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  • Dust Extraction
    of using a chip extractor that the systems which pass the waste through the impeller have an irritating habit of blocking all too frequently I can honestly say that in two years I have only rarely experienced a blocked hose on my Camvac system and I use it for vacuuming out the workshop floor with all of its shavings too The machine that we feature above is the best selling Camvac CGV286W which is conveniently wall mounted as illustrated and will ably cope with the needs of the average small workshop I use mine to provide extraction to my lathe bandsaw and sander and building an efficient extraction system with the components available from Camvac is child s play rather like big boys Lego in fact High capacity floor mounted bin style models are also available and these are listed below the GV336 a typical example is illustrated right These larger units can be equipped with additional motors creating double and even triple motor systems of enormous suction capacity The filtration efficiency remains as excellent as the wall mounted model featured above with filtration through the triple stage system down to 0 5 micron particle size The toolkits and accessories listed above are also compatible with these machines A specification table comparing their various features is provided towards the end of this page Industrial users in particular should please note that the duty cycle should not exceed two hours on followed by at least twenty minutes off For accessories to help you pipe up a complete dust extraction system see the page entitled CamVac Accessories Please note that CamVac extractors are supplied without any hose as standard enabling you to contruct a system to meet your own specific requirements Camvac Specifications Model Drum Capacity Drum Dimensions ht x dia Weight

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  • Recommended Woodworking Books
    a look at the last years of specialist bowl turners prior to the modern era an overview of the creative method used to create a bowl on the pole lathe the work is rounded off by a comprehensive section of credits a bibliography and a proper index Having known Robin for a number of years I had been eagerly awaiting the publication of this work for a year or more I was able to purchase a copy at the launch and have been avidly reading it since I am not in the least bit disappointed And for the benefit of the cynics who are sure that all of this copy is pure unashamed sales guff I paid hard cash on the nose to get my copy and at the published price It was a bargain Take my advice don t miss this book Description Price Click to Buy The Wooden Bowl by Robin Wood 24 95 Woodturning A Foundation Course New Edition by Keith Rowley The late Keith Rowley was a fine man superb woodturner and thorough and patient teacher of the craft We are indeed very fortunate that he left us the legacy of the revised version of his much read how to book on the subject which he loved most Editing the revised edition of this excellent book was one of Keith s last efforts prior to his untimely death The original version of the book was a very well deserved best seller and set many a novice on the path to becoming an able and enthusiastic woodturner The new version builds on this foundation but reflects the more recent demands of his audience with the addition of full colour illustrations and photographs and a revised text which brings the book up to date Not that Keith s methods are anything but timeless the methods that he taught are as sound today as they were twenty years ago and they will remain sound for as long as men and women gain enjoyment from turning wood In my honest opinion and that of very many others with knowledge in the field this is the finest book on the teaching of woodturning that has been published Not flashy no gimmicks just sound information clear instruction and the calm reassuring voice of The Master in the background guiding the novice s steps This book guides the beginner from the very first steps into the forest edge through the equipment best read before you start spending sharpening the Laws of Woodturning Keith has been a copper in earlier life spindle turning faceplate bowl turning copy turning finishing and of course safety A truly comprehensive course in woodturning highly recommended as an ideal book for anyone needing to teach themselves to turn and as a reminder to those of use who feel we might have progressed beyond that stage A companion video is also available Description Price Click to Buy Woodturning A Foundation Course by Keith Rowley 16 95 Turning Green Wood by

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  • Recommended Woodworking Videos
