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  • The cost of dating in London | TQS Magazine
    66 1 cocktail 9 1 pint of lager 4 41 Taxi 5 mile journey 14 Total Cost 116 41 However there are plenty of money saving options available for frugal daters Ditch the sit down meal head to a free museum and grab some street food for a more relaxed low cost adventure Making moves in Madrid The Spanish capital is a metropolis set in beautiful sunny weather A date here is far cheaper than London even with the same level of quality 2 cinema tickets 12 91 Meal for 2 37 96 1 cocktail 6 83 1 pint of lager 3 07 Taxi 5 mile journey 10 63 Total cost 71 40 Romancing in Rome Despite its long history and huge tourist appeal Rome remains a relatively cheap city to visit Heading out on a date there won t break the bank 2 cinema tickets 12 90 Meal for 2 43 28 1 cocktail 6 83 1 pint of lager 3 87 Taxi 5 mile journey 15 94 Total Cost 82 82 Sensual Sydney The Australian city of Sydney is commonly regarded as a paradise but an expensive one Due to exchange rates Australia is a notoriously pricey country However a date in the sunny metropolis is still cheaper than London 2 cinema tickets 19 37 Meal for 2 56 51 1 cocktail 8 61 1 pint of lager 3 77 Taxi 5 mile journey 14 53 Total Cost 102 79 Getting it on in Geneva London is far from the most expensive place to date The Swiss city of Geneva offers eye watering prices despite pristine scenery and a high quality of living 2 cinema tickets 28 96 Meal for 2 96 06 1 cocktail 13 72 1 pint of lager 5 34 Taxi 5 mile journey 25

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  • Thinking about shooting your own film? Here’s what you’ll need. | TQS Magazine
    to focus on telling a story over competing with the aesthetics of big budget features When it comes to shooting choose a camera that offers high quality for the lowest price A good option is the Canon 700D T5i which is an entry level DSLR that has the best video recording features of any rival It has a touch screen swivel LCD and a silent autofocus lens which means less messing around post production Microphone Cameras tend to have their own microphones but for filming movies they are inadequate and tend to miss important pieces of dialogue A kit from the likes of Sennheiser will help you capture proper audio that you can integrate when it comes to editing Slider Glidecam Unless you re going for a found footage feel you ll need something to steady your camera to deliver smooth shots A relatively cheap choice is glidecams They can be picked up from Amazon for less than 100 allowing you to capture crisp panning shots and other smooth transitions Alternatively you can make your own Follow the plans on this website and you ll have it sorted Editing suite For editing video you ll need a decently powerful PC laptop or Apple computer While there are apps for tablets and mobile devices that let you edit short videos they will fail miserably when it comes to editing a feature length film Opt for a professional editing program like Adobe Premiere Tools for the set Your first film should be set in a relatively small area In it you should have all of the props and other devices you ll need If you re dealing with actors working at a distance consider a cheap Slingsby megaphone to get your direction across You should also have a first aid kit on

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  • The Top 5 Most Popular Books Of All Time | TQS Magazine
    is the second most sold book ever Charles Dickens s A Tale of Two Cities 200 million copies sold Personally I have never been guessed that Charles Dickens would write the third book in this list But in fact this masterpiece about the class struggles that lead to the French Revolution belongs on this list But what made this book so popular is another question One of the reasons is that this book is mandatory to read for all students in the United States And since it is more than 150 years old it is also pretty understandable why such vast number of books were sold J R R Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings 150 million copies sold Since this amazing trilogy is the ultimate fantasy novel and since there was so much popularity of the movies the honourable fourth place in this list undoubtedly belongs to this Tolkien s masterpiece It was published in the 1950s and since then it was loved by many generations of fantasy readers And after a few decades people who seen the movies and wished to read the originals This and the fact that usually this trilogy is sold as a single work often in lavish boxed sets makes these books so popular and worth the fourth place of the most favourite books ever unquestionably J K Rowling s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone 107 million copies sold The last book in this list is the very first book of the legendary series about the wizard boy called Harry Potter And although this exact book was first published in 1997 today this book is still being bought and read by many people around the globe However with different publishers for different nations and various publishers reporting a little bit excessive

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-top-5-most-popular-books-of-all-time/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Pop Culture Blog - Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion - TQS - Part 7
    want to see them live in Dublin Okay that s us Still applies Silence is Golden Nissan LEAF May 7 2014 no comments The folks at Nissan LEAF are testing their stealth credentials with an unusual night ride BMW Ultimate Driver May 2 2014 no comments BMW s latest initiative was all about making petrol heads days by letting them put the new 2 Series Coupe through its paces all in a fashion that Top Gear would be proud of Matisse s Final Years at the Tate Modern April 23 2014 no comments The Tate Modern has showcased and organised an exhibition that charts Matisse s final years Our review by Simon Columb North Face Longer Days April 16 2014 no comments The new campaign from outdoor clothing experts North Face has got us all of a flutter for a bit of late night summer rambling Snoop Dogg Hits Cornwizzle Cornwazzle Boardmasters April 16 2014 no comments The hip hop legend will be descending upon Newquay in August for the Boardmasters festival a sight to behold for sure Festivals Get out of here March 28 2014 no comments If the more frugal among you have ever weighed up a holiday

