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  • Film Review: The Returned | TQS Magazine
    many logistical problems for the towns people who are keen to welcome their deceased back to the land of the living This logistical view free from panic is a refreshing change from other such zombie movies As well as the logistical view of the phenomenon we also see the medical side again adding an interesting depth which is often missing in Walking Dead esque offerings The film centres on several relationships mother and son elderly husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend This examination of a breadth of experiences is typically French in its execution with minimal dialogue but intense emotion While the TV series basis is more mysterious giving little away as the the reason or motive for the sudden return of the dead the film gives up on explanation pretty quickly Forcing its characters to adapt to the new personalities of their loved ones and focusing on reintegration rather than explanation This key difference makes the film a welcome addition to the TV series raising more questions than it answers and frankly it answers no questions at all only whetting your appetite even further for the conclusion explanation anything the TV series can offer You might think this lack of conclusion would be frustrating but given the deep bond formed with the main characters any explanation for anything so inexplicably would have seemed disappointingly trite The foreign language burden this film carries will put off some viewers but the minimal dialogue and intensity of the cinematography makes it an easy watch read so give it a go even if foreign cinema isn t your usual choice This film is a must see for fans of the show and the show is a must see for everyone The Returned walks the delicate balance between intrigue and emotion right to the

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  • Armageddon in Retrospect: 10 Films about the End of the World | TQS Magazine
    following the depletion of Earth s natural resources whilst packing some of the best motor stunts of any feature film The Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Though the film doesn t show you the apocalypse per se the end of the world is a subject that is very much at the forefront of this science fiction masterpiece Arriving on Earth bearing an ultimatum alien Klaatu offers humanity with a warning on the direction which its violent actions will take them Released during the height of the Cold War the whole film is essentially an allegory on the nuclear age with Klaatu s final words acting as an eerie reminder of humanity s continued aggression it is no concern of ours how you run your planet but if you threaten to extend your violence this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned out cinder La Jetée 1962 Chris Marker s short exquisitely constructed from still photos sees the survivors of a third World War attempting to use time travel as a means to prevent the current state of humanity Part of the wave of French cinema which spawned the likes of François Truffaut and Alain Resnais La Jetée is as much a rumination on time loss and memory as it is on the end of civilisation with the film s nameless protagonist using his childhood memory of a woman and the death of a man his future self as a springboard into the past An influential classic La Jetée would serve as the basis for Terry Gilliam s own dystopic film Twelve Monkeys Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb 1964 Proving that no topic is beyond farce Stanley Kubrick s savagely satirical black comedy looks at the fallout of a crazed Air Force general s decision to launch a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union Released a few years after the Cuban Missile Crisis the film s satire is shocking even by today s standards with its flippant and jovial attitude to total annihilation the final montage of mushroom clouds is ironically cut to Vera Lynn s We ll Meet Again and its portrayal of the politics of the Cold War as a series of boys fighting over toys Day of the Dead 1985 You can t throw a rock these days without it landing on some form of zombie film or programme such is the popularity of the sub genre these days It would be nothing though if it wasn t for George A Romero s pioneering Trilogy of the Dead which kick started the craze as we know it The concluding part of the series Day of the Dead sees the undead finally taking over the face of the Earth forcing the surviving humans a ragtag bunch of scientists and soldiers to seek refuge underground Arguably the funniest and bloodiest of the series Day is zombiegeddon at its finest WALL E 2008 Not all apocalyptic films are deep examinations

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  • Film Review: Confine | TQS Magazine
    and psychological scarring trapped in her apartment by her own agoraphobia and then latterly by a psychotic burglar Kayleigh Eliza Bennet Lowe gives a pretty average performance but the script really requires very little of her while Bennet has moments of intensity the majority of the performances leave much to be desired Even so the plot with its intriguing slow reveal of information and the backdrop to the film Pippa s vintage inspired OCD fuelled apartment are entertaining enough to carry the audience along for less than an hour and a half While the performances rather lack the emotion that would usually power an intense hostage drama the use of the apartment as a cage for the audience as well as the characters is interesting While Pippa and Kayliegh occasionally peer out of windows the audience remains within the confines of the room a device which very cleverly increases our insecurity about what is really happening within the little world Tobbell has created Confine really has the feel of a play the dialogue is perhaps more suited to a play than a film and the scarcity of actors and different backdrops also feels like a stage production Perhaps with a few tweaks to the script and we could see a great stage play Tobbell really excelled at drawing the best out of his own script with the great cinematography but Confine really only shows that Tobbell himself is one to watch Given better actors this British director really has the opportunity to create some beautiful films By Charlotte Keeys Jackanory Reviews follow her on Twitter jackanoryreview Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog confine confine film About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous The Magic Number Trilogies and Mainstream Movies Read Next Yamaha Silent Sessions

