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  • This new LGBT childrens book will melt your heart | TQS Magazine
    beautiful illustrations Find out where to buy here http pigeonholebooks com Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Headline About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Top 5 Reasons To Move To London Read Next Would you have a good poker face How to hold a wine glass and other forgotten rules of dining etiquette March 23 2016 Winter Show at Plus One Gallery January 25 2016

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  • Martin | TQS Magazine
    passion more than others with casino style 5 Christmas Movies To Watch on Netflix Right Now December 12 2015 no comments Christmas is around the corner and if you re anything like me you ve had your tree up for about six weeks and you ve already baked your second batch of mince pies Just me As a festive superfan I always try to Get Creative with Joules and win October 21 2015 no comments Autumn s hit us in the face like a brick made of gloom and misery so why not put a smile on your face with a five grand getaway in an oak treehouse If you re a budding fashion designer and you re partial The ABC of LC M February 10 2014 no comments Learn your menswear ABC with our round up of the best menswear to come from the LC M A W 2014 shows The Bright Young Things February 3 2014 no comments We revisit old goth days in an all black outfit post Win a hamper of edible bugs January 17 2014 no comments Win a load of edible bugs in our competition No really Men s grooming at Harvey Nichols Leeds

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  • Uncategorized | TQS Magazine
    get fit in 2016 we suggest that you take up jogging The running bug has gripped thousands across the nation especially over the past couple of Design The Most Iconic Modernist Designs November 20 2015 no comments Modernism was the seminal art movement of the 20th century It was an upheaval and a reaction a simultaneous progression from the horrors of war into modern technology Across all mediums from fashion to furniture modernism flourished For the fashion 5 Fashion Photography tips for new bloggers November 19 2015 no comments The fashion industry is many things exciting innovative alluring and irresistibly photogenic As models grace the catwalks they are lit up by the flash of hundreds of cameras Behind each one is a fashion photographer a job that lets Feature How safe is cycling in London November 18 2015 no comments How safe is cycling in London We ve all heard the damning figures A recent whitepaper by Leisure Lakes Bikes reported that by the end of June 2015 eight cyclists had been killed in London In comparison 13 cyclists died in The cost of dating in London November 17 2015 no comments While there are many reasons to move to our country s capital one of the most common drawbacks is the cost There s no escaping it the Big Smoke is an expensive place to live With recent figures claiming the average Thinking about shooting your own film Here s what you ll need November 16 2015 no comments These days films don t need blockbuster budgets to garner wide acclaim In fact low budget shoots are often featured in top critic lists Such was the case with Blue Ruin an American thriller shot on just 420 000 that holds a The Top 5 Most Popular Books Of All

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  • Science of the film screenplay | TQS Magazine
    but it can also have little correlation if you ve got long scenes with less dialogue For instance the Lord of the Rings trilogy is broken down as the following The Fellowship of the Ring 173 pages 178 minutes of film The Two Towers 222 pages 179 minutes of film The Return of the King 152 pages 201 minutes Structure The main rules to follow relates to the layout of the script The title page should be a bold well presented document to help it stay relevant in the pile of editors and agents who will read it It must contain the following elements Title this should be centre aligned in the middle of the page and have the following sections Title By Your author name Personal details should be on the bottom left Agent details if you have one should be on the bottom right You should use a simple monospaced typeface for your script Courier size 12 is one of the most common fonts Your page should have a scene title description of what s going on and dialogue that happens on separate lines For example CHARCTER NAME Dialogue here Pitfalls While some films fail for other reasons it is often the result of a poorly planned script The most common screenwriting errors are remarkably similar and happen again and again Here are the most noticeable Deus Ex Machina This is a Latin term which means God from the machine and is used whenever a writer has written the story into a corner and only a surprise intervention will solve the problem For example the eagles at the end of Lord of the Rings or the bacteria in War of the Worlds Overt exposition The rule of good writing is show don t tell nothing ruins a film

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  • The Best Running Spots in London | TQS Magazine
    a lap around Primrose Hill Head back into Regents Park and finish back at the York Bridge entrance The total distance 2 1 miles The Princess Diana Run Suitable for Those looking for the ultimate run in the park it takes in four of London s most well known city parks The route Set up in honour of the Princess of Wales the Princess Diana route is handily marked out by a series of rose brass plates which have been placed on the pavement While the figure of eight course can be tackled any way you like we advise starting at Hyde Park Corner and heading east around St James s Park From there you will pass through Green Park twice Hyde Park twice and Kensington Gardens The total distance 7 2 miles The River Thames Sightseeing Tour Suitable for The Tourist By the end of your run you will have taken in iconic landmarks like the Houses of Parliament Big Ben Tower Bridge the Tower of London and the London Eye The route Acknowledged as the top running route in London according to running GPS tracker provider Strava the River Thames Sightseeing Tour is another loop that can be joined wherever you see fit Offering an entirely flat terrain throughout we recommend you begin at the Millennium Bridge and head east until you reach Tower Bridge Cross the bridge then loop around the Tower of London and run west alongside the Thames all the way to the Houses of Parliament Make your way over Westminster Bridge at this point and continue along the Thames until you re back at the Millennium Bridge You can cross at the Millennium Bridge to make the route shorter or extend the course by passing the Houses of Parliament and continuing to Chelsea Bridge

