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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Skipper's Rants: In Praise of Stupid Boats…
    and navigating our circle of uncertainty as we made landfall but now 99 9 of the time we just plot our GPS position on the chart and 30 seconds later pop back up on deck to let the crew know our eta at the pub Trust in technology leads us to over extend We ve all been there needing to get home but facing a forecast that suggests otherwise Be it wind on the nose fog in the channel or maybe a tidal gate that just won t play ball with the rest of the plan it s all too easy to put our trust in technology and push on regardless But what happens if twenty hours later we ve got a dead engine and no power to run the nav lights let alone the RADAR and GPS With no real idea where we are and a crew that are getting dangerously tired we might regret the faith that led us to put to sea when our forebears would have muttered some choice oaths and retired to the local alehouse Misuse of technology causes foul ups A glance at the sailing press from the last five years or so will furnish much of interest for those who love their technology There are reefs that don t appear on your chart plotter until you zoom right in islands that appear to leap a kilometre Eastwards when the original sextant derived position is finally updated using satellite technology and the old favourite of folks plotting WGS 84 i e Satellite positions on charts with a different datum before coming to a rapid and in some cases for the boat permanent halt It s not just GPS that causes issues either In well tutored hands RADAR is a wonderful thing but how many skippers actually know their Rule 19 d or have performed a manual RADAR plot to track even a single target Modern marine engines are a marvel and yet even the very best will tend to fail when the fuel tanks are empty the filters are clogged the coolant is missing or the raw water intake filter is blocked Technology steals our freedom Put simply the Sea and high tech gadgetry don t mix In the 6 years since Amelie Rose s launch we ve had problems with nearly every single electronic system aboard The vast majority of us do not have the necessary skills equipment and spares to fix this stuff at sea and even the manufacturers usual response appears to be to bin the broken gadget and send out a new one Every time this happens it costs money and time to fix and that s money that could be spent provisioning the boat and time that should be spent sailing her So it would appear that the more high tech stuff you decide you need to go to sea the more time you ll actually spend detained ashore Lots of low tech back ups and practise those skills

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Summer Special Offers in a Flash
    on our website but what if it s not so easy for you to get away on short notice Well just for you guys and gals we ve got a whole new way to get afloat on a proper boat Amelie Rose s Green Flash Specials Just like the green flash occasionally seen from the sun setting over the sea see http en wikipedia org wiki Green flash these deals are going to be sudden and short lived so you ll need to make sure that you re paying attention and looking in the right direction They ll only be available in two places on our Standby Specials Email List and on Amelie Rose s Facebook page See below for more details on how to make sure you get them Just like Mother nature we ll give you some notice with warning messages going out over the few days and hours before each Flash but once these deals are gone they re gone forever so make sure you re ready Interested Here s the How to part To sign up to Amelie Rose s Standby Specials Club fill in the form here on our website and make sure that you add This e mail address is being protected from spam bots you need JavaScript enabled to view it AND This e mail address is being protected from spam bots you need JavaScript enabled to view it to your address book safe senders list To get Amelie Rose s Facebook Posts you need to Like her Facebook Page and then use the little drop down menu arrow on the right of the Liked button to turn on Get Notifications and Following to make sure that you get everything we post Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - 5 Fab Scilly Anchorages
