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  • BCT Intro
    assembly in the picture is complete in itself The alternate head the upper one in the above picture is shared between all versions of the Supercut II and the Versatool II The various cutting tips shown to the left of the head are simply inserted into the head to convert from one type of cutting system to the others The following descriptions for simplicity describe the features of each tool version as a stand alone tool but please bear in mind that it is possible to convert any one of these tools to any other in the family as shown in the list of accessories further down this page The dimensions of the tools are shown in the lower image above Please note that although the photograph here shows the tool with a handle fitted the tools are also avaiable without handle so that you can mount the shaft in a system handle of your choice The diameter of the section of tool which mounts into the tool handle is 1 2 12 7mm Further details of each of the tools appears on its own page accessed trhough the navigation buttons at the head of this page and in the

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  • Hamlet Tools
    styles The range of tools produced by Hamlet Craft Tools is presented over a number of pages as follows Hamlet Multi Handle system including the Nikos Siragas deep hollowing and scraper system Big Brother Little Brother and Little Sister and a range of interchangeable blades suitable for most turning applications A range of Turning Tools in M2 High Speed Steel as detailed below Hamlet Craft Tools M2 HSS Turning Tools Range Although Hamlet Craft Tools were first brought to our notice because of their excellent range of bowl gouges in high performance ASP steels sadly no longer available they also produce a fine range of well finished turning tools in M2 High Speed Steel normal HSS which represent excellent value for money These are listed below according to type as follows Roughing Gouges Spindle Gouges Bowl Gouges Parting Tools Beading Parting Tools Skew chisels oval rectangular and rolled edge types Scrapers but see also Heavy Duty Scrapers and Multi scrapers Bedan Ring Tools Bead Forming Captive Ring Tools Square section Hollowing Tools Wedge Tools Tri Point Tools Heavy Duty Scrapers Multi tip Scrapers Masterflute Bowl Gouges Detail Spindle Gouges Long Strong Detail Spindle Gouges Deep Hollowing Tools Shell Augers Mushroom and Hook Scrapers Burnisher for scraper sharpening Signature Tools from Dale Nish Mike Mahoney Tracy Owen others It is a happy fact that woodturners are generally very open about their tools and techniques and are ready to share their methods with others from which we all benefit Several of our best known professional colleagues have worked with Hamlet to develop tools which emulate their own tool preferences so that anyone can take advantage of this development work In this section you ll find interesting tools from the minds of Tracy Owen Glenn Lucas Mike Mahoney Dale Nish Alan Lacer The

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  • Crown Tools
    a PM suffix on their part numbers and highlighted on the relevant product pages This steel exhibits remarkably good edge retention properties making the interval between sharpenings far longer than is the case with standard high speed steel tools The Crown Hand Tools woodturning tools shown below are listed grouped by type as follows Crown Revolution Hollowing Spiraling Texturing tools Bowl Gouges Spindle Gouges Wedge Coving Tools Roughing Gouges Parting

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  • Turning_Sets
    decided that The ToolPost would break the mould and devise a relevant solution That solution is the CompacTool set of six short turning tools which we have specifically designed to make turning easier and more successful on a smaller lathe These tools are manufactured exclusively for us by Hamlet Craft Tools in Sheffield UK in M2 High Speed Steel HSS in common with other good turning tools There are no compromises here simply a willingness to identify and resolve a commonplace problem that the rest of the world seems happy to ignore These are not toy tools they are more compact versions of the full size tools with which you may be familiar and are equipped with suitably proportioned handles This unique set comprises 1 2 Roughing Gouge 3 8 Spindle Gouge 3 8 Bowl Gouge 1 16 Narrow Parting Tool with modified tip geometry 1 2 Rolled Edge Skew Chisel 1 x 1 4 Bowl Scraper For the absolute beginner especially if the budget is tight there may be a justification to purchase a carefully selected collection of tools and certainly many folk prefer to give a gift in a pretty box than one that is necessarily the best considered So o o o o o I have relented a little and selected a couple of tool sets from two of the better known manufacturers both of which represent good value for money I have then taken the step beyond and have pleasure in presenting the ToolPost s very own Journeyman selection of woodturning tools Why Journeyman Because in the good old days when most artisans lived at starvation level the next stage of a craftsman s life after completing his apprenticeship was to go out into the world as a Journeyman travelling the country even the world working for different Masters and absorbing all he could of their craft and art before returning home and if he was lucky setting up as a Master tradesman himself What I have tried to accomplish is a selection of tools that will remain with the aspirant turner for as long as he turns barring loss theft or errant behaviour Each and every one of these tools is going to be as useful today as it will the last day you ever turn anything in wood they are both basic and eternal They are not selected on price but solely on the grounds of usefulness I still have every one of these tools in my toolbox today and they form the core of my turning armoury The contents of this veritable Pandora s box The ToolPost Journeyman Turning Tool Set are HCT065 1 1 4 Roughing Gouge with 14 Ash handle HCT068 3 8 Spindle Gouge round bar with 10 Ash handle HCT083 3 8 Bowl Gouge with 14 Ash handle HCT092 3 16 Diamond Parting Tool with 10 Ash handle HCT100 1 2 Rectangular Skew Chisel with 10 Ash handle HCT142 1 x 3 8 Heavy Duty Bowl Scraper with 14

