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  • Gift Selector
    Carter Toolworks they are the sharpest and the edge lasts the longest and they have those really cool aluminium handles I definitely n e e d one of those please Blade only from 66 complete handled tools from 114 00 There s always carbide tooling if you really want to surprise me the range from Hunter Tools is fantastic and they start from just 64 But how about a Hercules 93 47 or a Jimmy Clewes 5 101 98 Ruby wheels are the best of the AlOx wheels so if the CBN is too rich for you do you have to feed the family then a Ruby does a great job from 19 Check these out You could rough me up a bit with a texturing tool from Crown 56 60 or Sorby 66 36 or that super little Decorating Elf from Henry Taylor 45 05 Wearing a smock would stop me trailing all the dust and shavings onto the carpet wouldn t it I m sure that you d find it worth 38 40 to stop me doing that Just remember to order the right size For years I was afraid what you might imagine if I asked you for a butt chisel set but sometimes my cabinetry requires a delicate touch so at 62 10 this set of four in a presentation box looks like a great idea A Little Sister for my Big Brother would enable me to do great small hollow forms By Hamlet 57 88 With all my plans for sophisticated turning projects maybe I could justify a Drill Wizard by Oneway perfect for drilling jobs on the lathe 102 41 Knives A set of ten whittling knives from ToolPost would really cut the mustard or the timber at least 91 86 Sharpening with the Wolverine jig would be even more pleasurable if I could do it using a shiny new grinder like that Record RPBG6 now on offer at 69 99 If you like a big one there s an 8 inch version too But since you love me so much what about that belt sharpening system from Sorby the Pro Edge and spare belts from The ToolPost Pro Edge from 277 87 DVDs and books will keep me out of your hair for hours And they have such a great range at The ToolPost DVD s from 13 50 Books from 5 95 What a choice Now if I had a DML305 mini lathe I could turn in the warm during those cold winter months or carry it out into the gardn when it s warm Offer 299 99 Respiratory protection is something we all need to think about I d really like a JSP PowerCap Active please please Breathe breathe breathe 240 I can t save the planet single handed but with a centre saver I can at least save some timber There s the Kelton system from 194 or the Oneway from 243 Whichever Call us for more assistance on these

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  • GiftsByPrice
    2 Pro PM Spindle Gouge Crown 244 or 244A Narrow Parting Tool Crown 236SKW 3 8 Skewchigouge O Donnell Ruby Grinding Wheel Diamond Wheel Dresser Taylor Slip Stone Set O Donnell Sharpening Guide Wallcharts Jimmy Clewe s DVD Back to Basics Turning Green Wood by Mick O Donnell Woodturning Methods by Mike Darlow Woodturners 20 00 50 00 29 75 Sorby or Taylor Fluted Parting Tool Sorby Spindlemaster 3 4 or 1 Taylor Heavy Duty Round Nose Scraper Sorby RS201KT Tri Forming Scraper Taylor HS111 Ray Key Shear Scraper Sorby RS215KT Chattertool Sorby 310H Texturing Tool Sorby 33HS Ring Cutting Tool Set Sorby RS230KT Swan Neck Hollowing Tool Sorby 980 Scissor Action Caliper Crown or Sorby Thread Chasers HCT 505 2060 1 2 Celtic Grind Bowl Gouge Hamet MH26 or MH17 Multi Handle Hamlet HCT141 Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper Hamlet HCT158 Deep Hollowing Tool Crown 242EW 1 2 Ellsworth Bowl Gouge 2561XW 1 Heavy Duty Round Nose Scraper Crown 2761 Beaver Hollowing Tool BCT 1 2 Supercut Universal Sorby 445 Fingernail Profiler Turning Green Wood Book Video Set Woodturner s Smock Monogrammed Woodturners 50 00 100 00 75 150 Taylor HS162 Supertip 2000 Taylor HS165 Ellsworth Bowl Gouge Taylor Kryo range bowl gouge Taylor HS4 Roughing Gouge Sorby 330H Spiralling System Hamlet HCT50X 2060 5 8 Bowl Gouge Hamlet HCT601 26 Big Brother System Crown DS Chinese Ball Tool Set BCT Versatool BCT Hollomate Model T Woodturner s Chuck Sorby 447 Deluxe Sharpening System Woodturners Over 100 00 Over 150 JSP Powercap IP Respirator Sorby RS2000 Deep Hollowing System ToolPost VersaChuck Woodworkers under 20 00 29 00 Pair of Skew Chisels Paring Chisel Straight or Cranked Corner Cleaning Chisel Crown 128 Multi Angle Square in brass Crown 116X Rosewood Brass Bevel Crown 154 Screwslide Mortise Gauge Crown Dovetail Squares Crown

