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  • 10 Tips for Social media marketing
    4 Stop hating the new Facebook and use the new Facebook Instead of hating the new Timeline structure that obviously is not going away learn how to use it The Timeline actually offers a great deal of opportunity for a business to brand itself Although the Timeline format means that a business must keep up with industry happenings more than ever before this is a good thing It actually increases the amount of interaction between the customer and the business which can only help things as long as you do not try to oversell them online 5 Look outside the large social media networks to more nuanced networks Facebook and Twitter are not the be all and end all of social media Nor is YouTube and LinkedIn In keeping with the need of every business to simplify and narrow their focus every business should look for the smaller social networks that correspond with particular industries There are smaller social networks like Foursquare that serve particular purposes such as location based reviews Be sure not to forget these niche social media sites as they can help connect you with your target market as well 6 Make sure that your social media package is truly integrated If you as a business owner do not like interacting with customers it will show on your social media platforms Your social media presence can not be cursory You must make a real effort to connect all of the hubs that you build online so that people can see you are truly engaged If you are truly not a people person then hire someone who is This is too important to just let go 7 Think about your audience first You don t necessarily need a social media profile on every major social media platform Depending on your audience you may be able to let some networks go completely If your audience does not use Facebook then you should not be on Facebook To do so would be a massive waste of time The way that you can check this is to simply focus equal attention on all social media hubs and see where you get the most attention back Obviously you will want to focus more effort on those social media hubs and ignore or even completely delete the hubs that do not get attention If your audience is not there then you don t need to be there 8 Don t push things on customers using social media Social media is what is known as a pull channel not a push channel This means no hard selling on social media channels If you simply continue to maintain an effective presence and communicate subjects of real worth the eventual benefits of a loyal following will pay dividends in the form of trust in your brand and voice 9 Don t worry about bad publicity fix it All publicity is good publicity for a business that is prepared If you get a bad review handle it

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  • ‘HIP’ New marketing identity gets BIG RESPONSE - Toxic Creative
    services would be a no no Keeping things simple is what would drive the best response So we created a tone of voice for the copy that s straight talking and friendly putting across HIP s flexible options in an easy to follow style Trade advertisement We kicked things off with the trade magazine advert The idea was to turn HIP into a brand that s instantly recognisable To create a sense of intrigue each ad leads with an eye catching image of an exotic creature The animals weren t just chosen because they are great looking models But because they are great role models each sharing the same traits that are at the core of HIP Among the themed ads are a giraffe signifying flexibility of the insurance cover a rhino protection and a parrot for how HIP gets its trade members noticed Headlines for each of the six adverts running throughout the year start off with It s HIP to be a play on the lyrics from the well known Huey Lewis And The News song Hip to be square Focusing on a single key benefit every time the advertising successfully conveys HIP s core competencies in a simple elegant way Direct mail With news in about legislation to make Insurance Backed Guarantees compulsory for traders within the window industry we decided to act fast A short punchy direct mail reaching out to the 12 000 window companies HIP had within their database was called for At Toxic we seriously love direct mail You only need to look at the results we get from our well conceived campaigns to see how effective the medium is We opted for a postal A4 letter style mailing Why Because from experience design wise the careful balance of a personal letter and

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  • Recent Projects Archives - Toxic Creative
    LIST for Tips Advice and News Email Name required field Please tick the subjects that interest you Graphic Design Web Design Marketing Social Media Packaging Branding Search Categories Recent Projects Graphic Design Website Design Branding Logo Design Marketing Packaging Design E commerce Online Stores Toxic Talk News Advertising Email Marketing Lead Generation Mobile Apps Online Marketing Search Engine Optimisation Signage Social Media Twitter Facebook Google LinkedIn Dribbble RSS Home Ethos

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  • How live chat can get you more sales! - Toxic Creative
    gather from it and put it to good use Gathering the right data will require asking key questions From how the customer came to know about your website to what product or services they currently use the right questions will give you insight to better target certain customers Always respond quickly Never leave customers unattended If your agents fail to respond in time you may lose potential sales When this is done frequently your business may suffer from a bad reputation Evaluate the best workload for your agents Your live chat agents can only take on so many customers If they take on too much they may end up being exhausted too exhausted to respond properly to the next set of chats If they take on too little you may lose valuable opportunities The key is to train and allow your agents to provide high quality chats that turn queries into sales and customers to upgrade or buy more Engage your customers Human connections are still very important in this day and age of digital devices and automatic responses Your customers want to know that they are going to interact with an actual person not some computer programmed for correct responses Try prompts that reflect this need and your live chats will deliver better results Make sure your live chats are able to get contact details Once an enquiry comes in through a live chat that becomes a prospect Every prospect has a potential of turning into a customer But this requires a follow up on your part Your live chats can be used to get and qualify leads And by acquiring numbers from customers you ve got a line of communication you can use to do follow ups Want to add live chat to your website Give us a

