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  • EightInches
    the diamond and alloy steels to interact adversely these CBN wheels have become the grinding wheel of choice for many woodturners This follows the lessons from industry where CBN is the abrasive of choice for precision shaping and finishing operations on hardened alloy steels There are a number of reasons why CBN wheels are now held in such high regard They can be used dry without the need for coolant there is no need to apply heavy pressure with these wheels in order to sharpen woodturning tools effectively they create a very fine grind in very little time there are hardly any sparks produced and both the wheel and the tool remain cool making it unlikely that anyone with even a modicum of sharpening skill could burn or blue tools and of course the wheels never need dressing In making these superb wheels available to the home worker and small trade user The ToolPost has ensured the widest possible compatibility by making the wheels in a recessed configuration such that although the grinding face is 40 mm wide the wheel has a hub only 25 mm wide so that it directly replaces a standard 25 mm 1 wide grinding wheel Further expanding the collection of tool grinding equipment The ToolPost now stock a range of turned aluminium wheel bushes from Holzer the manufacturer of the CBN wheels themselves which may be used with the CBN wheels as well as conventional wheels giving superior wheel alignment By eliminating eccentricity in the mounting these bushes contribute to much smoother grinder operation Talk to The ToolPost about the whole range of grinding equipment suitable for sharpening woodturning tools and available from their well stocked shelves whether your need is for a grinder a grinding wheel a wheel dresser wheel balancing or sharpening jigs

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  • Spotlight
    as Monsieur Passion du Bois has although still very much a young man been woodturning for over thirty years Phillipe is hugely respected in his native France and across Europe as a teacher and author as well as the founder of France s own woodturning festivals which were held in Grenoble with attendances of up to 20 000 enthusiasts Although German master turner Heinz Wiedemann has been seen before at The ToolPost his infectious enthusiasm matched with his sparkling skill with woodturning tools in his demonstrations has encouraged The ToolPost to seek his return Heinz is also a tool manufacturer for which products The ToolPost is the UK distributor the Open House guarantees the opportunity of a first hand demonstration for those turners who are eager to invest in these apparently magic tools a statement that will make more sense to those who have seen Heinz in action Gerry Marlow has built for himself a well deserved reputation on the UK club demo circuit as an original informative and creative presenter Exactly what he has in store for us this time we will only know when he opens his toolbox and begins to work but you can be sure it will be something to delight and entertain our many visitors In addition to these and other informative and inspiring demonstrations The ToolPost s Spring Open House allows attendees to meet up with fellow woodcarving and woodturning fans both familiar faces and new ones and provides a chance to browse through one of the best collections of woodturning tools machinery and equipment available in the UK under one roof Over the years these Open Houses have endeared themselves to the woodturning audience not only for the fine demonstrations laid on but for the friendly and helpful atmosphere which extends to the

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  • Gifts
    s increasingly the case that younger people or those in full time work don t have a hobby and would never consider buying woodcarving tools or having a go at it themselves By giving them a gift of tools you can introduce them to the art of woodcarving a skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives As a traditional and productive pastime carving wooden household items can become a lifetime occupation and can while away winter nights and days off work Putting together a gift pack is easy just select an appropriate set of woodcarving tools and consider adding a few select pieces of quality wood to practice with and possibly a book or video explaining how to use the new tools Knowing whether the person you are buying for has any past experience in woodcarving is useful as it is easier to choose appropriate tools and tutorials The ToolPost gift ideas page has some great ideas on how to present or choose your gift When someone learns how to create great quality and long lasting ornamental or practical pieces they are able to provide hours of entertainment for others and gain the ability not just to pass on their skills and favourite techniques but to create unique pieces that can be lovingly finished and become gifts or even family heirlooms Traditional hand woodcarving is one of mankind s oldest skills and to utilise a freely available natural resource in making objects of true beauty is a wonderful skill to pass down to future generations Visit The ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk for inspiration and discover how to give the gift that keeps on giving Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider

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  • Resolutions
    in respiratory protection resolutions regarding health and safety being of particular importance Most woodworkers are aware of the risks of an untidy workshop setting yourself a cleaning schedule could not only improve your safety but also help you make the most out of the time you spend in your workshop Sometimes people have intended for years to invest in a training course but have failed to find the time The New Year is a great time to book a training course as it gives students something to look forward to The ToolPost offers courses in woodturning wood carving and will have a new course in 2012 combining both as Carving on Turning along with a host of other skill sets Accommodation can be recommended nearby for anyone needing it and the whole experience of attending and learning more about the craft of woodworking can be a real break from the monotony of life at work or home Many New Year s resolutions are to finish a project that has been neglected or to start a new one Often craftspeople start a creative project and never finish it after investing considerable time and energy into it Sometimes it is not equipment or skills that are lacking but time itself For the busy worker or family organiser trying to find time for any hobby can be a fruitless task but a New Year s resolution can help even the busiest woodworker to schedule in leisure time January can offer an excuse to throw out the old and bring in some brand new woodcarving tools or even larger machinery such as a new woodturning lathe Why not make a list of anything that doesn t function properly in your workshop This is the first step towards replacing worn out tools Whatever your New

