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  • DaleNish
    enthusiasm for woodturning to a huge audience He shared his knowledge and his skills freely and with a modesty completely at odds with the scope of his achievements Few have had such a huge influence on the development of the activity we love to call woodturning We have been privileged to know Dale and to have benefitted from his influence The world of woodturning is a poorer place for his

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  • Brands
    Robert Sorby which has a reputation for design innovation and a thorough approach to development Whatever you need as a woodturner you are sure to find something to suit from its extensive selection of technical tools We also stock the finest tools for woodturning and woodcarving from Sheffield based Hamlet Crafts Tools You may have already used this long established company s products given its production of tools for other brands Now though it has a range of tools marketed under its own name many available exclusively through us The full Hamlet Craft Tools range includes bowl gouges in high performance cryogenically treated steels in a range which includes turning tools such as roughing gouges parting tools skew chisels scrapers and deep hollowing tools At the cutting edge of development of new generation tools is the range of Hunter Carbide Tipped Tools in keeping with head guy Mike Hunter s vision of tough tools that keep their edge for the longest possible time in addition to offering exceptional sharpness Extensive development of the brand s tools under the auspices of this passionate woodturner has resulted in some truly exceptional equipment Another great supplier to emerge from Sheffield certainly a great toolmaking city is Crown Tools which offers both woodturning and woodworking tools benefitting from traditional skills The company is highly rated for the value that its tools represent with bowl gouges spindle gouges roughing gouges skew chisels ring tools and thread forming tools just a few of the product types available For some of its bowl and spindle gouges noted by a PM suffix on the relevant part numbers the company uses steel produced using the powder metallurgical process giving the tools amazing edge retention properties Of course we couldn t possibly tell you everything about each and every one

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  • Materials
    of a tight grain structure You are likely to receive this timber post kiln drying with a moisture content of 10 15 depending on the time of year timber section and species This is as opposed to a centrally heated house level of dryness of around 4 8 so as a woodturning or woodcarving professional you should benefit from a sweetly working timber that nonetheless requires some stabilisation time once you have completed your work Our full timber store includes domestic hardwoods in bowl blanks and turning squares with represented timbers in this section encompassing apple ash beech birch cherry maple oak pear plane lacewood poplar sweet chestnut and sycamore Among our imported hardwoods we offer high quality Italian grown olivewood as well as the likes of Bubinga zebrano cocobolo purpleheart African blackwood in both sawn blanks and in raw log form ebony thuya burr pink ivory and tuliptree We supply most of our bowl blanks as square blanks so that you have the flexibility to re saw the blanks into turning squares if the need arises without any loss of utility or value Our complete range of materials also includes project materials such as pen blanks both in timber and acrylic as well as our own we d like to think dazzling Tigerwood product You can also trust us to bring you timber specialities such as boxwood and banksia nuts Meanwhile for those who wish to make best use of their woodcarving tools we also stock carving blanks sawn from the UK s most popular carving timber lime Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned woodcarver you are sure to appreciate such a timber given its general lack of knots ease of cutting and cost effectiveness This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of the materials that

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  • CompacToolNews
    like those that Jet Axminster Record Power and Charnwood among other companies produce in great numbers However it is vital not only to use the right tools for the task in hand but those tools must be capable of being presented to the timber correctly when using any particualr woodturning lathe For that to happen tools and lathe need to be in the correct proportion to each other The popular bench top lathes typically have a fixed headstock and a 10 to 12 inch diameter swing over the bed However tools need to be of a size that allows them to be manoeuvred over the bed of the lathe and in the restricted space that separates the workpiece from the tailstock The tools created by the mainstream manufacturers are simply too large to enable this to happen which is why we have intervened here at The ToolPost The result is a set of woodturning tools that really does answer an ever present specific and vital problem which is impairing the performance of very many woodturners Such a recurrent mismatch between the most common tools and the most common lathes is only going to result in more and more woodturners never achieving their full potential These tools are the no compromise solution having been specifically designed for easier and more successful turning on a smaller lathe They are not miniature tools they are simply smaller versions of the full size tools with which many woodturners will be familiar with appropriately proportioned handles to suit the situation in which they are designed to be used This unique set consists of a 1 2 roughing gouge 3 8 spindle gouge 3 8 bowl gouge 1 16 narrow parting tool with modified tip geometry 1 2 rolled edge skew chisel and 1 x 1

