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  • Games, puzzles, tractor, animals, jigsaws - Toy Farmers
    The Farmyard You re Here Extras Games Puzzles Games Puzzles Children s farm games and puzzles provide daily tasks which parents and the kids can enjoy every day Find tractor puzzles with easy to complete pieces offer thick and bulky puzzles so it sure to be safe with younger children You can find tractor puzzles animals and who farm peice puzzles with brightly coloured and wipe clean finishes Farm Games Puzzles by Amazon Marketplace 1 Orchard Toys Farm Four In A Box Price 7 00 price may change Colourful and bright progressive jigsaw puzzles of favourite farmyard animal pictures 2 Orchard Toys Who s On The Farm Puzzle Price 5 50 price may change Identify the friendly farmyard animals in this appealing jigsaw puzzle for young kids 3 Ravensburger 3 Farm Machinery Puzzle Price 4 99 price may change Get 3 jigsaw puzzles with 49 pieces in one box Include a tractor combine and a Lorry 4 Orchard Toys Big Tractor Puzzle Price 9 00 price may change Put together the thick chunky puzzle pieces to get this shiny red tractor chugging 5 Orchard Toys Giant Farm Puzzle Price 13 99 price may change Complete this extra large puzzle and

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmextras/games-and-puzzles.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Gift, gadgets, keyrings, John Deere, Claas, Bruder - Toy Farmers
    Play Mat Early Learning Centre Brambledale Farm The Oldfield Farm Eichhorn Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Extras Gifts Gadgets Gifts Gadgets Farm gifts and gadgets make wonderful gift ideas for the child especially when brought with a toy tractor or farm set It provides the child a wider variety when playing with his or her new toy Keyring tractors make great gifts at an affordable price The child can use the keyring as it is or remove the key ring with the available screwdriver to use the tractor as a toy which also comes with accessories the kids will love Farm Gifts Gadgets by Amazon Marketplace 1 Bruder Claas Atles 936RZ with Keyring Price 4 00 price may change Die cast tractor keyring with wheels Remove keyring with screwdriver to use as a kids toy 2 Bruder Renault Atles 936RZ with keyring Price 5 00 price may change Red Tractor keyring with soft wheels Remove keyring with screwdriver to use as toy tractor 3 Bruder Claas Atles 936RZ with keyring Price 5 00 price may change Keyring with soft wheels Remove keyring with screwdriver to use as toy tractor 4 Bruder

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmextras/gifts-and-gadgets.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Ride-on tractors, pedal, loader, Rolly, Falk, John Deere - Toy Farmers
    221 27 Pneumatic tyres tipping frontloader anti slip pedals opening bonnet rear hitch and more 2 Rolly 700028 John Deere 7930 Tractor Price 129 99 Adjustable seat with backrest anti slip pedals rugged wheels and front and rear hitch pins 3 Rolly 710027 John Deere Tractor 7930 with Frontloader Price 160 22 Functioning front loader backrest large rugged wheels and front and rear hitch pins 4 Rolly 132072 John Deere 6150R Mini Trac Price 46 65 Foot to floor ride on with opening bonnet a steering wheel with an integral squeaky horn 5 Peg Perego IGOR0068 John Deere Ground Loader Electric Tractor Price 293 07 Front loader with 2 speed and reverse electric powered tractor 6 Rolly 023929 New Holland T7040 Tractor with Frontloader and Trailer Price 86 25 Realistic frontloader that can tip and scoop and detachable blue trailer 7 Rolly 013074 New Holland T7040 Tractor and Trailer Price 71 16 Blue chain driven with opening bonnet rear hitch and detachable trailer 8 Falk 1086C Pink Princess Tractor and Trailer Price 24 99 Small pink tractor with steering and a matching detachable trailer 9 Falk 2056C Pink Pedal Tractor and Trailer Price 89 99 Pink ride on tractor for girls that is pedal driven with a matching pink trailer 10 Rolly 022021 Pink Tractor and Trailer with Frontloader Price 89 88 Aimed at girls pink ride on pedal tractor with matching trailer and frontloader that tips 11 Rolly 611140 Massey Ferguson 8650 Tractor with Frontloader Price 231 23 Large ride on with rubber like tyres for a quieter and smoother ride and working front loader 12 Rolly 132331 Massey Ferguson 5470 Mini Trac Price 59 45 Mini trac foot to floor ride on with knee indentation to scoot along 13 Rolly 132263 Case IH CVX 1170 Mini Trac Price

