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  • Learn more about us - Toy Farmers
    you ll child would need for imaginative farm play in the home You can be assured we offer the widest range of farm toy sizes and styles available in the UK to suite all tastes Wooden toy farms and toys vary by design depending on the brand making every product unique children have a choice of sizes they wish to base there scale farm toys with over 5 sizes available from large farm toys to small matchbox size toys Toy Farmers don t currently sell any of the items featured on our website We simply find all the farm toys available on Amazon s Marketplace and provide you the links to these farm toys We feel this offers you a great range of toys you can ever possibly find on Amazon as well as saving you a great amount of time when searching for quality farm toys However we are please to tell you we will shortly be offering our own range of farms toys for our visitors and fanbase Our primary product range will offer children s wooden farm sets farm buildings and equestrian toys Taking originality in to consideration you can be assured our wooden farm sets won

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  • Contact Us by email with your questions - Toy Farmers
    Early Learning Centre Brambledale Farm The Oldfield Farm Eichhorn Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Contact Us Contact Us Toy Farmers is here to answer any questions or listen to any concerns you may have regarding ordering payments delivery or product availability Although we do recommend you visit our help section for any questions needing an answer right away If you still

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/contactus.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Sets, Farmyards, My First, ELC, Brushwood, Oldfield - Toy Farmers
    bright farm yard sets from Le Toy Van and Eichhorn Build a working farm with farm animals tractors and all accessories you ll need available with or sold separately Brushwood 1 Brushwood My First Farm 1 32 Scale Price 61 41 Features a large store with hay loft cow house with cubicles milking parlour with rails 2 Brushwood My Second Farm 1 32 Scale Price 61 46 Includes silage clamp shed with loft pig pens 2 swing gates and a slurry ramp 3 Brushwood My Third Farm 1 32 Scale Price 65 11 Stone 2 storey farmhouse stables barn with hay loft pig sty and dog kenne Early Learning Centre 4 Early Learning Centre Brambledale Farm Price 64 97 Realistic slot together wooden farm with 5 farm buildings barn shed coop pig sty and stable John Crane 5 John Crane The Oldfield Farm Price 49 95 Comprises of barn shed farmhouse pig sty and fences sitting on a wooden play base Micki 6 Micki Farm with Play Mat Price 41 12 Farmyard with cardboard mat Comes with barn shed and 10 pieces of fencing Le Toy Van 7 Le Toy Van Painted Wooden Farmyard Price 58 46 Fully painted decorated wooden farm with barn milking parlour farmhouse and pigsty 8 Le Toy Van Haycroft Farm Price 41 50 Set on a baseboard with fences a hayloft with magnetic crane stable and cowshed 9 Le Toy Van Pippin Wooden Farm Price 66 35 Features a cowshed stables barn and hay loft and sits on a detailed baseboard with fences 10 Le Toy Van Le Barnyard Price 40 00 Fully painted and decorated barnyard with various farm buildings included Playmobil 11 Playmobil 5119 Farm Barn with Silo Price 149 98 As good as it gets with this big farm barn and silo

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmsets.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Buildings, cattle sheds, tractor, barns, farmhouses - Toy Farmers
    storing tractors and implements Toy tractor sheds are especially popular in 1 32 scale and can be used for keeping the tractor or used as a barn We provide you toy farm buildings including wooden toy tractor sheds for children real handmade wooden barns and pig sty s by Britains We also provide you cattle sheds wooden toy horse stables and farmhouses Featured Categories Cattle Sheds Provide a comfortable place for your cows and sheep to live on your farm with traditional toy cattle sheds Farm cattle housing come in all styles but often feature cubicles to house up to 20 or more cattle Tractor Sheds Browse toy tractor sheds made from wood for keeping the young farmers tractors and machinery safe Wooden farm tractor sheds add authenticity to the child s play featuring barns for storing hay bales Stables Stables provides a place for the toy horses to live Wooden toy horse stables come with great features from removable roofing for easy access inside with stalls and tack rooms often included Barns Wooden toy farm barns can be used for storing hay bales and farm implements You can use your barn for keeping the young farmers toy tractor and

