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  • Proxxon
    such as clamps drill stand etc available from Proxxon In its standard form the drill is supplied complete with 43 tooling items including twist drills grinding points sanding drums a wire brush buffing mops and a selection of slitting discs These items all mount in the precision three jaw chuck 0 3 3 2 mm capacity provided with the drill The drill may also be fitted with collets in lieu of the supplied standard chuck by purchasing product reference 28940 Where absolute precision is a must the Professional IB E drill grinder is the obvious choice This fine tool has a 240 volt drive system specification similar to that of the FBS 240E but the all important bearing assembly is mounted in a robust die cast aluminium nose piece incorporating the 20 mm collar which provides the interface to the range of accessory products To maintain critical accuracy this drill is fitted as standard with the high precision hardened collet system with collets sized 1 0 1 5 2 0 2 4 3 0 and 3 2 mm to suit the shafts of the generally available micro tooling Compare this collect specification with the un hardened aluminium versions supplied with so many of the lesser tools on the market and you will start to appreciate the value of quality This drill is supplied with 34 assorted cutting buffing drilling and grinding accessories in a plastic carrying case Drilling Grinding Cutting Sanding Accessories To ensure the best performance from your Proxxon tool it makes sense to use it in combination with the high quality tooling supplied by Proxxon for the purpose The list below shows the most popular items from the extensive range of cutters drills mops brushes etc available from Proxxon Also see DuraGRIT Angle Grinder PowerCarver Accessories Although originally conceived as a general purpose angle grinder the LWS Long Neck Grinder another fine tool from Proxxon has been taken to the hearts of woodturners everywhere for use as a surface texturing tool Equipped with the 29050 circular rasp or a 2 diameter 50mm toothed cutter such as the Arbortech mini cutting blade or Saburr Donut Flat Face or Mortimer Bine Cutting Discs this fine tool can take turned work a league beyond the ordinary for relatively little extra effort Similarly equipped it performs as an ideal power carving tool capable of intricate shaping as well as bulk stock removal especially when using the Saburr wheels Of course care is needed when using any power tool in combination with work which may also be rotating on the lathe but the light and manoeuvrable LWS is a whole lot safer and easier to use in this manner than a full size angle grinder could ever be Of course the tool performs very well as a normal angle grinder too for sanding and polishing but I can t help my prejudices and interests showing through For carvers abd turners and those who combine both skills this is a superb tool Reciprocating Power

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  • MunroTool
    can fill in the blank whereas bowl gouges are what you normally need for bowl turning Horses for courses no bad thing The Munro system has been extended and enhanced over the years so that it now comprises both the original though modified large system with its 12 mm cutter to which has now been added shear scraper heads for the ultimate in hollowing versatility The picture for complete tools is completed by the unhandled variants of the standard tools Along with those go the various spare cutters and blades the sharpening jig and various spare and extension components We have tried to append descriptions that enable you to identify the parts you might need if you already own a Rolly tools and are looking for spares If you are buying your first Rolly tool a good decision the picture is simpler choose the tool choose the size choose handled or unhandled and press the button The table below lists the models and parts which we normally stock for the Rolly Munro tool family Model names and numbers are often confusing so here are some identification notes to help you decide exactly which tool or component you need 1 The Mini Hollower used an 8mm diameter cutter and was supplied as standard with a 1 2 shaft though 5 8 heavy duty options are available Production of this version of the tool has now ceased but we still have some unhandled HD systems available as listed below 2 The Mega Hollower the original Rolly tool like the Mega 2 uses a 12mm diameter cutter and is supplied as standard with a 5 8 shaft 3 The cutter for the original Mega tools had a tapped hole in it for the securing socket capscrew which passed up through a plain drilled

