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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - More Pilot Cutter Build Pictures Online!
    Photos area with the framing completed it s time for you to see the start of her planking We really enjoyed seeing these pictures as we d been talking to everyone for ages about saving up for the planks and our plank fund so when they actually started appearing on Amelie it felt like we were really getting somewhere Meet us at the boatshow We don t have a stand at the boat show got to keep saving for the planks but we will be visiting on Saturday 20th and if you are going to be there then we d love to meet up with you Email us at This e mail address is being protected from spam bots you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we can work out a time and a place to catch up for a chinwag We look forward to sailing with you soon Nick Melisa www topsail adventures co uk Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing holiday along the South Coast of England cruising the Solent West Country

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Adverts and Garboards
    preview of the special offers too in a couple of weeks when we get back from our Summer Holiday In other news we ve have a couple of queries regarding our last newsletter from folks asking a where the garboard plank was in the photos and b what on Earth is a garboard plank Well for any of you who are similarly confused here s a first look at a shot from the next set of pictures that we ll be uploading when we get back from our fortnight off The garboard is clearly visibile in this shot and you can see that it s the first plank to be placed on the hull and is shaped to fit into the rabbet groove that was cut into the keel earlier in the process Anyway enough of all that More photos and news about our boat show offers in a couple of weeks we re off to go sailing around the Channel Islands for a week or two to get a few more photos for the Destinations pages More soon Nick Melisa www topsail adventures co uk Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - She's been framed - Amelie Rose Build Photos!
    starting back in December last year We remember getting these photos seeing the size and strength of the ribs of one of these vessels made us appreciate all the more just how strong the finished articles are It was also the first time we could start to get a feel for the scale of the interior space The second group of photos were our Christmas present from Luke the guys As you ll see they show the completed framing and if you look very carefully on the 4th shot you might just make out the Garboard Plank at the very bottom sat in the rabbet cut into the keel earlier As mentioned in the intro we ve also been working hard to figure out how to put the video clips that we shot at the Pilot Cutter Review online You can see the results of our efforts in our new Gallery section You ll need to register and sign in and you may need to download a little Microsoft gadget called Silverlight but the instructions are all there and it s very simple The results are well worth while with shots of sailing onboard Agnes Luke s own boat and some footage of Jolie Brise from just before the start of racing on the second day at the Pilot Cutter review There s also some other shots from our travels around the South Coast and we ll get more stuff up there as we capture it More shots of the build as soon as we can get them online All the best Nick Melisa www topsail adventures co uk Back Pilot Cutter Charter Topsail Adventures offer skippered charter sailing holidays aboard Pilot Cutter Amelie Rose our replica 1850 s Isles of Scilly Pilot Cutter Join us for an adventure sailing

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Amelie Rose March Madness and Other Stories
    with an utterly insane 125 discount Follow the links to our website or contact Nick This e mail address is being protected from spam bots you need JavaScript enabled to view it 07831 710946 to find out more Don t delay these trips are going to go like hot cross buns on a crisp April morning Read more Crew Seekers Want to come sailing on Amelie Rose without having to pay Ever think of trying out life on the other side of the charter business Well here s your chance we ve got a few trips coming up this year which Melisa won t be available to be first mate so we re looking for some folks to come along and help us out You don t have to be an expert sailor just keen ready to learn and happy to turn your hand to anything from making the tea to helming the boat Interested Contact Nick now on This e mail address is being protected from spam bots you need JavaScript enabled to view it 07831 710946 or via the website to find out more Read more New trips in 2010 As you ll see from our website a lot of our 2010 trips are starting to sell out We don t want you to miss out so with lots of head scratching and beard tugging we ve been able to reorganise a little and find space for a little more of what you lovely people seem to fancy the most Check out the online itinerary to see what s now available including a new Weekend Daysail a second May Bank Holiday trip to Weymouth and a fabulous Springtime Solent Tour We re sure that these trips will be as popular as the others so don t dally contact

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/Amelie-Rose-March-Madness-and-Other-Stories.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Amelie Rose: Great Expectations in 2010
    the thrilling Bournemouth Airshow and we really do think we ve got the perfect summer planned We ve picked out a few of the highlights below Solent Pilot Cutters This is going to be a magical weekend as the Solent Pilot Cutter fleet descend on the picturesque harbour of Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight We re all getting together for a couple of days of light hearted racing around the Solent and evenings rafted up on the town quay enjoying the company of like minded crews comparing notes and swapping stories about the days exploits Yarmouth Old Gaffers YOGaff YOGaff is held in Yarmouth and is your chance to part of one of the major Traditional Boat Festivals on the South Coast It s always a riot of colour and activity with plenty to do for the whole family from shopping amoungst the mass of stalls to watching the many entertainers in the main tent or sampling the produce in the Real Ale tent There s plenty of activity on the water too Amelie Rose came second in her class last year so there s a trophy to defend as well as her honour Mousehole Sea Salts Festival Mousehole is a lovely fishing village in Mounts Bay Cornwall made famous in the wonderful childrens book The Mousehole Cat about the legend of local fisherman Tom Bawcock Every two years they have a big Maritime Festival with a couple of days of gentle racing cruising in company really and lots of activities on the quayside including music traditional trade exhibitions and lots of food stalls cooking fresh seafood We plan to meet up there with Agnes the boat of Luke Powell Amelie Rose s builder and have a lovely few days sampling the atmosphere of the festival and sailing around

