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  • Sponsored video – Filth Trailer | TQS Magazine
    with Olympic Opening Ceremonies and suchlike directorship of Filth has been undertaken by Jon S Baird A fairly new guy on the film circuit his efforts are nonetheless thrilling Filth tells the story of Bruce Robertson an alcoholic bigot who also happens to be cop Enlisted to the investigation of a vicious murder as he comes in line for promotion Robertson is threatened by the presence of aspirational colleagues How to handle this Well plot their ruin of course What else And how exactly to bring down those who threaten your power How about stealing their wives and exposing their secrets that should do quite well Starring the cream of the British crop including a stellar performance aren t they all from James MacAvoy Filth is a thrill ride of a film but definitely not for the fainthearted Irvine Welsh fans should be pleased while newcomers prepare to be taken for a thrilling and challenging ride Watch the official trailer starring James McAvoy at filthmovie co uk Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog filth filth film filth movie filth trailer About Claudia View all posts by Claudia Read Previous Best ads of 2014 so far Read

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  • Kelly + Victor DVD Review | TQS Magazine
    90 minute film there is never a doubt about their ultimate compatibility It is not only their relationship that is portrayed in a refreshingly down to earth way the characters that surround the couple are instantly recognisable as real familiar personalities Despite the extreme actions taken by some of the supporting characters the brilliant direction and dialogue ground Kelly Victor very much in the real world Amanda Campbell Hughes Kelly and Julian Morris Victor are masterfully understated drawing out the awkward realism in Griffiths characters The whole film is brilliantly understated the lack of noise and fuss only serving to height the already overpowering emotion that pervades Kelly Victor With the almost obligatory inclusion of a record player in an Indie taken care of towards the beginning of the film the soundtrack is left to its own devices with tracks from the likes of King Creosote John Hopkins Wild Beasts and Viking Mosses setting the tone for the brilliantly dark British romance DVD released 13th January 2014 Charlotte Keeys jackanoryreview www jackanoryreviews wordpress com Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Win a hamper of edible bugs Read

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  • 12 Years a Slave Film Review | TQS Magazine
    text to terrorise others In both cases it is an abuse of doctrine to achieve a selfish personal goal McQueen demands your attention with poetic and poignant themes Why is Twelve Years a Slave relevant Solomon struggles to write down his experience He crudely cuts into a violin the names of his family could he forget their names after years in captivity as Platt One of the few sequences repeated is a moment midway through his twelve years whereby he tries to write down his experiences and initially fails Solomon without realising is one of the very few who can actually articulate his plight The vast majority of slaves were illiterate and we are told if they were literate they would be foolish to tell others A fair comparison to slavery in the US is the holocaust an atrocity that happened less than a century after the abolition of slavery Records are unclear as to how many died in slavery Seven million Jews died in concentration camps while the Atlantic slave trade is responsible for at least nine million deaths but sources claim it could be as high as fifty five million At one point as a free man Solomon sees a slave who follows him in awe but Solomon doesn t act content in his own safety Told in flashback Solomon doesn t understand his inactivity As Solomon needed to document his twelve years McQueen needed to make this film We need to watch it and we need to talk about it A review is an analysis of the film at hand but this is the legacy of Twelve Years a Slave This is a document to support and remind us of what humans are capable of and what they can be content with Why is Twelve Years a

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  • Best Film Biopics (with gifs!) | TQS Magazine
    Chapter 27 Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network Johnny Depp as John Dillenger in Public Enemies Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher Naomi Watts as Princess Diana Anthony Hopkins as Director Alfred Hitchcock The Bling Ring stars Emma Watson as Nicki in one of our favourite performances of hers to date Her shallow and vapid character is based on Alexis Neiers who was a C list star who had her own E reality show Pretty Wild in the days BK Before Kardashian and was a precursor to the Kardashian format YouTube it if you want to witness some jaw dropping quotes particularly the home schooling episode Surrounding and following Nicki from the nightclubs to the Beverly Hills Mansions are her posse with strong performances from Katie Chang as Rebecca and the up and coming star Israel Broussard as Marc and you watch with wonder at the sense of entitlement and lack of redeeming features that this fame obsessed group of individuals have As is Coppola s style she simply observes and does not preach to her audience and throughout the look and feel of the film and the soundtrack is super cool and makes for an intriguing watch Look out for the scenes shot inside Paris Hilton s actual house which is from floor to ceiling Narcissistic pop culture fabulousity to the extreme The Bling Ring is out now on DVD blu ray and digital download Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Film blog Headline About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Spend Less Do More Read Next Snapshot Dweezil Zappa The Cliffs of Moher Harry Potter s Irish Pride February 24 2016 Which Sci Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield January 8 2016 What Would You Do If

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  • Adore film review | TQS Magazine
    exchanges such as Have you forgotten something and he replies yes before kissing her But it begs the question where the young beach babes of Australia have hidden away For example towards the end we join a 21 st birthday party and it turns out they are not complete recluses Attractive friends we have never seen before seem content in swilling the drinks on offer are these friends oblivious to the incestuous relationships brewing behind the scenes Adore plays to an older crowd sexualising the younger men for the gratification of the voyeuristic audience but this only highlights how Roz and Lil are powerless to their desperate urges The young men place pressure on and convince their respective mother s mate to sleep with them Tom even takes it upon himself without consent to sleep in Lil s bed He is aware that his abs cannot be resisted by the desperate old lady Naomi Watts Certainly this relationship only emerges through the reveal of Roz and Ian s trysts as if Lil and Tom are only sleeping together out of spite As incredibly attractive mature and intelligent women Lil and Roz aren t shy and should choose to initiate the sexual exploits Instead the loner sons whose idea of a fun weekend is getting drunk with their Mum and her friend are the initiators The jumps between years are flippant and skip past moments we are keen to see giving no sense of pace We plod along with an early awareness that resolution and a satisfying conclusion is not on the cards All actors try so hard at weaving truth into the lines that awkwardly shape the story But when a montage of the relationships in full swing is followed by a dull conversation as Roz and Lil matter of