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmextras/ride-ons.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Equestrian Buildings, riding school, tack shop, Breyer - Toy Farmers
    Farm Eichhorn Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Equestrian Equestrian Buildings Equestrian Buildings If you re looking for something extra for your child s wooden toy stable set then consider a wonderfully created riding school or equestrian centre for young horse riding lovers Browse anything from riding schools riding academy and horse grooming centres and tack shops Toy Equestrian Buildings by Amazon

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian/equestrian-buildings.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Dressage, saddles, boots, pads, Breyer, Schleich - Toy Farmers
    saddles and bridles kits Dress your Breyer horse for jumping or equestrian shows with colour dressage and saddles in real material Dress your horse in only the best dressage and saddles Toy Dressage Saddles by Amazon Marketplace 1 Schleich 40187 Dressage Riding Set Price 6 95 price may change The dressing riding set is made of the highest quality and comes with the rider saddle bridle reins lead rein and

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian/dressage-and-saddles.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Equestrian Accessories, grooming kit, feed, cleaning, Breyer - Toy Farmers
    to stable feed kits and cleaning accessories You can maintain your stable or groom or horses with luxury horse grooming sets Toy Equestrian Accessories by Amazon Marketplace 1 Breyer 2486 Stable Feed Set 1 9 Scale Price 10 49 price may change Horses need to be fed and watered two to three times a day to ensure good health and optimum performance 2 Breyer 2476 Grooming Kit 1 9 Scale

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian/equestrian-accessories.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Jumping Sets, dressage, course, Le Toy Van, Breyer, Schleich - Toy Farmers
    with Play Mat Early Learning Centre Brambledale Farm The Oldfield Farm Eichhorn Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Equestrian Jumping Set Jumping Sets Browse a selection of wooden horse riding jumping sets featuring real wood equestrian dressage rings and eventing sets Toy dressage arenas are used for your horse to trot and practice for the horse riding events Jumping sets come with hurdles in all forms for your horse to jump You can also buy hurdle sets to create your own horse jumping course Toy Jumping Sets by Amazon Marketplace 1 Le Toy Van TV419 Painted Wooden Horse Jumping Set Price 9 99 price may change Horse jumping set with 5 jumping hurdles colourfully painted for that personal touch 2 Le Toy Van TV423 Equestrian Dressage Ring Price 12 99 price may change Allow horse riders to practice with there horse a compact Dressing Ring made from wood 3 Schleich 40181 Show Jumping Course Price 13 14 price may change Perfect for enjoyable role play The 4 jumping hurdles are colourfully painted and are made to the highest quality 4 Breyer B2014 Show Jumping Oxer Jump 1 19 Scale Price 12 49

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian/jumping-sets.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Wooden Horse Stables, shelters, barn, Breyer, Schleich - Toy Farmers
    both boys and girls Stables come with 2 3 or even 4 stable bay with American style stable barns available for your Breyer and Le Toy Van horses View Products for Stables Brushwood Toys in 1 32 Scale 1 Brushwood Toys The Stable Yard 1 32 Scale Price 69 43 Built to 1 32 scale and suitable for Britains and Siku Land Rovers horse boxes and horses Kids Globe Farming in 1 32 Scale 2 Kids Globe Farming Wooden Horse Stable with 9 Stalls 1 32 Scale Price 42 27 Stables for 9 horses and a storage area Schleich 3 Schleich Triple Stable Price 63 78 Marvellous stable for any child who loves horses Doors open roof lifts off and open back allow full access Featuring three stalls inside 4 Schleich Horse Stable Price 59 99 Hinged doors and windows unhinged roof 4x stalls for your horses and a wide walkway for your vehicle and horse box to pass through 5 Schleich Horse Stable with Accessories Price 82 50 Accessories such as paddocks horses riding set hay and straw apples and more Breyer Traditional in 1 9 Scale 6 Breyer Tractional Wood Stable 1 9 Scale Price 34 99 Give

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/equestrian/stables.html (2016-02-13)
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