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  • Unhandled Tools
    list below shows the range of tools most commonly requested and available from The ToolPost For more comprehensive information about particular tools please refer to the corresponding section of the main tools list All of the tools manufactured by Henry Taylor and by Sorby can be obtained unhandled but we stock very few of them Please note that most of these tools are not normal stock items and you should

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  • Hamlet Gouge
    exceptional wear resistance yet retain easy grinding characteristics In fact you can hear the difference when you grind one of these tools The use of these steels produces tools on which the edges outlasted conventional HSS tools several times over in our own severe tests The bowl gouges offered in the unique configurations by The ToolPost the bowl gouges are produced in both Standard and Masterflute profiles seen on the left standard and right Masterflute of the accompanying photograph We also stock the massive 5 8 Celtic grind bowl gouge produced from 3 4 diameter bar stock This range is stocked in both standard and square across grinds in most sizes the exceptions are the 5 8 gouges where the Celtic grind is normally preferred and the 1 4 gouge where a Celtic grind is ineffective For clarity the Celtic grind is shown in the photo right We also offer a choice of handle lengths on most of these tools so that you can benefit from superior cutting technology regardless of whether you have a massive bowl lathe or are a weekend turner with a modest workshop Finally we offer all sizes of gouge with a plain shank sized to fit the Hamlet Multi Handle system The accompanying photograph left shows the difference between the Celtic grind on the left of the photo and the standard grind on the right Both gouges shown are 1 2 Masterflute types So choose the required gouge diameter flute profile material grind type and handle length and treat your self to one or more of these sup erb economically priced gouges Please note that we now stock only the ASP2060 gouges since the price saving in buying the ASP2030 versions is small yet the performance loss by so doing is considerable in our view

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  • Multi-Handle
    added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided Big Brother Little Brother Little Sister Hollowing Systems There are three tools in the Hamlet hollowing system line up ranging from the slim and agile Little Sister thorough the handy Little Brother to the heft of the Big Brother on its sturdy 5 8 inch shaft The principle of the Brother range hollowing tools is a loop or ring cutter which is covered by a highly polished edge protector which acts as the bevel when hollowing preventing the tool from digging in or grabbing The result is a tool which gives an incredibly smooth cut surface to the hollowed object of a standard that many turners would be pleased to be able to achieve on the outside of their work The depth of cut is easily adjusted by slackening a single Allen screw which also allows the head to be swivelled to allow easy access under the shoulders of vessels the total range of movement is around 300 degrees Swan neck stems are also available so that deep undercutting behind deep shoulders in vessels presents no problems The ability to slide the shank of the tool into the handle leaving only the minimum necessary to complete the cut protruding reduces the torque on the handle very considerably The Big Brother version of the tool was very favourably reviewed by master turner John Hunnex in Issue No 92 of Woodturning magazine October 2000 Finally the Siragas influence is completed by the availability of a set of six scraper tips which can be mounted in place of the hollowing cutter For those who may wish to acquire and use these without the full Big Brother system Hamlet have introduced a short handle upon which the scraper tips can be mounted Further advice on the sharpening adjustment and general maintenance of this tool may be found elsewhere on this site by following this link The Siragas Big Brother in close up Above left the tool in elevation showing the sturdy cutter and the close fit of the edge protector Second left the tool opened for inspection showing the cutting loop and the edge protector Lower left the tool in working mode with the head cranked to the left as may be used for working under undercuts full movement is 300 degrees of articulation see photo far right A deceptively simple but incredibly effective piece of tool design from Hamlet Spare Cutters Covers Stems and Side Handle Note Whilst it is acceptable to mount a smaller cutter onto a larger stem in these hollowing systems it is NOT permissible to mount a larger cutter on a smaller stem Cutters and Edge Protectors chip limiters must match in size The 5 8 cutter and cover as supplied with the original Big Brother is no longer available Users are recommended to install one of the current 1 2 cutters with matching cover as now supplied with both Big brother and Little

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  • Hamlet Special
    know exactly what tools you need to make your task as simple and efficient as possible That s the story behind this group of tools from Henry Taylor Tools which bear the name of that doyenne of bowl turners Mike Mahoney If you want to turn great bowls owning tools like these will be a very good start If you wish to know how Mike makes bowls then check out his DVDs Dale Nish Signature Box Scrapers It probably doesn t take a lot of working out that these tools were created under the guidance of one of the Grand Old Men of US woodturning Dale Nish As an author entrepreneur teacher and creative artist Dale had contributed hugely to the development of woodturning not only in his own country but worldwide These tools were created as Dale s answer to the need to hollow small box forms quickly and easily giving adequate access to all areas of the box with an easily controlled action to create smoothly rounded internal shapes They will work equally well in a number of similar situations in bowl turning but are especially effective in end grain timber as one would expect from a box hollowing tool Three sizes are available as listed and as photographed left reading from left to right HCT211 HCT212 HCT213 HCT214 Fitted with ash handles not as shown Alan Lacer Signature Skew Chisels Dainty skew chisels are fine for dainty jobs but if you have some real wood shifting to do then a decently proportioned tool makes life one whole lot easier Alan Lacer developed these special and substantial radiused skews with a curved cutting edge and rolled edges in order to make using a skew simpler and more pleasurable Not the sort of thing you d use much making

