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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - We're Back! But Why the Long Pause?
    In the difficult months before our separation I had devised a 2013 schedule which was packed enough for us to afford a full time skipper the plan being that I would operate aboard only as relief skipper and the rest of the time be at home and thus be able to spend more time with Melisa Unfortunately this didn t work out however I was left with a schedule that had a few too many trips and a few to few periods of R R I m afraid that this left me with very little time or energy to keep up the flow of news and pictures in the way that I would like as I was concentrating on ensuring that our guests were enjoying their adventures and that Amelie was ready to host them I am pleased to say that Melisa and I remain on friendly terms and up to November this year she continued to look after the office dealing with bookings and bookwork and generally keeping things running smoothly Melisa has now got a great full time position working back in her old trade and at the end of October left Topsail Adventures to pursue this new career I wish her the very best of luck and good fortune and thank her for all the love support and help that she has given me over the years Having taken most of October off to recharge after the busy summer I ve spent the last month or so streamlining Topsail s business processes so that I will be able to run things single handed I m now back at the helm rearing to go and ready to bring you up to date with the news from an incredible season of sunshine and adventure I hope to sail with

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - 2014 Amelie Rose Sailing Schedule - Published and Booking Now
    for London When we arrive four days of festivities in Greenwich the home of time itself will be a fitting celebration of the voyage of a lifetime With a dash back to Poole to complete the adventure the chance to sign on as core crew on this 17 day odyssey is an opportunity that will likely never be repeated If you ve never sailed to the Isles of Scilly then you may well wonder what all the fuss is about but if you ve been you ll be counting the days until you can return I never tire of their magical allure and next year we ll be heading out to Amelie Rose s ancestral home three times with trips in July and August It s a special combination crystal clear waters white sandy beaches bordering beautiful anchorages islands both deserted and bustling and a myriad of flora and fauna All this set amongst a seascape of ferocious granite rocks make for a tiny world that could take a lifetime to explore We ve already sold over a third of our berths for next year so to experience The Fortunate Islands for yourself please drop me a line soon Whilst I love cruising and visiting festivals no year would be complete without the chance to pit our wits against the rest of the Pilot Cutter fleet and we ll be hunting silverware again next year Kicking off in April with the St Georges Trophy and ending with the Centenary Chase in September the racing is fun exciting and rarely all that serious but it s the camaraderie ashore that keeps us coming back Never more so than at the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review the unofficial World Championships of Pilot Cutter racing where we ll be vying to better last

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Skipper’s Log – What Amelie Rose Did Last Summer – Part One: The St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review
    we were only able to post 10th as we took our gun at the finish A real shame after a good start but then that s racing for you After this Amelie seemed to sulk rather refusing to point to windward at all in the afternoon race In hindsight this was probably not due to her displeasure with the skipper but more to a saggy jib luff and under peaked main It s often hard to focus on these details when engaged in the cut and thrust of the fight manoeuvring 24 tons of gaff cutter through a crowd who are generally bigger and heavier than you are As a result and despite the hard work of the crew we were only able to lurk about at the back of the fleet and finished in a lowly 13th place We began pre start manoeuvres for Sunday s last race determined to do better The sun was shining again but the wind was light and patchy as we ducked and weaved to work out which end of the line was favoured The angles indicated a port tack start but should we hug the windward shore where the breeze was flukiest or start in clearer air knowing that we d have to tack to make the first mark We hemmed and hawed and then noticed that the starboard tack ran straight down the line well it just had to be tried didn t it Impeded by Marguerite who d had the same idea and ignoring Luke s naughty boy commentary as he ducked beneath our stern we sailed straight down the line as the gun went Calling starboard as we approached the bulk of the fleet we suddenly noticed a patch of still water ahead Yikes Dead air We must tack and quickly to it And there we came to a halt Thank heavens not because we d hit anything the wind had just given up completely The whole fleet was drifting and wondering what to do next With just the faintest zephyr across the deck we managed to complete our tack but struggled to push home the advantage that we d hoped for from our adventurous start We were now low on most of the fleet and drifting sideways in the tide But ho ripples from the North As it often does a building sea breeze had cancelled out the gradient wind and was now filling in nicely down Carrick Roads towards us And so it was that we found ourselves perfectly placed to weather of the fleet and on the rhumb line to the first mark To call it skill would allude to some sixth sense on the part of the skipper but we certainly weren t going to waste the opportunity After some shenanigans with the topmast backstays I really thought that the topmast was history the crew tacked and gybed like seasoned hands and Amelie Rose luffed and clawed her way to 5th place Given our luck at

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Focus on: Destination Dashes
    short amount time read on to find out more The Devon and Cornwall coastline is one of our favourite cruising grounds and so we find ourselves buzzing back and forth several times during the season Visiting harbours like Weymouth Dartmouth Salcombe and Fowey en route we get to sail along the stunning Jurassic Coast past Portland Bill and Start Point and across Lyme Bay names that ring out through our maritime history Depending on the weather we may day sail in a series of hops or you ll be joining a watch as we sail overnight but whatever happens there ll be plenty of miles under the keel when you arrive and there ll be tall tales to be told of your passage We ve got several Dashes along this fabulous coastline in May June and July so there s plenty to choose from check them out on the website here Dashing across the English Channel is another great favourite of ours As the land disappears astern and the mobile phone signal dies to nothing a great feeling of peace descends just you the boat and your crew mates become your world It s the best way that we know of to link hands with an earlier time before the distractions of modern life took us away from the simplicity of a well found boat and good crew These will be great trips if you re looking for a first cross channel experience or want to get a skippered passage in preparation for your Yachtmaster but they ll be just as much fun if you just want to enjoy the journey We ve had some awesome Channel Crossings last year s sail of nearly 90 miles from Sark to Yarmouth in just 12 ½ hours and the starlit passage from

