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  • How to make a wooden farm, barn, stable, farmyard - Toy Farmers
    memories of there own childhood and provides a gift like no other Read our instructions carefully following all safety procedures properly Whether it s your child or a friends it s vital you meet European Toy Safety Standards All our instructions follow these rules which includes safe wood glue eco friendly and water based paints Stick to these rules and you would make yourself a toy fit enough for sale in UK and Europe What you going to make Before you rush out and buy your supplies it s important you know what exactly you re going to make You have a few choices A farm set with barn stable and pigsty A single barn complete with sliding door and hinged roof or a stable set with 3 or 4 stalls Make plans Drawings It s now time to draw sketches and plans of your design but it s certainly worth browsing Google and downloading some pictures and photo s of modern farm buildings Finding a photo on your chosen project will mean you only have to sketch your design as a guide Your C hoice to Wood Whether you re creating a wooden toy barn stable or farm set they can all be accomplished with the use of many woods available to buy at your local DIY store The best wood and cheapest to make toys includes Pine Birch Plywood amongst other ply and MDF Standard Stay clear of chipboard Painting Finishing your Project Whether you re making a wooden toy farm for your friends child or your own every step must be taken to insure the safety of the child and this means NON Toxic paints B Q and Halfords supply a brand of paint called Japlac International and Plasti kote Picking your Tools So you re now

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  • What is scale in farm toys with 1:32nd, 1:16th, 1:87th - Toy Farmers
    may restrict there play Keep all toys to the same scale and you ll have nothing to worry about So when you browse Toy Farmers if you have every intention of buying from one brand in the same scale always buy accessories in the same brand and scale again to insure the perfect fit Scale 1 16 Scale 1 16 is the largest of scale of farm toys and is a popular choice with Bruder With scale 1 16th children can enjoy complete interactivity with the toy Due to it s size the toy tractor range comes with steering wheels and the child can turn the wheels left and right with ease Scale 1 32 Scale 1 32 is the most popular scale toy you will find available today Toy makers consider scale 1 32 to be the most interesting scale among children and have therefore produced a wide range of farm toys suited to scale 1 32nd Scale 1 46 Scale 1 46 isn t widely available these days although farm toys can be purchased in this scale This scale size is half the size of 1 16 scale but is nearly the equal size to its counterparts scale

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  • Top 10 makers of big toy farm animals - Toy Farmers
    the market And well they might not be as popular as Schleich or similar brands they are a real gem once you take the plunge They offer boxed and sold separately figures with no retail packaging Collecta offer more than sixty five individual farm animals in their range and are a similar size to Safari farm and Papo Where to find or buy them Amazon co uk is your first stop with Collecta not widely sold in retail shops at this time 3 Papo Open box of Papo farm animals A French toy company but made in China Papo actually make a beautiful range of farm animals and perhaps best suited to Collecta or Safari Ltd The Farmyard Friends collection displays great craftsmanship in the paint work and play value is improved with accessories ranging from vehicles and animal transport including farm buildings As usual Papo s own big farm animals are made from plastic and come in singles or box sets Where to find or buy them What lets Papo down most is the availability of their range on the high street but they are widely available online Check out Amazon co uk or Wonderland Models for a full selection 4 Mojo View of Mojo s complete farm animal range Mojo comes to the big toy farm animal game quite late but deliver a beautiful range of figures Better still unlike their closest competitors they have a good selection of British breeds available which is a boost to the farm industry and child s realistic farm play here in the UK Mojo farm animals are painted with amazing detail and come in sizes close to Collecta and Safari Where to find or buy them Their range is available from few retailers but you can always rely on Amazon co uk 5 Bullyland Bullyland animals come loose with a tag on the leg German farm toy makers do it well and there s no exception with Bullyland toys In a similar size to Schleich and unofficially announced as 1 24 scale but lesser quality the range do bring there own style partially with delightful character names and friendly faces Bullyland Farmland selection includes twenty six farm animals with buildings and accessories to expand the set Where to find or buy them Widely available from Amazon co uk but so do the niche online toy shops including SP Models but not many more 6 Safari Ltd Safari farm are known for their realistic farm figures Well Safari Ltd should be credited for their quality in hand painted toy farm animal figurines but unfortunately they do loose ground from their competitors as the bending doesn t hold so well and delicate plastic bits are prone to snapping Having said that Safari Ltd farm know their stuff They produce a range close to Collecta and Papo sizes and feature forty one models when you exclude the vast range of horses cats and dog figures available Where to find or buy them You ll

