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  • Construction Extras: Play mats, tool sets, helmets - Toy Farmers
    Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Construction Construction Extras Construction Extras If you are looking for more construction gifts other than construction sets and vehicles then browse our range of construction extras below We feature children s tools and accessories from tool boxes tools and kids JCB helmets We also provide quality construction play mats featuring all the things you will find on a real life building site But if your looking to buy a few building vehicles in one go check out the selection of construction vehicle sets below from leading brands Toy Construction Extras by Amazon Marketplace 1 Theo Klein Bosch Work Box Price 14 44 price may change For mini DIY enthusiasts with a wide range of accessories The tool box provides a handle for the child s hand and features a bunch of tools 2 Toy Brokers Fuzzy Felt Playmat Construction Price 14 98 price may change The colourful and highly playable construction play mat featuring traditional building site areas 3 Siku 1 87 Gift Set 5 Trucks Price 10 61 price may change Boxed scale model replica 5 assorted construction vehicles Includes a bulldozer skip wagon lorry

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/construction-extras.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Bulldozers, Graders, Rollers: CAT, Caterpillar, JCB, Bruder - Toy Farmers
    Wooden Toy Farm 20 Pieces Le Toy Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Construction Bulldozers Graders Rollers Toy Bulldozers Graders Rollers Browse our selection of Caterpillar bulldozers graders and JCB rollers for all your construction set needs With toy bulldozers the child builder can collect huge amounts of sand and create sand pits for the diggers Bulldozers can also be used to make land flat Your grader is used to spread large amounts of sand over large areas We also offer you Rollers from Caterpillar and JCB so the young builder can flatten sand and tarmac on his construction site making life easier for the builders Toy Bulldozers by Amazon Marketplace 1 Bruder 1 16 Caterpillar Grader Price 38 00 price may change This unusual looking vehicle is used to spread flat large amount of sand in one go It provides long arms for speading out the sand evenly 2 Bruder 1 16 Caterpillar Asphalt Drum Compactor Price 12 00 price may change Caterpiller Asphalt Drum Compactor allows you to flattan tarmac on the raod side 3 Bruder 1 16 Caterpillar Track Type Tractor Price 16 00 price may change Carry out construction jobs no matter how small or

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-bulldozers-graders-and-rollers.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Construction Accessories: Road signs, railings, pylons, Siku - Toy Farmers
    all health and safety rules on his construction site with the use of toy railing safety signs traffic cones and barriers This will insure the public can t enter the dangerous building site and the child builders can t get into danger themselves All your safety accessories can be carried on the back of lorries and vans to and from the construction site Before any construction is carried out all

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-construction-accessories.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Construction Sets: Bricks, cement, Playmobil, Teifoc - Toy Farmers
    the selection of toys we offer him below From small construction sets to Do It Yourself building sets there are plenty of options to choose from Buy anything from construction sandboxes road side construction sets coal mining to real bricks and cement sets for building houses that are completely safe for young children With your construction set you can expect to find workmen pylons wheelbarrows cranes and accessories often seen

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-construction-sets.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Cranes: Siku, Bruder Caterpiller, Man, 1:16 - Toy Farmers
    Cranes Toy Cranes If the budding builder owns a construction set then what building site would be complete without the use of a crane Without owning a Toy Crane the child builder won t be able to lift heavy supplies off the back of lorries lift blocks onto high foundations and lift timber into place on houses and high buildings Your young builder will have much fun with a wide selection of these cranes They can turn around provide extendable arms for balance and most importantly the crane wines up and down for the hook to grab onto items around the construction set Toy Cranes by Amazon Marketplace 1 Bruder 1 16 MAN Crane Truck Price 33 00 price may change MAN Crane Truck be Bruder featuring a realy working crane You can twirl extend and lift the crane as well as pull out 4 arms for stability 2 Siku 1 55 Heavy Mobile Crane Price 79 79 price may change A super size crane that is carried on the back of a lorry The huge crane can be extended for huge building 3 Siku 1 55 Super Series Mega Lifter Crane Price 72 47 price may change This model