    North of the islands from New Grimsby Sound we lay together at anchor off West Porth on Great Ganilly with no one else but a few seals for company The adventurous can take the dinghy ashore on any number of the islands around here including for the historically curious Nornour to the North of Great Ganilly where the remains of 11 Bronze Age stone huts may be accessible at low water Facilities wise there s absolutely nothing of course but from our point of view that s at least half the point Great Bay St Martin s This is another fabulous place to get away from the crowds A gently curving sandy beach lies at the foot of what for the Scilly counts as a mountainous ridge line This along with the whole of the rest of the Scilly offers as much protection from stiff South westerly winds as it s possible to get hereabouts Pilotage in requires a bit of caution as Great Merrick ledge and the Mackerel Rocks lie offshore ready to catch the keels of the unwary but once inside these defences you can often feel as if you re the only crew for miles around making ready to discover treasure on a deserted Caribbean island A beach landing and a sandy scramble up the hill will deliver you to the anti metropolis of St Martin s itself As of our last visit facilities are few especially since the St Martin s Hotel with it s swimming pool and therefore showers shut up shop a few years back There is a lovely café though which serves bottled beers and ciders along with sandwiches and cakes and rumour has it that sneaky crew can get themselves showered at the camp site near Lower Town to the West New Grimsby Sound Tresco Bryher A deep sound between the inhabited islands of Tresco and Bryher New Grimsby has much to offer for the visiting ship especially if the weather takes a foul turn With high ground to the East and West and a swathe of rocks and reefs protecting the anchorage from the South it really only becomes untenable in a messy Norwester This is also one of the few places in the Scilly where a plethora of visitors moorings watched over by the delightful Henry the Harbourmaster make it possible for the windlass crew to take a well earned break Ashore there are two islands to explore although that can feel more like three as North and South Tresco are about as different as two ends of a single 1 15 square mile island can be The North has a barren and windswept feel whilst the South is a haven of tropical greenery much of which has escaped over the years from the famous Tresco Abbey gardens Another of our favourite pubs The New Inn lies a stones throw from the quay on Tresco where a dry landing will deliver a thirsty crew to both libation and the delights

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - From Amelie’s Galley: Idiot-Proof Rice
    I can think of nothing finer than a tasty sauce mixed up in a plate of starchy carbs Bring it on I hate wasting water almost as much as I enjoy good rib sticking grub So find your rice Step Three Get everything else ready You re going to need A Pan A good thick bottomed one with a fairly tight fitting lid preferably but not necessarily make it a non stick one Unless you enjoy hilarious explosive accidents whilst cooking then I d recommend that your pan is large enough to contain the amount of rice that you intend to serve remembering that rice has a tendency to expand during cooking A couple of tablespoons of oil Any cooking oil will do we normally use Olive or Rapeseed oil A volumetric measuring device I e a cup or mug Make sure that the device can hold boiling water without shattering or scalding you Boiling Water It s fairly typical of me to get to the point that I need the water only to discover that I forgot to put the kettle on so get in the habit of doing this first As a guide boil up twice the amount of water by volume as you ve got dried rice A wooden spoon or other stirring device suitable for the pan you ve chosen Aluminium Foil You re going to need a square of it big enough to cover the top of the pan Step Four Let s cook rice Put the oil in the pan over a high heat As soon as the oil is hot add the rice and stir it into the oil so as to coat all of the grains This is what will stop it sticking together You need to keep track of how much rice you add using your cup mug volumetric measuring device i e 1 mug 1 5 mugs etc Now add boiling water in the ratio 1 5 mugs water to 1 0 mug rice At this point I will confess there can be a little wrinkle Some rice absorbs more water than others and will turn out to need a little more up to 1 75 water to 1 0 rice If your rice burns a little at the bottom or is a little al dente then increase the water ratio to 1 75 1 If it s a new pack of rice and you re not sure then just chuck an extra half mug of water in after you ve done the measuring that normally covers it Bring the rice to the boil then turn the heat to simmer lay the foil over the top of the pan and push the lid on top to make a snug fit you can crimp up the spare foil to get it out of the way Wait For 360g of rice i e 4 persons worth you ll need to cook for about 12 minutes For 720g grams 8 people it ll

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - The Best 5 Pubs in the World – It’s the TIPSYs Part 2!
