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  • Expert Tips on Producing Superior Quality Content - Toxic Creative
    have shared the best tips and processes to use 1 Identify the topic that you wish to focus on This will streamline all the following efforts made toward your content production process Likewise make sure that your focus is only on a single point it will make your content so much easier to consume 2 Research will enhance your creativity as well as the credibility of your work There are tools that will really help you conduct an effective research such as Google Trends and Pocket You can incorporate as many relevant facts as you can into your work to powerfully establish the point you re making 3 Organise all the ideas you want to incorporate into your output This will make your effort more time efficient yet at the same time good quality 4 Don t be afraid to present your own POV on topics A different take which could stem from your personal convictions or your curiosity could be what others are looking for Just make sure that you have facts or studies to make your claims credible Don t be different just for the sake of becoming controversial 5 Inject your personality into your content Making sure your work really sounds like you is what will make it thoroughly unique Even if you present the same topics your voice will provide an original appeal 6 Look at the work of popular indie writers online for inspiration These personalities do not use professional help yet they lock in the interest of a big audience and influence their thinking Dissect the elements of their work to really see what makes them click 7 Lastly always study your work Read it aloud if it s an article You ll become more aware of what leaves a good impression and what

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  • WordPress Plugins That Help Boost Local SEO - Toxic Creative
    your location They will list local businesses with phone numbers maps store hours etc For this reason you need to make sure that your business is included in Google s database so that it will show up on the list of results Of course whether it appears among the top results on the first page or in some other more obscure placement all depends on your localised SEO efforts Steps you can take to help boost local SEO on your WordPress website Find out more Click To Tweet When it comes to local SEO there are many steps you can take for the purpose of ranking well An important part of an efficient SEO campaign is taking advantage of tools that will automate some of your tasks for you With WordPress websites you can use plugins that were designed to improve your local SEO The following are some of them WordPress SEO by Yoast Local Spotlight WordPress Local SEO Local Search SEO Contact Page Local Business SEO LBC Local SEO hCard Widget for WordPress All in One SEO Agency Toolbox Category SEO Meta Tags Organisation Schema Widget Connections Business Directory Add Meta Tags Most of these plugins tell Google and other search engines details about your business so that they can index it They also often have other capabilities such as providing snippets from schema org and hCard mark ups using Google Maps including social media links etc Some may even have a local rank checker so you can comparatively monitor your SEO performance against that of your competition Optimising your WordPress site for local search could play a huge role in the success of your business Any of the plugins listed above can certainly help you achieve that Want to start improving you online rankings for customers to find

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/search-engine-optimisation/wordpress-plugins-that-help-boost-local-seo/#mc_signup (2016-04-24)
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  • 3 Top tactics to encourage your ecommerce customers to buy - Toxic Creative
    make them stay keep them engaged and convince them to keep coming back on a regular basis 3 Top tactics to encourage your ecommerce customers to buy Find out more Click To Tweet Here are some e commerce website features and characteristics that are worth trying out or can be used as an inspiration for your own online shopping site 1 Enticing products display Study the merchandising tactics of leading brands When you layout and design your products page take a cue from real life examples and borrow from the practices of leading brands Visit a store and observe how products are grouped together how they make certain items stand out or how they aim to upsell or cross sell 2 Compelling content It s great and useful if you have clear product descriptions of your items to sell However to give engagement a boost you need to invest in interesting and valuable content that can itself offer clarity solutions insights or even entertainment that your potential customers will appreciate For instance a food delivery website can publish recipes meal preparation tips and reviews of food and food related products Putting out quality content does not only serve your brand awareness strategy but will likewise position you as a market authority 3 More than words Shopping whether online or in a physical store is a multi sensory experience It s actually more emotional than logical in many cases So make sure you create the right shopping experience for your visitors Publish high quality photos of products Post videos that can market your brand You can also use illustrations and infographics to add interest and colour to the site and to efficiently convey concepts especially technical and statistical data Looking for an Ecommerce platform to sell your product Give us a

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/online-store-ecommerce-northamptonshire/3-top-tactics-to-encourage-your-ecommerce-customer-to-buy/#mc_signup (2016-04-24)
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  • The ultimate guide to strengthening your email marketing - Toxic Creative
    every piece of content you have to everyone without caring that it will be useful to some but not to others You need to be insightful about the message you provide and know exactly who would benefit the most from receiving specific information Tailoring your content to the people who will be most receptive to it is a must in communicating effectively with your audience 2 Use your customer s information to provide a better experience After getting email addresses you can then obtain more of your customers data like their age and gender so you can send them more relevant content It will also enable you to personalise your email an added touch that many people appreciate 3 Design the email such that it works to your advantage Your email must have a layout that encourages readers to get past the opening and the headline and onto the meat of your content which contains your main message and a call to action that will gently push your readers into performing an action that will lead them to engage more with your business It could be clicking a link to a sales page or your social media pages something that will keep your connection going 4 Track the email campaign s performance Knowing how many people received opened and clicked the links on your email will let you know how the campaign is performing and what possible improvements you can make so that the next email will be even more effective There are tools that let you see areas of your email that people click the most which can tell you how to design your next email and what content is proving popular 5 Make AB testing an essential component of your email campaign You may have a couple of