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  • Customers
    I could get in the US that I was unsure I believe you get what you pay for I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package The tools I ordered where not something that Peter normally carried so he special ordered them for me Then Peter sent me a gift in the package because the shipment took longer then he expected I might add that I felt four weeks to receive the package from the UK was very reasonable on a special order I ordered a tool from a US company recently that was out of stock but should be arriving any day took longer then four weeks to get USA I have not thanked you for the gifts that you stick in with order so a great big thank you That sandpaper is a GOD send it works so good and lasts ten times longer than what I was using I will read the article and you have a every right to be proud of your business and the service that you give your customers you just don t find that anymore USA By the way I received the smock this morning and used it tonight truly marvelous and the smock was just what I had hoped for I am really impressed with both your site and your professional service You fulfill the dream of Internet Shopping Many thanks UK The respirator arrived safely and have charged one battery which works fine Many thanks for speedy service UK The initial sample order arrived in a good shape and all the mini planes work well Many thanks for speedy service Thanks Peter for the abrasives they were excellent I will certainly be giving you more orders in the future All arrived safely thanks for the quick turnaround I have now tried the Ekamant abrasive I think it is excellent One thing that I like about it is the way the paper is graded I find there is now no need to go to 400 or more Careful working through the Ekamant grades means that 320 is really quite enough Here is a promise I will be ordering more I am just a hobby turner so the amounts will not be big But I ll be there It is Wednesday here in Palau and I m all ready looking forward to the weekend The multi tip hollowing tool arrived today Any suggestions on technique Now that we know orders can be delivered from you to Palau I ll be back to your web site looking for those hard to find items Thanks for your help Good to have made your e acquaintance I think they are a GOD send I have not been able to find a decent cloth backed abrasive anywhere in the USA I am so pleased that I found you and your products I m sitting here looking at a large stack of bog oak in beautiful condition That s right it arrived this morning And I

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Contact_Us/Customers/customers.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Press Opinion
    recipient for handling the tax collection So my criterion for going shopping was that the store location had to be based in the UK I ll look at European locations on another occasion I started my search using a meta search engine called metacrawler www metacrawler com Meta search engines issue your search criteria to a number of standard search engines and collate the results My search words were UK Shop Woodturning This gave me the following sites Woodworking on the Web with Coeur du Bois www woodworking co uk Axminster Woodturning Craft Centre www axminster co uk Craft Supplies Limited www craft supplies co uk www axminster co uk Axminster were the biggest disappointment as while they do have products to buy on line they don t have any details of their comprehensive catalogue and only a selection of specials are available to be bought on line The Craft Supplies site felt as if it had a split personality You can peruse their highly detailed catalogue but when you want to buy you are taken to another part of their site Here products are referenced with cryptic part numbers and even more cryptic descriptions They still have some way to go before shopping on their site would be an enjoyable experience but with perseverance it s possible www craft supplies co uk The Coeur du Bois site provides a link to the ToolPost www toolpost co uk which seems to be run by the same organisation The ToolPost site is an interesting and highly informative site with very good integration with the selling side The biggest danger with this site is to your wallet By the time you have read a description of a tool and a short article on its use the temptation to put in your credit

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Contact_Us/Press_Opinion/press_opinion.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Other Products
    finding them The way to use this service is simply to drop us an e mail giving the details of what it is that you are seeking make model size etc if you wish to be specific simply the functional name of the tool if all you want are our recommendations and we ll get back to you with a price and availability It s as simple as that but don t forget to ensure that your return e mail address is given correctly so that we can reply Quite a few people are already using this service so we thought we had better be fair and make it available to all A final point of guidance as with all of the tools on this site we deal in high quality tools designed to give a lifetimes or several lifetime s service Please don t ask us to get you cheapskate brands or unbranded tools built to a price My father was a toolmaker and he left some pretty high standards behind when he died I attempt to maintain those standards by only supplying the best That doesn t exclude popular brands many of those are excellent but it does generally mean branded tools This is not an exhaustive list but typical brands which we handle include Antex pyrographs and soldering irons Arbortech woodcarvers Ashley Isles turning tools carving tools Carver rack clamps and bar clamps Chestnut Products woodfinishing products Clico planes wood bits spokeshaves router cutters Crown Tools chisels squares turning tools carving tools Hamlet Craft Tools edge tools for woodturning and woodworking Henry Taylor chisels carving chisels adzes slipstones Jacobs chucks Liberon dyes polishes finishing oils waxes Nobex mitre saws Record planes spokeshaves chisels vices anvils clamps a very long list Robert Sorby chisels carving gouges turning tools

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Contact_Us/Other_Products/other_products.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Example 1
    x 125 mm Previous example Next example 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented no liability can be accepted for errors in this information nor for contingencies arising therefrom If you are inexperienced in any aspect of

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  • Special Payments Secret Page
    nature of the payment E g Payment for two green widgets at 3 95 each Click the button below to add this payment as a basket item 1997 2006 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of Peter Hemsley Coeur du Bois and The ToolPost are trading styles of Peter Hemsley Whilst reasonable efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of information presented no liability can

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Dummy/Other_Payments/other_payments.htm (2016-04-28)
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  • CamVac Accessories
    shape and it will hold that position firmly The hose is terminated in an inlet funnel and extension sections are also available The hose fits directly into the 2 5 inch inlet of a Camvac extractor or it can be connected into a ducting system as shown here with my own example If your project calls for non standard lengths of 2 1 2 inch flexible hose then you may order this by the metre from the table below Note that the hose listed here is plain unterminated hose this will in general fit over the equivalent nominally sized fittings listed above If you require the hose to be terminated to fit into the port of the CamVac unit then please order the suggested end fitting from the list above Also note that there are alternative types of hose listed Hose is sold in 1 metre increments Ready made hose lengths complete with end fittings are listed above Description Qty Click to Order CamVac 2 5 inch black wire reinforced flexible hose 10 99 per metre CamVac 2 5 inch clear wire reinforced flexible hose 10 55 per metre Use end fitting type CVA250 23 100 to connect the above

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Health___Safety/Dust_Extraction/CamVac_Accessories/camvac_accessories.html (2016-04-28)
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