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  • Hardwood
    hardwoods for the first time but are struggling to choose you could simply pick up one of our mixed exotic timber selection bags containing turning squares bowl blanks or a combination of both We are especially proud of the high quality Italian grown Olivewood that we have obtained with significant dimensions stocked These include square bowl blanks of up to 250mm 10 with a depth of 100mm 4 Meanwhile our cubes of up to 150mm 6 are a good choice for pestle and mortar projects Also stocked are spindle blanks and bowl blanks in smaller sizes We re massive fans of olive for wood turning such are the dramatic end results that can be obtained and it s difficult not to love its odour However if you are trying out this wood we would still recommend that you don t leave dust or shavings on your tools or any exposed lathe components given the sap s tendency to corrode and discolour Indeed we would advise you to be a little more careful when investing in tropical timbers researching the species that most interests you beforehand so that you are aware of any known hazards After all while adverse reactions can be suffered and even long term harm sustained from domestic hardwoods being injudiciously used imported timbers pose an even greater risk If in the middle of wood turning or even beforehand or afterwards you develop any suspect reaction such as respiratory difficulty dermatitis e g itching skin or sore eyes we would always urge you to seek immediate medical advice Nonetheless tropical timbers take pride of place in a range here at The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk that also includes domestic timbers project materials timber specialities and timber for wood carving Online right now it is possible to

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  • Shop
    turning tools for endless different applications from the most trusted manufacturers complemented by friendly and professional staff members who know their craft and can advise you on your purchase You might not be so surprised then by the existence of such a retail shop and showroom in humble Didcot We re open six days a week Monday to Saturday five days a week in July and August when we take a well earned breather on the weekends always there to serve your most specialised wood turning and woodcarving requirements You ll find us in Unit 7 Hawksworth on Southmead Industrial Park and if you don t know where that is within Didcot we ve generously provided you with a local navigation map and written directions to guide you there Our premises are very close to the A4130 and we ve given you a map of the route from the A34 so we doubt you ll get lost Once you do get in whether you arrive in the car or take the train making the most of the walkable route to the showroom you ll immediately be able to benefit from the high calibre woodturning and woodcarving products and professional friendly and responsive service that you might have already become accustomed to from our online store This is more than a place where wood turning equipment is stocked with many training courses and master classes having also taken place here helmed by such luminaries of the wood turning field as Jimmy Clewes and Rolly Munro Our association with the latter was only recently strengthened by our becoming the sole UK and Eire distributors of his entire range of branded tools It all sounds like the veritable woodcarving professional s haven in a small town a mere twelve miles south of Oxford

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  • Steinert
    rights when they purchased Hegner UK from the VB s original designers Steinert have been building high quality lathes for many years and bring a measure of expertise and enthusiasm to this great product that it has not enjoyed for many a year We couldn t be more delighted to be the ones bringing it back home again But there are so many more lathes that Steinert offers that have helped it to build a strong worldwide reputation in its own right and we are please to be able to offer them all here at The ToolPost From the piccolo through the alpha otimo beta and gamma ranges these impressively robust machines feature heavy cast iron headstocks and beds supported on solid cast iron stands The stands are designed in such a way as to guarantee a secure foundation and vibration free operation The all cast iron maximo meanwhile is the new premium class lathe for production use offering the ultimate in woodturning stability precision and security Far away from all this Kiwi woodturner sculptor Rolly Munro developed the range of hollowing tools which bear his name to assist him in the creation of his supremely elegant hollow forms Munro describes his hollowing tool as the culmination of over thirty years of experimentation with designs for hollowing tools These many years of hard work clearly show in a design combining a stainless steel depth gauge with a robust and inexpensive 12mm circular cutting tip Coupled with the tool s shaft is an aluminium handle boasting a pleasantly tactile E V A grip while the articulated cutting head of the tools makes them a great option for hollowing under shoulders and around corners of hollow forms The full range of Rolly Munro deep hollowing tools is available from stock at The

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  • RollyTools
    as an artistic woodturner with his ability as an engineer and his diligence in only ever being satisfied when perfection is achieved Fast forward to 2013 and his expertise is still proving of real value to the wider woodturning world with the current range of Rolly Munro hollowing tools representing the culmination of some three decades of design experimentation When you want to get the best possible results when hollowing wood you choose this tool the features of which include a robust and inexpensive 12mm circular cutting tip teamed with a stainless steel depth gauge The tool s articulated cutting head enables you to hollow around the corners and under the shoulders of hollow forms while the aluminium handle offers a pleasingly tactile E V A grip Even greater news is that The ToolPost are now the sole UK and Eire distributors of the entire range of Rolly Munro tools which are also reduced in price across the board How great is that in these straitened economic times when you require a reasonably priced hollowing tool that also offers the ultimate in practicality durability and longevity It means that you can enjoy using a wood turning tool with very hard wearing tool tips another very good thing from an economic point of view with a cutter of either high speed steel or tungsten carbide The circular shape of the tip reduces the need for sharpening boosting its longevity Whenever you need to expose a sharp area of the tip you can simply rotate it a few degrees only needing to sharpen the tool once the entire circle has been dulled The actual resharpening is easy too using the jig supplied with the tool There are so many more benefits to Rolly Munro hollowing tools from the light weight and excellent

