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  • GlennCourses
    woodturning demonstrator both in person and in his newly released DVD Mastering Woodturning Tools Techniques The ToolPost has been admiring Glenn s turning talents for many years and has been happily recommending his excellent DVD to customers Therefore it is with great excitement that The ToolPost hosts two masterclasses with the Maestro himself Saturday February 5th 2011 will see Glenn presenting his one day Hands On Sharpening Clinic for Woodturners at The ToolPost store sharing his invaluable tips on superior tool sharpening showing how to create the best cutting edge possible and demonstrating why a particular sharpening form is preferred On Monday February 7th 2011 Glenn will present a one day Faceplate Turning Masterclass an opportunity for four lucky woodturners to learn in a hands on fashion the inside secrets of creating beautiful bowls and platters The ToolPost is the home of the UK s best woodcarving and woodturning tools and it regularly hosts Open Days which showcase some of the finest talents of turning and carving from around the world Visit The ToolPost s online store at http www toolpost co uk where you can find out prices and availability for the Glenn Lucas Masterclasses learn of other turning

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  • Glenn DVD
    and in depth analysis to the discussion of the craft This DVD is the first in a series which will showcase the demonstration skills that have made Glenn so popular on national tours and impart some of his much heeded wisdom from how to pick woodturning tools and how to use them in the most effective way to tips on tool sharpening and grinding There are many excellent woodturners who both in demonstrations and in DVDs show us the level of their skill but there are not so many who share with us why and just how they go about it This is an area where Glenn Lucas excels Glenn is a natural communicator and brings a relaxed warmth to his DVDs which combined with the excellent production values makes them highly watchable time and again Mastering Woodturning Tools Techniques is one of the few woodturning DVDs which really lives up to its name By digging deep into the fundamentals behind woodturning Glenn takes us further towards truly mastering the craft of turning wooden objects than ever before For further information on this valuable addition to the woodturner s resource library go to http www toolpost co uk Editor s

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  • CubicBoronNitride
    there are new wheels in town the Cubic Boron Nitride CBN Grinding Wheels and they re set to further revolutionise tool sharpening Cubic Boron Nitride or CBN is a ceramic grain which is nearly as hard as diamond but which succeeds in sharpening High Speed Steel HSS where diamond fails diamond adversely affects the molecular structure of HSS even at low temperatures and so can only be used in water cooled applications CBN grains are bonded to the supporting steel hub in such a way that the wheels can be used dry with no need for coolant and require the application of very little pressure to sharpen woodturning tools and quickly remove material yet leaving a fine finish Very few sparks are produced while tool sharpening and both the tool and the wheel itself remain far cooler in temperature than with other wheels CBN wheels create a grind which is the equivalent of a 100 grit or even finer finish and are available to replace narrow standard or extra width wheels What s more these superior wheels have an almost indefinite life span when treated with care making them excellent value for money Find out more information on how the

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  • CarvingClampsNews
    independent adjustment of the tilt of the working axis and the rotation of the workpiece The two movements are each controlled by a large and robust lever allowing firm locking to be achieved without the application of superhuman forces The SPB1020 costs 117 14 excl VAT For the most substantial workpieces yet providing easy locking and a huge range of movement the SPB1050 is available This woodcarving clamp is based on the well known and oft employed spherical ball principle but unlike most other such clamps this one is founded on a truly massive 80 mm 3 15 diameter ball The effect of this is to make locking the clamp a truly finger tip exercise The clamping of all movement is achieved with the use of a single substantial ratchet lever easily accessed yet positioned to avoid any possible obstruction to the working area Some impression of the solidity of construction of this product is indicated by its weight of 7 25 kg The manufacturer s attention to detail is shown in the provision of springs to ease the separation of the clamping rings a small item but adding to the product s feeling of quality and thoughtful development Such capacity flexibility ease of operation and robustness is available for the surprisingly modest sum of 200 95 excl VAT For the woodturning world WivaMac also produces a Woodturners Carving Clamp designated the DB1501 which allows a woodturning chuck to be mounted on the clamp and the clamp to be mounted in the lathe s banjo in place of the toolrest This arrangement gives woodturners a convenient way of holding turned workpieces simplifying the tasks of carving texturing and colouring them The DB1501 costs 141 90 inc VAT Whilst the DB1501 has an M33 x 3 5mm mounting thread for the

