world of woodturning by leading authors on the subject like Mick O Donnell Edwin M Wyatt Terry Porter Ian Norbury and Frederick Oughton but really we suspect that you re going to have to

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  • Water
    prepared to give the best results That means sawing and drying seasoning the timber in such a manner that it does not crack or split which can take years even wet turnings need to be dried after turning Imagine woodturning a block of poorly seasoned timber that splinters in your face It doesn t bear thinking about And of course the moisture issue is a significant consideration The kind of trees that you d find uprooted at the moment would be dripping wet if they weren t floating past you It would take a very long time or a very patient man to dry them out So you re better off with something that s been treated in a kiln to prepare it appropriately It needs just the right moisture content for wood turning around 10 15 moisture but not too dry To be sure some old uprooted trees will escape the worst of the downpour and they ll make magnificent centrepieces if the wood is seasoned properly They can make great tables or seats And it would be a shame to throw a centuries old oak on the fire when all of that wood could make a lifetime s worth of projects Just think of the Pontfadog oak It was 1285 years old and blew over in gales like these a year ago But if these gusts do take a greater toll on our supply of domestic trees it might be a great excuse to try a project with some more unusual foreign timbers woods like bubinga pink ivory or purpleheart Just imagine a shining black ebony vase on your coffee table standing out in silhouetted contrast from the rest of your collection It would be truly beautiful and The ToolPost s extensive selection of woodturning materials and equipment

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  • BGW
    for adults free for under 16s it gave locals the chance to observe the skills of top wood turners love spoon carvers and even an axe sculptor As one of those exhibitors and organiser Les Bryan stated It is a real treat to see some of the UK s top carvers and turners in action Those big names in woodturning and carving included international pyrography artist Bob Neill who was in attendance to demonstrate and run children s workshops He was joined by turner Simon Hope who gave his own woodturning masterclass as well as Mark Raby who demonstrated wood colouring and designs from Chestnut Products The event also saw demonstrations of equipment by such manufacturers as Robert Sorby while the British Woodcarvers Association South and west Wales woodturning clubs and axe carver Nick Westerman also all made appearances Indications are that the event was certainly well received among seasoned woodturning professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike with one person on the National Botanic Garden of Wales website commenting Just to say that I enjoyed this event very much Nor could it have all happened in a nicer setting with the garden in addition to the above awards having also been voted the number one Wonder of Wales Best Children s Garden Most Romantic Garden and Best Afternoon Tea by the Western Mail However it isn t just the garden that the Woodcraft Weekend will have attracted people to with the art of woodturning having also inevitably been flaunted to best advantage by the festivities over the two days It might just be enough to prompt many to invest in woodturning tools and equipment whether to enhance an existing collection or take up the craft of wood turning for the first time Indeed some may even do so at the website

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  • New Year Purchases
    spindle gouges and more They are complemented by chucks and accessories such as the Beall Pen Wizard VersaChuck and Model T scroll chuck Another item predictably sought after among wood turning enthusiasts is the woodturning lathe which is vital to attaining certain ambitions in this field Although lathes are very much an instance of getting what one pays for here at The ToolPost we never stock overly cheap lathes that we do not believe in We instead respect your requirement for a good quality lathe at what may be a modest price point As the UK distributors for the Belgian manufactured WivaMac we are especially happy to recommend this highly professional precision engineered and robustly built lathe Particularly seasoned woodturning professionals can be especially demanding in the sharpening system that they use and we have also extensively researched this product category to ensure that you benefit from only the best this New Year Recommended sharpening systems include the Tormek wetstone system and the Wolverine system from OneWay Also stocked by The ToolPost this New Year are the ideal tools for the most discerning woodworkers including chisels slicks draw knives planes spokeshaves scrapers power tools saws dovetail jigs and more Or why not give our finishing products and adhesives range a closer look so that you can be sure of finishing your products in the best possible way in 2014 It s difficult to get into much more detail here about certain other products of ours such as our carving and whittling tools protective clothing and equipment abrasives and project parts Nonetheless they are very complete and continually updated ranges befitting our enviable position in the wood turning market We would also remind you here at The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk that 2014 will not just be about our

