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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Amelie Rose's 2015 Schedule is Go!
    in our fun 2015 looks like it s going to be a stunner Lots of old favourites like our Scilly Cruises Traditional Taster weekends around the Solent and Jurassic Coast and mile builders across the Channel jostle with new comers like Phil Beer s Folkboat and returning friends like our Channel Islands cruise The whole schedule is crowned by a visit to the wonderful Paimpol Festival du Chant de Marin This sea shanty festival is a riot of music performance and traditional boats Big enough to occupy you for a week but more intimate than the behemoth that is the four yearly Brest Festival it s far and away my favourite thing to be doing on a sunny August weekend There s also going to be an increased focus of training in 2015 Running training courses aboard Amelie Rose has always been a key part of our mission to re introduce people to Britain s great sailing heritage They are intensive and can be tiring but it s always rewarding to see fledgling skippers and crew develop their skills and build their confidence on our RYA courses or get to grips with handling a big gaffer with our Traditional Boats Skills training Readers of our Newsletter have had the schedule for a couple of weeks now so it s time for us to release it to the world wild web where lots of new people can discover the joys of sailing aboard a traditional vessel Bookings are already brisk so if you want to come along don t dawdle browse the site find your perfect trip and send us a booking enquiry today Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Give a little “Amelie Rose” this Christmas
    all budgets and you can personalise them too making them the perfect present for the sailor in your life What s more they can be delivered to you via email as PDF files to print at home so they re an excellent choice for the last minute shopper Just click this Amelie Rose Gift Vouchers link fill in the form and we ll do the rest Of course if you are the sailor in your life then there s no need to wait until someone else buys you a voucher buy yourself the perfect Christmas gift by bagging a berth on one of our fantastic voyages next year Everyone deserves a little Amelie Rose in their life and it s so much better than another pair of socks Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles of Scilly as well as around the Channel Islands and Brittany Coast and to traditional boat festivals like Yarmouth Old Gaffers YOGaff the St Mawes Pilot Cutter

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Lemonfaces for Leukaemia
    over Go on it ll only take a minute and it ll give her something to look forward to apart from lumbar punctures and chemo Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - It’s time to burn those socks – spring is here!
    out to her summer mooring at Lake Yard from whence she ll soon be kicking off her 6th season afloat Her schedule is fairly traditional too April and May are the months for Traditional Taster Weekends Training and a little light racing with her friends I m really looking forward to all of it each trip brings its own lovely rewards Our training courses whilst tiring to deliver are a great source of satisfaction as her crews gain confidence and stature literally before my eyes Racing is always fun but even more importantly is a great way to meet up with a big group of like minded folks and have a good old chin wag The Traditional Tasters are often the real treat however And what s not to like Long light evenings often good weather but still plenty of wind and quiet waters make for magical sailing and even more magical evenings For me though it s not just about the conditions Many of Amelie s best friends joined us for the first time on spring Traditional Taster voyages checking us out before coming back again and again for longer trips Introducing new folks to the incredible world in which I live and work and of course to Amelie Rose is one of the main reasons I do what I do so for me this is a very special time So how about a big cheers for the springtime Let s set our faces towards adventures ahead and resolve to enjoy every minute Whatever you have planned whether it s on land or sea I wish you fair winds and sunny skies and most of all no bloomin socks til autumn Skipper Nick Want to find out more about our Traditional Taster Weekends Read a guest s eye view

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Boat Skills – Man Overboard!
    the kite up scenario above who doesn t reach for the riggers knife clearly values their gear too highly or human life not highly enough 5 Is it easy to brief For me this is as important a question as any of the others Sods Law dictates that when your first mate trips up and goes headfirst into the oggin you ll be down below attending to chartwork or uhm some bodily function or other Your weakest helm will be on the stick and every second counts How well this plays out will come down to how well briefed your crew are and how easy they find it to follow your SOPs Methods with multiple decision branches e g if the engine starts then do x but if it doesn t do y cause problems here because your average panicked helm is going to get mixed up Remember most of us can only keep between 2 and 5 things in our minds before the excess starts to overflow so whatever method you choose needs to be simple memorable and preferably should have less than 5 steps So there s my framework As I said none of it s brain surgery but it allows me to make up my mind about an MOB strategy when I climb aboard a new vessel and either read her SOPs or have to establish some for her before we start a voyage Putting it into practice But what about Amelie Rose What do we do Well this method was taught to me when I did my Yachtmaster Instructor course last year Step One First person to spot the MOB shouts Man Overboard and points at the casualty Keeping track of the casualty by pointing at them is now their task until contact is re established Step Two Helm brings the boat onto a BEAM REACH and continues for TWO BOAT LENGTHS If anyone is free to do so a Mayday should be issued the MOB button on the chartplotter should be pressed and the engine started Step Three Helm TACKS into HOVE TO If it hasn t been already the engine is started and checking carefully for ropes in the water engaged IN REVERSE Step Four Helm uses the engine in reverse to check the boat s forward progress in hove to causing the vessel to slide sideways and bringing the casualty back into contact with the vessel amidships Occasionally over enthusiastic braking will require a touch of forward to ensure that the casualty is picked up amidships Step Five Casualty is recovered at the chainwalls where the shrouds connect if necessary using the topmast backstays to pull them out Engine Failure Should the engine fail to start the procedure is identical as often the helm will be able to bring the vessel close enough to recover a conscious casualty using the throwing line and harness but in any case the vessel is now positioned in an ideal place to attempt a pickup under sail