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  • SpindleTapsNews
    Once mounted on the spindle the block can be turned into what ever shape is required to suit the workpiece and being threaded to match the lathe spindle the jig you create can be removed and re fitted to the spindle as often as the job requires In this way you can build up a complete library of useful jam chucks jigs and fixtures to increase your turning versatility speeding and easing your workflow Because the device is mounted on the spindle thread directly concentricity and repeatability are assured for use time after time gone is the frustration of trying to re mount a block in a chuck whilst maintaining perfect alignment Best results are obtained using fine grained timbers such as boxwood sycamore maple etc and superior long term performance can be had by laminating say three layers of timber to create a very stable workpiece A pilot hole is drilled approximately 1 8 3 mm smaller than the nominal diameter of the tap The tap is entered into the pre drilled hole and rotated with the supporting tailstock advanced simultaneously to maintain centring The workpiece may now be released from the woodturning chuck and screwed directly onto the spindle ready for turning into the desired shape and size Simplicity itself A secure mounting exactly concentric with the spindle of the woodturning lathe precisely sized and shaped to suit your project and at very little cost The taps are available to suit popular spindle sizes and cost from just 15 82 inc VAT 17½ Another superb piece of lateral thinking from Jerry Beall brought to you by The ToolPost The ToolPost is a retailer and distributor of woodturning woodworking and fine woodcarving tools finishes machinery and equipment View the entire range of products at http www toolpost co uk

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  • Hunter
    One shortcoming of tungsten carbide is that it does not normally produce as keen an edge as a high speed steel tool or a carbon steel example Unfortunately in woodworking the absolute sharpness of the cutting edge is of vital importance in order to create a clean cut surface at both the macro and micro level Hence most carbide tipped woodturning tools have shown effectiveness as roughing tools but require that the work be cleaned off subsequently using conventional tools The sub surface damage caused by most of the carbide tipped tools used in wood turning is significant This tendency to overly aggressive cutting is exacerbated by the use in such tools of commonly available tool tips designed for engineering applications which generally have too great a clearance angle to allow supported cutting The Hunter tools overcome these limitations thanks to the extensive experience of the company s founder who has an encyclopaedic knowledge of available cutters and cutter technologies The Hunter tools feature cutters that are diamond finished to create a cutting edge which rivals that obtainable with HSS tools they have a profile which gives a fully supported bevel rubbing cut they afford full flexibility in shear cutting angle and they are fully seated both externally and by the use of a fitted mounting screw so that all possibilities of vibration and tip movement are eliminated In short these are the Rolls Royce of carbide tipped woodturning tools Given that the proof of the pudding is said to be in the eating it is significant that Jimmy Clewes widely acknowledged to be one of the most able and creative woodturners in the world has been so impressed with the Hunter tooling approach that he has worked with the company to create a hollowing tool that bears his name

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/News/Hunter/hunter.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Abrasives Benefits
    in woodturning but it is important that it is created and used in a form appropriate to the application As a specialist in the production of woodworking abrasives Swedish company Ekamant have unsurpassed experience in creating Woodturner s Abrasives and it is these which are available from the ToolPost website These are resin coated Aluminium Oxide abrasives bonded on to a lightweight technically J weight flexible backing cloth creating an abrasive which is flexible yet durable but from which stray abrasive grains will not be easily released The cloth is supplied both in the traditional 100 mm width but more significantly as pre cut 50 mm wide strips leaving the woodturner simply to cut off the required length usually 6 inches or so to create a flat abrasive length with edges free from loose grains and fabric strands ready to create that masterpiece These are very much specialist abrasives for the woodturning community which is why The ToolPost has created a Woodturner s Abrasive Pack a mixed pack of 10 metres x 50mm wide RKJFO Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Cloth in each of the 10 grades 60 80 100 120 150 180 220 240 280 320 Using so many grit grades may at first seem unnecessary to the turner who is unfamiliar with woodworking abrasives however doing so helps to expedite the finishing process while reducing the total amount and hence cost of abrasives consumed Not only does this save the woodturner time and money but the finishing quality is far superior than that achieved with other abrasives or through skipping grits At 10 95 The ToolPost Woodturner s Abrasive Pack provides a low cost way for woodturners to experience the full range of grit sizes grades and the best wood finishing possible You can find out more about abrasive wood

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  • CeraStar News
    grinding pepper crystal salt and spices The superior corrosion resistant materials used by Cera Star in their condiment mill components make for a woodturning project that is both pleasing and practical a beautifully made condiment mill which lasts for years even when grinding highly corrosive salt or bulky seeds and peppercorns The Cera Star condiment mill kit makes a great gift for a woodturning enthusiast although please note that timber is not included be sure to purchase a two inch square blank of timber of appropriate length to suit the spindle dimension so that the recipient has everything they need to crack on with their new woodturning project Alternatively if you are a serial producer of condiment mills The ToolPost sells the spindles and mills mechanisms separately This is particularly helpful should you wish to mix and match them and saves you having to search for a kit with the required spindle length To simplify the task of making a mill The ToolPost offers a matching high quality CeraStar drill set which contains all of the drills required to produce the mill with no compromise on size selection This comprehensive drill set supplied in a smart fitted wooden storage case comprises three sawtooth Forstner bits for drilling the shallower recesses required in mill construction as well as two longer machine auger bits for the through holes The design of the CeraStar mills even allows the more ambitious turner to create an attractive wooden finial to cover the chrome plated retaining nut provided with the mill kits This is just one example of the practical woodturning and woodcarving projects made possible by the tools equipment and guidance of The ToolPost Find out more at http www toolpost co uk Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the digital marketing specialists

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