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  • PenWizardPR
    ToolPost the leading online resource for wood turning tools and equipment and is the latest innovation from the respected woodworker and inventor Jerry Beall The Beall Pen Wizard like so many of Jerry Beall s fantastic inventions came about as a result of the craftsman and entrepreneur s own research hands on experience experimentation and development Beall has come up with a device that elevates pen making to a whole new creative level enabling the pen turner to decorate the pen barrel with all sorts of beautiful ornamentations from fanciful spirals grooves and twists or neat grooves and facets to utilitarian finger grips This ingenious pen mandrel can be used in conjunction with a Dremel minidrill or similar and can rotate and reciprocate the pen barrel in 24 different positions opening up a huge range of creative possibilities The stunning enhancements you have made using the Beall Pen Wizard can either be left natural letting the beauty of the wood shine through or be filled with a choice of coloured resins or metal powders The scope and versatility of this turning device is even more broadened by the new Depth Guide now included with the standard product simplifying the way patterns are added to curved surfaces The more daring and skillful of ToolPost s customers who have already purchased the Beall Pen Wizard have even adapted it with their own attachments and gadgets to enable them to use the Wizard for woodturning projects outside of pen making so it seems the possibilities really are endless To find out prices for the Beall Pen Wizard and to discover all the turning wood carving and wood finishing products available at The ToolPost visit their website at www toolpost co uk Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the digital marketing specialists

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  • SWax
    the company trialled the Australian U Beaut range of waxes polishes finishes and dyes it knew it had found something special a range that delivered great results in a quick and no nonsense way while still being surprisingly economical Take for instance the highly recommended EEE Ultrashine abrasive polish and surface preparation a cut and polish paste wax that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Shellawax cream or liquid but that can also be used on its own on plastics and products used for pen bodies It is also perfect for using after French polishing and to restore previously polished surfaces While the EEE Ultrashine is not a finisher itself the polished surface requires a protectorant such as Shellawax when the two products are used together the results are highly impressive The ultra fine abrasive polish which contains Tripoli powder can be used over multiple other oil and varnish finishes resulting in a quality of finish that is superbly lustrous and impeccably smooth all for under 10 Then there s Shellawax itself a woodturners friction polish that brings an amazing level of finish to smaller spindle work on objects up to approximately 10cm 4 in diameter The wax has a hard shellac base which not only gives a highly durable finish continuing to harden for up to three weeks after application but that also helps protect against marks and blemishes from heat water and alcohol In one quick drying application the woodturner achieves wood finishing that is hard to beat with any other product available in the market today To see the full range of U Beaut s Shellawax wood finishes and dyes as well as a host of other wood turning tools visit www toolpost co uk Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the

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  • AWGB_Lathes
    and related equipment and accessories will be providing the respected WivaMac DB1000 vario 2CB lathes for use in demonstrations from the woodturning experts at the AWGB seminar The woodturning luminaries taking their turn at the lathe this year include Nick Agar Benoit Averly Eli Avisera and Bob Chapman along with many other well respected names from the world of woodturning and woodcarving The heavy duty WivaMac DB1000 vario 2CB lathe was chosen for demonstration use at this event thanks to its ability to effectively carry out fine and delicate work at high speed while also being robust enough for larger projects at low speed Its flexibility is matched by its high quality build and excellent attention to detail Technical specifications for the WivaMac includes power transmission of 2HP 1 5kw with vario electronic variable speed control driving through a four speed pulley system with poly vee belt transmission plus 4 speeds 120 480 rev min up to 750 3000 rev min with an optional extra of a moveable speed controller It is built with a mixture of cast concrete and modular fabricated sections from thick walled steel and boasts a 360 swivelling headstock for easy access and comfortable use Properties such as these have elevated the WivaMac DB1000 varios 2CB woodturning lathe into one of the best in its field both for amateurs and professionals alike Take a look at the lathe s performance possibilities for yourself and be inspired by the work of the demonstrators at the upcoming AWGB 2009 seminar for more information visit www woodturners co uk For more information on WivaMac lathes and to browse a range of woodturning chucks wood finishing products and a plethora of other tools and equipment available at The ToolPost visit www toolpost co uk Editor s Note The ToolPost is