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  • HunterTool
    tools is non existent since there is no flute the shavings flow freely from the cutter with no restriction in any direction The Osprey is a majestic highly skilled yet elegant bird of prey it seems only fitting that these brilliantly conceived highly versatile and superbly executed tools should be named in tribute to such a fitting role model Hercules Mini Hercules The very name Hercules gives a hint of what to expect from this mighty tool and its smaller brother Built around sturdy square section shanks giving easy orientation on the toolrest these tools are robust enough to be put to almost any task Whether you are roughing bowl hollowing deep hollowing or even spindle turning you will find that these guys are the business The Mini Hercules has also found favour among the pen turning fraternity as a universal roughing to finishing tool and if your pen turning includes super tough acrylics and polyesters stone impregnated and metallised materials then this is one of the few tools that will make an impression Fabulously versatile and deceptively easy to use this is probably the definitive point and shoot woodturning tool Hunter 3 Hollowers Suitable for hollowing in more modest pots hollow forms and boxes the Hunter 3 Hollowers features 10 mm diameter diamond finish carbide cutters on 3 8 diameter shanks The relatively large cutter ensures that smooth surfaces are generated when cutting whilst an overall diameter of only marginally over 10mm means that the access hole to your hollow forms can be very small indeed The swan neck tool has the cutter set at a shear angle to improve peformance on sidewalls and under shoulders the straight tool can be used slightly rotated to give a similar functionality The reach of the straight tool is approximately 110mm and that of the swan neck approximately 130mm These are rewarding and easy tools to handle very suitable for a first foray into the use of carbide tipped woodturning tools Jimmy Clewes Design 5 Hunter Tool When internationally well respected woodturner teacher and demonstrator Jimmy Clewes first experienced Mike Hunter s style of carbide tipped tooling he knew that he was witnessing the birth of a great product line and getting a tantalising glimpse of the future So mmuch so that he worked with Mike to develop the Hunter 5 one of thje most versatile tools you ll ever use With its sturdy 5 8 diameter tapered round shaft the tool can be set up to shear cut to left or right takes deep hollow forms superbly in its long and strong stride and yet is sufficiently agile to make it a delight when turning bowls and or creating in turned rims and undercuts with a delicate touch giving an excellent surface finish By reducing the shear angle slightly the tool becomes increasingly aggressive at which stage it can be used for heavier roughing cuts in real wood shovel style This is a tool almost as versatile as Jimmy himself Mark

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  • VersaChuck
    mounted to rear of the chuck using three M8 socket head capscrews supplied as is a suitable hex key The backplates incorporate a series of 24 equally positioned holes around the periphery enabling the backplate and chuck to be used as part of an indexing system The backplates are interchangeable and are available separately enabling the chuck to be modified to suit an alternative lathe for instance when upgrading If you require a replacement backplate after changing your lathe etc any of the listed standard backplates may be purchase separately These backplates also fit the Axminster Super Precision chuck There are two special backplates shown here which are designed to enable you have a backplate threaded to match a spindle not covered by our standard range Most towns have an engineering shop where such a thread can be machined or maybe you know a model engineer or similar with an engineering lathe who can do the job for you The reason for having the thread cut in your own locality is that such backplates need to be test fitted onto the spindle onto which they should fit snugly The difference between the two backplates is that one is a slim type generally suitable for threads up to around 1 1 8 diameter whilst the HD pattern is much deeper from front to rear face to enable larger spindle threads to be accommodated Note that the backplate should be held by the shallow chuck register during screwcutting to ensure accuracy after mounting Versachuck Mounting Jaws a k a Jaw Carriers Jaw Slides etc Normally at least one set of Mounting Jaws is required and must be ordered specifically These are chosen from five styles each designed for use with a different type of accessory jaw i e with accessory jaws from different chuck manufacturers The following types are available Mounting jaws compatible with Versachuck jaws AND accessory jaws produced by Axminster Power Tool Centre for their Super Precision Clubman formerly Woodturner s and former Carlton chucks Mounting jaws compatible with accessory jaws for the Nova and or SuperNova chucks These jaws also work with Sorby Patriot jaws Mounting jaws compatible with accessory jaws produced by OneWay Manufacturing for use with their OneWay and Talon chucks NB Accessory jaws designed for use with the Stronghold chuck will not fit these mounting jaws Mounting jaws compatible with accessory jaws produced by VicMarc for use with their VM100 and VM90 scroll chucks NB Jaws designed for use with theVM120 and VM140 chucks will NOT fit these mounting jaws Note that the Record RP4000 chuck is identical to the VM100 so its jaws will fit these mounting jaws We understand though we have not tested that the same is true of the Charnwood W836 chuck and the Rutlands Dakota XT700 Mounting jaws compatible with accessory jaws produced by MultiStar for use with their Titan compact scroll chuck NB The jaws for the Multistar Duplex chuck do not have a conventional mounting surface and these are