    this sound advice is then put to good use through three projects a candlestick a pen and a bowl that show that this guy is no mean theorist If you are just getting started or if you fancy a refresher course before taking your next leap forward in the adventure which is woodturning then this DVD is well worth a look The Turn It Up boxed set of three DVDs show a range of projects including a maple coloured form a top hat turned in cherry a natural edge bowl in acacia burr a lidded burr box and a combination of skills demonstrated when adding a spun silver insert into a mallee burr turning But what makes these DVDs special is the extra curricula activities which Jimmy brings into the program a visit to the huge timber facility of Theo Nagel in Germany a feature on production turning in an English factory and the other side of Jimmy when he takes us for a round of golf to demonstrate how to make a golf tee These programs take the foundation work shown in his earlier videos a step further with ever more interesting demanding and stunning work The Turn It On boxed set again comprises three DVDs each complete in itself with a range of sections covering both projects and tec hniques as well as an insight into the broader aspects of a professional turner s life The Turnaround presentation covers spindle work tool sharpening end grain work box making and a superb demonstration of creating a stunning large diameter platter which he then colours beautifully For those who wonder I have Jimmy s word that the impressive apparently endless ribbon like shaving pictured flying off his gouge on the front cover of the T urnaround DVD is entirely genuine Having many times worked alongside Jimmy and watched his demonstrations in the flesh I have every reason to believe it is true Of course if he was a real turner he would have made it fly across the room in the shape of his signature obviously he was not concentrating that day Oh oh sorry Jimmy I ve just realised that IS your signature For my own part I like the fact that Jimmy uses WivaMac lathes and does an excellent job of showing what superb machines these are for serious turners and those with serious ambition And just to show that we can all fall prey to conceit I am most enthusiastic about Volume 1 of Turn It On because it includes footage of your truly at the WivaMac Open Doors event where Jimmy and I worked together Bask in the glow NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents Mike Mahoney Heirlooms Making Things That Last On the McNaughton Centre Saver From the Tree to the Table Bowl Basics Hollow Forms and Urns Workshop Two Guys Two Lathes Two Approaches with Stuart Batty If you have ever been privileged and I use that word quite knowingly and deliberately to see a demonstration by Mike Mahoney then you will know what the word accomplished truly means Not only is Mike a superb and skilled and left handed turner but is also an excellent presenter whose easy friendly supportive attitude shines through ever scene of these DVDs The most recent addition to this excellent line up of education on DVD is Heirlooms in which Mike affords the viewer a priviliged insight into his approach to turning bowls platters and containers This production covers all aspects from identifying and harvesting the timber rough turning drying and subsequent turning to the finished form These are products that find use in everyday life which is surely where our wooden artefacts should find their role They are likewise that are part of our shared history and culture Take a look at how a master approaches the subject and be inspired For anyone who owns or is thinking of buying a McNaughton Centre Saver Mike s production showing its safe and efficient use is a revelation If you own the tool you really need the video I thought I had been using the McNaughton system for long enough to know how to use it but Mike gave me so much food for thought and improved my use of the tool out of all recognition as well as taking all of the fear and trepidation out of the process Mike is above all a bowl turner indeed his email address is bowlturner so I guess we shouldn t be too surprised to find two excellent presentations of bowl maker s skills included in this series In Bowl Basics Mike covers all that one might need to know to create beautiful and functional vessels from wood He does so with the eloquent skill of someone who turns bowls by the thousand for Mike Mahoney is a production bowl turner and truly makes his living by creating beautifully turned objects that the public clamour to buy and does so at a rate and in a manner that supports himself and family There are turners who make their living by turning hollow forms and some of them seem to go out of their way to make it look difficult so that you are less tempted to challenge their skill one might suppose Mike Mahoney s approach is very different and in this Hollow Forms Urns Mike reveals all of his tricks and trade secrets enabling you to aspire to become a great turner of hollow forms too NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents Portrait of an Artist Series by Bernard Blain Katia TV These DVDs created by a skilled professional TV producer show how turned wooden objects or artefacts can easily rise to the status of high art What really strikes me about these DVDs is that they are inspirational as distinct from instructional For sure these are not