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-cranes.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Diggers: Backhoe loaders, JCB, Cat, Siku, Bruder - Toy Farmers
    Van Wooden The Farmyard You re Here Construction Diggers Toy Diggers Backhoes Choose from a wonderful range of children s traditional yellow toy diggers When you buy a toy digger from below you can expect to have all the features of the real thing The front loader goes up and down as well has a tipping action to empty sand and dirt Toy diggers are also fitted out with a excavator attached to the back The excavator can move up and down left to right and every angle There is never a job to small for the excavator as it s perfect for digging deep holes and as well working in tight spots If there is one item the young budding builder will enjoy then that s a traditional yellow digger with a front loader and excavator Toy Diggers by Amazon Marketplace 1 Siku 1 50 Terex Back Hoe Loader Price 14 01 price may change Die cast Terex Back Hoe Loader part of the SIKU super series collection 2 Bruder 1 16 Backhoe Loader Price 20 44 price may change This digger features both backhoe and 180 degree excavator 3 Bruder 1 16 JCB Midi Backhoe Loader Price 18

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-diggers.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Toy Excavators with JCB and CAT Bruder Caterpiller Wheel Excavator - by Toy Farmers
    working tread wheels for moving over routh terrain on your building site Toy Excavators by Amazon Marketplace 1 Britains 1 32 JCB 8060 Midi Excavator Price 13 00 price may change Small but powerful Designed to work where space is limited Made by Britains in scale 1 32 2 Britains 1 32 JCB JSW200 Excavator Price 31 99 price may change Medium size excavator with wheels rather than tracks to permit easy movement 3 Britains 1 50 Bell Hd820E Excavator Price 13 08 price may change Realistic tracks pivot action and realistic digger arm with bucket action 4 Universal Hobbies 1 32 Komatsu PC14R Price 18 99 price may change Tracked mini digger with rotating cab and hydraulically operated front bucket 5 Siku 1 87 Excavator Price 2 39 price may change Miniature die cast Excavator with real working excavator Approximate dimensions 8 x 3 x 3cm in scale 1 87 colour may vary 6 Siku 1 55 Hydraulic Excavator Price 17 99 price may change High quality die cast hydraulic excavator model Super Series from SIKU Model scale 1 55 and approximate dimensions 24 x 8 x 7cm 7 Bruder 1 16 Caterpillar Wheel Loader Price 26 00 price

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-excavators.html (2016-02-13)
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  • Bruder toy Loader by JCB and Caterpiller with Forklifts - by Toy Builders
    site Our selection of forklifts are really good fun with kids familar with them today The toy forklifts include working forklifts that move up and down for loading pallets and crates with rear steering for taking tight corners Toy Loaders by Amazon Marketplace 1 Bruder 1 16 Liebherr Articulated Road Loader L574 Price 34 00 price may change Leibherr Articulated Road Loader comes complete with a real working bucket 2 Bruder 1 16 Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader Price 12 00 price may change Highly detailed loader with real working bucket loader for carrying out small jobs 3 Bruder 1 16 Articulated Front End Loader FR 130 Price 17 00 price may change Articulated Front End Loader Fiat Fr130 with working features such as easy handling loader 4 Bruder 1 16 Still R70 Fork Lift Truck with Transport Palette Price 16 00 price may change Fork Lift Truck with Transport Palette that can be carried around on a real working forklift 5 Bruder 1 16 Linde H30D Fork Lift Price 14 00 price may change Linde H30D Fork Lift with tow coupling and 2 pallets with real reer steering and thread tyres 6 Siku 1 50 Four Wheel Loader Price 19 00 price may change Heavy duty Four Wheel Loader in scale 1 50 by Siku The front loader can tip move and down and provides front steering for riding around 7 Siku 1 50 kid Steer Loader Price 2 49 price may change Miniature model of a Kempmann skid steer loader for carrying out the little jobs Die cast miniatures from Siku 8 Siku 1 50 Linde H80 Forklift Truck Price 10 46 price may change The Linde H80 Forklift Truck from the Siku Super Series product range Scale 1 50 Approximate dimensions 11 x 7 x 5cm 9 Peterkin

    Original URL path: http://toyfarmers.co.uk/farmconstruction/toy-loaders-and-forklifts.html (2016-02-13)
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