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  • Bowl Gouges
    tools such as those with titanium nitride coatings the performance is maintained throughout the life of the tool and can never get worn away Kryo treatment improves the strength hardness and wear resistance characteristics throughout the tool The tools can be recognised by their distinctive gold coloured flume on the blade and the Kryo logo label on the handle The real test is to try one then you will know you have a tool of exceptional performance Click on this icon to view an enlarged photo in a separate browser window Traditional Bowl Gouges We are pleased to offer traditionally shaped gouges from both Henry Taylor and Robert Sorby These are supplied with a square across grind and both manufacturers grind their tools from solid High Speed Steel HSS bar stock producing very stiff robust tools The Taylor versions feature a U shaped flute with almost vertical sides giving a high bending stiffness giving rise to their name of Long and Strong L S gouges whilst Sorby favour a slightly more open flute design which could be claimed to give improved chip clearance Henry Taylor L Robert Sorby R NB Sorby gouges marked part number 842XLH feature a longer handle length of 17 in lieu of the normal 14 Taylor tools have 9 5 HS39 40 and 11 5 HS55 handles Don t miss the further selections of bowl gouges in the Hamlet Tools and Crown sections Fingernail O Donnell Celtic Grind Gouges Most bowl gouges are delivered ground to a traditional square across profile in plan and a bevel angle of between 40 and 45 degrees However there is a school of practice led by some of our most prolific production turners who favour a longer side wing as originally devised by Mick O Donnell and subsequently refined by Mick and others such as Liam O Neill whose version is sometimes referred to as the Irish Grind Robert Sorby are supplying a limited range of bowl gouges featuring a modest form of this grind and turners new to this style may find that this helps them get used to the grinding action required to produce the form for themselves Henry Taylor have taken one of their Superflute bowl gouges and given this a more radical form of the grind with the wing corners ground well back from the tip almost blending into the flute But beware this very effective grind does require a rather different technique from those used with traditional grinds but it is very good for removing large amounts of material very quickly Also see Hamlet Gouges page and a useful sharpening jig NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Superflute Bowl Gouges The Superflute bowl gouge produced by Henry Taylor Tools was developed as a result of collaboration with one of the pioneers of modern turning Peter Child and may be considered as the Rolls Royce

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  • Spindle Gouges
    view an enlarged photo in a separate browser window Spindle Gouges Machined These are gouges machined from bar stock and used for most types of spindle work Note that the Robert Sorby models 841 are Long Strong pattern gouges with a 9 225mm blade length in lieu of the equivalent Sorby standard pattern s 6 25 155mm The beautifully profiled Henry Taylor spindle gouges feature 8 200mm blades Robert Sorby standard gouges Robert Sorby Long Strong L S gouges Henry Taylor forged gouges NB Sorby gouge marked part number 840H 3 4 is of forged construction not machined from bar stock See left hand lower illustration above NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Spindle Gouges Traditional Forged Pattern Many turners still prefer the traditional form of spindle gouge which was forged from steel plate By using High Speed Steel Henry Taylor have updated this tool whilst still retaining the shallow flute shape which characterises the traditional design Continental Pattern Gouges It is interesting to observe how in different cultures different solutions have been adopted to similar situations This is seen in these continental pattern spindle gouges which whilst superficially similar to UK forged gouges are in fact quite different in detail This pattern of gouge is forged but with a constant material thickness throughout the cross section resulting in great finesse in handling yet retaining high rigidity Many consider this style of gouge ideal for traditional spindle work such as balusters stair spindles and chair legs NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Fingernail Pattern Gouges There s probably hardly a modern turner who doesn t re grind their spindle gouges into a fingernail shape Perhaps better visualised as a lady s fingernail shape Yet until not so long ago every spindle gouge produced featured the traditional straight across grind Robert Sorby took pity on the poor inexperienced turner trying to create this grind which isn t exactly easy the first time and introduced two ready ground fingernail pattern gouges If you have never created this shape yourself and want a little guidance then starting with one of these examples will set you on the right road Remember the key to the fingernail grind is swing and roll compared with the standard grind for which the action is simply roll These are mild examples of this particularly useful grind so it won t be like going back to first grade school to learn to turn again Try it you ll like it The Taylor HS138 KHS138 versions are rather more radical in their grind and better represent how most experienced turners end up grinding their gouges Note that there is a cryogenically heat treated version of this tool for better edge holding KHS138 Coving Tool This apparently simple tool