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Skippers Log – What Amelie Rose did last summer Pt6: Scilly Season Take 1
    Turks Head is to be found at the head of the anchorage Of special note in the Turks is a photograph in their bar taken some time in the late 1800 s It shows two original St Agnes Pilot Cutters moored up in Porth Conger North of the Island We sometimes moor here too and it always gives me a thrill of connection to Amelie s heritage to be able to compare this image of her forebears to the vista of her lying in the same place some 150 years later After exploring St Agnes and Gugh our next mission was to take the crew off down through the Western Rocks hunting for wildlife The Western Rocks are a jagged set of granite teeth stretching Southwest from the main Islands out towards the Bishop Rock lighthouse Given their uncompromising attitude towards shipping these clusters of rock are amazing havens for all sorts of wildlife including puffins seals and a host of other flappy swimmy stuff that Ian turned out to be an expert in recognising From here we headed up to New Grimsby Sound another favourite anchorage nestled between Tresco and Bryer in the North of the islands As we d struggled to find any puffin out West we took the opportunity to dodge in and out of the Northern Rocks you may sense a theme developing here in how Scillonians refer to the different areas of their waters but unfortunately still drew a blank Whilst ducking and weaving through the myriad channels we did spot something interesting however Another Scilly Cutter the Agnes Amelie s builder s own boat anchored up underneath Bryher We caught up with them later when they joined us in New Grimsby Sound and a plan was hatched for both boats to head around to the Eastern Isles guess the Scillonians got tired of calling everything rock to anchor together for the night and share an evening meal The next day Agnes stole a march disappearing out of the anchorage before we d had the change to untie but we were hot on her heels and in a gentle F3 Northerly were soon busy hoisting all canvas to chase her down It must have been a glorious sight two Scilly cutters with everything up ducking and weaving around the North East corner of their ancestral waters and we were having lots of fun gradually overhauling the bigger heavier Agnes in the light winds that Amelie excels in And so it was that we were first to the nominated anchorage under Great Ganilly despite Luke taking some short cuts that I d avoided as a little tight A lovely evening followed sharing food and wine and conversation as I caught up with Luke and Joanna and our respective guests looked over each other s ships From here Agnes was homeward bound but we still had a day in hand and decided to visit St Mary s the main hub of the Scilly St Mary s is

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - From the Archives: First, last and aground – Amelie Rose and the St Georges Trophy 2013
    we were a little tardy but were making up ground nicely until a late tack at Black Rock buoy unfortunately put us onto the bank there doing a Cunliffe as it s been known since the well known yachting journo did the same at the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Race back in 2009 Ah well having used the engine to get off we consigned that race to the bin and had some fun shadowing the others around instead Day 2 dawned to even lighter airs but much better starts from Nick who managed to have all the sails on the right way round and actually be somewhere near the line when the gun went off for Race 3 There was some real nip and tuck between Amelie Rose and Annabel J as we both tried desperately to keep up with the fast disappearing Jolie Brise who was flaunting some massive jib topsail thing stretching from bowsprit to topmast In the end she beat us by some 29 minutes with AR just managing to squeeze over the line inside the time limit whilst AJ due to some confusion with the race instructions declined to include the last mark of the course And so we arrived at the start of race 4 Determined to nail at least one start Nick headed off into the shallows tacking with just 70cm under the keel in time to watch as JB and PA contrived to force each other over the start line We arrived just 5 secs after the gun and were then free and clear to smash around the short figure of eight course set to make the most of a sea breeze whilst allowing us to finish easily if the wind died It didn t take long for Jolie Brise to be bearing down on us again with the jib top beast doing it s work and so began a bit of a luffing match as we tried to stop them from rolling straight over the top of us Traffic coming the other way in the form of PA and AJ helped us to keep JB at bay for one leg whereupon she bore off mightily trying to make room to undercut us at the penultimate mark Luckily for us Amelie s smaller size makes her faster to turn and so we were able to shut the door on this manoeuvre causing JB to clip the mark and thence head off to do her penalty turn From here we just needed to nail the final mark before heading triumphant to the finish and line honours A fantastic job by our core guests Mike Maggi and Geoff and by our day sailors on day one Jim Jane and Derrick and last but not least by volunteer crews Steve and Adam brought us second overall JB was first and a happy smile to Nick s hairy little face Having tied the ships up to the quay such a wonderful sight we all headed off to the

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/FromtheArchivesFirstlastandagroundAmelieRoseandtheStGeorgesTrophy2013.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - From the Archives: Scilly Sailing - Fabulous or Fearsome?
    re spoiled by having the type of boat that hundreds of years of traditional boat building decreed as perfect for the seas around the Scilly As a replica Scillonian Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose is designed from the keel up to handle the waters in and around these stunning Islands Perhaps this is why when we arrive we usually find a warm welcome amongst the locals and the local old salts a few of whom still recognise her heritage are happy to pass on their knowledge of the island waters This has helped us to understand that whilst there is no single safe haven protected from every type of nasty weather there is certainly a bolt hole somewhere around the islands that will proffer a safe mooring from any gale Armed thus with our Pilot s boat and our Pilot s knowledge we have so far managed to enjoy every single planned adventure to the Isles of Scilly even last June with its four unseasonal gales in just four weeks The Isles of Scilly cover a mere 30 square miles and yet each island has its own very individual character From the relative hustle and bustle of St Mary s to the quiet of St Agnes there s plenty of contrast to keep a holiday interesting Indeed Tresco even manages to pack two very different islands into one coastline The North is hilly gorse covered and might even be described as barren whilst the South fairly bursts with colour and flora That this abundance is packed into such a small area and that the islands boast not a single marina is at the heart of what we find so delightful about them A decent passage negotiated to arrive followed by leisurely movement from one anchorage to another soaking up the ambience

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/FromtheArchivesScillySailingFabulousorFearsome.html (2016-04-26)
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