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  • SaintAsaph
    in 2014 The archaeologist added Finding a piece of decorative art like this is incredibly rare in this area of Wales especially on uplands And in terms of timber this is truly unique It gives us an idea of the sophistication in terms of artwork around at that time It was while a substation for the wind farm was being built last September that workmen discovered around 12 lengths of timber in waterlogged peat deposits with one elaborately carved piece being subsequently removed off site and cleaned so that it could be inspected The timber is around 1 7m long and features an oval motif at one end with one side also sporting an intricate pattern It is thought that the timber was formerly a tribal marker post indicating a hunting ground sacred site or tribal boundary On the discovery of the significance of the timber it was sent to Newport Ship Centre so that it could be temporarily preserved in a water holding tank and scanned with a 3D laser The find was also examined by various paleo entomologists and experts from the Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust and University of Wales Trinity St David The woodcarving is now undergoing a wax glycol conservation treatment at the York Archaeological Trust in York before it is hoped to be transferred to Cardiff next year In the words of Alan Baker of 2020 Renewables It s very exciting that this discovery has proved to be of such international significance and fully justifies our company policy of protecting sites of historic interest and here at the specialists in the finest wood turning equipment The ToolPost we couldn t agree more The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk will certainly be following the news about one of Europe s oldest examples of decorative wood

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  • FinishesNews
    for example the products of Chestnut Products a proven brand which rightly enjoys a dominant position in the field of turned wood finishing Its range includes waxes polishes and surface finishes such as acrylic lacquers melamine and sanding sealers as well as a very popular range of spirit stains that are much admired for their use in coloured turned work Shellawax also offers products that are used almost exclusively for woodturning while Beall Tools is the creator of the Beall Buffing System for wood buffing and Chestnut Products now offer a similar system too This method of working has become synonymous with a quick easy route to creating a highly durable gloss or semi gloss finish on turned wood while simultaneously producing a surface that is superbly tactile and silky smooth Although the main market of Liberon is woodworking DIY it also produces waxes and a woodturners finish the latter also being offered by the Wisconsin USA based General Finishes Woodcarving amateurs and professionals alike meanwhile will be well served by Chestnut Products with the buffing process being equally appropriate for many carved pieces Those involved in DIY household and cabinetmaking work meanwhile can turn to Liberon for products for the care and maintenance of furniture floors and stairways with almost every Liberon product that we stock here at The ToolPost being targeted at this application Also manufactured almost exclusively for this segment are the paints varnishes and surface coatings of General Finishes Finally we are also proud stockists of adhesives including from the Titebond and Gorilla ranges the latter including an excellent hand repair cream Also represented on our site are Bison woodworking adhesives for use in DIY and construction as well as a wide range of cyanoacrylate adhesives or superglues which although used primarily in woodturning are generally

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  • History
    the Middle Ages by the introduction of a pedal that freed up both of the craftsman s hands to hold the wood turning tools The pedal was frequently connected to a pole creating the pole lathe which remained common into the early 20th century But in the meantime of course the Industrial Revolution had taken hold bringing with it irrevocable changes in public life It should certainly surprise no modern woodturner to learn that the motorised lathe was developed during this time allowing for higher rates of production of turned items It was in the era of the pole lathe that the word bodger these days commonly referring to someone who starts a job but doesn t finish it emerged then in reference to the artisans who worked in the woods using such equipment By the 19th century there were many chair bodgers in various parts of England and Wales being particularly concentrated in Buckinghamshire with the original bodgers dedicated solely to producing the turned parts rather than the whole chair perhaps explaining the present derogatory definition of the term Woodturning is a practice that has had major positive implications in the development of mankind making it possible for simple domestic utensils farm implements furniture musical instruments sports equipment and more items to be created at a time when there was no other way of doing so for many of them Furthermore many historians and woodturning enthusiasts ask whether the Industrial Revolution would have even taken place without the mechanical wood lathe These days of course many of the items that were once customarily turned from wood are either made from synthetic materials or no longer required However there s also no denying the continued strong following for woodturning among professionals and hobbyists alike in an era in which the

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  • Carving&Whittling
    further divided into individual tools and sets Also available are carving accessories such as mallets and carving clamps The brands that are represented in this range include Henry Taylor Flexcut and Robert Sorby It is however also the case that many woodcarvers will take on larger projects from time to time and we have suitably catered for them with a page dedicated to sculptural carving tools typically with blade sizes ranging from 7 8 22mm upwards For substantial projects like the production of the large wooden sculptures that are so strongly associated with monumental woodcarving more robust tools are required that are designed to withstand heavy use with a mallet and that is precisely what these tools are We offer cutting edge profiles derived from the London List while these tools also feature heavy duty double hooped ash handles and leather shock absorbing washers between bolster and handle Do you have children who are only just getting into the woodcarving craft If so then you may wish to invest in some of our miniature carving tools although it should be stressed that these are not specifically children s tools merely being easier for children to drive through timber under hand pressure by virtue of their smaller size For all manner of smaller work in fact these tools are often the answer Also taking pride of place in our present vast range of tools for woodcarving are chip carving knives and whittling knives which are all that you require to get accustomed to these intriguing carving sub disciplines In recent years there has been a greater tendency for woodcarvers to use powered equipment which we also stock and on that subject we also have what could only be described as one of the ultimate woodcarving power tools the Wivamac copy carving

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