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  • Resolutions
    keep it performing at its peak by replacing the abrasive belt The ToolPost have sourced excellent replacement belts which deliver at least as good a performance as those sold by the manufacturer but at a far more affordable price Expand your repertoire If you re stuck in a turning rut this is the perfect time of year to learn something new and expand your repertoire Fancy bowl turning Then treat yourself to Glenn Lucas DVD Mastering Woodturning Bowl Turning Techniques one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to learn this skill Would you like to introduce more embellishment into your woodturning work Then Henry Taylor s Decorating Elf is ideal allowing you to add beautiful detail to smaller turned items such as pens boxes and goblets it s easier than you think and quite addictive Master your craft Who doesn t want to master their craft and what better time of year to better yourself than a new year And this year presents woodturners with a rare opportunity to learn from a true master with the Woodturning Masterclass with Jimmy Clewes event scheduled for the 12th 13th and 14th 15th November at the ToolPost training facility in Didcot Oxfordshire This event offers just four students per two day course the fantastic opportunity to learn at the workbench of one of the world s most respected turners Book fast this is not a resolution to procrastinate over Protect yourself And finally but most importantly make 2013 the year you protect yourself in your workshop in every way possible Woodturning and carving is an absorbing joy and occasional frustration for many but the dangers which can be present in the workshop should never be underestimated and even the most diligent enthusiast can likely make Health Safety improvements in at least one

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  • Xmas_2012
    to 24 facets along the body of the pen The lucky recipient of the Beall Pen Wizard will soon realise that there are a huge number of ways to get creative when making pens whether for their own enjoyment or as presents You may even get one yourself next Christmas If you re looking for more of a stocking filler then how about a Magnetic Parts Tray a woodturning tool which is brilliant in its simplicity This supremely practical yet thoughtful gift provides a handy place for all those bits and pieces that a turner needs at hand while at work with the magnetism ensuring they don t roll away Available in three sizes and formats and all at highly affordable prices A gift idea which is as attractive as it is practical is a woodturner s smock The ToolPost sell the premium quality smocks from Lovell made from heavyweight close weave natural cotton drill which is highly durable even after multiple washes And to really personalise the gift why not have their initials or name embroidered on the left breast of the smock You can arrange for the lettering of your choice directly through The ToolPost website And finally how could we forget the T Shirt bearing no other than The ToolPost s very own Busy Bodger their well loved illustrated logo Made in high quality cotton in a navy colour with white highly detailed printing of the fun Busy Bodger logo pop this under the tree for a truly unique gift for the woodworker in your life All of these gifts are available to buy online now at http www toolpost co uk index html but if you find the task of selection too onerous then why not let the recipient choose for themselves using the ToolPosts s

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  • WivaMac_Lathes
    shoulders above most lathes that hail from Asia thanks to Belgian precision engineering In fact the engineering seen in the manufacture of WivaMac lathes far outstrips the engineering standards seen in the manufacturing of woodturning tools from almost any source 2 Robustly built This precision engineering has not created a lightweight lathe rendered unable to demonstrate its impressive capabilities however The WivaMac is a pleasingly robust lathe which can both support and develop the ambitions of the most enthusiastic woodturner 3 Multiple drive options The WivaMac DB series features four models of woodturning lathe with each of the four boasting a generous 260 mm 10 23 centre height over the bed 520 mm 20 47 diameter over bed capacity as well a number of different drive options These permutations of drive configurations mean that in total there are fifteen models of lathes available to the discerning turner 4 Systems approach With a WivaMac lathe you are not restricted to undertaking onlybowl and spindle work but can also indulge in copy turning ornamental turning thread cutting and more all on one machine thanks to a systems approach to woodturning This is one of the only lathes on the market which boasts this fantastic turning flexibility including a range of bed options and extensions which can more than double the between centres capacity of these lathes 5 Finally the value Last but by no means least is the price which is surprisingly affordable for the outstanding quality of this woodturning lathe and represents outstanding value to the user For a comprehensive list of prices for all of the WivaMac options as well as further product details on these superlative tools go to The ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk index html Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co