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmbuildings.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Animals, cows, pigs, sheep, donkeys, goats, chickens - Toy Farmers
    an instant farm with farm animal sets or play safe with wooden farm animals made from natural wood View Products by Category Cows Kids favourites toy cows are a vital animal to have on the child s farm They produce milk for dairy farms or used for meat Browse from black and white cows to traditional Jersey cows Sheep Browse sheep by Britains and Schleich for the child s farm fields and farmyard Toy sheep are used for there milk meat and of course fur You can buy plastic toy sheep in all scales Pigs Children s farms won t be complete without one of the most popular farm animals today large pink and saddlebacks Toy pigs are perfect for keeping in pig sties as well as roaming freely Bulls Bulls are used to breed with cows to produce calves to increase your livestock for milk and meat Bulls come in all breeds from the biggest of all bulls the Hereford bull to the Simmental cattle Horses When you buy farm horses they go with almost any child s stable or equestrian set You can find horses in all breeds including horses with riders to heavy and thoroughbred by Britains Schleich and Papo Chickens Raise chickens in the coop or big poultry shed for meat or eggs But you ll need a few hens along with a cockerel with a few chicks running around Schleich Papo and Collecta all make toy chickens Donkeys Attract visitors and kids to your farm with a family of donkeys housed in a stable or barn Toy donkeys come in big sizes and available in different breeds by Schleich Bullyland Collecta and papo all made in plastic Poultry Place a mix of poultry on the farm featuring anything from ducks to geese for meat or

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmanimals.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Vehicles, tractors, combine, telehander, quad, Land Rover - Toy Farmers
    manufacturers like Case IH Massy Ferguson John Deere and New Holland in a choice of colours But that s not all we feature kids combine harvesters from Britains with Siku combines and foragers available too Find quality plastic and die cast tractors ATV s and quads lorries and Land Rovers to fill up your farm with an exciting range of agriculture vehicles Featured Product Categories Toy Tractors Children s Britains and Bruder tractors provide vehicles for carrying out tasks around the farm You can buy toy tractors with front loaders rear hitch detachable bonnet and authentic replica detail Toy Combine Harvesters Get ready for crop season wth a replica toy forager or combine harvesters featuring front rotating header Combines are equipped with lots of detail and functioning parts to really bring the scene to life Toy Land Rovers Land Rovers are an ideal off road vehicle for the budding farmer to drive around the farm for daily tasks This includes Britains Land Rovers that include opening doors tailgate and real working wheels Toy Telehandlers You can use a telehandler for all the heavy lifting and stacking using an extending arm for moving pallets or forks for bales A vital farm

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmvehicles.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Implements, trailers, balers, cultivators, ploughs, spreaders - Toy Farmers
    for bedding Bruder toy trailers go perfect with Bruder toy tractors for hauling trailers around the farm Livestock and cattle trailers are exceptionally popular with children as they can drive there toy cattle around the farm and to the market with spreaders and tankers doing the dirty work Product Categories Toy Farm Balers Pull the toy balers over the corn fields and create round and square hay bales Toy farm bales don t really mold bales but they are really good fun amongst children when adding authenticity to the farm set Toy Animal Trailers Hook up a livestock trailer for pulling behind your tractor or Land Rover Toy cattle trailers feature opening rear tailgates and a ramp These cattle trailers hook up to matching Land Rovers and tractors Toy Trailers Toy farm trailers for tractors are essential for carrying out jobs around the farm You can load the toy trailer with manure hay bales and silage and then empty it in another location around the farm when required Toy Farm Cultivators Drills Tillage Tools Working on the farm requires anything from a cultivator drill or tillage tool for lifting the soil so you can plant seeds Toy cultivators can be

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmimplements.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Farm Accessories, hay bales, fencing, hurdles, crops, Britains, Siku - Toy Farmers
    with hay bales and straw to carrying farm sundries around the farm in the tractor Children s toy farm fencing really makes the young farmers authentic miniature farm or diorama Give the young farmer more to do on his farmyard with a choice of farm accessories ranging from farm fencing hay bales and farm sundries from Britains Siku and Bruder in scale 1 32 1 87 and 1 16 Larger farm equipment for farm sets include silage pits and silos View Products by Category Toy Hay Bales Store stack or balance a bunch of bales of hay to store in the barn store in the barn or use to feed the farm animals Apart from yellow hay bales you can also find green silage bales and straw Toy Fencing Create pens and enclosures to keep animals locked away in a safe place Fencing comes in separate panels or lock them together Add authenticity to the farm with plastic and wooden fencing Farm Sundries Running your own farmyard will require a few farm sundries to operate the farm Find potato boxes milk churns for storing the cows milk from the milk parlour with bags and sacks for holding grain and corn

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmaccessories.html (2016-02-13)
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