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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd
    you to print at home making them the perfect last minute gift Start Here Your Name Please enter your name Your Email address Please enter your email address Your Phone Number Enter your phone number Your Address Enter your address Your Postcode Please enter your Postcode Preferred Contact Method Contact me via email Contact me via phone Contact me via Royal Mail Tell us how you d prefer to be contacted Who is the voucher for What name shall we put on the voucher How Much What value would you like the Voucher to have What message would you like Enter any message that you d like to put on the voucher Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles of Scilly as well as around the Channel Islands and Brittany Coast and to traditional boat festivals like Yarmouth Old Gaffers YOGaff the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review Brest Festival Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012 and Douarnenez Festival 2012 Sailing aboard a Charter Pilot

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd
    holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country and Isles of Scilly as well as around the Channel Islands and Brittany Coast and to traditional boat festivals like Yarmouth Old Gaffers YOGaff the St Mawes Pilot Cutter Review Brest Festival Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - First, last and aground – Amelie Rose and the St Georges Trophy 2013
    a good start Race 2 began with us still tying on the Jib Topsail and so we were a little tardy but were making up ground nicely until a late tack at Black Rock buoy unfortunately put us onto the bank there doing a Cunliffe as it s been known since the well known yachting journo did the same at the Yarmouth Old Gaffers Race back in 2009 Ah well having used the engine to get off we consigned that race to the bin and had some fun shadowing the others around instead Day 2 dawned to even lighter airs but much better starts from Nick who managed to have all the sails on the right way round and actually be somewhere near the line when the gun went off for Race 3 There was some real nip and tuck between Amelie Rose and Annabel J as we both tried desperately to keep up with the fast disappearing Jolie Brise who was flaunting some massive jib topsail thing stretching from bowsprit to topmast In the end she beat us by some 29 minutes with AR just managing to squeeze over the line inside the time limit whilst AJ due to some confusion with the race instructions declined to include the last mark of the course And so we arrived at the start of race 4 Determined to nail at least one start Nick headed off into the shallows tacking with just 70cm under the keel in time to watch as JB and PA contrived to force each other over the start line We arrived just 5 secs after the gun and were then free and clear to smash around the short figure of eight course set to make the most of a sea breeze whilst allowing us to finish easily if the wind died It didn t take long for Jolie Brise to be bearing down on us again with the jib top beast doing it s work and so began a bit of a luffing match as we tried to stop them from rolling straight over the top of us Traffic coming the other way in the form of PA and AJ helped us to keep JB at bay for one leg whereupon she bore off mightily trying to make room to undercut us at the penultimate mark Luckily for us Amelie s smaller size makes her faster to turn and so we were able to shut the door on this manoeuvre causing JB to clip the mark and thence head off to do her penalty turn From here we just needed to nail the final mark before heading triumphant to the finish and line honours A fantastic job by our core guests Mike Maggi and Geoff and by our day sailors on day one Jim Jane and Derrick and last but not least by volunteer crews Steve and Adam brought us second overall JB was first and a happy smile to Nick s hairy little face Having tied

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/FirstlastandagroundAmelieRoseandtheStGeorgesTrophy2013.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - April – in like an iceberg, out like a sauna
    to say that everyone reached the required standard and that all are now or soon will be proud possessors of the relevant paperwork The next weekend saw the start of a busy patch for Amelie Rose as we headed off to pit ourselves against the other Solent based Pilot Cutters in the St Georges Trophy The full story of this is told elsewhere but suffice it to say that this great event was blessed with just about everything this year Sunshine and gales zephyrs and sea breezes groundings and victories guests Maggi Mike Geoff Jim Jane and Derrick rose to it all and had a thoroughly excellent time to boot Back from the St Georges Trophy we were almost immediately out sailing again as we ran our inaugural Traditional Boat Skills Course With one chap having to call off ill Nick set off with David and Stuart for four days of intensive traditional boating Setting every form of sail that we have in every sort of way we can reefing bowsprits parking ferry gliding discussing real MOB techniques tricing splicing scandalising and covering every form of obscure old fashioned shenanigans we could think of to make sure that they re ready to enjoy themselves on proper boats It was a lot of fun the sun mainly shone and from the reactions of the guys we re really happy that this will turn out to be the popular and useful course that we wanted to it to be There was no time to rest on our laurels when we returned however as we were immediately off on a Traditional Taster voyage down the Jurassic Coast to Weymouth Volunteers Steve and Julie were joined by Lucy and John as we blasted off Westward in squally conditions around Anvil Point and St Albans head Amelie Rose was touching 8 knots with just a reefed and well sheeted out main and No 1 Jib as we screamed down this stunning coastline No sooner were we moored up than an even bigger squall complete with hailstones showed us why Amelie was in such a hurry to get us snugged into harbour she is a good girl The next day was much gentler and we were able to set all sail before leaving the harbour with the crew giving a most competent performance to the assembled throng who looked on in envy as we headed homeward After a few days off for good behaviour we were joined by Michael John Sarah and Penny for the bank holiday weekend which promised to be a scorcher and turned out to deliver all kinds of adventure We awoke to strong winds on Saturday and decided to tie in a couple of reefs for our run up into the Solent As we hoisted the main it was clear from the sail shape that something was amiss but before Nick could figure out what a big gust hit and suddenly it was very clear what the problem was He could now

