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  • 5 styles to recreate from New York’s first men’s fashion week | TQS Magazine
    meanwhile always look better fitted slim 2 Wear a T shirt under a suit jacket Might sound a bit 1980s Phil Collins but dressing down a good suit with a bold T shirt is most definitely back The John Varvatos show proved this to great effect a flash of pattern or colour beneath a tailored suit is just the right amount of understated sharpness A classy pair of sunglasses only completes the effect Just steer clear of shoulder pads 3 Black is the new black Being bedecked in one colour from top to bottom means simple elegant silhouettes and effortless looking style In the warmer months feel free to show off some ankle or forearm Linen trousers and a simple T shirt in dark colours will do the trick nicely Experiment with different materials and fits as MensHealth com suggests 4 White is something to embrace At least a crisp white jacket is according to Vogue com Again many guys would have a suspicion that white is a no no Too showy perhaps But a simple cotton motorcycle jacket in white free of cluttering details and teamed with darker colours will bring out the contrast to refined effect Alternatively a double breasted effort with a striped T shirt beneath is a great way to bring a summery look to your day 5 Mismatched but muted colours can work Obviously this is a look to try when it gets cooler outside as it loses its impact when the person wearing it is red and sweaty in the face Choose extra layers to keep you warm that are subtly different shades of the same colour You can introduce different patterns and textures while sticking to the same broad hue The effect is one of timelessness but try to bear in mind your

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/5-styles-to-recreate-from-new-yorks-first-mens-fashion-week/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The new Hollywood trend: vaping movie characters | TQS Magazine
    able to help smokers quit this habit Among the findings of the research include the fact that e cigarettes are approximately 95 less harmful than smoking and about 45 of the population does not realize that vaping is much less harmful compared to smoking In addition the study shows that there is no evidence showing that e cigarettes are a starting point for kids or non smokers into the habit But let s go back to movies Did you know that Zac Efron has been vaping throughout the entire Bad Neighbors movie He did Also the main character in FX s The Bridge was also vaping in one of the episodes There was also a lot of vaping in American television police drama Detroit 1 8 7 Movie dinosaur Kevin Spacey also used an e cigarette in critically acclaimed drama House of Cards Do you remember that movie with Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist In this movie Depp was shown vaping and he was looking pretty cool Even the older generation of actors vaped in movies Some of them include Dennis Qaid in Beneath the Darkness and John Cusack in Drive Hard but also in Maps to the Stars It seems that Cusack is Hollywood s go to guy for vaping in movies Probably his agent is all like I got a role that calls for a vaper John are you in He is totally that guy What about John Goodman in the Hangover 3 movie He absolutely vaped Also Captain Elliott Neese on board the Saga ship on Deadliest Catch the Discovery reality show has been vaping for more than one season Although this is just a short list of A list actors movies and TV shows e cigarettes are here to stay With so many Hollywood

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-new-hollywood-trend-vaping-movie-characters/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The money machine of Star Wars merch | TQS Magazine
    unlike anything seen before Starring Peter Cushing Mark Hamill Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher in the lead roles merchandise for fans of the original movie quickly became available all over the world from printed coffee mugs and posters to games and t shirts Two more sequels would be released and even more merchandise was easy to get hold of It now spans a range of products including lamps books smartphone covers bed covers comic books drinking glasses and even cars Now with six Star Wars movies released and another one about to appear on the big screen to take the total to seven fans of the franchise can get hold of memorabilia for just about any character or major scene snippet For many hardcore fans wanting to decorate their office or home to honour the movie franchise wallpaper and pictures are the most in demand items on the market depicting everything from the Death Star and R2 D2 to Obi Wan Kenobi and C 3P0 Kitting out a room specially to house Star Wars memorabilia is a great way to celebrate the epic franchise May the force be with anyone who drinks their coffee from their Jedi inspired mug every morning Fans are waiting in anticipation for the next movie to be released and are busy scrutinising every second of the newly released Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer to help them to prepare for what s to come with the latest instalment from JJ Abrams Everything from the actors and actresses through to the production teams continue to ensure the Star Wars movies are a huge success The main characters are easy to warm to while the enemies are easy to hate and by using a mixture of human alien and even robotic cast members Star Wars really does

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-money-machine-of-star-wars-merch/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Pop Culture Blog - Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion - TQS - Part 8
    Lauren Denim Supply March 25 2014 no comments Now the weather s finally got its act together you re probably looking for a bit of Spring Summer inspiration and who better to get you off to a good start than Avicii who I m sure will be soundtracking more than a handful Sponsored The Legend of Hercules March 25 2014 no comments magine for a second that 300 and Gladiator had a baby Acts revealed for Blissfields 2014 March 21 2014 no comments The first wave of acts has been revealed for our favourite UK festival TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Watch March 12 2014 no comments Whenever I am asked by a male what timepiece they are wearing it is very much Oh fabulous Let s show the whole world what I am wearing on my wrist It s a macho trait I believe Let s face it females have to give males the benefit of the doubt Is home cinema within reach March 10 2014 no comments Alfonso s Cuaron s sci fi epic Gravity was the big winner at the 86th Academy Awards last week being much touted as one of the best cinematic experiences of recent years

