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  • Music | TQS Magazine - Part 6
    Shallows Album Review April 29 2012 no comments I LIKE TRAINS an alternative post Rock band from Leeds are on the brink of releasing their eagerly awaited third album named The Shallows on 7th May check out our review Live at Leeds A Sneak Preview April 29 2012 1 comment Live at Leeds is a music festival throughout the city centre from 4th to 7th May Check out TQS s preview and some of our must see acts FutureHits Live Leeds Review April 27 2012 no comments FutureHits Live with The Hits Radio Review the line up was headlined by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke and took place at Leeds University Union Listen Maroon 5 s New Single Payphone Feat Wiz Khalifa April 17 2012 no comments Following the smash Moves like Jagger Maroon 5 are back with the next single Payphone from the upcoming album Overexposed Give it a listen below Stock Aitken Waterman Stars Unite for Hit Factory Live March 27 2012 no comments Bananarama Jason Donovan Steps Sinitta and Sonia are set to perform in a PWL reunion concert to mark the record label s 25th anniversary Listen Jessie J Laserlight confirmed as new single March 23

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  • Music | TQS Magazine - Part 12
    2011 no comments Gay Pirates is a song by Cosmo Jarvis an English American singer songwriter and filmmaker Believe it or not Gay Pirates tells the story of the difficulty of being openly gay on a pirate ship Clare Maguire The new Annie Lennox February 2 2011 no comments An introduction to Clare Maguire New Patrick Wolf Song The City January 28 2011 1 comment The talented Mr Wolf s

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  • Games of Thrones Season 5 Rumours | TQS Magazine
    Martell clan is rumoured to be mainly comprised of Latino actors His daughters the Sand clan will be taking a major part in the series Areo Hotah This is Doran s bodyguard who has not yet been cast He ll be appearing mainly alongside the aforementioned prince Obara Sand the most experienced and most sprightly member of the Sand clan is penned to be getting into various scuffles with some of the main characters despite the fact that in the book she does not get into any fights at all Tyene Sand a young Sand Snake who is not afraid of using her powers of seduction to get what she wants The Waif an interesting and titular character who appears in the book to Arya Casters are reportedly looking for a woman of East Asian descent for this part What Happened in the Book Given the events of the past seasons it is not unlikely that the events in the new season will follow books four and five of the novel A Song of Ice and Fire Some of the events in these books have been tipped to happen in the new season but nothing is set in stone yet as far as rumours go Key events which are tipped to appear in the new series include After some heated political issues Snow finds himself getting stabbed this after he agrees to become Lord Commander of the Night s Watch King Tommen of King s Landing encountering further problems in his reign Since Tywin is no longer in the spotlight Cersei takes over but doesn t do a great job of making decisions In the book she ends up accusing Margaery of an affair and the repercussions aren t so great for her Tyrion after leaving King s Landing embarks

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  • Top 5 box-sets you should own | TQS Magazine
    why we recommend the season one box set as a definitive part of your DVD collection Boardwalk Empire Season 4 If you re not familiar with Boardwalk Empire and haven t watched the first three series getting up to speed for the fourth season should be your top priority This prohibition era period gangster drama is set in Atlantic City in the 1920s The show oozes swagger and the wardrobe crew must have had a field day crafting all the drool worthy suits Steve Buscemi plays Nucky Thomson a villainous mayor who carves out a brutal bootlegging empire by taking care of anyone that might thwart his plans Thomson soon finds his way onto the FBI s radar as his lavish lifestyle draws increasing attention and controversy Luther Season 3 Set in London Luther is a psychological crime drama starring Idris Elba as the title character DCI John Luther The Detective Chief Inspector possesses a brilliant mind that makes him a genius when it comes to solving murders However this isn t always enough to save him from the cruel realities of his job and throughout the series we see him become obsessed in an almost violently possessed way The series has received much acclaim with Elba picking up a Golden Globe Award at the 69 th annual event Luther has also received a string of Emmy Award nominations yet despite its success the show s creator has stated that there will be no fourth season However there is currently a feature film in production which is sure to delight Luther s colossal fanbase Game of Thrones Season 3 If you haven t yet seen any episodes of the epic masterpiece that is Game of Thrones you re in for a real treat Nudity witches dragons kings pirates and even