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  • Protective Clothing
    secured closed with adjustable Velcro and a Velcro patch is provided to hold the collar in the open position when required Because we know that stand up collars can be wearing when worn for a long period the ProDesign collar is lined with a smooth fabric which is soft against the skin and the collar is padded for comfort We re interest in the detail too so we ve equipped the smock with real leather elbow patches that are also washable along with the garment We ve even included a stout hanging loop not inside the collar where it can irritate the neck but on the outside rear so that when the smock is hanging on the peg it can be wrapped closed to keep all of the airborne ambient dust out of it That s attention to detail Although the fabric is pre shrunk we would recommend a cool wash cycle as this is real cotton and may well shrink further if washed at a high temperature Since these products bear our own name on a neat embroidered leather patch at the rear of the collar we have spent a lot of time and taken the views of many many woodturners before settling on a design We believe that it is the best we can conceive today at an affordable price but don t be surprised if we manage to refine it further in the future We ll be working hard to ensure that this remains as we believe that it is today the best woodturning smock on the market The illustration below highlights some of these unique features Great value too at only 30 00 each VAT at current rate will be added to the final invoice for EU retail customers only Join the smart set and follow these four simple steps to place your order now 1 Select chest size We suggest that you order the size of suit jacket you would normally buy for a snug fit Allow extra if you wear a sweater in the workshop OPTION As a special service through The ToolPost you can have your initials or your company name whatever words you fancy in fact embroidered on the left breast in either a block style or elegant script for only 8 00 extra plus VAT for customers in the EU only NB This service extends delivery by approximately two weeks 2 OPTION Select embroidery style 3 OPTION Enter embroidery needs here 4 Click to place your order 32 inch 34 inch 36 inch 38 inch 40 inch 42 inch 44 inch 46 inch 48 inch 50 inch 54 inch 58 inch Logo in script style Script Block None Our standard embroidery colour is blue matching the embroidery on the garment logo If you have special needs please make a note in the Additional Information section of the Customer Details page and we will do our best to comply Non standard colours may incur an additional charge we will advise ProDesign Joiner

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  • CarterToolworks
    sharp throughout As a fellow turner said to me when I first used this tool it was the sharpest gouge I had ever used after using it for three days it is still the sharpest gouge I have ever used and he was a highly skilled turner of long experience and demanding standards The handles fitted to these superior and generously long blades are sculpted from solid billets of aircraft grade aluminium to a perfectly balanced hand fitting form adorned with a double ring of refined knurling to give a great tactile feel and fitted with two set screws which enable the blades to be securely locked in place And these people are so justifiably proud of what they achieve they sign every one with their company name engraved in beautiful script right down the handle The attention to detail of Carter Son Toolworks is such that the blades bear milled flats to correspond precisely with the lockscrew positions so that there is no chance of raising a burr on the shaft when locking the screws down A nice touch after nice touch after We offer both bowl and spindle gouges from Carter and Son the bowl gouges being ground with a Celtic grind Because these gouges are manufactured across the pond in the US of A their sizing is based on US practice where folk mean what they say Hence a 3 8 Carter gouge measures 3 8 diameter regardless of whether it is a bowl gouge or a spindle gouge likewise 1 2 Carter tools are made from 1 2 bar and you ve guessed it the 5 8 tools are made from 5 8 bar Wouldn t it be easier if we all used that system UK are you listening Carter Sons Bowl Spindle Gouges Carter Sons

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  • German Finishes