    new inn Want to visit Follow the linf to pick from our 3 Scilly Cruises this year Oooooh are you getting excited yet Here we go our Top 3 Favourite Pubs TIPSY Awards 3rd Place The Victory Inn in St Mawes In May every year the Pilot Cutter fleet assembles in the picturesque harbour of St Mawes to duke it out at the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review essentially our World Championships With up to 15 Cutters averaging over 35 tons smashing around the race course it s an exhilarating event that has a tendency to leave the crews in need of liquid refreshment The Victory Inn is the traditional haunt of the gang and a lovely little pub it is too Tucked away up a side street it serves great local beers and ciders and knocks out some pretty decent grub to boot We ve been going there since our first ever Pilot Cutter Review back in 2007 when we sailed with Luke aboard his boat Agnes and the pleasure of every visit is accentuated by happy memories of parties past http www victory inn co uk Want to visit Follow the link to the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review TIPSY Awards 2nd Place The Chain Locker in Falmouth That this notorious harbour side haunt is known at Topsail as the Falmouth Office probably says all that needs to be said Those of you who have joined us for West Country Cruises or adventures out to the Scilly have almost certainly started your odyssey by finding us here It s in our DNA to the extent that the Judges well OK the Judge has a picture of Amelie Rose sailing past it on the back of his van The beers and ciders are generally good the food average but that s missing the point of this place Everyone in the Falmouth traditional boat community passes through here on a regular basis and it s rare not to find a bunch of familiar faces clustered around one of the outside tables overlooking the harbour There s a rich history of sea faring in Falmouth and the Chainlocker is part of it it s still a place where sea folk congregate tall tales are told and plots are hatched and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts http www falmouth co uk search eat and drink the chainlocker shipwrights Want to visit Follow the links to sign up for a Scilly Adventure the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review or the Dorset to Cornwall Cruise Well then This is it It s finally time to announce this year s winner of the TIPSY Trophy an empty pint glass which we probably ahem borrowed from there in the first place Our very most favouritist pub in the whole world TIPSY Awards 1st Place The Turks Head St Agnes Scilly This pub has it all It s got great beer and cider It s got tasty food It s got possibly

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/TheBest5PubsintheWorldItstheTIPSYsPart2.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - The Best Pubs in Britain? – Here come the TIPSYs (Part 1)
    let s get on with the winners TIPSY Awards 10th Place The Kings Head in Lymington A proper pub in a pretty part of Lymington serving big plates of useful grub what s not to like For us it s always a special time when we cross the threshold as this is where we usually pop in for food and libation on the last night of our RYA Day Skipper and Comp Crew courses It s the point where the crew often initially baffled and fearsome are really starting to knit together and run the boat with confidence It s a lovely thing to be a part of and this is a great pub to celebrate it in http www kingsheadlymington com Want to Visit Follow the link to our RYA Courses TIPSY Awards 9th Place The New Inn in Shalfleet If you like seafood and have never visited then you re really missing out A regular award winner for the nosh we like it mainly because it means we re anchored up in nearby Newtown Quay one of the prettiest anchorages in the Solent We also love the pitch black stumble back to wherever the dinghy got abandoned in the rush and the fact that you need to do a secondary port calculation to know whether you can even get there or more importantly back again http thenew inn co uk Want to visit Follow the link to our Traditional Taster Weekends TIPSY Awards 8th Place The Kings Head in Yarmouth IOW Another proper pub sensing the theme yet this place scores points for a good range of beers and ciders a good mix of locals and visitors and it s massive fireplace in front of which we have warmed ourselves after countless bracing spring Traditional Taster weekend sails It also has a piano around which we ve partied a few times and is literally staggering distance away from the quayside where Amelie Rose is normally moored whilst visiting our favourite Solent harbour http www tripadvisor co uk Restaurant Review g503893 d6624264 Reviews King s Head Yarmouth Isle of Wight England html Want to visit Follow the links to our Traditional Taster Weekends or the Fantastic St Georges Trophy TIPSY Awards 7th Place The Victoria Inn in Salcombe Salcombe is a pretty harbour with an interesting entrance and the Victoria Inn is pretty much the first boozer that you come to when setting foot ashore It serves great food and good beers but none of this is what makes it an essential part of every shore leave in these parts Back when we were on the telly we got tweeted at by Liz the lovely Landlady who insisted that we drop in next time we were about We did and have done every time since always assured of a great welcome from Liz and her fab team http www victoriainn salcombe co uk Want to visit Follow the link to our Cornish Mile builders and Dorset to Cornwall Cruises

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - When are Two Skippers Better than One?