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  • Jekyll
    now than he did a few years ago when he was involved in an accident which broke his back and left him wheelchair bound and in pain during the occasional times that he attempted to walk Back then he worked as a government pilot but as Johnson reveals They took my airplanes away from me They took my boats away from me The turnaround in his life began when he visited a meeting of wood carvers one of several successful arts and crafts groups on Jekyll Island Following his experience with the retirees there he successfully carved out of wood a cane with a cardinal handle for a neighbour who according to Johnson was just thrilled to death with it Many more requests for his work followed and he later started selling his work which as he explains pays for saw blades Even people at the hospital where he spent time in surgery have gushed about his wood carving having claimed that his skills were like those of a brain surgeon However he never would have even spent time in that hospital had it not been for his accident which occurred when he was returning home in his wife s Tahoe following his speech at a luncheon in Greenville S C A woman in a station wagon run through a traffic signal and was instantly killed upon her vehicle s collision with Johnson s As he explains paradoxically she ruined my life but in a way she didn t We at The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk are delighted that Johnson has turned around his life so well and hope that many other people will be inspired by his example Indeed we could imagine many people whether or not they have suffered as much as Johnson dramatically improving their

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  • Part_Bead
    rigidity offered by the narrow and deep parting tool compared to the broader and flatter beading tool which is normally square in cross section Whatever type of parting or beading tool you require as an enthusiast in wood turning whether a square section beading tool a standard rectangular cross section parting tool a fluted parting tool or a diamond section parting tool you are sure to find it available here at The ToolPost Beginners for example will certainly be thankful for our rectangular section parting tools which sit stably on the toolrest These rectangular section parting tools may have been eclipsed somewhat in recent years by their diamond pattern counterparts but they remain very much valued the narrower versions conserving the material of exotic timbers and for box making minimising the amount of material removed so that the grain match is preserved In terms of popularity however the rectangular section parting tools have long given way to diamond section parting tools which are not only easy to control but also produce less frictional heat build up an important issue for those wood turning with hardwoods which if overheated can be susceptible to cracking These qualities can all be attributed to the diamond cross section which significantly reduces friction on the tool s flanks Or perhaps you especially value a very clean cut surface for which subsequent cleaning up is not typically needed and are therefore on the lookout for a fluted parting tool as produced by Robert Sorby Crown Tools and Henry Taylor Also in stock are square cross section beading tools that make a much more forgiving alternative to the skew chisel for the cutting of beads We also offer such specialist parting tools as the Ray Key Tapered Parting Tool described by Ray himself as a fluted parting

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  • ProjectBits
    candle sconces cups and dishes properly known as Bobèches bottle stoppers and perfume applicators as well as condiment mills that can be used with salt pepper and various other granular spices Certainly we are particularly proud of a generous selection of condiment mills for salt and pepper with various kits combining spindle mill and hardware Although it is the grinding of peppercorns that condiment mills are generally known for in the UK they can also grind pepper salt and various other spices The use of such excessively corrosive materials as salt makes it especially important for a condiment mill to be very hardwearing and corrosion resistant which explains the incorporation of ceramic milling mechanisms with stainless fittings and spindles into our own mills It means that you won t need to worry about how well they stand up to even the hardest seeds and corns We supply our condiment mills with an attractive parallel sided and chrome plated retaining nut that also enables the wood turning enthusiasts who buy them to personalise their creation with a fancy wooden finial glued over the top nut should they desire to do so The only thing not included in the listed kits is the timber To complete their project customers will therefore require a square blank measuring two inches square and no less than an inch longer than the nominal spindle length However in making peppermills wood carving professionals and amateurs may still struggle to find a collection of drills matching the various required diameters It s why CeraStar has developed a boxed set of drills containing every drill that they could require The manufacture of these drills using steels to ASTM1060 and ASTM1050 specs leaves no worries about quality which we know will make a nice change to many who have shopped

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  • Ulster
    more contemporary themes and techniques From acrylics and oils to watercolours all manner of artistic mediums are on show But it s not just the art that makes this event one of the most popular in the Borough s events calendar as there is also the Woodturning Exhibition which features pieces by some of the Irish Woodturning Guild s award winning members Every year the Guild s members show to the public just what can be done with their exquisite skills in wood carving and wood turning and no doubt visitors and the museum alike will again be thankful for the wonderfully crafted pieces that are showcased this time around Woodturning may be relatively unsung in many quarters but the exhibition has long been a major success in the area thanks to the hard work and support of exhibitors and venue staff Plus it s always fascinating to see how nicely the art and wood turning displays complement each other Expect a feast for the eyes if you are paying a visit to Ballymoney yourself any time soon indeed you may be a customer of The ToolPost living in the area Promotion of the exhibition is by Ballymoney Museum and Ballymoney Borough Arts Committee Admission is also free with the exhibition being open from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm as well as on Fridays from 9am to 4 30pm Of course we can t predict what exact wood turned masterpieces will be on show but we can guarantee that any customer of ours will leave the event feeling inspired and stimulated perhaps to the point of placing a few more orders for woodturning equipment and materials with us Certainly The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk is proud to offer only the very best such

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