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  • RollyDemo
    finest hollowing tools on the market Watching a demonstration from Rolly is not only the opportunity to marvel at one of the greatest turning talents in the world today but also to learn tips on effective hollowing from the inventor of the market leading hollowing tools as he uses them himself Woodcarving and woodturning tools supplier The ToolPost has opened its doors to share Rolly s talents before and now it is once again giving turning enthusiasts and Rolly fans the opportunity to learn from the master Rolly will be demonstrating his impressive skills to crowds at The ToolPost store in Didcot Oxfordshire on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd September at 10 00am and once again at 2 00pm daily and admission is absolutely free although booking is recommended as tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis Although normally closed on Saturday afternoons The ToolPost store will remain open on the afternoon of 3rd September to allow attendees to stock up on all the essential woodturning tools which will help them attempt to replicate a little of the Rolly magic for themselves including of course the superb Munro hollowing tools Book your place now to avoid

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  • Abranet_Info
    quite as lightweight as the J cloth backing of the specialist woodturners cloth backed abrasives also available from woodturning tools supplier The ToolPost it is flexible enough to access every contour of a workpiece While many turners choose Abranet as their preferred abrasive it is worth noting that the open nature of Abranet does create a large amount of free dust falling through the mesh and on to the workpiece As with any airborne hazard in the workshop it s vital to use a dust extraction system such as the excellent CamVac range and when using Abranet it s essential to use the dust extraction as close to the point of sanding as possible One of the advantages of purchasing Abranet through woodcarving and turning tools supplier The ToolPost is that it is one of the few stockists of this abrasive mesh in every available grit between 80 and 1000 grit There are boxed packs of 50 strips 75mm x 125mm from 80 to 600 grit rolls of 800 and 1000 grit measuring 75mm wide and 10 metres long and for economy and convenience it s also possible to purchase each of the grits in packs of 10 strips of the same grit If you are an occasional woodturner or if you wish to try out Abranet for the first time The ToolPost also supply two assorted packs the Primary Pack has two sheets each of 80 to 240 grit a total of 12 sheets while the Finishing Pack has two sheets each of 320 to 1000 again a total of 12 sheets Abranet is just one of a number of abrasive and wood finishing products available from the UK s leading supplier of woodturning and carving tools and equipment Find out more at http www toolpost co uk Editor

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  • Sharpening
    offer when it comes to tool sharpening and tool grinding The ToolPost s handy guide in the Sharpening and Grinding section of its website will help enhance your understanding and ensure that you get the best from your sharpening system Turners and carvers can learn about the advantages of the wetstone system of tool sharpening from respected Swedish firm Tormek from the ability to produce an unrivalled edge to the flexibility of application Find out how the Wolverine System from OneWay is taking high speed grinding to a new level and why so many of the world s top turners choose this impressive jig system There are details on how the aptly named Fingernail Profiling Jig from Robert Sorby hugely simplifies the task of grinding a fingernail profile as well as the secret to effective regrinding of a Celtic bowl gouge Not only can the ToolPost website help shed light on the sharpening and grinding arena of the turning and carving world but there is also the opportunity to acquire a set of O Donnell Tool Sharpening Guide Wallcharts a smart memory jogger to post on your workshop wall providing a clear pictorial guide to the various bevel angles for

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  • Open House June 2011
    hands on demonstrations from some of Europe s top turners and carvers Witnessing such talent first hand and learning how these experts use well known tools and equipment to hone their craft is a huge draw for fans of woodturning and carving There s also the opportunity to chat to representatives from the very best tool suppliers respected names such as Henry Taylor Tools and Robert Sorby CamVac and Crown Hand Tools about the very latest industry innovations Regular Open House attendees take the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces in the wood craft community and swap tips and tales of turning and carving successes and frustrations The Spring Open House this year will welcome professional turner Benoit Averly from Burgundy in France who specialises in turning boxes and sculptural vases which are often out of the ordinary and always inventive Friend of The ToolPost Nick Agar works from his riverside gallery in Devon with large scale turning projects his speciality At the Spring Open House Nick will be sharing some of the venerable skills he has acquired over his 23 years in the woodturning world To find out more about this year s Spring Open House from The