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/top-5-box-sets-you-should-own/ (2016-04-26)
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  • This is Jinsy Review | TQS Magazine
    love child of The League of Gentlemen and Monty Python This Is Jinsy is the next in a long orderly queue of bizarre British comedies Set on an island loosely based on Guernsey the home of the two writers Chris Bran and Justin Chubb This Is Jinsy s whimsey takes place in 20 minute long independent stories While it is not a sketch show there are elements of the genre in the short snippets of the islands TV that we are treated to In these interruptions to the story we are gifted with such musical numbers as Vegetable Tricks and This Mock Fireplace You Gave Me as well as the show Extreme Etiquette for Girls This Is Jinsy is full of love and cynicism about British culture with the village fair featuring such delights as Vegetables that look like their owners wonderfully juxtaposed with an assassination plot There is a dark humour that runs deeply through the show the island is a dictatorship run by the inept Arbiter who is answerable to the great He a being that appears to live underneath the island itself These deeper aspects of the show are so easily balanced and absorbed by the quirky humour that emerge in dark comical treats such as jumper based terrorism and a marriage lottery Embrace the bizarre and watch This Is Jinsy The myriad of celebrity cameos is astonishing their roles being no less than outlandish one particular favourite is Rob Brydon as the performer of the instant classic When I Dress Up As A Female Badger One of the most eclectic and extraordinary comedy shows to be released for a long time This Is Jinsy is a peculiar testament to the British wit Series Two is released on DVD Monday 24th February 2014 Charlotte Keeys jackanoryreview www

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/this-is-jinsy-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Line of Duty TV Review | TQS Magazine
    routine investigation into the bumping up of charges falls rapidly into something much darker and more threatening The balance between made for TV drama and the banalities of everyday police work is what sets this show apart from the many many other dramas of this sort The pull between procedure and doing what is needed is set out in a very undramatic way as part of the nature of the job Calls of Don t leave the car and Do you know how much paper work this means ground the show in a mundane reality while the unfolding web of deceit and misdirection gives Line of Duty a gripping quality With fantastic performances from Vicky McClure This is England and Gina McKee Hebburn Line of Duty makes the most of its strong female leads as they each in their own way try to hold together the unravelling mysteries at the centre of the show Small parts for Craig Parkinson and Neil Morrissey prove as scene stealing as ever as they play the boys club that surround and protect the patriarch DCI Gates Their unswerving distrust of the Anti Corruption squad provides just one layer of conflict to this convoluted story With comradery and loyalty set against drug busts and terrorism Line of Duty is a great watch and despite its few minor flaws it is more than gripping to the very end With the second series soon to air this time with a star turn from Keeley Hawes the box set of series one is available from 3 rd February Charlotte Keeys jackanoryreview www jackanoryreviews wordpress com Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured TV blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous The Best Film to Game Adaptations Read Next Going to a gig Get the

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/line-of-duty-tv-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • How Watching Your Favourites Shows Is Becoming More Accessible | TQS Magazine
    the filler that you don t want to watch The good news is in 2014 catching up on your favourite TV is going to become easier and more enjoyable than ever For starters get used to watching TV anywhere you want Get up to speed with all the hot goss on Albert Square on the bus home from work or relax in the park with a tablet and a slice of hot US drama The power of the network with Virgin means you can take your TV where you want to all you need is a smartphone tablet or laptop and a broadband or Wifi connection Catch up on last night s shows or browse through what s on and you don t need to be anywhere near a flat screen to do it As well as simply watching TV wherever you want you can also make sure you stay in control of the box too In the coming year look forward to managing your TV schedule from wherever you are in the world without worrying about missing a second of your favourite shows Don t want to miss that fascinating documentary while you re away on your hols All you need is a handy app on your phone and you can log on and record in seconds without a fuss You ll even be able to manage you box and clear out old shows you ve already seen without being anywhere near your home TV screen But the thing we re looking forward to most of all in 2014 3D TV Re defining the meaning of home cinema you won t need to trek out to your local multiplex or IMAX screen to feel like you re right in the middle of all the action With 3D ready TV

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/how-watching-your-favourites-shows-is-becoming-more-accessible/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Season 3 of "Girls": What can we expect? | TQS Magazine
    3 Season 3 should bring more of what we have seen in 1 and 2 but will probably look to take everything one step further cementing the characters and further developing their traits and foibles Adam Hannah s on screen love interest is also set to return to our screens With the carefree times of college now far behind them Hannah s increasingly complicated life will take centre stage amongst the messy relationships of her friends Preppy eccentric but headstrong Hannah never afraid of speaking about what is in her usually self absorbed mind is back Writer Lena Dunham perfectly crafts the lives of grown up teenagers in a twenty something world so we can t wait to see where she takes the characters this time Hannah Comes of Age In the melting pot of life that is Hannah s world the usual Girls Rules apply Every day is a drama and every drama a life event in her path to her coming of age Hannah and her insoluble friendships are sure to battle their way through life s challenges with a mixture of their usual aplomb and lack of finesse As in Season 2 fans will no doubt enjoy watching Hannah s life unravel into comic moments assorted humiliations and sporadic triumphs which certainly rings true for those of us who ve lived through our twenties Funny and Poignant Honest portrayals of funny and poignant moments will no doubt add more depth to Hannah and her compadres The rocky relationships both past and present will keep us entertained as we watch Hannah traverse life s uncertain paths and wonder what her next move will be We can surely expect the same raw emotions we were privy to in Seasons 1 and 2 with plenty of heartache and messy friendships

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/season-3-of-girls-what-can-we-expect/ (2016-04-26)
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