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  • Design: The Most Iconic Modernist Designs | TQS Magazine
    cycling handlebars and makes for a tasteful yet striking addition to a home office or lounge space It s best placed in a room free of clutter to help boost the no frills ethos of the item Barcelona Chair The Barcelona chair is arguably the most iconic of all modernist items of furniture It was invented by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe another Bauhaus exponent who was also responsible for the Brno chair Frequently glimpsed in professional office spaces and other classy establishments the Barcelona chair epitomises comfort with its sweeping legs and cushioned surface Eileen Gray Side Table Irish architect Eileen Gray produced some amazing pieces of simple brilliance when she turned her hand to furniture design In 1927 she created the Eileen Gray side table The side table is a perfect example of minimalism and modern design It s perfect for a modern themed bedroom designed for housing hot drinks over your bed Alternatively it makes for a great living room addition to sit near your sofa Noguchi Table A modern home looks incomplete without a focal point There are few better choices than a coffee table in the centre of the room and few better choices than the Noguchi table Designed by Isamu Noguchi it takes inspiration from natural shapes and forms Influenced by nature the table perches effortlessly on smooth wooden legs and looks outstanding in the centre of your living room LC2 Armchair No list of modernist design staples would be complete without the inclusion of Le Corbusier and his iconic LC2 armchair The Swiss French architect was a key member of the movement and was a leading voice in the architecture side of a house is a machine for living in His LC2 armchair is a perfect fusion of home comfort with modernist design

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  • 5 Fashion Photography tips for new bloggers | TQS Magazine
    ll need to learn how to use it to bring out the best features of your subjects without glare Understanding how to use studio lighting to create different tones to your photos is crucial so set up a practice one and get testing Stand out from the crowd Setting up your own portfolio is a must if you ever want to ascend the ranks of professional photography You can build a portfolio website with a platform such as WordPress or hire a web designer to do it for you Alternatively consider using yourself or someone you know as a model and starting your own fashion blog You ll be able to review clothing showing off your knowledge of fashion through your writing as well as your photography Invest in the right kit At the very least you need a camera with interchangeable lenses and the option to shoot in RAW Don t stress about Megapixels Generally the more the better But in reality anything above 14 megapixels will look great on the web The higher the count the larger prints can be without distortion However the RAW file format is essential for those who will be editing their pictures as they allow greater freedom Interchangeable lenses allow you to experiment with different angles and shots Most of your fashion work will be closer up but for catwalk photography you might need a zoom lens Beginners can start out with an entry level SLR from the Nikon or Canon ranges Break the rules When it comes to fashion innovation is key You ll only excel if you get noticed so turn the odds in your favour by using student designers and creating unusual shoots you ve never seen elsewhere With a bit of imagination you can turn a student designer s

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/5-fashion-photography-tips-for-new-bloggers/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Feature: How safe is cycling in London? | TQS Magazine
    often argued that cycling is safe when there are lots of cyclists on the road This safety in numbers effect is evident in York a traditional walled city that has the highest percentage of commuting cyclists in the UK These sheer numbers lead to drivers being more aware of cyclists drivers being more likely to be cyclists themselves in order to anticipate cyclist s movements and more government awareness and infrastructure For instance 4 6 million worth of funding won by the city saw officials invest in a new off road shared cycle and pedestrian path creating a safe access route for 15 000 residents Cambridge Cambridge has a reputation as being one of the best cities in the country to cycle in One in every five journeys is made by bike The numbers effect works in Cambridge with 5 000 more cyclists commuting between 2001 and 2011 with no increase in motorists A full 50 of the population travel by bike once a week Power in numbers is clearly in effect Amsterdam Heading overseas to the Dutch capital we begin to see exactly how successful cycling can be If London was to learn from Amsterdam we d see far less tragedy on the road 70 of all journeys are made by bike in Amsterdam brought on by years of campaigning around road safety and the exclusive infrastructure developed for cyclists Many paths are wide enough to cycle side by side are clearly marked and have smooth surfaces There are separate traffic signals for cyclists too and many roads even have roundabouts for cyclists What to change in London Clearly we have much to aspire to Within our own country safety in numbers is in effect in smaller towns In Amsterdam that theory clearly holds true The infrastructure high numbers

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