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  • Sorby_Jigs
    producing an even and consistent fingernail grind on spindle and bowl gouges Fully adjustable to enable both long and short profiles to be achieved and easily reset to pre determined positions to make regrinds consistent The clamp system will accept gouges ranging in diameter from 1 4 6mm to 3 4 20mm 446 Universal Sharpening System A large robust platform assembly of all steel construction Features captive spanners to lock the height and angle of the platform Also includes an angle finder to aid in setting up at the correct angle for the tool s bevel angle 447 Deluxe Universal Sharpening System A combination of the two devices detailed above The fingernail profiler can be dropped back or the arm removed completely to give clear access to the flat platform for square on grinding NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided see Cashier page ProEdge Sharpening System is a revolutionary sharpening system introduced by Robert Sorby In fact the concept is far from new as the ProEdge largely replicates the tool sharpening system which has evolved in the Robert Sorby factory over many many years This compact system is now available to woodworkers whether operating in a large workshop or small shed Central to the ProEdge is an abrasive belt which is a quick and efficient method of putting a keen edge on each and every tool The cool running belt avoids any overheating The ProEdge comes complete with aluminium oxide and zirconium belts with a selection of sizes in those materials and ceramic also available The system comes with an angle setter which allows the user to accurately locate most of the common sharpening angles required by woodworkers However the user can easily set his own angle if he wishes to move away from any of these common pre set angles 15 20 25 30 35 45 60 80 and 90 degrees The angle setter ensures that the same angle can be achieved accurately time after time There is no complex setting up involved In fact the ProEdge can be used straight out of the box The ProEdge can be used to sharpen carving tools bench chisels framing chisels turning tools plane irons router bits garden tools and more There are additional attachments to help the turner overcome sharpening difficulties with skew chisels standard and fingernail profile gouges As optional extras honing wheels and buffing mops may be added to give the ProEdge even greater versatility There are two models The ProEdge ref PE01A comes complete with aluminium oxide and zirconium belts handle most jobs The ProEdge Plus ref PED01A also includes a number of further accessories of especial value to the woodturner a skew chisel jig a fingernail gouge profiler and a standard gouge jig The skew chisel jig fingernail and standard gouge jigs may also be used along with an attachment table 447JAT to the Robert Sorby Sharpening

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  • Grinding Wheels
    Donnell Ruby Grinding Wheels for High Speed Grinders For the ultimate edge why not re equip your grinder with the ultimate grinding wheel Most turners today realise that sharpening their High Speed Steel HSS as sold on this site tools on a traditional grey grinding wheel is asking for trouble with shortened tool life and an overheated cutting edge The newer breed of Aluminium Oxide wheels often known as white wheels for obvious reasons have been the favoured solution to this problem for some years now These wheels give improved results with HSS tools because their grit is sharper than that of the older style grey wheels A further step forward was taken when sharpening guru and innovative turner Mick O Donnell came up with the ultimate fast cool cutting Ruby grinding wheels These wheels are sharper than either grey white or even pink aluminium oxide wheels and keep their shape better than any of these including white wheels But see the notes on our blue ceramic wheels below Sharper grains mean faster cutting faster cutting means less heat build up reducing the risk of drawing the temper of the steel and giving a really fine edge to all of your tools Don t you and your tools deserve the best These wheels are selectively available in 6 and 8 diameters 3 4 1 or 40 mm 6 only width and in a choice of grits For initial heavy tool shaping a coarser 46 grit wheel is recommended whilst for routine sharpening and maintenance of a fine edge an 80 grit version is available Perhaps you should show how sharp you really are when presented with an opportunity like this why not fit one of each 46 grit and 80 grit if you have a double ended grinder and enjoy the best of both worlds Note the availability of 40 mm wheels to replace the white wheels used on some Creusen grinders we supply these in the 80 grit ruby version only as this gives a similar edge characteristic to the 100 grit white AlOx wheel fitted as original equipment by Creusen In all other respects the ruby wheel will be found to be superior to the white wheel We also supply the special depressed centre wheels which allow you to upgrade a 3 4 grinder to 1 wheels Get Sharp Get on the Edge Get Ruby Wheels Size Grit Price 6 150mm x 3 4 19mm 46 and 80 grit 15 80 6 150mm x 1 25mm 46 and 80 grit 18 60 6 150mm x 1 25mm with recessed centres to fit in place of 3 4 wheels Check clearance available If ordering these wheels to fit in place of 3 4 wheels it is essential to ensure the guards of your grinder have 1 8 3 5mm clearance each side of the wheel 46 and 80 grit 20 40 6 150mm x 40 mm to fit Creusen grinders 80 grit only 21 51 8 203 mm x

