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  • OH_June_10
    House as well as the appearance in the audience of many household names from the woodturning world Peer review is one of the best ways to glean reliable unbiased advice on what products really deliver and the Open House offers a highly enjoyable and social way to get such advice Finally and perhaps most importantly the success is down to the fact that the Open House showcases Europe s finest woodturning and woodcarving talent This year s Spring Open House featured as principal demonstrators Jan Hovens Tracy Owen and Simon Clements Jan Hovens from the Netherlands has never before demonstrated his outstanding woodturning skills in the UK Specialising in turning miniature screw threaded items Jan delighted the crowds by making an acorn box which involved the creation of a screw thread in a genuine acorn cup upon which he fitted a turned nut lid Tracy Owen is one of the UK s best known turners and showed Open House guests his expertise in creating carved coloured and decorated off centre pieces Tracy also demonstrated his uniquely designed signature shear scraper tools newly released by Henry Taylor tools and naturally sold in the ToolPost shop Simon Clements is a professional wood carver and expertly demonstrated to the crowds just how he makes his living practising relief and sculptural carving using skills which he has honed over a lifetime of professional architectural restoration work on many listed buildings through teaching and in his artistic endeavours Trade demonstrations came from Heinz Wiedemann Chris Pouncy Francis Tacq Ron Van Zaltbommel and Mark Terhöerst Clive Day and Peter Brown Heinz Wiedermann hailing from Germany is another craftsman never before seen in the UK Heinz had a significant number of visitors using his hook tools under his expert direction despite the trepidation with which most British woodturners view such tools a view conclusively proven to be mistaken With Heinz s tips and advice these tools became easy to use and astonishingly versatile Chris Pouncy of Robert Sorby demonstrated the company s popular range of tools while Francis Tacq of Belgium was on hand to demonstrate the benefits of the WivaMac range specifically WivaMac lathes as used by all of the demonstrators at the show and carving reproduction machines Ron Van Zaltbommel and his wife Els provided an enlightening demonstration of wood finishing using the U Beaut Shellawax finishes range astonishing the audience to such an extent that Shellawax rapidly became the product to own on the day Mark Terhöerst from OneWay Europa explained the extensive range of OneWay products and gave detailed demonstrations of the Wolverine Sharpening system Clive Day of BriMarc showed how to use the Tormek Sharpening system to get a razor edge on hand tools as well as demonstrating the operation and features of both the Leigh Dovetail Jigs and the Kreg Pocket Hole Joinery system He also advised visitors on the range of Veritas tools and Sjöberg benches whilst Peter Brown of General Finishes explained the benefits of using products from their

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  • Saburr
    precise controlled movement without clogging or snagging Not only are these versatile rotary tools highly effective for cutting wood but also for cutting through a whole host of materials graphite acrylic epoxies rubber plastics ice fibreglass soap stone alabaster and even bone leaving a smooth surface in every instance Saburr Carbide Rotary Tools are not recommended for use on metals and ceramics however It is always advisable to wear eye protection when using power tools such as these burrs These tools have an impressive tick list they provide rapid stock removal they are non loading resist clogging boast a smooth operation while being more aggressive are versatile and longer lasting The range of Saburr Carbide Rotary Tools available at The ToolPost includes mounted points in a choice of shank sizes cutting discs to mount on mini angle grinders such as the Proxxon and Arbortech types or on rotary carver hand pieces and sanding drums complete with mounting arbors All of the tools in the range are available in a choice of grit grades to provide the requisite rate of timber removal and surface finish bringing them to the top of the must have list of many a woodturning and woodcarving

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  • Arbortech
    following of fans from the world of woodcarving and woodturning Power tools create textured surfaces and sculpted edges which can elevate a piece from the mundane to a work of art So it s not surprising that the invention of a safer power tool was met with great enthusiasm Arbortech carving kits include a depth limiter which mitigates the damage the tool can wage if an accident did happen a contributing factor to Arbortech being awarded the respected German seal of safety The Arbortech Pro 4 Woodcarver Kit safely turns a 4 or 4 1 2 100 mm or 115 mm angle grinder into a powerful carving and shaping machine while the Mini Grinder Kit provides the same quality of grinding for work of more limited size or with greater detail Arbortech also supplies TCT tipped blades to increase edge life when carving harder materials The ToolPost carries a wide range of Arbotech Power Carving Equipment Mini Power Carving Equipment and packs of the Mini Abrasive Disc System helping more wood enthusiasts to safely discover the revolutionary benefits of using power tools You can view the entire range of woodcarving and woodturning tools at The ToolPost s comprehensive online store

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  • Olivewood
    aroma that rises when this Olivewood is turned and thanks to the new large sizes available can now use this outstanding timber for Pestle and Mortar projects The Toolpost now stocks 125mm 5 and 150mm 6 cubes of Olivewood which can easily handle a project of this type Also available are square bowl blanks in a range of sizes from 125mm 5 x 40mm 1 5 up to a generous 250mm 10 by 100mm 4 in depth as well as a variety of spindle blanks Care should be taken when working with any exotic timber Olivewood included due to the slightly increased risk of adverse reactions to the timber It is also advisable to clean woodturning tools that have been used on Olivewood as well as any exposed woodturning lathe components because the corrosive olive sap can cause discolouration This excellent Olivewood is just one of the many exotic timbers one can purchase from The ToolPost shop in Didcot Oxon or through The ToolPost website at http www toolpost co uk Others include Brazilian Kingwood European Lemonwood Indian Rosewood and African Ebony to name but a few The truly adventurous can purchase a selection bag of mixed exotic timbers which