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/email-marketing-northamptonshire/the-ultimate-guide-to-strengthening-your-email-marketing/#mc_signup (2016-04-24)
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  • Proven steps to unlock the success of your content marketing - Toxic Creative
    social media groups to build relationships Seek out the largest and most active Facebook or LinkedIn wherever your audience hangs out group in your industry or circle Be engaged in meaningful conversations share what you know and offer valuable or helpful information with the group They create first class content Successful digital marketers don t regularly churn out content for the sake of it Even if it s a less frequent production they make sure that every piece of content they put out there will capture people s interest and get them talking and sharing They leverage their most compelling content Have you written something that you re sure will resonate strongly with your social media group based on your interactions with them You can use that content to collect emails from the people who will most likely buy from you Just convert the article into a PDF and create a landing page for it You can then ask interested readers to opt in using their email addresses so they can get a full copy of the PDF whitepaper you create from the article Don t forget to craft a follow up email and continue communicating via email with the people who responded to you They connect with community authority figures One of the most effective ways to promote yourself or your content is to bask in the limelight of the leaders in your community You can ask them to guest in your podcast or interview them for an article You can even ask them to promote the PDF whitepaper you have created if you can offer them a proposal that will be beneficial for them too To sum it up establishing a winning digital strategy requires you to connect with your target market You should be ready to create

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/marketing-northamptonshire/proven-steps-to-unlock-the-success-of-your-content-marketing/#mc_signup (2016-04-24)
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  • Toxic Creative - Design and Marketing Blog
    ways for businesses to get the most out of their social media marketing efforts 17 Mar Society has now entered a digital era In this day and age one third of the population has Internet access There are nearly one billion websites online and 100 billion Google Posted in Social Media Expert Tips on Producing Superior Quality Content 08 Mar In all the lists that feature the things you should be doing for effective online marketing one remains consistent Content is King so make sure you re only producing high quality content Consistency Posted in Online Marketing WordPress Plugins That Help Boost Local SEO 01 Mar The SEO battle has moved to a local arena These days small businesses are narrowing their focus to target the local market and they need to employ suitable SEO tactics Posted in Search Engine Optimisation 3 Top tactics to encourage your ecommerce customers to buy 10 Feb Online shopping increasingly becomes the new normal for a number of consumers today providing businesses more opportunities to strengthen their position and extend their market reach If you have great Posted in E commerce Online Stores The ultimate guide to strengthening your email marketing 18 Jan In this day and age there are plenty of different ways for business owners and marketers to reach out to their target audience and deliver their unique message There s classic Posted in Email Marketing Proven steps to unlock the success of your content marketing 07 Jan If you re serious about getting the most ROI out of your digital strategy pounds in 2016 then it s important to focus on building the number and rate of your qualified leads Posted in Marketing Older posts JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for Tips Advice and News Email Name required field Please tick the

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  • Corporate Brand Identity & Website | Toxic Creative
    would recommend the Toxic Creative team to anybody that needs that little bit extra because they unfailingly deliver where it counts Anthony McMorrow Due to the marketing know how already within the company they had a very specific idea of the direction they wanted to go and specific goals to achieve That left us to concentrate purely on design The brand identity had to have a corporate edge a clean and crisp feel and a sense of professionalism that s vital within this particular marketplace When devising the logo we aimed at bringing together the key elements of OmniVista s products services and vision highlighting each element in a cutting edge glossy style We built upon this styling for the website creating an interactive user focussed site that helped portray the knowledge and quality of OmniVista s offering Embedded videos interactive roll overs and other engaging features aimed to make every visit to the site an experience The glossy modern look and feel added significant emphasis to the corporate professional edge the company was looking for The result was a quality cohesion across the various marketing mediums the company was set to enter into Author Chris Anderson Toxic Creative RESULT DRIVEN DESIGN MARKETING We re based in Northampton and are experts in all aspects of graphic design website design and marketing from dynamic websites and printed literature to logo design and brand development we do it all Follow Posted in Website Design Tagged as Branding Logo design Northampton Printed Literature Recent Website Design PREVIOUS POST NEXT POST JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for Tips Advice and News Email Name required field Please tick the subjects that interest you Graphic Design Web Design Marketing Social Media Packaging Branding Search Categories Recent Projects Graphic Design Website Design Branding Logo Design Marketing Packaging Design

    Original URL path: http://www.toxiccreative.co.uk/website-design-northamptonshire/corporate-brand-identity-website/#mc_signup (2016-04-24)
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  • Toxic Creative – Web Design & Graphic Design Northampton, Northamptonshire
    design projects Result driven design marketing Resume Pause Join Our Mailing List for Tips Advice and News JOIN OUR MAILING LIST for Tips Advice and News Email Name required field Please tick the subjects that interest you Graphic Design Web Design Marketing Social Media Packaging Branding Ultimately it s all about results By working closely with you we can identify your exact needs and explore opportunities in your market This enables us to design informed unique and striking solutions that achieve notable results From our base in Northampton we offer expertise across every area of graphic design and marketing And we inject real passion ingenuity and experience into everything we do So whether you need a dynamic website printed literature logo or brand development we re the team you can rely on to deliver it all A website of style substance Once in a while its good to push the boundaries and test your limits That s exactly Read more Corporate Brand Identity Website OmniVista based in Northampton operate within the constantly evolving world of Digital Signage They approached us Read more Home Ethos Clients Projects Blog Contact Careers JOIN OUR MAILING LIST Tips Advice and News Name Email Connect

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