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  • ProEdge
    be used to sharpen carving and woodturning tools but also bench and framing chisels plane irons router bits garden tools and much more One unavoidable drawback up until now has been the fact that the abrasive belts are naturally consumable and that constitutes an on going operational cost The ToolPost has helped to minimise this drawback however by working closely with one of the most respected abrasive suppliers Europe wide in the development of top quality affordable replacement belts for the Pro Edge system ones which offer outstanding levels of performance In fact these replacement belts are even reckoned by users to out perform the originals yet are offered at a lower price The ToolPost keenly understands the importance of a perfectly sharpened woodcarving or turning tool but also likes to offer value as well as quality at all times The provision of these high performance replacement belts for the Pro Edge system at such a low price means the belts can be changed more frequently and woodturners can enjoy an enhanced fresh performance each and every time Find out more at The ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk index html Editor s Note The ToolPost http www

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  • LatheChoice
    the size of woodturning lathe should reflect that for instance you could consider the tabletop lathes now available on the market Obviously larger turning projects such as large bowls newel posts portico columns tabletops and furniture components will require an altogether sturdier lathe or one with specific workpiece capacity Remember to size up your workspace and check that your lathe will fit If you re unsure about exactly what you will be turning then think big You can of course turn smaller projects on larger lathes but not the other way round Then do your research into the various brands of woodturning lathes on the market and which brands offer which benefits Look for a brand which is established and which has received good reviews which has technical and sales support in your market and ensure that the lathe manufacturer offers a comprehensive range of lathe accessories available so that your lathe can grow and adapt along with your skills and ambitions Finally don t be led purely by price This is not one of those woodturning tools where you can afford to cut corners with woodturning lathes you very much get what you pay for Trying to save yourself a few pounds and going for a cheaper lower quality lathe will reveal itself to be a frustrating false economy when you soon have to upgrade your lathe in order to progress in your craft If in doubt trust the range of woodturning lathes found at the online home of The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html or in the Didcot store Here you will find only those lathes which the experts at The ToolPost personally recommend and those which they know to be the best quality and therefore the best value Editor s Note The ToolPost http

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  • GF
    antique or age wood to give a crackle finish or simply used as a base for other finishes Being based on acrylics makes these milk paints particularly durable as well as being environmentally friendly General Finishes Dye Stains are water based wood finishing products but have been designed to work very much like solvent based stains Use them to create pleasingly deep rich tones on cherry walnut or maple or alternatively mix them with General Finishes Water Based Topcoats also available at The ToolPost in order to use them as a toner Arguably the most finishing of all the wood finishing products from the US company are the Gel Stains however as they give your wood a beautiful lustre after the 2nd and 3rd coats have been rubbed away As they don t sink into the wood in the same way liquid oil based stains do these gel stains are particularly good at evening out appearances on woods such as pine and poplar which can be harder to finish well There are some attractive gel stain colourways to choose from at The ToolPost including Candlelite Georgian Cherry and Colonial Maple You ll also find General Finishes Glaze Effects available at The ToolPost their water based Polyacrylic Topcoats Orange and Butchers Block Finishing Oils and a range of applicators in short everything you need to elevate your woodturning project to a thing of beauty Of particular interest to woodturners is the aptly named Wood Turner s Finish which is a clear non toxic water oil urethane hybrid finish expressly designed for use on salad bowls and other lathe turned items Unlike many other such products this General Finishes product can be burnished and polished or buffed to a high gloss on the lathe Check out the entire range as well as

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  • Toolposts
    of the tool along the rest Many low cost toolrests are too slender in section to give adequate support to the tool and although cast iron can be a good material from which to make a rest many low cost castings contain imperfections that lead to early and catastrophic breakage Aware of the limitations of some of the more cheaply made toolposts and rests particularly those which are poorly cast or made from low grade steel The ToolPost set out to find a top quality toolrest system to stock in its Didcot store and online at www toolpost co uk The Modular Tool Rest System from Robert Sorby fits the bill thanks to cross bars made from high grade hardened steel which is nigh on impossible to mark with tool edges This eliminates the notching problem which can spoil the enjoyment of a smooth turning experience The modular aspect of this system allows the turner to choose the toolpost that fits their specific woodturning lathe choosing from stems which are available in ½ 5 8 ¾ 1 25mm and 30mm diameter A crossbar is then selected which will screw on to the stem to make up the entire toolrest with a range of different crossbars available for internal and external bowl turning as well as various lengths of straight crossbars There is also a box scraper platform included in the system which provides easy access and improved stability when using a scraper within the confines of a box The Modular Tool Rest System from Robert Sorby available from The ToolPost at http www toolpost co uk index html may be a simple piece of kit but it can significantly improve the woodturning experience and can make an otherwise barely satisfactory lathe into something of value Editor s Note The ToolPost