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  • Guide to children's ride-on tractors - Toy Farmers
    s to heavy to pedal This day and age the big bulky ride on tractors doesn t mean heavy and hard to ride Smaller ride on tractors aimed at toddlers usually come under 3kg but you can expect tractors for kid s age 5 6 range weighing 8kg all the way up to 13kg But if you go for the heavier model you might expect the pedal power to be smooth and easier to ride If you can head off to the shop with the same model in stock or and ask for a test drive before committing 3 Comes with attachment like front loader Fully equipped ride on tractor with front loader and excavator Don t assume the ride on tractor comes as is if you shop around you ll find ride on tractors with trailers front loaders lights and sounds and even wheels and seat adjustments So if you want to add real play value to the young tractor driver s role playing go with an attachment like a front loader for picking up dirt and sand for dumping 4 Parts widely available from manufacturer or buy online Parts of ride on tractors include wheels pedals and components Every once in a while something breaks and with that in mind be sure to look around for replacements in the wheels and pedals as they are the most likely to break first seeing as they take the most punishment You can see if extra parts exist before you buy by contacting the maker directly see manufacturers links on the bottom of this page or search online from the seller or retailer you purchased it from 5 Comes with a rear hitch for a trailer Rear hitch design depends on brand but they stay on securely If you have a limited budget you can go ahead with the purchase of an affordable ride on tractor and if you like you can add to it later in the shape of a trailer Just be sure the tractor you purchase has a rear hitch available and the manufacturer offers trailers and accessories 6 Best to stick with the most reputable brands Top brands in ride on toys include Rolly Toys Falk and Smoby The best manufacturers in ride on tractors in the UK include Rolly Toys Falk and Smoby so look out for those brands Less reputable brands may offer a far less superior product and intern may lead to problems down the line when after sales or parts are hard to find or not available at all 7 Battery powered vs pedal powered tractors Pedal tractors have health benefits In our opinion pedal powered ride on tractors are the best option for any budget and for the child Not only will kids get more exercise from the pedalling but less mechanical parts means less things go wrong Electric ride on tractors are extremely expensive in the 400 00 range and are heavy and prone to things going wrong There s very

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  • Sit a driver behind the wheel of your toy tractor - Toy Farmers
    his wife kids and general farm workers But more exciting than that comes toy tractor drivers that are made in a sitting position with their hands out as if they are steering This opportunity doesn t work for all but in Bruder and Siku you can buy off the rack Bruder and Siku tractor drivers Permanent position for Siky figures Set of 6 Identical Siku figures in different colour uniforms Siku s own range of driving figures are only available for their Farmer series in 1 32 scale And although they are pretty much the same figure in set of two or six you can choose a figure primarily based on the young tractor drivers favourite colour But what Siku have done here is provided a full range of colours to match up with popular tractor manufacturers colour theme For example green overalls for John Deere blue for New Holland red for Massey Ferguson or Case IH and a couple of mismatch uniforms Set of 2 Siku tractor driver s include the first female driver Recently Siku have introduced a set of two figures one male one female so this will appeal more to both girls and boys More importantly it s all you ll need for your Siku tractors with the two figures costing a little bit cheaper than the set of six Poseable figures with Bruder Bruder figures feature poseable limbs like classic action figures Bruder have recently introduced a line of farm figures to their Bworld line with poseable limbs And well these figures may not be purpose made driver s the positioning of the limbs can be placed in a sitting down position and will fit Bruder 1 16 tractors These figures are approximately 4 5 inches tall with both male and female characters available When