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  • Crown Gouges
    Metallurgy extra hard wearing high speed steel Spindle Gouges Detail Gouges Above Range of spindle gouges from forged 3 4 on left through 1 2 bar type 3 8 and 1 4 on right Above Pro PM powder mettalurgy steel gouge Left Detail gouges in 1 2 and 3 8 sizes N B PM in the following table indicates tools manufactured using the superior Powder Metallurgy high speed steel Wedge Coving Tools Listed next to the spindle gouges since one of their primary uses is in the creation of coves in spindle work Also finds a range of other uses both as a scraping and cutting tool in both spindle and faceplate work Roughing Gouges The model 229 left is machined from 1 2 inch round bar like a bowl or spindle gouge and is ideal for use on smaller work Above A range of roughing gouges forged in the traditional semi circular pattern from plate steel NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will be added to invoices to EU residents unless a valid EU VAT Registration Number is provided see Cashier page 1997 2011 P Hemsley The information on this website is the copyright property of

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  • Crown Parting & Skew
    traditional rectangular oval and rolled edge skews as well as developments such as radiused and round skews three point tools splay tools and the unique SkewChiGouge Oval Skews Left sized from 1 1 4 to 1 2 Three Point Tools right in 1 2 and 3 8 sizes Beecham SkewChiGouge left Square Skew or Splay Tools 3 8 only right NB Prices quoted in pounds sterling Value Added Tax will

    Original URL path: http://www.toolpost.co.uk/pages/Turning_Tools/Crown_Tools/Crown_Parting___Skew/crown_parting___skew.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Crown Special
    fact is that it works and works well Also listed in this section are the standard and miniature texturing and spiraling tools which feature wooden handles in the best Crown tradition The larger tool is supplied with two spiraling and one texturing cutters and has a graduated toolrest support permitting easy repeating of a pattern and free movement of the tool on the toolrest The smaller system comes with two cutters and a similar toolrest support Bead and Ring Forming Tools Hollowing Tools Ring Tools The Beaver hollowing tool has been in use for several years now It is based on the hook or ring tool principle features a polished HSS top cover which acts as a bevel and an adjustable cutting gap Ring tools are also included here Guy Ravine Chattertool Chatterwork is a relatively simple and quick way of enhancing smaller turned work and is especially effective on end grain of hardwoods it can also be combined to good effect with colouring This handy chattertool designed by pro turner Guy Ravine is supplied with two blades one round tipped the other square tipped allowing a variety of patterns to be created Accompanying notes by the designer give hints on both use and sharpening David Springett Chinese Ball Form Tools If you don t know what these are then you need to buy the book or video Woodturning Wizardry by David Springett Making a set of these balls within balls will amaze and delight your friends and family and make you very proud If you don t have the book or video don t be concerned comprehensive instructions are provided with the tools Shell Auger A traditional 5 16 shell auger for long hole boring on the lathe Thread Chasing Tools Bill Jones made the skill of hand thread

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  • Versachuck Jaws
    the raw material so we can create superior jaws at lower environmental cost A complete table of jaw dimensions is shown below Note that the Extreme Diameter dimensions listed are suitable for use only by well practised and experienced turners who are aware of the dangers inherent in using chucks with jaws projecting beyond the chuck body All turners are also reminded that any chuck jaws can only develop their maximum and design grip when used at their Perfect Circle diameter using jaws at any other setting can lead to insecure workpiece holding YOUR safety is YOUR responsibility don t neglect it We have also developed jaws for special applications The Long Nose jaws feature an internal dovetail recess of 1 1 2 938 mm and an external one of 51 mm 2 because I love this type of jaw and find this to be by far the most useful size These jaws project the work a full 50 mm 2 forward of the normal position with a dovetail jaw allowing plenty of access space behind the workpiece This can be particularly helpful when wet turning as both inside and outside of the piece can be worked on without the need for re chucking Our second specialist jaw is what we ter m a Goblet Jaw designed to give a much firmer hold than can a dovetail jaw especially for work which projects a long way out of the chuck like a goblet One could see this as an update on the venerable and highly effective ring chuck principle To use this jaw one simply creates a parallel spigot 1 1 2 38mm diameter and 3 4 20 mm long at the inner tailstock end of the spigot create a groove about 5 mm wide and 4 mm deep with a parting tool Now close the jaws around the spigot so that the lip at the front edge of the jaws fits into the groove the tapered section of the lip will draw the spigot back into the jaws to create a firm hold on the workpiece as the jaws are tightened The outside of these jaws also features a conventional 75mm 3 dovetail The VersaScrew optional screw chuck for the Versachuck and Model T chucks features a specially designed deep fin screw thread enabling it to cut easily and deeply into the timber without distorting the wood fibres This coupled with the large diameter 12 5 mm and tough steel contribute to making this a very robust screw with a grip like a vice A generously proportioned screwchuck is also available which mounts in the standard jaws of the VersaChuck giving a sturdy first fixing particularly suitable when bowl turning The screw is 12 5 mm diameter and features a slim cross section thread form to minimise disruption of the timber as it is screwed into place whilst also easing the passage of the thread through the workpiece The screw is gold passivated for improved corrosion resistance To further

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