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  • Stock
    to be found here including Henry Taylor Robert Sorby Hamlet Kelton Crown Hunter and BCT to name but a few You won t find many generic sets of woodturning tools either because The ToolPost is run by woodturners for woodturners and most woodturners will tell you that building your own selection of trusty hand picked individual tools is far superior to most of the tool sets out there Peter Hemsley has been proprietor of The ToolPost for 14 years and has been an enthusiastic woodturner for even longer having first learned the craft at school and taken it up again more than 20 years ago The fact that The ToolPost is run by someone passionate about woodturning and carving and with many years experience in the industry is significant because it means that customers of The ToolPost know that they will only be offered woodturning tools which Peter would and usually does use himself All products are tested by the man himself and only those that make the grade get to grace the ToolPost shelves It also means that customers get to take advantage of Peter s vast experience and impressive knowledge on just about every woodturning tool out there and in the unlikely instance of The ToolPost not stocking a particular product then Peter and the ToolPost team will do their very best to track it down Take a look at the huge range of woodcarving and woodturning tools and other accessories available online at http www toolpost co uk index html but better yet drop by the upcoming Spring Open House on 25th and 26th May in The ToolPost store in Oxfordshire and meet the man himself Full details are available on the website Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html is represented

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  • Microclene
    is one of the occupational hazards of being a woodturner or carver Unfortunately even the very best dust extraction equipment such as the CamVac range of extractors cannot ensure complete elimination of ambient dust When it comes to the removal of residual dust particles in the air there is a simple low cost and yet highly effective solution however Microclene Air Filters Award winning Microclene Air Filters have been proven to effectively filter out harmful airborne ambient dust and are available in a wide range of models of varying sizes depending on the particular needs of your workshop For instance if you own a small workshop you may find the smaller bench mountable MC100 filter sufficient for your needs while more substantial filters which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling such as the MC670 and MC780 units are more appropriate for larger workshops The overhead mounted MC3000 meanwhile has four motors and is capable of clearing the air of the most spacious and productive of workshops All of the Microclene Air Filters are just as quiet as they are effective and represent one of the cheapest methods of dust control on the market As well as being one of the UK s leading stockists of woodturning tools The ToolPost is also a hub of information both through the workshops demonstrations and Open Houses held at the Didcot shop and via the information available at the website at http www toolpost co uk index html Take a look at the Health Safety section of the website to find out more Microclene dust extraction in general and wider issues surrounding safety in the workshop Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html is represented by the search engine advertising and digital marketing specialists Jumping Spider Media

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  • GlennDVD
    County Carlow in Ireland where he has his workshop and Woodturning Study Centre and the various locations around the world where he demonstrates and passes on his considerable skills Glenn s appearances at woodturning and woodcarving events around the world always attract a dedicated following from his many fans and The ToolPost is no exception his eagerly awaited visits are one of the highlights of the woodturning calendar Unlike many professional woodworkers Glenn takes control of the full process during bowl production and is involved with each piece of native Irish timber even as it is cut from the tree His second DVD gives a detailed demonstration of the best techniques for cutting the ideal piece of timber detailed and precise woodturning and preparation instructions as well as illustrating the technique for removing successive cores from within each bowl both increasing the rate of production and economizing on timber usage Even processes such as drying and marking are discussed and demonstrated in an easy to follow fashion It is Glenn s hands on approach and skilled movements that make his DVDs a pleasure to watch and his obvious expertise and craftsmanship show through in a light yet informative way For those looking for a detailed and concise evaluation of the different types of woodturning tools on the market Glenn s first DVD Mastering Woodturning Tools and Techniques is an ideal buy Comprising a clear evaluation and description of all of the basic woodturning tools Glenn s fluent commentary and demonstrations are sufficiently detailed to engross even the most experienced woodturner yet are easy to follow for amateurs and hobbyists The Tool Post http www toolpost co uk index html is proud of its ongoing association with Glenn Lucas and continues to support his career as one of the world s

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  • MAX
    absolutely minimising the possibility of tip vibration in use and the overall length of the unhandled tool is 350mm 14in A swiveling head rotating cutter and adjustable rake angle means that this new scraper lives up to its multi angle name and makes it truly multi purpose The tool s capabilities include shear scraping negative rake scraping and working within hollow forms and bowls This is a heavy and bulky woodturning tool but only in a positive way Woodturning magazine found the tool bulk to be very reassuring The bulk doesn t interfere with the performance either as the angled machined flats on the shaft mean that the tool can be used easily between the left and right hand for dual direction shear scraping The Multi Angle Scraper is also impressively hard wearing thanks to a corrosion resisting coating on the main tool shaft and head Durability in use is assured by a replaceable tip which has a top layer of alloy designed specifically to hold its edge well yet which sharpens up quickly and easily producing a very effective cutting burr Woodturning magazine tested the Multi Angle Scraper first by getting a ripple free finish on a wet turned oak bowl and then by taking out the tooling marks on the inside of an elm vessel The verdict was that this is a tool highly capable of quickly removing large quantities of wood while achieving a fine finishing cut at the same time The tool scored impressively 95 for ease of use and 100 for performance and build quality To try out the Multi Angle Scraper for yourself contact The ToolPost on 01235 511101 or visit the website at http www toolpost co uk index html Editor s Note The ToolPost http www toolpost co uk index html is

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