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/page/8/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Taking inspiration from Victorian home design | TQS Magazine
    near the ceiling Consider coving cornices and carvings to add grandeur to your walls and ceiling Throughout the room and home you should replace your fittings and fixtures with more ornate looking ones Replica chandeliers beaded lampshades and lanterns are all good ideas to help transport your home back in time A fireplace is a classic Victorian style centrepiece An electric fireplace is a low cost alternative and you can house it in a replica Victorian style fitting Throw some antique bellows or fire tongs next to the fireplace to add some truly authentic period relevant chic regardless if you re going to use it or not Flooring in the Victorian era is comprised mainly of hardwood so filling your home with dark laminate flooring will help emulate the era Throw lavish rugs over the floors to warm things up but make sure the rugs match the colour of your walls White walls against hardwood flooring is a striking period centric look Furniture should be chosen to complement your colour scheme Most materials should be wooden with a fabric topping preferably with dark leather or floral print toppings Wood should either be painted white or be dark oak mahogany and teak are all good choices Breakfast room dining room Rooms reserved for eating should be centrepieces as Victorian families would spend a lot of time together in parlours and dining rooms eating meals An oak furniture set adorned with luxurious tablecloths in a room otherwise unadorned keeps the focus on mealtimes Kitchen Kitchens are modern places of meeting but were also areas of high activity in Victorian times An island kitchen is a great idea to fuse modern ideas with Victorian sensibility Paint some cabinets with a pale blue paint and add in plenty of cupboards with ornate handles Bedroom

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/taking-inspiration-from-victorian-home-design/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Trend Report: Denim of the Decade | TQS Magazine
    paired with over the knee leather boots Whether it s a casual look in a loose fitting dress a retro vibe in button down styles or elasticated figure flattering cuts there is undoubtedly a denim dress out there for everyone Denim in Distress Ripped scuffed frayed or downright destroyed rarely is a pair of jeans seen in tact these days Popularised in the 90s with the grunge rockers such as Kurt Cobain wearing the style distressed denim jeans have seen a massive revival Depending on your style go as distressed as you like Always the trendsetters celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have been seen taking ripped jeans to the extreme wearing slashed torn to shreds boyfriend jeans for an edgy look This website has some near identical styles Whilst slightly less risqué dressers such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have been spotted in the more tame scuffed or partly torn jeans Whatever the level of denim destruction ripped jeans are definitely the most on trend way to wear jeans this season Double denim The trend that had the fashion world divided what was once a fashion no no is now a style that is definitely here to stay If you re wondering how to double up your denim it couldn t be easier Two alternative hues of blue tend to work best Try pairing a deep indigo distressed bottom half with a lighter true blue denim shirt and some heels like Olivia Palermo and Kylie Jenner Or why not go for a head to toe denim look by combining two similarly coloured pieces and some neutral heels like Miranda Kerr Keep accessories simple to avoid a Britney and Justin style 90s disaster Denim Skirt The ultimate in easy to wear chic denim skirts are jeans girly and

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/trend-report-denim-of-the-decade/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Is CGI taking the ‘special’ out of special effects? | TQS Magazine
    detail or make the weather perfect And this knowing that in most instances the beauty majesty drama and intensity is added to our film using computers can ruin the romance a little Thinking that perfect locations are created rather than painstakingly sourced or actors needn t even act their scenes can leave us feeling as though the film is losing a its artistic integrity Or is it Firstly using computers does not make films any less authentic hell we ve been using special effects since cinema began but more that we don t understand it enough to appreciate it When we start to unearth the complexity of something we take for granted or might not even notice The millionaire tennis courts in Wolf of Wall Street were also made entirely of CGI for example then we can begin to appreciate these films with the understanding they deserve CGI isn t just technically difficult we re talking big time geek stuff here with some intense workstations powering it it s also painstaking slow and time consuming Think after all of the script writing and story boarding you can t go to animators without them knowing what to animate multiple layers of detail need to be added Look at this example for Pirates of the Caribbean And not only the technical skills and pain staking details that need to be added adds to the difficulty of creation but the notion that CGI somehow conceptually takes away from the artistic integrity of a film is just incorrect In the most recent Hobbit films conceptual artists worked closely with the animation teams to fill out any green space add tiny details change colours and to make every single shot as arresting intense and aesthetically pleasing as possible So the addition of CGI is in

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/is-cgi-taking-the-special-out-of-special-effects/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The UK’s top travel sized toiletries revealed | TQS Magazine
    This provides a mini pre wash conditioner and shampoo all in 100ml bottles to ensure your hair stays looking its best and helps combat the drying out effects of the sea and the sun Lynx Africa Deodorant This is definitely one of the most popular products for men with the Lynx adverts possibly having something to do with that However on a long crowded flight it s not hard to see why so many people want to take a tiny deodorant to freshen up Heathcote and Ivory Men s Weekend Travel Essentials This is another handy package generally aimed at men and is favoured by many because it contains soap body and hair wash aftershave and shaving gel while the transparent container is ideal for airport travel Molton Brown Unisex Carry on Travel Essential This complete collection of body face and hand washing items has become popular with couples who don t want to have to carry separate items Johnson s Top to Toe Bath This one has proven particularly popular for people travelling with young children as it is a mini sized body wash specifically designed for them Listerine mouth wash Travelling can leave your mouth and breath pretty unpleasant so it s not hard to see why this item is among the top choices Ragdale Hall Mini Travel Gift Set This one allows you to recreate the Ragdale spa experience during your trip with body lotion shower gel body mist and bath crystals all in a handy travel sized container Trilogy Rosehip Collection This little box contains all kinds of cleansing and moisturising products providing a little luxury during a trip abroad Liz Earle Young Skin Try Me Out There is nothing worse for teenagers on holiday than spots so this set of face cleansing products is ideal

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-uks-top-travel-sized-toiletries-revealed/ (2016-04-26)
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