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  • BeallBuff
    ToolPost undoubtedly the finest and most versatile wood finishing systems on the market When finishing items created by woodturning on the lathe there is no easier way to achieve a superb finish than with the Beall Wood Buff kit The kit contains three 8 buffing wheels each made with a different material and structure individually designed for a particular stage in the buffing process A spindle adaptor is included threaded to match the wheel hubs so that the various buffs can be mounted dismounted quickly and easily The adaptor may either be fitted onto the shaft of a grinder for which a 1 2 inch to 5 8 inch adaptor bush is provided or mounted in the lathe When used to finish items created with a woodturning lathe The ToolPost recommends mounting the adaptor in the woodturning lathe by holding its outside diameter 1½ in the jaws of a chuck The Beall Wood Buff Kit is completed with two bars of buffing compound Tripoli and White Diamond and a generous bar of pure Carnauba Wax The ToolPost also stocks sets of similarly structured 4 inch wheels for finishing smaller objects with mounting hardware for these sold separately There s even a Razor Edge Buff for getting into awkward narrow nooks and crannies and giving them an equally fine finish For the internal finishing of smaller bowls goblets and the like sets of Bowl Buffs are available in a choice of 2 3 and 4 diameters Each Bowl Buff kit contains three buffing wheels mounted on threaded arbors to mount on the adaptor used with the plain buffing wheels The ToolPost supplies the full range of Beall Wood Buffing Equipment and the ToolPost website includes a detailed guide to using both the Wood Buff and the Bowl Buffs To find out

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  • SpringOpenHouse2010
    by spending time at The ToolPost Spring Open House this June Guests really can enter the world of woodturning and carving thanks to The ToolPost s ability to bring together international demonstrators not just those from the UK The ToolPost s rôle as UK agents distributors and retailers for numerous overseas manufacturers make such networking a natural activity From the Netherlands Jan Hovens will be demonstrating his skills in miniature woodturning and threaded projects and Ron van Zaltbommel and his wife Els will be showing how to enhance your work through quality wood finishing with the Australian U Beaut range Mark Terhörst from Oneway Europa will be showing turners the critical features of the Oneway woodturning lathe tool sharpening systems and turning tools From the UK renowned woodturner Tracey Owens will be demonstrating his mastery of hollow form turning and for the carving contingent there will be woodcarving demonstrations that are not to be missed Other names from the manufacturing world appearing at the Open House include Henry Taylor Tools Robert Sorby Hamlet Craft Tools General Finishes BriMarc Tools Machinery Record Power and GMC Publications and others As the Open House is located at The ToolPost premises visitors also have a far wider range of woodturning and woodcarving tools and other goods available to them than one might find at typical venue based exhibitions Having enjoyed demonstrations from some of the finest woodcarvers and woodturners from around the world guests can browse the extensive range of woodworking products available at The ToolPost from the tools themselves to associated goods for tool grinding honing and sharpening including vital health and safety equipment such as respiratory protection What s more admission to the event parking and even refreshments are all completely free The ToolPost Spring Open House is on Friday 25th and

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  • Honing_Systems
    of Powerstrop and Slipstrop products as well as the Ashley Iles honing and sharpening system and their very own hand leather honing strops Powerstrop as the name suggests is a power tool honing system honing wheels that are mounted onto a power source such as a woodturning lathe power drill or powered arbor allowing for excellent honing of carving and edge tools There are two products in this range available at The ToolPost the Powerstrop Standard Honing Kit with a single leather wheel perfect for skew chisels whittling tools and carving knives and the Powerstrop Deluxe Honing Kit which comes with an extra inverted vee shaped leather wheel for the inside of vee tools and areas which are tricky to access Both kits come with arbors honing compound as well as clear instructions on how to install and operate the system The Ashley Iles system much favoured by wood carvers features a dense cotton honing wheel used in combination with a diamond impregnated rubber sharpening wheel to give excellent results The Slipstrop from Flexcut and also available at The ToolPost is a hand honing system a moulded honing block with the ability to match multiple blades which comes with the Flexcut Gold honing compound This is a great low cost portable and flexible alternative to power honing systems Finally there is The Toolpost s own range of leather tool honing strops products that were sourced by The ToolPost after noticing the dearth of basic yet essential hones easily available to wood carvers and woodturners The 1215 P honing strop is a mounted flat strop with pre drilled holes to allow it to be screwed on to a workbench or table perfect for knives and straight edged tools The 1210 P is a handle held strop designed for honing more complicated

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  • Kelton_Distribution
    tools which contributed to their development as woodturners This approach has helped create the woodturner s turning tools of choice robust and practical tools which The ToolPost is happy to make available to turners in the UK and beyond The ToolPost offers its customers the very best of the Kelton Woodturning Tools range from the classic perennials to the newest innovations Choose from centre savers and hollowers hook tools and tool handles undercutters and box cutters box scrapers shear scrapers and even calipers all designed with the skill of an engineer and the eye of an accomplished woodturner The McNaughton Centre Saving System is arguably Kel McNaughton s finest invention and most turners who have used it would agree with Ray Key s impressive accolade That s because this ingenious tool allows the turner to core out blanks from the turning timber and use the precious and costly material that would otherwise go to waste A tool that achieves this is great in theory woodturning can be an expensive business but it has to be easy and efficient to use This is where the McNaughton Centre Saving System excels it s a versatile and flexible tool that most experienced woodturners find simple and highly effective The Mark 8 version of the McNaughton Centre Saving System now available at The ToolPost boasts new features which enhance the flexibility of the tool There is a new toolpost guide yoke assembly with extended functionality and a hollowing gate as well as two new sizes of gate assembly and four sizes of blades For more details on one of the must have woodturning tools on the market visit http www toolpost co uk where you ll find more from the world of woodturning from tool honing and tool grinding to wood finishing Editor s

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