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  • BeallBuff
    a fully configured kit with mounting hardware and polishing compounds as for the 8 kit above These smaller wheels can usefully be used to augment an existing set of 8 inch wheels These 4 inch wheels perform best at higher rotational speed than the 8 inch versions around 2850 to 3000 rev min being an acceptable speed For serious work with bowls platters and other full size pieces we strongly recommend the use of the 8 system The Beall Bowl Buffs in 3 sizes For smaller work such as small bowls goblets boxes etc an additional kit is available comprising three further buffing wheels In fact there are three sizes of these Bowl Buff kits available 2 inch 3 inch or 4 inch to suit a wide range of work each containing three wheels As supplied these kits are conceived as add ons for owners of Wood Buff kits However by purchasing the Combination Adaptor the buffing compounds wax and optionally a Morse taper mounting mandrel these kits can be used independently The bowl mops supplied in these kits are marked to ensure that they are always used with the correct compounds and they feature the same specifically formulated construction as noted for the Wood Buffs above The mops are dome shaped as can be seen in the photograph above so that they can be used directly into the bottom of bowls and goblets The bowl mops should be used at higher speeds than the Wood Buffs in view of their smaller diameter As with all such operations it is the peripheral speed that is important not the rotational speed See usage notes below Wood and Bowl Buff Usage Notes Since its introduction the Wood Buff kit has gained a multitude of admirers particularly among turning enthusiasts Its ease of use coupled with its beauty make it a particularly elegant solution to many finishing dilemmas The 8 Wood Buff may be attached to a 1725 r p m stationary motor a wood lathe or a multi purpose workshop tool And although it was designed to polish smaller items it can be adapted to large surfaces such as tabletops by powering it with a variable speed sander polisher unit of the type used for vehicle refinishing The kit includes a Combination 1 2 5 8 Adaptor one end of which attaches to your motor shaft where it is held in place by set screws The other end is internally threaded to accept the bolts installed in the centre of each buffing wheel to enable you to change wheels quickly during the buffing process The Wood Buff is designed to be used with a 1 3 hp or more 1725 motor This should be sufficient for most buffing tasks larger items or a more vigorous buffing style may call for 1 2 hp The 3 000 r p m of many grinder motors will be too fast for the 8 wheels sold with the Wood Buff but would work well for buffing

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  • Kelton
    current sizes of centre saving blades Combined set 3 curved blades plus one straight blade from the Standard set AND 2 curved blades plus one straight blade from the large set with the five pin gate described above Because this system is so flexible in terms of the size and shape of core that can be taken with any particular blade it is difficult to specify any sort of exact size range for each set The following guidelines whilst by no means absolute may help The Micro system has been designed to cater for those who work in valuable tropical and exotic timbers and whose work is probably in a size range from 4 to 8 diameter If you typically work with blanks in the size range 6 100 mm to 10 250 mm diameter then the Small set will probably fulfill your needs For work in the 8 to 14 200 mm to 350 mm range then I would opt for the Standard system If you routinely handle work in the 10 to 18 250mm to 450 mm diameter range then the Large set is for you Note that additonal blades may be purchased to extend the range of your basic set up or down and that there is considerable overlap between the sizes of cores that can be taken with the different sets Please note that the system is supplied with a 1 diameter toolpost stem Other sizes are available as accessories as listed below Spare toolposts are listed below and this list indicates the toolpost sizes available Whilst the centre saver is not a difficult tool for the competent user to master it is certainly different from most normal turning tools We found the excellent DVD produced by Mike Mahoney on the Centre Saver to be a great way of learning to get the best from the Kelton tool There are hints and tips here that you might spend a lifetime discovering otherwise A second DVD is available created by Reed Gray which takes a somewhat broader and very personal view of the McNaughton Centre Saver system This includes the use of the laser guide accessory available as an option and some tips on disaster recovery Again a very useful adjunct to ownership of the McNaughton system Kelton Tool Handles Kelton Tool Handles The wide range of specialist woodturning tools developed by New Zealand based professional woodturner Kel McNaughton share a common basis the Kelton handle system Choose from a range of rigid comfortable easy grip handles with a choice of capacities or the superb Ultimate Handle which offers the flexibility to fit just about any interchangeable tool through its ferrule and sleeve collett system NB All handles will equally accept imperial or closest metric size tools i e 5 16 8 mm 3 8 10 mm ½ 13 mm 5 8 16 mm ¾ 20 mm The second range of Kelton handles are the ER collett handles which utilise the readily available standard ER series engineering

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