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Open_House_June_2011/open_house_june_2011.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Lathe Selection
    cheapest model is a false economy given that a quality lathe should be expected to last through years of woodturning toil To get this fundamental purchase right consult the experts at The ToolPost The company is the sole UK distributor of the popular WivaMac woodturning lathes and these lathes are available to purchase from The ToolPost website at Toolpost co uk The WivaMac range comprises four core models of lathes all of which are impressively robust are built on a systems model with complete interchangeability of accessories options and many core components and boast remarkable capacity Such capabilities mean that these lathes will never be the inhibitors of the turner s performance While The ToolPost fully endorses this excellent precision engineered lathe range it also understands that it may not be the perfect choice for every turner depending on their budget the scope of their turning projects and their skill level The ToolPost has brought together a wider selection of lathes at their workshop and store in Didcot Oxfordshire including models from OneWay Woodfast Record and Scheppach The knowledgeable and helpful team at The ToolPost is on hand to advise woodturners exactly which make of lathe is right for their

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Lathe_Selection/lathe_selection.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Clements
    woodturning tools Sharp tools are also safer to use as they prevent dangerous slippages which can be caused by dull or blunt edges There are a number of tool sharpening products on the market from hand stones and slips to jigged powered systems However tool sharpening is not merely a matter of buying the right product it s also a skill to be learned What better way to learn how to sharpen woodcarving tools than from a master woodcarver in a small hands on workshop environment that allows you to not just watch and listen but also to get involved yourself Respected carver Simon Clements will be hosting a One Day Workshop on Sharpening Carving Tools at The ToolPost store in Didcot Oxfordshire on Saturday 9 th April 2011 between 9 30am and 4 30pm In the workshop Simon will teach how to sharpen carving gouges knives and chisels by hand and with a number of powered tool sharpening systems Guests should bring along their own tools and preferred sharpening system as Simon will be encouraging them to take part themselves and put what they have learned into action Don t miss out on this opportunity to learn sharpening from

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Clements/clements.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Elf
    pens toys condiment mills and finials turners are able to express their originality and define an approach to wood finishing which is very much their personal touch adding interest while showcasing the turner s skill in detailing The Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor Tools now available from The ToolPost is one of the most effective specialist tools available on the market The decorating and texturing tool utilises a burr mounted in precision bearings in a comfortable support handle The rotation of the workpiece causes the burr to make patterns upon the surface of the wood The Decorating Elf is highly versatile it can cut both side and end grain wood as well as acrylics and bone and can be used on flat concave or convex surfaces A variety of impressed or embossed patterns can easily be achieved in no time by simply adapting the speed of rotation angle of the tool to the workpiece and the amount of pressure applied to achieve a variety of results While The Decorating Elf comes with one standard ball burr both a cylindrical and a bud shaped burr are available as accessories Also available is a negative rake coving tool to simplify creating a cove into which the texturing can be advantageously applied as well as a negative rake point tool to allow for outlining the textured area with an inscribed line A burnishing brush is also supplied with the basic Decorating Elf to give a crisp clean finish to the cut surface to which the more adventurous can add wax colour or gilt cream to further enhance their work The Decorating Elf is one of the simplest and yet most effective tools for enhancing small wooden objects with beautifully patterned and textured finishes Purchase yours at the home of the finest woodturning and

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Elf/elf.html (2016-04-28)
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  • H & S
    it comes to maintaining a safe environment which won t damage your health as inhaling airborne dust can cause respiratory problems and even lead to cancer allergenic reactions and other ills Windows which can be opened for ventilation are helpful but the average workshop with windows will still require a dust extraction system CamVac manufactures excellent dust extraction units available from The ToolPost which are affordable and highly effective at improving air quality in the workshop Respiratory protection is similarly important A dust mask can help but powered respirators such as the JSP PowerCap and Trend Airshield provide a higher level of protection Wearing protective clothing not only keeps your everyday clothes from getting ruined from endless hours spent at the woodturning lathe but also means you don t run the risk of getting baggy clothes caught on equipment Woodturners smocks also available from The ToolPost come with useful details such as Velcro wrist closures to keep wood shavings out Suitable protective footwear should also be worn to protect feet should any tools get dropped Eye protection is a must safety goggles or a visor with side protection protects your eyes and face from flying wood fragments Ear protection should not be forgotten given the increasing number of power tools used in woodcarving and turning Finally the other potentially hazardous features of a workshop are the turning or carving tools themselves as well as the woodturning lathe Tool sharpening is vital not only for the efficiency of the tool but also for its safety a dull tool results in forced movement which can cause injury Always read the manufacturer s manual for your woodturning lathe including any safety tips for use Start the lathe at the slowest speed before raising the speed to the desired level and never leave it

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