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd
    trip so if you re able to book time off at short notice nothing need stand in the way of you enjoying a fabulous adventure aboard TV Star Amelie Rose It s easy to join the Amelie Rose Standby Specials Club Just pop your name and email address into the form below and we ll email you when any opportunities become available We ll also add you to Amelie Rose s Newsletter mailing list which is the best place to learn about new trips and opportunities to get afloat on Amelie Rose We won t flood your inbox with rubbish will never share your email address with anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the newsletter It couldn t be simpler just fill in the form below and click Submit Start Here Name Please enter your name Email address Please enter your email address Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles of Scilly as well as

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Fabulous Festivals
    out on the last running of this as we were filming for The Hungry Sailors but we ve been dying to attend ever since we launched Amelie Rose back in 2009 Essentially a huge fleet of traditional boats pile into the picturesque harbour in Paimpol Northern Brittany and spend the next 3 days eating great food drinking the lovely local cider and wine and enjoying every kind of music from Brazilian drummers to actual sea shanty singers Those who have sailed with us before may remember that Nick fancies the odd shanty himself so we ll probably find ourselves joining in but whatever happens there ll be a fantastic sail down through the Channel Islands and back and we re all but guaranteed to have fun If you want to know more check out the website here Entre Terre Mer Baie de Morlaix On our way down to Brest last year we sailed through Morlaix Bay and were entranced by what we saw vowing to come back and explore properly at some future point We were delighted then when putting together our 2013 itinerary to discover that there is a big traditional boat festival there toward the end of June This being Brittany however they can t just have a festival for the sake of it there has to be a theme and with the residents of the bay area being an even split between farmers and sailors this festival is all about where the sea meets the land which should pretty much guarantee some fabulous food and drink Another feature of this festival that marks it out from many others is that the fleet moves around the entire bay being welcomed by the different towns as it visits we like this idea as sometimes it s all too easy to become port bound at the big French boat festivals The whole itinerary has yet to be published but we are promised a finale of sailing up to the town of Morlaix itself which should be a fabulous experience as this is some 4km inland We ll be sailing across the Channel from Plymouth to get there which should be a fantastic voyage in itself and then there s an option to stay on and sail the Brittany coast afterwards or you can get a ferry from our last port of Roscoff back to Plymouth Either way it s a fantastic event in a stunning location and we can t wait to be a part of it all Click here to check out the dates and book OGA 50 Cowes The Old Gaffers Association is the biggest of the groups in the UK promoting traditional sailing rigs and this year is their 50th Anniversary They ve got a number of celebrations planned but by far the biggest is the OGA50 Party in Cowes There s hundreds of boats already registered with folks coming from all over the Channel to attend so this looks like being the biggest collection of gaff

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - What's New?
    the layout of Amelie Rose s cabins Now those of you who have sailed with us will know that Amelie Rose is predominantly open plan good for keeping rot at bay by keeping the air circulating and also a very traditional layout However for folks who are new to sailing the lack of privacy that this involves can initially be a little off putting With this in mind we ve been thinking for a while that it d be nice to put up some curtains for the quarter berths and the pilot berth in the saloon It s taken a bit of head scratching to come up with a workable design but thanks to crew mates Steve and Bee we can now unveil Amelie s newest features Click to have a look and let us know what you think Read more Skipper s Log Amelie Rose Springs into Action Half of Britain may well be shivering under a blanket of snow but down here in lovely Dorset the sun is shining and as the clocks go forward we re already enjoying the start of a fabulous new sailing season Last weekend we welcomed our first crew of the year visited our old friends in Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight and enjoyed a thrilling blast back across Christchurch and Poole Bays This week we ve gone one better setting our course firmly for the season to come by moving Amelie Rose from her winter quarters in Poole Quay Boat Haven back out onto her summer mooring overlooking the beautiful Arne peninsula Click here to read the first Skippers Log of the new sailing year Read more Skipper s Rambles It s all YOUR fault I was interested to hear about the policewoman in Norfolk who is apparently suing a member of the public for the fact that she allegedly fell over a curb on his property when called to investigate a reported break in I must admit to thinking that April 1st had come early when I heard this story but I fear that it s indicative of a growing abandonment of the concept of personal responsibility in these days of blame culture Nowadays it seems that if you go out on a dark night and trip over a six inch curb the appropriate questions to ask are no longer why didn t I use a torch or why am I such a klutz but why wasn t there floodlighting and a warning sign and who else can I blame for my own stupidity If we were to transfer this thinking to the sailing world I fear that we d soon find ourselves so enmeshed in rules and regulations or weighed down by insurance payments that we d never make it out of harbour at all Read more Amelie Rose s Budget Bonanza With England shivering under a dual assault from the last of the winter snows and a Chancellor determined to squeeze every last penny until it squeaks we

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Updates Galore!
    a big moment for us as it helped us to appreciate the scale of what we ve commissioned Anyway hope you enjoy them more to come really soon Also now on the website are our terms and conditions and a new page in the charter section regarding safety on board We ve also posted an updated itinerary for 2009 including some more options for joining us during Cowes Week As we mentioned we re off soon to the Pilot Cutter review the enclosed shot was taken at last year s event an excellent couple of days with beautiful weather albeit not much wind One of Amelie Rose s sisters Hesper won last year we ll be back in a week or so with this year s report and more photos Nick Melisa www topsail adventures co uk Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles of Scilly as well as around the Channel Islands and Brittany Coast and to traditional boat festivals like

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