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  • AutumnOH 2012
    Open House have to offer Well apart from the usual bringing together of fellow woodcarving and turning fans to share their tips successes queries and even tales of woodworking woe there is also the opportunity to see some outstanding demonstrators at work Here s a look at this season s much anticipated guests Heinz Wiedemann the man behind the eponymous Wiedemann Tools will inspire with his superlative skills at the woodturning lathe with Open House attendees being able to buy the very tools he uses in the ToolPost store Chris Eagles the home grown turner who is as generous with his wisdom as he is with his insider tricks of the trade Chris is always a popular demonstrator Simon Clements this professional woodcarver is another inspirational demonstrator after all what could be more inspiring than helping to renovate some of the country s most impressive churches and state buildings Simon will be on hand to share his unique woodcarving experiences Horst Weber finally Heinz Wiedemann s compatriot will be setting the seasonal mood by demonstrating how to make Christmas tree decorations in a manner which combines traditional and innovative woodturning methods In addition to these star turns there will be a host of other top names in woodworking attending this year s Autumn Open House including representatives from many of the leading manufacturers Why not take a look at photos from past Open Houses to get a feeling for why these events are held with such affection within the woodcarving fraternity You ll find them online at http www toolpost co uk index html along with further event details And don t forget all of this is once again completely free of charge Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html is represented by the search

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  • Meet_Maker
    the inventors or originators of those tools and see them demonstrate the range not only allows turners to see a master at work with the tools of his and everyone s trade but also to ask any questions they may have about optimum usage pick their brains for insider tips and potentially resolve any issues they have experienced with the tools This is the concept behind the inaugural Meet the Maker event at The ToolPost which will feature Mike Hunter of Hunter Carbide Tools the carbide tipped tool range which has been setting the woodturning world alight for some time On the 28 th and 29 th September in a drop in event which is entirely free of charge Mike Hunter will be demonstrating some of the key tools within his range and opening the floor to any questions or queries This will be a rare chance to Meet the Maker of one of the hottest ranges of woodturning tools in the world today and promises to be a highly popular event To find out more about this and other important dates for the woodturning diary visit the ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk index html Editor s

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  • H_and_S
    of some of the best powered respirators which have been proven to protect health and reduce the chance of death from respiratory illness making them arguably the most valuable additions to any workshop Dust Extraction Along the same lines of protection are the dust extraction systems available at The ToolPost modern solutions which are far removed from the dust re circulation units of yesteryear CamVac is the range of choice from The ToolPost every lathe in the ToolPost s own workshop is equipped with one of these units as is the bandsaw thanks to the superior three stage filtration and resistance to blockages The CamVac dust extraction units veritable lif savers in the most real sense are also very reasonably priced Eye and Ear Protection The fragility of our eyes and ears means that protection for these organs is vital Regardless of whether you are woodturning carving sanding or tool sharpening your sight is at risk and the prevalence of power tools in woodcraft has put increasing pressure on our ears The ToolPost have all the essential eye and ear protection you need to go about your pastime or profession in the knowledge that your sight and hearing are safe from harm Protective Clothing Finally protective clothing which may not be as vital when it comes to health and safety in the workshop as respiratory protection or eyeshields but nonetheless helps to protect your everyday clothes from wear and tear Woodturning smocks from Lovell have built up a big fanbase in the UK thanks to their comfort and durability while the traditional joiner s aprons available from The ToolPost are heavy duty practical and easy to wear The ToolPost s Health Safety supplies are helping to make woodworking and woodturning workshops up and down the country healthier and safer places

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  • OneStop
    kind of product range that would be found by browsing multiple websites products which are independently viewed as some of the best in the industry from the most respected international manufacturers Of course the prices of those products need to be highly competitive and the delivery terms and wider customer service standards have to impress The ToolPost has worked hard over the 15 years since its inception to tick all of these boxes and can now proudly say that having met these demands year on year it has become as close as any company can to truly being a one stop shop for woodturning A look at the woodturning tools page on The ToolPost website is a great example of the company s commitment to this goal Not only will woodturners find one of the most comprehensive online selections of the world s finest turning tools but there is also a raft of helpful information about key manufacturers technical notes and more A further look around the entire website confirms The ToolPosts positioning as a single destination for the discerning woodturner with everything available from dust extraction devices to tool grinding honing and sharpening products See for yourself at http

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  • AccessoryShop
    ToolPost also supplies hollow live centres to match Morse Taper Adapter Sleeves as the name suggests allow you to easily adapt the Morse Taper in your woodturning lathe and as such are essential accessories to maximise the utilization of your spindle and tailstock accessories avoiding the need to re equip the workshop when you change lathes Spindle taps provide secure mounting which is precisely concentric with the spindle of the woodturning lathe The Beall spindle taps available from The ToolPost stop you having to struggle to mount a work on the lathe simply create your own chucking device and you ll always have a perfect fit And last but by no means least the Magnetic Bitsa Tray is so basic and yet you ll wonder how you ever got away without one A stainless steel magnetised tray which provides secure storage and easy access to all your essential woodturning bits and pieces right where you need them and without them rolling away from the workplace It s genius in its simplicity The great value prices mean you can treat yourself to all three formats and sizes Check out all of the accessories tools and lathes available at The ToolPost at

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