    the Magic Dragon is one of your friends then this may work to stop his joints creaking or even to prolong his life D M also from Germany provide a range of finishing products that address areas of finishing perhaps not well covered by other products Foremost is an excellent polymeric Pen Finish which is easy to apply involves no magic potions satanic rites or other antics but is simply wiped on to the rotating wooden pen components to create a lustrous hard wearing finish in seconds The dry finish max 10 minutes drying time resists sweat scratching impact and abrasion and is both water and UV resistant Being crystal clear it will not alter the colour of the underlying timber A more glossy finish can be achieved by building multiple coats if required Most turners have from time to time tried to turn timber which is past its best usually because there is some figuring usually spalting in the timber that is just too good to miss Equally most of us have discovered what a disappointment such escapades can turn out to be D M produce a possible solution Wood Hardener which soaks into the timber dries and leaves a firmer surface which cuts more cleanly than rotted punky old timber It is also a sanding sealer being spirit based and can be used as such The hardener is applied liberally to the timber using a paintbrush and allowed to dry for ten to twenty minutes dependent upon absorbency of the timber after which it can be cut as normal with sharp tools or sanded Carnauba wax is a favourite finish for many turners but we are usually familiar with applying it as a solid bar rubbed onto the rotating timber or maybe as the final coat in a

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  • Adhesives
    of other excellent adhesive products that come well recommended The flexible superglue listed below is excellent for use on repair and assembly jobs where the workpiece may be subject to vibration or a degree of flexure Unlike conventional superglues this one does not cure to a brittle glassy consistency but it certainly sticks like superglue For the general joinery trade Gorilla Wood Glue has been introduced providing a strong waterproof bond between both hardwoods and softwoods Non toxic and resistant to solvents and mildew attack Gorilla Wood glue is a very practical solution for a range of household repair and building projects Excess glue can be cleaned up using water before the glue starts to cure Creates a strong tack in around 20 minutes clamp time and develops full bond strength in 24 hours Finally there s the maid of all work duct tape NB not Duck Tape it was originally developed for sealing ducts not securing ducks Being by Gorilla this one is a super tape capable of securing almost anything inside or out It will bond to brick plaster and rough timber thanks to its extra thick glue layer that fills the gaps on rough surfaces The reinforced backing gives the product real structural strength under tension loads Available in a choice of widths and roll lengths the Ultimate Duct Tape Titebond Glues The Titebond range of adhesives has long been firm and well deserved favourite in the US market What a pity they can t spell as well as they make adhesives The range covers most of the well known and well tried glue formulations plus some rather special products proprietary to the company What follow is a brief summary of the range available from the ToolPost Titebond Polyurethane Liquid Glue is a brown liquid glue which dries yellow and features a very useful combination of long open time 20 minutes to allow workpiece positioning combined with a very short 45 minute clamp time Excess glue can be sanded when dry or removed with spirit solvent when still wet Joints must be clamped during initial cure This versatile adhesive will bond metals ceramics many plastics Corian TM stone and other materials as well as wood Aliphatic resin adhesives are ideal for gluing wood hardboard chipboard MDF and OSB Titebond Original Wood Glue is an aliphatic resin glue which creates a bond stronger than the timber itself Excess glue can be removed with a damp cloth prior to cure May be applied to large surfaces using a roller or brush Initial tack is strong and curing is fast this makes it ideal for joints where parts need to be tacked in place as soon as their surfaces touch PVA glue is well known in many woodworking applications and Titebond II Premium Wood Glue is an excellent and economic example of the type This is a waterproof version of this adhesive type offering strong initial tack 5 mins and fast cure 15 min assembly time It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use though it should not be used in conditions of continuous submersion in water Excess glue is easily cleaned up with a damp cloth prior to cure Anything called Ultimate is giving itself a lot to live up to That hasn t stopped Titebond giving that moniker to their Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue The formulation