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  • Maloof
    fine wood working and woodcarving and help people to view utilitarian objects as fine art Betsy Broun director of the Smithsonian American Art Museum explains A lot of Americans say fine art is not for them but no American doesn t like a Sam Maloof chair For so many decades he was considered the premier wood craftsmen in this country and the world Maloof s origins as a wood craftsmen were as utilitarian as his work itself As a newly married man on an artist s assistant s salary Maloof could not afford to furnish his first home one of the first tract homes to be built in California so he set about building furniture from scrap wood After a feature in Better Homes and Gardens on these new tract homes readers made enquiries about the beautifully made furniture with the simple fine lines The first orders came in and quickly built up and soon Sam Maloof was in business But mass manufacturing this was not and Maloof always retained the artistry of his craft by rejecting many approaches by manufacturers making every piece by hand in his own workshop Maloof famously never used a tape measure simply sketching the lines to be cut freehand he would then make a rough piece which he would hand over to his team of three longtime assistants for the final wood finishing Friends of Mr Maloof report that he was still working six days a week mostly 10 hour days shortly up until his death He was quoted as saying If you love what you do it really isn t work Maloof always maintained he was not an artist but a woodworker but his fans would claim that his finest achievement was impressively illustrating the fine line between art and craft ToolPost are

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  • Think
    to be careful with his spending I was therefore amazed when he waltzed into the shop one day and requested a hollowing gouge We had a chat to clarify exactly what he meant and what he planned to do with it and it turned out he wanted to take the innards out of an egg cup or small goblet I reminded him that I had only recently sold him a perfectly adequate spindle gouge that would do the job very simply I took him to the lathe mounted a block of timber and showed him how to use a standard spindle gouge ground conventionally for this operation I got him to have a go until he was hollowing like a good un He stepped back proudly from the lathe brushed off the shavings and asked again for a hollowing gouge because that was what the article he had read had told him he needed to use I picked myself up from the floor took him to the rack showed him the range of hollowing gouges and let him spend a little of his hard saved cash He went off happily which is a good thing and left me thinking of words like water horse drink and lead Why is it that we seem to accumulate tools like the forest floor accumulates leaves in autumn before eventually realising that we do 99 of our work with just a half dozen tried and trusted favourites Dare I opine that some tool manufacturers have a well proven marketing strategy that reads Invent a problem convince the world that they have the problem sell them a solution to the problem That s maybe why we have toolboxes full of tools of which it can best be said that the marketing was cleverer than the tool and we fell for it Cynical Moi It only takes a few moments to examine the contents of your toolbox and to decide if you couldn t get by with a tool you already own maybe with a bit of a re grind or with a minor modification here and there And there s almost bound to be a tool or two that turned out to be so useless when you got it home that it is best viewed as a steel resource for re grinding into something more useful Just think about it We can all find ourselves in situations where a bit of thought beforehand is helpful I recently walked myself into one where lack of forethought left me having to do quite a bit of thinking on my feet In summary I had arrived to do a demo and found that not only had I failed to prepare my demo bowl blank with a recess which I normally simply drill on a drill press I had also failed to pack my Forstner bit to enable me to create said recess on the lathe I had no faceplate no screw chuck but a large and impatient audience

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  • OneWay_Dist
    woodcarving The eagerly anticipated addition to the website of the OneWay range of products will further strengthen ToolPost co uk s position as a one stop online shop for wood craftsmen and women from around the world OneWay products have gained a sterling reputation over the years A OneWay woodturning chuck for instance is viewed as one of the best on the market thanks to its superior properties and features from rust resistance to hardened jaw slides It is also known to be one of the safest chucks available given its patented safety pin mechanism which prevents accidental ejection of the jaws a feature which makes the chucks perfect for teaching woodturning students This is only one product from the extensive and respected range which also includes essential chucks Wolverine sharpening systems including the new Vari Grind 2 jig coring systems vacuum chucks woodturning lathes and lathe accessories most of which are currently available in the ToolPost store To view the OneWay range for yourself visit the ToolPost store in Oxfordshire The range will soon be uploaded to the website but in the meantime there is plenty for a woodturner carver or woodworker to get excited by at www toolpost