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  • ELC: Past and present wooden farm sets - Toy Farmers
    in total including the main building in the barn the stables shed and coop This all sits on a baseboard that can be positioned as you like ELC Cobblestone Farm Highly realistic ELC farm with five big farm buildings The release of Cobblestone Farm was always going to let down parents But well this model does show plenty of character is just lacked colour and perhaps just a little to realistic But as normal in the range it came with plenty of buildings with lots of features The main building is the barn or cow shed with the big swinging doors farmhouse stable animal and sheep pen and of course the chicken coop This farm sat on a big square base with a track pond and plenty of space to sit the buildings ELC Rosebud Village Farm Pink toy farm for girls with lots of accessories ELC s long list of toy farm design has always stuck to the same theme which appeal to both boys and girls But what better way to get girls interested more than a specially made farm set for girls finished in pink with light playful colours But where there s a pink toy farm needs matching accessories and add ons and ELC have provided all this for you in the set with farm animals farm people and a few panels of fencing ELC Wooden Farm Play Set ELC farm buildings used as stand alone or grouped together A wooden farm set with lots of character but without the need of a fancy friendly name This ELC Wooden Farm Play Set is very different from the range but really only a few things separates it A few things you ll notice in this set are no baseboard much bigger buildings and the whole set centred around a big red American style barn So with the barn features a swing opening door and a sliding door on the side 2 stall stable shed and set of 4 slot together fencing panels ELC Wooden Farm Minimal effect was put into this early release with both the design and name of the item lacking But this doesn t deprive a very good farm set offering lots of activity and is effective today then it was back then and a cheaper item to buy The slot together method still was going strong then but the unattractive colour of the MDF showed through on the surface and the unpainted edges making a very dull toy farm But well very effective access inside the buildings can be accessed through the roofs thanks to a thick green tape holding the roof panels together The ELC Wooden Farm included three buildings used as a tractor shed barn or animal pen with a chicken coop and pig sty included ELC Classic Farm Playset Product naming back then lacked imagination but as we know today ELC began to give their farm sets friendly names like Cobblestone or Brambledale But it might be a push calling

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  • Go green with 10 of the best toy recycling trucks - Toy Farmers
    Side Loading Garbage Truck in 1 16 Scale RRP 36 99 One of the best sellers this Bruder MAN garbage truck has a functional loading arm on the side that fits on the wheelie bins and dumps the recycling into the smaller section Then with use of a winding up switch load the refuse into the big main compartment before tipping up the whole back to empty the container 2 LEGO City 4206 Recycling Truck RRP 56 99 Lego make anything imaginable and they haven t disappointed with this now retired Lego City Recycling Truck with lots of accessories included in the set This includes 297 pieces in total making up the recycling truck pictured 3 figures a wheelbarrow forklift and 3 colour coordinated commercial recycling bins 3 Playmobil 6109 Glass Sorting Truck City Action RRP 24 99 Yay a recycling truck boosting a unique method of collecting bins instead of the usual way This Playmobil Glass Sorting Truck is available in their City Action range and certainly is among the best they got This is thanks to a big telescopic arm that reaches out to pick up and lift 2 bottle banks onto the flat bed of the truck You ll get the truck 2 bins 1 figure glass bottles and more 4 Siku 0828 Recycling Truck in Super RRP 3 50 This dinky little Siku Recycling Truck is small in size but packs plenty of enjoyment It fits in nicely with your Matchbox cars and similar vehicles in 1 87 to 1 72 scale It s a simple open back lorry where two brown and green commercial size bins are stored and carried away But when the lorry is not use for its main purpose use it on the building site 5 Toyrific TY5412 Road Rollers Recycling Truck RRP 22 99 Not the most common looking truck but this Toyrific Road Roller Recycling Truck comes in a very nice sleek design As you ll expect it still works the same as most clip on the wheelie bin to the side function and it will lift the bin up and all away around to the top to empty the bin Then open the big door at the back to empty the refuse 6 Playmobil 5938 Recycling Truck RRP 42 99 This Playmobil Recycling Truck is one of many trucks available But in the box is two figures male and female one blue wheelie bin cans for recycling and of course the green recycle lorry where you can sit them in the removable drivers cabin To spill your recycling out of the bin and into the back of the truck simply clip the bin to the slot and lift the lever to tip in the refuse 7 Dickie Toys 203308357 Garbage Truck RRP 20 99 With Dickie Toys Garbage Truck it follows the usual principle by simply placing the wheelie bin on the side slot using the lever to lift the bin up and over the top to empty it

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  • Melissa & Doug Farm Toys, Puzzles, Animals - by Toy Farmers
    Farm Extras Equestrian Forestry Construction Featured Products Micki Farm with Play Mat Early Learning Centre Brambledale Farm The Oldfield Farm Eichhorn Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Brands Melissa Doug Melissa Doug Melissa Doug are a popular American toy maker producing a range of children s educational toys The Melissa Doug farm toys include farm themed puzzles made from wood and farm

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