is a proprietary matter but it creates a strong non toxic solvent free adhesive that is approved by the FDA in the US for use in indirect food contact for instance in chopping boards The glue features fast tack 10 minute open time and rapid cure 30 minutes total assembly time Although waterproof but not for continuous immersion the glue cleans up with a damp cloth when wet Finally if you need an adhesive that creates a less visible glue line on darker timbers there is Titebond Dark Wood Glue Basically this is a dyed version of Titebond II Wood Glue with similar characteristics but marginally reduced mechanical properties in the cured joint Urea Formaldehyde Powder Resin Glue Back in the days when I built boats this was one of our favourite adhesives Low cost easy to mix and use high strength water resistant and with low creep it really is a good adhesive for joinery that goes beyond DIY in my opinion If you are into laminating timber then this is an excellent adhesive to use PVA Aliphatic resin and similar polymer adhesives are no good for this application as they allow the timber to creep under load eventually your bent wood furniture becomes a stack of laths A degree of care is required in use so do read and follow the H S advice on the pack but I still rate this as a good all round high strength adhesive If you fondly remember Cascamite and are bemused by what marketing genius decided to re christen it Extramite then you may be interested to know that those excellent adhesives albeit no longer with us I believe were urea formaldehyde preparations just like the one listed here PVA Wood Glues Modern PVA glue white glue is strong simple effective and dries transparently Excess glue is easily removed with a damp cloth before drying PVA is an acronym for Poly Vinyl Acetate the basis of these very versatile glues We offer a choice of glues of this type to suit different types of work Bison Super Wood D3 is a waterproof PVA which can be used on parts which are subject to water immersion and thus is suitable for both external and internal use especially in damp humid places such as kitchens and bathrooms The open time is about 3 minutes giving ample time to align parts which should then be clamped together for 30 60 minutes to allow initial curing to take place The resultant joint made according to the directions supplied with the product is stronger than the timber which it bonds Supplied in handy 75 g 250 g

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  • Power_Carving
    always be worn Ball Nose Burrs on 1 8 shank Left 1 8 fine and coarse right 1 4 fine and coarse Bud shaped burr on 1 8 shank Left 1 4 coarse burr shown Standard Cylinder Burrs on 1 8 shank Left 1 8 fine and coarse right 1 4 fine and coarse NB the grit also covers the end of these burrs Safe End Cylinder Burrs on 1 8 shank Left 1 8 fine and coarse right 1 4 fine and coarse NB the end of these burrs are not covered by the grit they are bald on top Flame shaped burrs on 1 8 shank From left 1 4 diameter burr in fine and coarse grits and 3 8 diameter burr in fine yellow grit Rotosaws on 1 8 shank Left 1 4 dia fine and coarse right 5 8 dia fine and coarse Sphere burrs on 1 8 shank Left are shown the 1 4 dia fine and coarse burrs also available but not shown are 3 8 dia spheres in fine and coarse Taper Burrs on 1 8 shank Left 1 8 fine and coarse right 1 4 fine and coarse Ball Nose burrs on 1 4 shank Left is shown the 1 4 dia fine burr and right the 1 2 dia fine and coarse burrs Also available but not shown is the 1 4 dia coarse ball nose burr Cylinder burrs on 1 4 shank From left 1 4 dia coarse 1 2 dia fine and coarse and 3 4 diameter fine and coarse burrs Also available but not shown is the 1 4 dia fine cylinder burr Safe End Cylinder burrs on 1 4 shank From left 1 4 dia fine and coarse 1 2 dia fine and coarse and 3 4 diameter fine and coarse burrs these burrs have no grit on the top as photographed or end face of the burr Flame burrs on 1 4 shank From left 1 4 dia fine coarse 1 2 dia fine and 3 4 diameter fine and coarse burrs Also available but not shown is the 3 4 dia coarse flame burr Sphere burrs on 1 4 shank Left 1 2 dia fine burr Right 1 2 dia coarse burr Rotosaw burrs on 1 4 shank Left 1 dia fine burr Right 1 dia coarse burr Taper burrs on 1 4 shank From left 1 4 dia coarse 1 2 dia fine coarse and 3 4 diameter fine burrs A 1 4 diameter fine burr is also available A particularly useful shape for producing concave shapes such as bowls 2 dia Donut Wheels from left in fine coarse and extra coarse orange grades Use with Proxxon Arbortech and similar small angle grinder carving tools Donut wheel bores are 3 8 2 dia Flat Face Wheels available in fine yellow and coarse green versions Good on convex surfaces and flat faces Use with Proxxon Arbortech and similar small angle grinder carving tools Flat wheel

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