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/Aprilinlikeanicebergoutlikeasauna.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - It’s Curtains for Amelie Rose!
    When we commissioned Amelie Rose we did seriously think about enclosing her quarter berths but her builder Luke wasn t keen dissuading us with horror stories of rot and pointing out that making the space for workable cabins steals room for everything else that you need to squeeze in to a well found charter boat In hindsight we re glad that we listened to him the layout works and the space we ve saved allows us to have lots of stowage down below for the crew s kit as well as for Amelie s sails and wet gear However sometimes when the crew are happily chatting about the day s adventures in the Saloon and you fancy slipping off for a bit of shuteye it would be nice to be able to draw a curtain and settle down in darkness to drowse off Crew mate Steve started the process a while back with an ingenious removable curtain for the fo c sle fashioned out of odds and ends and a fleecy blanket But how to do the same for the Pilot s berth and the quarter berths has vexed us for a while After much thought and some excellent work with needle and thread shipmate and splendid seamstress Bee has now come up with a solution As you see we ve kept the fleecy blanket theme and having tried them out on the first charter of the year we can officially give them the thumbs up The new curtains look good work well and are a great addition to the Amelie Rose experience If you d like a look around the rest of Amelie Rose you can do so here on the Amelie Rose Tour Webpage or for a fuller appreciation of the finest way to sail why not come

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Skipper’s Log: Amelie Rose Springs into Action
    twisted jib halyard which left us jibless for this passage but we still made Yarmouth in good time and were soon defrosting below around the stove The trip back made the windward efforts of Saturday more than worthwhile however Joined by shipmate Steve we hoisted minimal canvas as the weather station on Hurst Point was recording a steady F6 gusting higher I have to say that at first I thought that I d over cooked the cautious skipper routine with our two reefs blade jib and staysail but as the wind built Amelie was soon rushing homeward with the log steady at between 7 and 8 knots so I guess we nailed it With the wind at our backs it was warmer too allowing us all to enjoy the incredible sensation of a 24 ton cutter hitting speeds of up to 8 3 knots A great crew a great day and hopefully a precursor of many more fast passages to come this year After a few days off to recover the feeling in my extremities I was joined by shipmate and Sailmaker extraordinaire Bee for the short hop from Poole Quay Boat Haven back to Amelie Rose s summer mooring off Lake Yard Whilst it s possibly the shortest passage of the year it s always one of my favourites as it signals the beginning of a new season I love the feeling I get at this time of year as we head up the Wareham channel towards our summer home Possibilities seem poised to unfurl like the buds of spring flowers into wonderful blooms the experiences of passages made and people met that make my job so enjoyable I am a lucky man to do what I do Looking at my schedule it s clear that this year is

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/SkippersLogAmelieRoseSpringsintoAction.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Skipper’s Rambles: It’s all YOUR fault!
    oceans in appropriate high visibility safety messages warning against the danger lest someone get caught in a storm and seek to take action against the met office Whilst this is clearly a silly example the culture of regulation and I fear the attendant malaise of abrogated responsibility IS slowly insinuating itself in to the world of the sea On Amelie Rose we have bulwarks the best part of a foot and half high built on solid oak stanchions Were you to find yourself sliding down the deck toward the oggin you d be pretty much guaranteed to come to a swift halt when you hit them unlike some folks who have slid right through the modern equivalent However someone somewhere has decreed that these are not tall enough and so they are capped off by relatively flimsy bronze stanchions with a rope guardrail to bring them up to the regulation height The trouble is that the only additional benefit that I can see to these is to bring the pivot point up to a height that in falling over them you are more or less guaranteed to land on your head hopefully driving home the point that you should have been holding on tighter or attached to the boat via lifeline and jackstays You see it s not health and safety itself that I object to Indeed like all good skippers I m passionate about bringing back the same number of happy and healthy crew members that I went out with how else will I be able to get them to come again Where I think we are going wrong is in letting best practices and guidelines somehow morph into regulations and statutes in order to protect people We could probably argue forever the chicken and egg about whether increasing

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/SkippersRamblesItsallYOURfault.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Amelie Rose’s Budget Bonanza
    keep it that way However we know that many folks can only afford the time or money to come out for a day s sail and we don t want them to miss out entirely Whilst we have struggled to make day sails break even in the past it occurs to us that there are some days in our schedule where folks could join our crew for just a particular passage or for a day of sailing at an event A perfect example of this was last year where we were joined for the stunning passage from Brest to Douarnenez by four extra guests With her acreage of deck space and gazillion places to sit Amelie Rose can happily accommodate a few extra hands so from now on it ll be a case of the more the merrier Prices start at just 85 and available days are listed here on Amelie Rose s Traditional Taster Web Pages Also available on the website are our new Destination Dashes These are generally one way cruises with up to 100 knocked off our usual RRP to help you cover the extra travel costs If you re looking to build up your miles for an RYA qualification love the experience of working a boat on passage or are just looking for a great value adventure then these are the trips for you Starting from just 275 per person for 3 days full of sailing you ll really pack the miles in without busting your budget What if you have your eyes on a specific trip but are struggling to scrape together the pennies to pay for it Well last year we launched Amelie Rose s Standby Specials Club with the very simple aim of offering empty berths aboard Amelie Rose at discounts of up

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/AmelieRosesBudgetBonanza.html (2016-04-26)
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