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  • PastPresent
    world The current premises are in Didcot South Oxfordshire where visitors find an extensive selection of woodcarving tools as well as woodturning tools and even a demonstration and training area where clients also try tools out Peter Hemsley s own woodturning experience goes back more than fifty years as he was first taught it at school However it was only when his own son became involved in the craft that his enthusiasm was truly rekindled Hemsley s own father was a toolmaker while he himself is a mechanical engineering graduate so he feels well qualified to respond to the technology and product queries of The ToolPost s current day customers To further ensure that clients benefit from only the most appropriate level of knowledge and expertise the company is staffed by woodturners who are only too happy to share their experiences As far as Hemsley can determine The ToolPost now stocks more different woodturning tools than any other retailer worldwide running into the thousands Although the company offers the best of the woodturning and woodcarving tools that UK brands produce many overseas manufacturer s products are also distributed by ToolPost including but not limited to The Beall Tool Company Wivamac Hunter Carbide Tools Shellawax U Beaut Jimmy Clewes and Oneway Also represented are DVD producers like Mike Mahoney Glenn Lucas and Reed Gray for whom The ToolPost acts as UK European distributors The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk is also the originator and supplier of the Versachuck the world s most versatile woodturning chuck and manufactures the unique BCT range of easy to use hollowing and bowl making tools Today Peter Hemsley speaks enthusiastically of the moniker of The Woodturner s Aladdin s Cave that the store has been given by its many satisfied clients He also confirms that

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  • Clewes2
    yourself a place on the 2 day Masterclasses here at the ToolPost on 12 13 and 14 15 November 2013 The Masterclasses will allow you to try new woodturning techniques as well as improve existing ones across a range of projects of varying difficulty Because the classes are run in collaboration with us here at the Tool Post you ll have all of the necessary tools at your disposal And of course once you learn new techniques you ll see which tool works best for each specific scenario Jimmy is a great believer in working with care attention and precision and that translates into his care for the tools he uses as well His studio is spotless and he puts as much care into his tools as he does into his woodturning It makes sense and it s something that we are absolutely in agreement with here at the ToolPost as you would expect A sharp high quality tool being so much easier to use regardless of whether you re a novice or a seasoned turner after all Indeed Jimmy often spends part of his courses focusing on tool care Jimmy Clewes is a true professional and an extremely talented artisan He ll teach you new techniques as well as building up your self belief as a turner Whether it is in selecting the optimum woodturning lathe spindle speed to get the best cutting action modifying the tool bevel to maximize manoeuvrability or in developing the ability to see the developing shape of the turned object Jimmy s expertise will guide you towards your goal of superior woodturning In addition to building confidence and technical ability he nurtures talent passion and creativity so that after a Masterclass with Jimmy you ll have the tools to turn wood into delicate beautiful

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  • Valentine
    and video recommendations for those gift buyers who are especially uncertain as to their choice Tomes that feature on the present books list including The Wooden Bowl by Robin Wood with a foreword by Richard Raffan Woodturning A Foundation Course New Edition by Keith Rowley and Turning Green Wood by Mick O Donnell Recently recommended videos meanwhile include Mastering Woodturning Bowl Turning Techniques by Glenn Lucas No Turning Back with Les Thorne and Mike Mahoney on the McNaughton Center Saver The most cursory glance at the available range of DVDs CDs and books shows how especially fortunate the field of woodturning is in being furthered by a wide range of experts who are happy to transfer their hands on demonstrations to the mediums of text audio and video Your loved one may have been a past attendee at demonstrations given by many of these internationally renowned experts or have even signed up to an upcoming event like the woodturning masterclasses that are to be led by Jimmy Clewes and held at The Toolpost s own Didcot Oxfordshire training facility in November 2013 This could provide some good initial clues as to which titles to look for It is possible to find books relating to timber identification conversion seasoning and forestry from William A Lincoln s World Woods in Colour to Understanding Wood A Craftsman s Guide to Wood Technology by R Bruce Hoadley There are also many titles dedicated to assorted woodcarving techniques such as Ian Norbury s Fundamentals of Figure Carving and Grinling Gibbons and the English Woodcarving Tradition by Frederick Oughton FRSA the latter having been published at the same time as a Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition of Gibbons work Books on such subjects as wood finishing and furniture making also exist It shouldn t take too

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  • MasterClewes
    know the depth of his tooling and design knowhow and the other skills such as his woodfinishing that have won him success across the world Many are already familiar with him from his highly acclaimed and bestselling range of DVDs beginning with Turnaround with Jimmy Clewes which sold thousands of copies This was followed by a series of 3 box set DVDs including Turn it On with Jimmy Clewes Turn it Up with Jimmy Clewes and Turning the World with Jimmy Clewes which were overwhelmingly popular with woodturners of all abilities He has also released a single 2 hour High Definition DVD Back to Basics with Jimmy Clewes It is through these DVDs that users of woodturning tools across the world have been introduced to some of the most effective ways of using their equipment as well as to the witty and charming British humour that has helped to make Jimmy such an admired member of the woodturning fraternity He now has more than two decades of woodturning and woodworking experience and is on the Register of Professional Woodturners here in the United Kingdom in addition to being a member of the American Association of Woodturners in his recently adoptive home country Known for his highly creative mind Jimmy admits to being greatly inspired by the beauty of nature that he encounters as an avid sportsman and adventurer However in many ways it is simply other people that most drive him commenting that my energy comes from those around me When I can stir the creativity of one s mind that for me is very satisfying As with any artform expression is only as limited as one s mind and I want to raise the bar and create an awareness of the artform that has been virtually unknown to most

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