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  • Happy Back To The Future Day! 88 facts about the DeLorean [Infographic] | TQS Magazine
    Biff steals the car and returns to the 1955 the first film to give his younger self a 2015 Sports Almanac which helps him find fortune changing the course of history Marty and Doc Brown return to 1985 finding themselves in an alternate universe Marty s father is dead and his mother is now trapped in an unhappy marriage as Biff rules the city It was left to Marty to try and fix history Another story that is nearly as Hollywood worthy as the film itself is the life of John Z DeLorean a famous General Motors Executive who left in 1973 to form DeLorean Motor Company In celebration of the film date and the DeLorean itself the only car ever produced by the DeLorean Motor Company The Car Buying Service have put together an infographic of 88 facts about the star of the show the DMC 12 car its founder and fans Even the most knowledgeable film fans will be surprised at some of the DeLorean themed facts that have been uncovered Happy reading Back to the Future fans Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Uncategorized About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Things to do

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/happy-back-to-the-future-day-88-facts-about-the-delorean-infographic/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Things to do: London Blues Fest | TQS Magazine
    stars Jo Harman and Matt Schofield and the multi million selling Dave Matthews Band this year s event will also present a series of free daytime performances making it one of London s biggest s free music festivals Artists lined up to perform during the daytime include Georgie Fame Marcus Bonfanti Bernie Marsden Chris Farlowe Dr Feelgood Jeremy Sassoon s Ray Charles Project Big Boy Bloater The Bluejays The Excitements Ian Siegal Band Laurence Jones The Boom Band and many more Full details below Bluesfest organisers have also just released some specially priced seats for the hugely anticipated Van Morrison and Tom Jones concert fans will now be able to see this incredible double bill which will see both artists performing full sets with their own bands for only 45 Tickets are available from www livenation co uk and AXS com Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Uncategorized About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous 5 Reasons Iron Man 2 Is Marvel s Most Underrated Film Read Next Happy Back To The Future Day 88 facts about the DeLorean Infographic Top Tips for Travelling Around Europe January 28 2016 Science of the film screenplay November 26 2015

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/things-to-do-london-blues-fest/ (2016-04-26)
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  • 5 Reasons “Iron Man 2″ Is Marvel’s Most Underrated Film | TQS Magazine
    Dislike In my opinion Sam Rockwell who plays hapless Tony Stark rival Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 is one of the most underrated actors in the business Whether he s playing an off his rocker killer in Seven Psychopaths a charming bum full of dumb wisdom in The Way Way Back or even taking on the role of Zaphod Beeblebrox in The Hitchhiker s Guide To The Galaxy this guy always entertains and Iron Man 2 offers no exception Rockwell s Hammer character is not only a perfect foil to Stark talking the same talk but unable to walk the walk he s also a great example of what keeps pushing the Avengers underground not villainous attacks but attempts at imitation by government and private interest groups Stark Becomes The Deepest Marvel Hero Part of what got Iron Man 3 so much recognition was that it forced Tony Stark back to his roots Beaten battered and stranded he s forced to enlist the help of a child and get back to garage mechanics to get back on his feet Sorry but that s not character depth so much as a contrived effort to ground an otherwise absurd story overflowing with ambiguously powerful orange something or other that s creating um demons or something Stark is the deepest and most human character in the Avengers because of the way Iron Man 2 expanded on the origin story in Iron Man This article agrees with my assertion that Iron Man 2 is underrated and addresses this same point rather well Stark s sense of morality relationship with himself and connections to the likes of Lt Col Rhodes and Pepper Potts are all developed nicely here The Real World Sets Are Gorgeous This is one of my favourite things about the whole Iron Man series in retrospect Marvel films are increasingly connected to the cosmic if not through actual trips to outer space then through intergalactic conflicts and supernatural powers influencing events on Earth Iron Man 2 is far more grounded and filled with beautiful shots that are distinctly Earthbound I might argue that the popular image of Whiplash crashing the Monte Carlo Grand Prix to take Tony Stark out as publicly as possible is one of the most memorable and impressive shots from the whole Marvel cinematic universe In addition stretches of the film make use of plenty of perfectly ordinary locations a Russian prison an airplane hangar a home boxing ring The final showdown even takes place in a deserted park The Film Had A Strong Gaming Presence Not that it matters in assessing the film specifically but with so few Marvel films and characters leading to decent games this is another plus for Iron Man 2 Reviews were correct in ascribing the official Iron Man 2 game mediocre reviews but it was better than its predecessor and that s certainly saying something Besides that here you can also find a jackpot casino game built into an online bingo platform

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  • 5 Reasons to Visit London in Summer 2016 | TQS Magazine
    in 1839 It has been held every year since and is a major highlight of London s summer for socialites and sports fans alike More than 200 races take place over five days on the River Thames by the town of Henley on Thames The racing can be viewed from a number of vantage points on the banks of the river the general public can watch from the Berkshire side whereas the Buckinghamshire side is reserved for club members and hospitality Legoland Windsor Got the family in tow Which kid doesn t love lego Head just out of the city and let them experience a lego fan s dream Legoland Windsor The youngest members of the family are catered for in Duplo Valley with rides and attractions aimed at toddlers Things get more exciting as you head to the main attractions Pirate Shores features a log flume ride perfect on a hot summer day Kingdom of the Pharaohs is an interactive ride through an Egyptian tomb You can board The Dragon roller coaster in the Knight s Kingdom and a submarine ride through Atlantis in Adventure Land Wimbledon What list of London s summer attractions would be complete without mentioned The Championships Wimbledon Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world It is one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and has been held at the All England Club in SW19 since 1877 The tournament takes place in late June and early July and the sights and sounds of Wimbledon are deeply entrenched in the English summertime Strawberries and cream sipping Pimms Henman Hill or Murray Mound you can experience it all with Ticketbis Calling Festival Music fans are well catered for in London Since 2006 a regular feature of the late summer is the Calling Festival formerly

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/5-reasons-to-visit-london-in-summer-2016/ (2016-04-26)
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