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/adore-film-review/ (2016-04-26)
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  • The Fifth Estate Film Review | TQS Magazine
    story there is little left to reveal to an audience aside from technical details and finer points of negotiation The Fifth Estate relies on it method of delivery to excite The opening sequence is a potted history of the media from the newsstand to well Newsstand the latter being the virtual Apple funded kind and this fast paced bombardment of graphics continues through out While the onslaught of images is tiring the impact of so much information is vital in setting the scene for such a story Other images such as Daniel s imagined infinite office space are catalysts for emotion with their slight adjustments through out the film delivering a direct line to the heart of the story s emotional undercurrent Interestingly the story with the most deep seated emotion is that between Daniel and Julian however Josh Singer author of this adaptation seems to have lacked confidence in the central storylines ability to engage as he choses to focus sections of the film of Daniel s relationship with Anke Alicia Vikander This romantic element neither adds nor detracts from the plot perhaps making Daniel s character slightly more relatable but only really succeeding in making Anke look needy Yes darling you might be stopping international acts of injustice but I ve made a casserole and you didn t eat it It s not really clear the point or the impact the character of Anke is meant to have I started by saying The Fifth Estate is a film of contrasts one of the biggest being that between the aims and the consequences of the Wikileaks organisation The American Government nicely personified by Laura Linney and Stanley Tucci struggle to protect their sources sometimes from situations of evitable death thanks to Assange s narcissistic single mindedness This play off between the papers Wikileaks and the US government makes up the majority of the second act of the film Director Bill Condon handles it magnificently the juxtaposition of Assange s ego the human and personal concern of Linney and Tucci as well as the turmoil of Daniel is riveting The final act of The Fifth Estate is one of the most beautifully produced and well considered political dramas I have ever seen The Fifth Estate is brilliantly acted with a fantastic cast and I haven t even mentioned David Thewlis as calm and controlled Guardian journalist Nick Davis While the first 15 minutes may feel a little contrite to some backpack sporting computer nerds go to cool art house raves in old East Berlin etc it really matures into something much bigger Certainly a comment on the actions of the press any press but also a call to arms for a new generation of activists the outcome for Assange and the gang may have been far from perfect but the injustices that they uncovered were real and were deliberately hidden from view If The Fifth Estate does nothing else it at least raises the issues that were swept under the

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  • Virgin Media Shorts - 2013 Shortlist | TQS Magazine
    with a step up in a challenging industry working in partnership with the BFI The winner will receive 30 000 funding to make their next film as well as mentoring and guidance from the BFI 12 of the final films were shortlisted by the Virgin Media Shorts curation panel made up of industry representatives with an additional 13 th film voted for by the public All 13 films will now face our expert judging panel to determine the Grand Prize winner before the awards ceremony on 7 th November We were going to pick a couple of favourites to share but the quality was so good we ve ended up picking 7 take a look Niche in the Market a charming look at some of London s smallest shops and the characters who run them RVG a clever play on every day road signs or as the filmamker puts it a Highway Code Throw Down in RVG Jetpack Jack superhero escapism through the eyes of a young boy The Man Who Couldn t Stop Putting Things in Bins we re not sure if this is meant to be funny but it s hilarious Just Say Hi a delightful two minute love story Stick Out you ll never look at a Feast lolly the same again Spring Clean if only You can support your favourite by voting on Twitter by stating the name of the film followed by VMShortsVote and via Facebook The Nikon People s Choice Award Winner will receive 5 000 film funding mentoring from the BFI and Nikon digital SLR camera equipment worth up to 5 000 Visit the site to watch all 13 shorts which is your favourite Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog Headline virgin media shorts About admin View all posts

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  • The Way Way Back Film Review | TQS Magazine
    a secret job for the summer Life for Duncan is tough with a mother that neglects him for her new boyfriend as she is under the impression that the best thing for Duncan is to have a father yet Trent is the type of father that rates him as a three out of ten and tells Duncan to buck up his ideas Instead the Water Park becomes a place of solace for Duncan offering him the support and stability that his dysfunctional family is unable to offer Owen gives Duncan the fatherly support he requires and nurtures his development in this encouraging environment The final scene illustrates Duncan s passage into adulthood as he slides through a water slide tunnel which marks his rebirth his moment of realisation The Way Way Back although it is a coming of age story it focuses more on the trials and tribulations that teenagers face within the family setting and how they deal with relationships The ending of the film is left open but ends on a hopeful note The humour throughout provides a release from the serious tension that builds in the family home and as expected the humour is found at the Water Park the place of escape and solace for both the viewer and Duncan With fantastic performances by Steve Carell Sam Rockwell Toni Collette and Liam James this witty coming of age comedy may look nostalgic but feels real and uplifting with its finely tuned script The film excels in both comedy and drama and the poignant performances by Carell and Collette gives the film authenticity The Way Way Back has the right amount humour and charm to sustain the audience s attention and entertain them throughout Written by Shirley Welton Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film

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