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  • The Magic Number: Trilogies and Mainstream Movies | TQS Magazine
    disrupts the flow of a trilogy Though the film itself is a respectable piece of cinema and nowhere near as bad as its detractors make it out to be it falls under the shadow of two universally admired Oscar winning films with their own weighty expectations It is also expected to break new ground an almost impossible task for films that follow on from films that were ground breaking themselves Terminator 2 Judgement Day with its innovative special effects impressive set pieces and a clever reversal of the hero villain roles established in the first film left very little for its successor T3 Rise of the Machines to improve upon resulting in a film that could only be a lacklustre action flick in comparison Attempts to differ from the original films framework in order to create something original may also lead to it losing what made the original so special A good example would be Alien3 which confused many expecting a continuation of the mainstream series crossover of horror and science fiction only to be confront with a dark and at times disturbing drama that bordered on art house territory The Major Third So why does Before Midnight succeed where countless others have failed Perhaps the most important aspect of the third part in a series is how well it manages to conclude a story that has been in progression over a number of years Of great significance is the development of characters over this period In order for a single film s story to be effective its characters must embark on a rites of passage and end in a different place spiritually physically and or emotionally than where they originated from and the audience s expectations are raised in a trilogy due to the amount of time that has passed between each instalment A trilogy like the The Lord of the Rings works because each film purposefully leads on to the next with each character only reaching the end of their rites of passage at the conclusion of the final film Obviously a film originally intended as a standalone story where a sequel is determined only after its initial success places a challenge on the filmmakers as its story reached its natural conclusion at the end of its first chapter In order to extend this film into a series filmmakers must discover new ways for their characters to develop beyond their initial rites of passage and address the main issues at the heart of their story Not only does Before Midnight find a way to continue the story of Jesse and Céline after the initial conclusion of Before Sunrise but it also re addresses the themes of this first film and shows the ways in which time has altered their own feelings for the world and for each other In that Sunrise was about the freedom and possibilities of youth and the cursory nature of human experience Midnight addresses the bitterness and boredom of old age and the monotony

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-magic-number-trilogies-and-mainstream-movies/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Top 10 films that put you off your popcorn | TQS Magazine
    it probably came as little surprise when Stifler stuffed the mutt s mess in his mouth Human Centipede pictured Feed her FEED HER exclaimed the mad German surgeon Sceptics may suggest that the film was built around this one moment when the lead man of the human centipede is forced to do his toilet business into the mouth of the woman behind him whose lips were sewn onto his backside Monty Python s The Meaning of Life In one of the film s most iconic sketches Mr Creosote the obese restaurant patron eats a lot and vomits a lot missing the sick bucket each time The wafer thin mint presented to him at the end of a meal that comprised of everything on the menu causes Mr Creosote to explode and cover other restaurateurs with his innards Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Soup with eyeballs floating around in it snakes that were cut open to release creepy crawlies little black wriggly things and frozen monkey brains As an archaeologist Indy had obviously eaten all of this stuff before and just took it in his stride although it probably didn t do anything to stop him from thinking that there was something latently evil about Pankot Palace Total Recall It has come to be known simply as the nose scene Arnie shows all his teeth when he opts to take the nostril route to remove a tracking device from his brain using a strange piece of surgical equipment Trainspotting When drug addict Renton literally dumps his opium suppositories down the worst toilet in Scotland he decides to go in after them The producers and set designers didn t disappoint creating the ugliest grimiest and most menacing looking pot in cinematic history American History X If you ve ever thought

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  • Film Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 8
    A Simple Life is a film which sits just on right side of sentimentality and is as touching as it is steadfast in its depiction of the human condition Interview with King of Devil s Island Director Marius Holst November 14 2012 no comments We spoke to King of Devil s Island Director Marius Holst about working with young performers getting the perfect score and being able to look Stellan Skarsgard in the eye Call Me Kuchu Film Review La Lutta Continua November 8 2012 no comments We review Call Me Kuchu by Katherine Fairfax Wright the extraordinary story of a courageous group of Ugandan LGBT activists lead by the charismatic and sadly deceased David Kato The IMDB Top 250 Movie Map November 7 2012 no comments The IMDB Top 250 Movies map listing all the filming locations of these famous films Five most memorable actor directors November 5 2012 1 comment To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Singin In The Rain where Gene Kelly stars and directs in this all time classic we decided to take a look back at five memorable Actor directors Spot the Monster with Universal Pictures October 31 2012 no comments Test your knowledge of

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/category/film-blog/page/8/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Print Club London, Film4 & Somerset House | TQS Magazine
    a screen printed poster exhibition This special collaboration will see some of the most talented and innovative illustrators from the UK USA design and produce 17 new and original prints inspired by each of the films screened this year Illustrators include Kate Gibb Anthony Burill James Joyce Michael Gillette Hattie Stewart and Serge Seidlitz All the prints will be produced in limited editions of 200 and available to buy at 40 each Take a look at some of beautifully originally artwork below Mean Girls Hattie Stewart Kes Michael Gillette So fetch Fancy picking yourself up a print See the official poster with all the information you need below If you re outside the UK prints will be available to buy online from August 1st Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog Headline About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Review Beautiful Thing Read Next Win a Kindle Paperwhite How to hold a wine glass and other forgotten rules of dining etiquette March 23 2016 The Cliffs of Moher Harry Potter s Irish Pride February 24 2016 Winter Show at Plus One Gallery January 25 2016 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not

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  • Byzantium Film Review | TQS Magazine
    in the form of the so called vegetarian vampires of Twilight but in a kind of Gothic euthanasia only taking the old who consent and are ready to die This moral aspect to her personality gives the film a depth and morality that differentiates it from its more gory counterparts Visually Byzantium is brilliant playing the mundane against the gothic the humdrum background to the story only serves to emphasise the sporadic gore giving it much more potency than blood fests such as Saw When we do witness violence which Jordan in no way shies away from it is much more affecting for the audience and shakes the sympathetic view we have built up of the characters The story that plays out around the fact that they are vampires is more than engaging the slow build up and reveal of plot points is enthralling In the end the fact that they are vampires is almost incidental certainly giving a darker edge to the story but the characters and performances are more than deep enough to carry the film Ronan is brilliant as usual playing a child with the weight of a lifetime on her shoulders is almost second nature to her at this point but she does it so well and with such innocence and grace that you can t help but fall a little bit in love with her Arterton gives the performance of her career as she struggles to maintain her relationship with her daughter in the darkest of situations Byzantium is a fantastic character study quite apart from the horror aspects something that cannot always be said of films of this type It does have a few of the traditional plot holes we can expect from a horror but the strength of performance and depth of character

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