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  • The Tunnel TV Review | TQS Magazine
    is needless to say that the level of acting talent is very high however sometimes the dialogue can be a little clunky This is a shame as is distracts from the fairly sophisticated plot but the intriguing nature of the Truth Terrorist and the slow coming together of disparate plotlines is enough to keep you watching over the 10 45 minute episodes As well as the storyline developing over the 450 minutes of television we also see significant character development Not only in the obvious coming together of the leads but also in the development of their characters Karl is not the funny family man he is initially presented as and Elise s childhood trauma is explored over the course of the series giving the audience a chance to soften to her straight talking ways The Tunnel is in it s essence a cop buddy drama with a twist the Anglo French aspect lends what could have been a fairly plodding story at times some European sophistication The use of the subtitles gives an unconscious nod towards the Scandinavian drama that is TV s thing of the moment shows like The Killing and The Bridge have removed a lot of the pretension from subtitled releases allowing English audiences to enjoy this kind of pan European drama in their own living rooms What begins as a good way to pass an hour or two draws you in until you are completely involved in the characters lives personalities traumas and actions at that point there is no way to stop watching The plot is slow to unravel and watching an episode a week the overly controlled plot could become infuriating but to watch it on DVD is great you can cram as much as you want into a night that way Mystery

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  • Battle of the festivities: memorable Christmas adverts | TQS Magazine
    cinema virtually everybody will come across the best ones each year Emotions Major companies have realised the importance of making just the right sort of Tv appearance for the festive period and this usually means it tugs on the heartstrings or makes a bold and glamorous statement Budgets are set aside in their millions and some of the best and most talented people in the business are called upon to make the productions A perfect example this year is Sainsbury s Christmas in a Day a full 45 minute festive film directed by Oscar winning director of Life In A Day Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott It is even getting a cinema release in the UK on 29 November when it will be shown in locations across the country Watch the video now Family Most of us will just see a three minute trailer which is made up from the 360 hours of crowd sourced footage showing how different people prepare for the festivities The emotional impact hits home at the end of the main feature with a scene of a family recording a Christmas message to their father serving in the forces in Afghanistan who then walks through the door on a surprise return visit Journeys The idea of coming home for Christmas has always been a popular theme for festive TV ads and another of the most memorable is Coca Cola s 1990 campaign Holidays Are Comin As the red and white image of Father Christmas himself is said to be based on the iconic livery of the brand it s no wonder that many people rank this particular clip highly Commerce Although some people think that the whole festive season is over commercialised the fact is that most enjoy buying presents for friends and family

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  • The Escape Artist Review | TQS Magazine
    run of the mill crime drama descends in to a dark and twisted game of cat and mouse between criminal and lawyer The Escape Artist twists the crime genre taking place after the police driven manhunt is over it deals with the battle that comes after the arrest Dealing with insubstantial evidence and missing warrants events turn on technicalities This change of pace from the normal cop show is refreshing and so is its protagonist Will Untroubled family life outstanding success rate and respect from his superiors the opposite in fact of the normal troubled DCI Who is the escape artist Will allows his clients to prove their innocence spiriting them out of impossible situations at one point is even compared to Houdini but Foyle is the more malevolent choice He continually evades justice committing the most brutal murders and walking away manipulating those who care for him without consequence The happy family life and successful career we are presented with at the beginning of the series is systematically dismantled as we watch Compelling beyond words chilling and emotional The Escape Artist is TV drama at its very best With just three one hour episodes the pace is brilliantly handled with a deep connection and being formed with the protagonists in the first 20 minutes of happy family life contrasted with the cutthroat courtroom One of the best mini series to be released this year The Escape Artist will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions well acted with a brilliantly twisted plot it s well worth catching up on Out now on DVD courtesy of Acorn Media Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Headline TV blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Men s Fashion Finds 34 Brackish Read Next What would you do

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  • Two TV Picks | TQS Magazine
    drama stay with us has just finished airing on BBC3 but is still available on iPlayer and we strongly recommend a catch up before it disappears Orphan Black tells the story of Sarah Manning a woman on the run who assumes the identity of her mysteriously deceased doppleganger and policewoman Elizabeth Childs Featuring stunning performances by Tatiana Maslany Orphan Black has been renewed for a second series which will be airing next April 2 Borgen Series 3 Forget West Wing don t bother with House of Cards and don t even think about The Thick of It Borgen is the only political drama you need in your life Birgitte Nyborg is the first female Prime Minister of Denmark and Borgen meaning castle in English follows her story both in politics and at home Hounded by political rebels and plagued with an interfering press Birgitte s life is never easy but makes for genuinely absorbing and thrilling television Series 3 begins on BBC4 next month Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest TV blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Auna DBT 1 Bluetooth Hands Free Headphones Review Read Next Spend Less Do More Games of Thrones Season