    sea as a Deckhand on the sailing trawler Leader in 1998 Diggs has pursued a career as a sailor and skipper of traditional boats almost continuously An RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and Examiner Diggs is a skilled and experienced teacher and with a career spanning several years of sail training holiday charter RYA training and corporate charter able to bring the right atmosphere to any occasion His career highlights include skippering Eve of St Mawes and building and commissioning of Pegasus a large pilot cutter used by The Island Trust for work with disadvantaged kids Other than pilot cutters Diggs has worked on board sailing trawlers Mate of Leader and Skipper of Provident and Excelsior Baltic Traders Queen Galadriel and Julia of Faaborg Skippered Edwardian Yachts Duet and Moosk and a host of other traditional boats including Tectona and Bessie Ellen not to mention being guest for one day to helm La Granvillaise but that s a different story Diggs has a deep interest in the historical aspects of traditional craft from all around the world and a passion for them in terms of sailing and understanding better their role and purpose both in nautical but also social and economic terms He is also a lover of traditional music his father having been a professional folk singer and together with Phil Beer has established the Folkboat project to blend share and enjoy a love of traditional music with a love of traditional sailing boats After a brief sojurn in HM Coastguard putting a little back and keeping the coastline shipwreck free as far as possible and a year teaching sailing overseas Diggs is back in the traditional boat saddle for this year and raring to go Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - From Amelie's Galley: Chicken in Cherry Tomato & Mascarpone Sauce
    but have been able to find them in most medium to large supermarkets If you can t find them then normal tinned toms will do the sauce just won t be quite as rich 1 2 Tsp Dried Chilli Flakes optional to taste 1 2 tsp Dried Basil according to taste you can use fresh if you want but fresh herbs and the sea don t seem to mix all that well 200 250g Soft Cheese the original recipe calls for mascarpone but I grab whatever soft cheese I can find and haven t ever noticed much difference in how fast the pan gets emptied I m sure that there was probably Salt and Pepper on the original recipe but I never bother adding them during cooking They re on the table when we serve and that way folks can control their own intake If you normally season things then go ahead and do so at whatever point seems appropriate Method Heat up the olive oil in a pan big enough to take all of the ingredients preferably with a good heat distributing base Use a medium to high heat depending on the size of the burner and amount of chicken Hack up the chicken and throw it in the pan If you fancy yourself to be Jamie Oliver then do this in small batches browning each before taking them back out of the pan etc etc blah blah blah If you re 20 minutes from harbour and just need to get the job done then chuck it all in and stir until coloured Meanwhile Dice the onions and once the chicken is coloured on all sides add the onion and stir in Whilst the onions are softening to translucent peel and finely dice the garlic If you have a garlic press go ahead and use it we don t preferring to use sharp knives or scissors for any job in the galley that requires turning a few large things into a pile of more smaller things When your garlic is suitably chastened add it to the pan and stir in Clean any muck off the mushrooms quarter and add to the pan Add the chilli flakes and basil and stir in Allow all this to fry for a bit until the mushrooms shrink and give up their moisture Now add the tinned cherry tomatoes If you want the end dish to contain tomato sized explosions of mouth scorchingly hot liquid then leave them whole If you like your dinner guests then I recommend bursting them all with the spoon or whatever stirring stick you re using to agitate the contents of the pan Now go and change your top for one that isn t covered in explosion tracks of tomato juice Let all of this bubble for 5 mins or so the contents of the pan that is not your top Next up add the soft cheese Again if you re feeling all Hugh Furry Whatshisname then you can

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