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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Amelie Rose and the Learning Cliff
    in the city and Amelie Rose was still very much a work in progress It was a very peculiar feeling for both of us when on the 23 rd April we left our desks for the last time and headed off to Cornwall for the launch The next few weeks were pretty stressful as we struggled to get her fully comissioned and then faced the task of sailing a broadly unknown boat over 170 miles back to our base in Poole We described to friends later it was less a learning curve and more a learning cliff as we figured out not only how to sail her but how to look after and cater for our guests too Still as the weeks progressed we got better and better and by the time we returned to Falmouth for the Pilot Cutter Review in June we felt much more in control Managing first across the line on the Sunday race was a real bonus and one of many highpoints in a year stuffed full of firsts and incredible experiences Most of all what sticks out in our minds however is the wonderful people that Amelie Rose draws in Sometimes met on a dockside sometimes via the wonders of Google she appears to have a talent for presenting us with lovely new sailing companions wherever she goes And what of Amelie Rose herself how has she turned out Well all boats have niggles and wrinkles personality we prefer to call it but overall we re incredibly pleased Luke creates a beautiful and seaworthy boat which for a gaffer sails brilliantly On deck everything is in the right place and makes sense whilst down below I think we got the layout bang on She s an open plan boat and this has fitted with the way our crews have bonded and worked together The systems we have installed have all worked a treat the stove and heating system are perfect on a chilly night The fuel cell keeps our batteries charged with economy and ecologically the seawater cooled fridge is left on permanently without killing the power and the GN Espace cooker is second to none a delight to use Best of all most of this happens under the covers which we think helps to preserve her authenticity So where next Onwards and outwards of course We ve got a great year sheduled in 2010 more of which in the next newsletter and we re looking forward to sharing it with the many friends we made last year as well as with the new ones we re sure to make this year Bookings are up and many of the early season trips are selling out so don t leave it too late to bag your place Valentines Vouchers Would your special someone love a trip on Amelie Rose We ve had a lot of celebrations on board Amelie Rose and many folks have brought Vouchers from us to give as gifts so we thought

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/Amelie-Rose-and-the-Learning-Cliff.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - September Stunners & August Adventures with Amelie Rose
    a feel for pushing Amelie Rose along to windward Birthday Bonanza Tuesday found Amelie Rose once again in the Solent playing with the Cowes Week crowds as we picked up Ben and 11 guests from Lymington and took them out for a daysail to celebrate his 60th birthday The day was grey and windy but the rain mainly held off and we enjoyed brisk sailing up the Solent toward Cowes After a lunch of pizza hove to off Cowes we headed back down the western Solent with Amelie Rose effortlessly tacking her way up through Hurst Narrows and out along the Needles Channel Then as the tide turned beneath us it was time to head back to Lymington Another 60th Birthday boy joined us for the end of Cowes Week this time Merv and 5 friends Having joined us in Poole they were soon learning the ropes and before long we found ourselves in amoungst the Cowes Week racing once again as we entered the Solent bound for Cowes itself Friday is the last day of racing for most of the fleets at Cowes so it s traditional for there to be a big fireworks display which this year was further spiced by a rumoured visit from the Red Arrows So it was that we found ourselves at anchor off Cowes enjoying a glass of birthday bubbly and laughing at Merv s attempt to fly a kite from the stern of Amelie Rose when sure enough our tranquility was disturbed by the arrival of the RAF s display team What a fantastic show At times so low that they appeared to be skimming the masts of the gathered throng and lasting for what seemed like an age they really did live up to their reputation After this the Cowes Fireworks whilst the biggest display on the South Coast was almost a let down We awoke at anchor in Osbourne bay in time for quick swim around the boat before heading off down Solent to Yarmouth where the Brithday team had an appointment at Salty s which is a bit of an institution amoungst visitors to this bustling port On Saturdays in the Summer there s an entertainer who invariably gets the crowd singing along dancing on the tables and otherwise taking part in his show This visit was no exception and it was the perfect end to another great day of sailing Merv s great run of weather continued on Sunday as we re crossed the bay picking up what seemed like a ton of mackerel with our trolling line enroute Fresh grilled fish is fast becoming a favourite on board as the flavour is better the fresher the fish and there really is no way to get fish any fresher than this from line to plate in less than 30 minutes Amelie s August Adventures Next up were Neil Lisa and Harry whose intended adventure along the World Heritage Jurassic Coast to Weymouth was unfortunately scuppered by contrary wind

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/September-Stunners-August-Adventures-with-Amelie-Rose.html (2016-04-26)
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  • Topsail Adventures Ltd - Cowes Week Special Offers and Summer Adventures with Amelie Rose
    engine a couple of times to ensure that we made landfall at slack water but the passage was otherwise without incident The next day we had time for a quick walk up Victoria Street to the centre of the town before setting off at slack water through the infamous Swinge toward Guernsey After a pleasant sail we approached St Peter Port via the Little Russell and were soon at anchor in Havelet Bay a brief dinghy ride away from the Guernsey Sailing Club who were hosting the race The next morning dawned rather grey and we were concerned that we may not be able to even find Sark as it drifted in and out of the murk but by the time we had won our anchor and thrown up some canvas the visibility had cleared and although we were rather late across the line we had a great sail down to the southern most tip of the island Punching tide up the Eastern coast took rather a long time but the thrash back down through the Big Russell and then back up to St Peter Port was great fun as Amelie Rose surged along with the cap rails awash After showers ashore we congregated at the Castle for the prize giving and end of regatta fish and chip supper and a few drinks at the sailing club The next morning dawned fair and we took the opportunity to head back over to Sark to enjoy an evening at anchor in La Greve de la Ville although we discovered to our chagrin that Sunday licensing laws on the island meant that we couldn t get a beer there when we went ashore Ah well we live and learn A deteriorating forecast convinced us to head back across the channel to the

    Original URL path: http://www.topsail-adventures.co.uk/index.php/LatestNews/Cowes-Week-Special-Offers-and-Summer-Adventures-with-Amelie-Rose.html (2016-04-26)
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