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  • TV Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 2
    dropping steadily for years now the Breaking Bad Creator Credits Online Streaming For Its Successful Run September 9 2013 no comments As the multi award winning T V drama Breaking Bad is enjoying its fifth season run the series creator looks back at its previous run and owes its success partly due to the technology of streaming media Review Top of the Lake September 2 2013 no comments We review BBC s Top of the Lake an expansive drama centred around the disappearance of a pregnant 12 year old in a fictional New Zealand town Top 10 Breaking Bad Moments August 11 2013 no comments In preparation for Walt s return to our screens we count down some of our favourite moments from the last five seasons of Breaking Bad Boardwalk Empire What you need to know July 15 2013 no comments One of most prevalent shows on HBO UK starring Steve Buscemi Boardwalk Empire has taken the nation by storm but what do you need to know if you re coming to the party late Our recap of the series so far What will Season 8 bring for Dexter May 28 2013 no comments In the season 7 finale

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/category/tv-blog-2/page/2/ (2016-04-26)
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  • TV Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 3
    Charlie Brooker s Black Mirror Be Right Back Preview the 2013 National Television Awards NTA January 22 2013 no comments Every year the great and good of the UK television industry gather for one of the most lavish award ceremonies the National Television Awards but who s set to win Win Series 1 of Lilyhammer on DVD January 2 2013 54 comments We have 1 copy of series 1 of latest Scandi hit Lilyhammer to give away and all you have to do to win is enter witness protection and assume a new identity Game of Thrones inspired pop culture house flags December 16 2012 no comments From Lord of the Rings to The Godfather we love these Game of Thrones inspired pop culture house posters especially the accompanying mottoes The UK s Most Successful TV Themes Ever Infographic December 9 2012 no comments How do you measure the success of a TV theme tune Audio Network have given it a good go Totally Serialized French TV Festival November 26 2012 1 comment From 16 to 20 January 2013 Ciné Lumière at the Institut français will hold the second edition of Totally Serialized the French and British TV Series Festival

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  • TV Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 4
    Blog When TQS met the Earl and Anna October 23 2012 no comments Via the grace of social media and a very on the ball editor we took a stroll well more of a sprint actually down to the Regent Street Apple store this evening to have a chat with Hugh Bonneville and Joanne Froggatt Downton Abbey Blog Series Three Episode 6 October 22 2012 1 comment It was an episode of characters on form Mary and Matthew were holding up the household the Dowager simultaneously companssionate and cutting Carson s eyebrows hit the roof and Mrs Patmore and Daisy reunited for the first time in episodes Supernatural crime drama Grimm 2 starts Monday October 18 2012 no comments Story time is over supernatural crime drama Grimm is back this Monday Downton Abbey Blog Series Three Episode 5 October 14 2012 no comments Tonight s Downton was the bleakest in its three series Who saw that coming Rest in Peace Sybil we ll miss you greatly Downton Abbey Blog Series Three Episode 4 October 7 2012 no comments I don t think there s a moment more enjoyable at Downton than when the house is graced with a new fangled

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  • TV Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 5
    a heart wrenching storyline for Mrs Hughes Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy September 16 2012 no comments The Doctor wears a fez well but he rocks a stetson And that was reason enough to film A Town Called Mercy even if the story was thin on the ground Downton Abbey Blog Series Three Episode 1 September 16 2012 1 comment Downton s back and with a novel viewing experience for yours truly I didn t cry I m sure my loyal readers are probably thinking I ve grown into a callous crone in the past year but I beg to differ the episode was as touching as ever it was simply so joyous and entertaining that even Matthew and Mary s wedding made me warm and fuzzy rather than cold and teary Doctor Who Series 7 Episode 2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship September 10 2012 no comments As mentioned last week we were pretty excited about episode 2 for the sheer silliness of the title And the episode itself was well sheer silliness Which was great Doctor Who Blog Series 7 Episode 1 Asylum of the Daleks September 5 2012 1 comment The Doctor is back and series 7 s opener played quite an intriguing extension of a foe that s lost a lot of its bite an asylum full of the creatures that not even the regular Dalek s like Freesat launches new smart TV Guide September 4 2012 no comments Freesat the UK s free to air digital satellite television provider is launching a new smart on screen TV guide available in its next generation Freesat boxes Five cinematic episode posters for Dr Who series 7 August 30 2012 2 comments Dr Who reveal 7 cinematic episode posters ahead of the airing of

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