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  • Roughing Gouges
    section making it very easy to roll on the toolrest to bring new sharp sections of the cutting edge into play In full cross section the tool blade describes almost a full semi circle The Sorby model has more of a true U shape with almost straight side sections leading up to the outer wing ends and an included angle of around forty degrees between the two sides joined by a radius at the bottom of the flute making it appear a more open flute Which is the better design How long s a piece of string I ve used both for a number of years and I know what I prefer having both As to size my advice would be unless you re doing a lot of very small work go for the largest size available And OK if really pressed to buy just one I reckon it would be the 1 1 2 Taylor HS4 and I use this for everything from pen blanks and lace bobbins to newel posts that s a versatile tool in my book Henry Taylor Robert Sorby In addition to the standard M2 tools shown on this page we have also included the KRYO range tools from Henry Taylor The Kryo treatment is an advanced cryogenic technique that changes the structure of the whole of the tool blade Put simply a blade is subjected to a complex immersion procedure at very low temperatures down to minus 195 degrees Celsius just 78 degrees above the absolute zero of temperature to produce an ultra fine harder martensitic structure supported by fine carbides This results in a blade which shows excellent wear resistance capable of retaining its cutting edge longer by at least a factor of 2 to 3 compared to standard M2 steel with conventional heat treatment Indeed blades treated this way perform very favourably compared with more exotic materials such as 2060 and other ASP Powder Metallurgy high speed steels and unlike hard surface coated tools such as those with titanium nitride coatings the performance is maintained throughout the life of the tool and can never get worn away Kryo treatment improves the strength hardness and wear resistance characteristics throughout the tool The tools can be recognised by their distinctive gold coloured flume on the blade and the Kryo logo label on the handle The real test is to try one then you will know you have a tool of exceptional performance The HS152 is a dual role roughing and spindle gouge which may be used for large scale spindle work as well as roughing down to size The HS188 1 1 4 32 m wide with 14 1 2 handle has a swept back cutting edge making it more versatile in spindle turning operations beyond simple roughing down NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering And now you have the roughing gouge won

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  • Parting & Beading Tools
    with some hardwoods which can crack if overheated NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Fluted Parting Tools An even more recent innovation is the fluted parting tool produced by Robert Sorby The advantages to this design is that the wood fibres Standard fluted parting tool bordering the cut line are severed cleanly before the main 2mm parting tool by Robert Sorby part of the blade clears out the bulk of the timber from the kerf This results in a very clean cut surface which normally does not need subsequent cleaning up The Sorby 832H 3 16 has a flute running the length of the bottom edge The tool is used with the flute down onto the toolrest this can cause damage to the toolrest surface which should occasionally be dressed with a file These parting tools should be sharpened by grinding the bevel front face only The tapered profile serves like the diamond section tools to reduce friction in the cut By contrast the narrow Sorby 832H 2mm has the flute on the longer lower of the two bevel faces This tool is sharpened by grinding the short top bevel face only The effect of this configuration is to give a very clean shearing cut as well as a very narrow kerf Beading Tools Bedan These beading tools so useful and much more forgiving than the skew chisel when cutting beads are of square cross section They are easy to use and very effective for cutting external spigots for instance when making chucking spigots When used at a slight angle off square the beading tool will function as a small skew chisel I even remember being taught how to use one of these for skimming ripples off the outside of a bowl If you ve never owned one you ll be amazed how frequently this apparently simple tool can get you out of trouble The bedan looks like a beading tool that has been ground on one bevel only and is originally a French design Maybe a little less forgiving than the beading and parting tool but very effective for planing short spigots All of the above tools except HS11 are suitable for use with the Sorby 970 Sizing Tool NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid VAT registration number is quoted when ordering Narrow Parting Tools In many areas of turning such as box making a narrow parting kerf is very desirable This range of parting tools are all just 1 16 1 6mm wide The depths of the tools vary giving increasing stiffness in use Specialist Parting Tools We offer two parting tool designs which have originated as a direct result of the experience of professional turners The first of these is the Ray Key Tapered Parting Tool which Ray himself describes as a

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