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  • New Metisse Website Launched - Toxic Creative
    and have gained an enviable reputation that still lives on today Their racing bikes feature innovative design and engineering excellence and are no stranger to Hollywood most famously featured with Steve McQueen in The Great Escape The Website Journey We like to get hands on knowledge of the client and what they do so a trip to the Metisse workshop in Oxford was an absolute must Seeing Metisse lovingly hand craft each and every bike was amazing to see and we are still in awe of the amazing work they do If you re looking for a motorcycle you have to visit them The website needed to house information on the Metisse range and help increase customer engagement and drive traffic Focusing on not just the look and feel we have worked closely with Metisse to identify the target market and conducted thorough user research to ensure results The slick modern design is the work of our talented design team and has been lovingly integrated into WordPress and built upon to give an easy to use bespoke user interface for future updates We want to thank Metisse Motorcycles Uk for taking us on this journey It s been fantastic working with you and the website launch is just the beginning So take a look today and let us know what you think We d love to hear your feedback If you have any marketing needs we d love to talk them through Why not give us a call on 01604 491 678 or drop by for a coffee Written by Cathryn Halfpenny Follow Posted in Website Design PREVIOUS POST NEXT POST JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for Tips Advice and News Email Name required field Please tick the subjects that interest you Graphic Design Web Design Marketing Social Media Packaging Branding

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/website-design-northamptonshire/new-metisse-website-launched/ (2016-04-24)
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  • 4 Most Effective Types of Video for Advertising and Marketing - Toxic Creative
    provide you the results you want You need to make sure that the video you produce boasts of quality production values and that it s presented in a narrative that appeals most to your target viewer 4 Most Effective Types of Video for Advertising and Marketing Find out more Click To Tweet According to studies the following are the types of video that work best for advertising and marketing 1 Case study Videos offer proof And proof is more convincing when it s from someone else such as your customers Case studies offer an in depth explanation of how your product or service can provide real life benefits It s a great example of showing not telling What makes case studies even more convincing is when the journey of the customer is told in a clear and compelling video narrative 2 Man on the street interviews This video format gets its credibility from the voice of the people When the opinion of the majority sees your brand in a good light your viewers will most quickly adapt that viewpoint too Man on the street videos may not be as in depth as case studies because they often show only a few lines of comments from each respondent But they can evoke energy and emotions that can make a significant impact on your brand 3 Product explainer S imple direct and highly effective product videos provide a clear explanation about how your product or service works its features and the benefits it can deliver to customers This provides viewers a clear understanding of how the solution you offer can address their problem easily turning them from potential customer to actual buyers 4 How to Educational videos deliver value that your target audience will appreciate They will associate the solutions and wisdom

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/website-design-northamptonshire/4-most-effective-types-of-video-for-advertising-and-marketing/ (2016-04-24)
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  • 3 Key Ingredients For Website Success - Toxic Creative
    benefit from a professional s up to date knowledge on how your website can get the kind of traffic that translates to profits But in order to get people to come to your website it has to first be visible in that it holds a prominent place in a search engine results page note that Web users mostly only look at the first page of a search engine results page This is achieved through effective SEO search engine optimisation work Most users only look at the first page of a search engine results page webdesign Click To Tweet From Content to the Technical Stuff In order to rank your website must first have all the necessary elements that allow search engines like Google and Bing to take notice and thus give your website good ranking Searchmetrics recently did an extensive study on ranking factors and it revealed that the top ranking websites have the following High quality content This includes relevance to Web users higher word count and media enrichment Good site structure This is the very backbone of effective SEO an optimised page requires good site architecture good internal linking structure quick loading time and presence of meta tags Backlinks Websites that have ranked well feature quality backlinks although the number of keyword backlinks has decreased Other notable ranking factors include higher click through rates and lower bounce rates for high ranking websites brand factor which is becoming a significant consideration and social signals the correlation values of which have decreased just a touch in the last year Overall the extensive study of the best ranking websites features some of the more relevant and high quality content on the Web as well as those that run on good site architecture And your website will or should have both with

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  • Your website: What not to do - Toxic Creative
    content Blog posts from two years ago and products on your e commerce site catalog that are no longer available tell your visitors that you haven t touched your site for a while so they ll look someplace else for their needs Keep your content fresh and make sure all offerings are current and available 3 Excessive and busy elements Pop up and blinking ads animated icons and social media buttons that take up space on the screen and block the text can be annoying to see for Web visitors and they distract or prevent people from successfully looking through your site Clean up your pages by being thoughtful about where to place ads they should be prominent but not obstructive and consider whether you truly need flashy elements Your visitors should be able to navigate the pages easily 4 False information or lack of important details To build trust site visitors should see credible and authentic information such as real reviews or testimonials complete product or service information trustmarks photos of your actual business or team members and the like It s a red flag for customers if you don t have an About Us page contact details such as phone numbers and business addresses and clear instructions for payment and shipping processes 5 Too much hype and dubious promises While your primary purpose for bringing people to your site is to promote your business and sell products or services readers will often be put off by excessively sales y or gimmicky content that promise out of this world results quality that beats every single competition out there and totally exclusive limited edition offerings Use simple and clear text to explain how your business works and what benefits they can expect without attempting to build up too much mystery

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