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  • Respiratory Protection
    controlled by law The Factories Act 1961 The Health and safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health or COSH regulations in 1988 all provide protection for the health of woodworkers and machiners within a working environment The people at most risk seem to be the home or hobby woodworkers who spend long periods of time in small or unsuitable spaces without proper respiratory protection dust extraction and ambient air filtration Using any type of woodworking machine such as a saw router or even lathe can produce copious amounts of dust as can using compressed air lines or sanding surfaces Even if extraction is in place emptying or changing collection bags can lead to dust spillage Although a messy workplace is dangerous the main issue for respiratory health is airborne dust particles These are the main cause of respiratory damage and are so tiny they are usually invisible to the naked eye The tried and tested JSP Power Cap Lite IP is ideal for all types of woodwork as it is lightweight and delivers convenient battery operated filtered respiratory protection to the user in one easy step As a contribution to workshop safety The ToolPost is currently offering the JSP PowerCap Lite IP at an unprecedented low price of 195 Recommended Retail Price is 231 41 and because this respirator meets the standard for safety headgear there s no VAT to pay Home woodworkers or DIY enthusiasts are likely to benefit from using a lightweight facemask as it is suitable for wear in small spaces and delivers protection from dust in unventilated conditions It is possible in certain circumstances that a high concentration of wood dust in the air can ignite and cause a fire This is a real risk for businesses and homes alike

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  • WhyWiva
    that the quality of some lathes being manufactured in Asia was found to be lacking The owner and proprietor of The ToolPost Peter Hemsley knew that whichever range of woodturning lathes he chose to sell would have to be one he used personally and respected Having owned and used a WivaMac DB1200 lathe for several years he knew he was more than happy to put his name to the excellence of this range of lathes The reason WivaMac lathes are pieces of equipment which are both well engineered and robustly built All eight models within the range offer a systems approach to woodturning lathe design which ensures that the lathes can be used for both bowl and spindle work as well as copy turning ornamental turning and thread cutting all on one machine something which Peter Hemsley calls a truly unique and remarkable capability This is a view shared by many in the woodturning fraternity Terry Porter reviewed the WivaMac range of woodturning lathes in Woodturning magazine and found that For the quality of design and engineering and its capacity it offers very good value for money indeed compared with the competition There was nothing that irritated me in any way The controls are well positioned it is quiet powerful and a pleasure to use If I were in the market for a replacement woodturning lathe one from the WivaMac range would certainly be one of the top contenders In The ToolPost s view the WivaMac is the main contender when it comes to lathes Find out more about each of the models within the range at the dedicated product pages of The ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media Please

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  • VOC
    to contribute to air pollution and to the creation of ozone in the earth s lower atmosphere which poses a health risk to humans animals and vegetation The paint stain and varnish industry now has to meet regulations limiting the VOC content in its products The VOC Regulations came into effect on January 1st 2010 when non compliant products could no longer be manufactured From January 1st 2011 non compliant products still in circulation could no longer be sold These regulations have created a drive towards water based wood finishing products which contain far lower VOC levels but which are still able to provide a professional standard of finish The General Finishes line hailing from Wisconsin in the United States and available in the UK from The ToolPost is a range of specialist water based finishes which are VOC compliant and which includes milk paints glaze effects gel and dye stains General Finishes offers environmentally friendly products which produce beautiful and durable finishes and has gained a reputation as providing the finest finishes in the United States The ToolPost is a primary stockist of the General Finishes line in the UK just part of an extensive choice of wood finishing

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  • Tools
    Didcot Oxfordshire and an online store at www toolpost co uk The ToolPost is a hub of products advice and training for both woodturning and woodcarving enthusiasts The ToolPost has brought together the very best woodworking tools from the leading global manufacturers all under one roof And because The ToolPost is owned and run by people passionate and highly knowledgeable about woodworking there is always a wealth of advice and guidance on hand to assist the woodworker make exactly the right purchase The Woodworking Tools section of The ToolPost website features a wide range of chisels and slicks draw knives from respected names such as Robert Sorby as well as The ToolPost s very own traditional forged design planes spokeshaves and scrapers Proxxon Precision Power Tools dovetail jigs clamps drills screwdrivers mallets and saws marking and measuring equipment woodworking benches and much more Within these department sections there are hundreds of tools and accessories which represent everything a woodworker could possibly need to fully equip a workshop and to hone his or her craft to maximise their proficiency in woodworking To browse through the comprehensive woodworking and wood finishing tools and accessories visit http www toolpost co uk Editor s

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