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  • News1
    eaten without further cooking We soon found that disease bacteria such as these were not recoverable from wooden surfaces in a short time after they were applied unless very large numbers were used New plastic surfaces allowed the bacteria to persist but were easily cleaned and disinfected However wooden boards that had been used and had many knife cuts acted almost the same as new wood whereas plastic surfaces that were knife scarred were impossible to clean and disinfect manually especially when food residues such as chicken fat were present Although the bacteria that had disappeared from the wood surfaces were found alive inside the wood for some time after application they evidently do not multiply and they gradually die They can be detected only by splitting or gouging the wood or by forcing water completely through from one surface to the other If a sharp knife is used to cut into the work surfaces after used plastic or wood has been contaminated with bacteria and cleaned manually more bacteria are recovered from a used plastic surface than from a used wood surface Manual cleaning in our experiments has been done with a sponge hot tap water and liquid dishwashing detergent Mechanical cleaning with a dishwashing machine can be done successfully with plastic surfaces even if knife scarred and wooden boards especially made for this Wooden boards but not plastics that are small enough to fit into a microwave oven can be disinfected rapidly but care must be used to prevent overheating Work surfaces that have been cleaned can be disinfected with bleach sodium hypochlorite solutions this disinfecting is reliable only if cleaning has been done successfully The experiments described have been conducted with more than 10 species of hardwoods and with 4 plastic polymers as well as hard rubber Because we found essentially no differences among the tested wood species not all combinations of bacteria and wood were tested nor were all combinations of bacteria and plastics or hard rubber Bacteria tested in addition to those named above include Campylobacter jejuni Listeria monocytogenes and Staphylococcus aureus We believe that the experiments were designed to be properly representative of conditions in a home kitchen They may or may not be applicable to other plastic and wooden food contact surfaces or to cutting boards in commercial food processing or food service operations but we have no reason to believe that they are not relevant except that not all plastic surfaces are subject to knife scarring Before our first studies had been published they were criticised incorrectly for not having included used knife scarred cutting surfaces We had been careful to include used surfaces and so were surprised that others who did later experiments and claimed to have refuted our findings often had used only new plastic and wood Although some established scientific laboratories say their results differ from ours we have received multiple communications from school children who have done science projects that have reached essentially the same conclusions that we

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  • News2
    woodworking Following the success of previous years Open Days this year s event boasts even more free attractions Admission is free of charge opening times on both days are 10h00 to 17h00 as is parking and refreshments and visitors can enjoy a variety of free demonstrations of woodturning by respected craftsmen Stuart Mortimer Les Thorne and Nick Agar among others In addition to showcasing the fine craft of woodturning there will also be the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful art of pyrography and other carving and product presentations Peter Hemsley the proprietor of ToolPost and aficionado of woodturning carving and fine woodworking will be on hand with other members of the ToolPost team to offer helpful advice present the full range of ToolPost products and discuss the world of woodturning woodworking and carving with fellow professionals and enthusiasts Visitors will also be able to ask questions of a team of visiting experts from Henry Taylor Hamlet Tools Chestnut Products Tormek Kreg pocket hole jointing systems Leigh dovetail jigs General Finishes Scheppach NMA and veneering specialist Les Marles Before heading home Open Day attendees can further their inspiration by browsing around the widest range of wood turning tools in the world in the ToolPost shop including the new addition of the OneWay range of equipment all the way from Canada Find out more details of this unmissable event which comes around but once a year at www toolpost co uk The website is one of the leading online resources in the UK for wood turning tools wood turning lathes chucks and accessories as well as wood carving tools and equipment for a variety of specialist wood based arts and crafts Editor s Note The ToolPost is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media Please direct all

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