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  • Top Tips for Travelling Around Europe | TQS Magazine
    your trip and feel a bit rusty on the Highway Code then Toptests has some excellent free DVSA mock theory tests you can use to test your knowledge Don t be complacent everyone from learners through to experienced veterans needs to brush up from time to time Avoid high mobile bills You probably want to keep in touch with friends and family back at home but don t want to be racking up huge mobile phone bills while you are abroad The best way to avoid high charges particularly if you are away for a while is to try to swap your SIM card for a local SIM If you can t do this then make sure you switch off data roaming and try to use local Wi Fi If you need maps during your stay download them before you go or use Wi Fi For more tips go to moneysavingexpert com Insurance Never travel without insurance even if you don t think you will need it The Association of British Insurers says that the average cost for overseas medical treatment is 2 040 The EHIC card formerly E111 will entitle you to state provided medical care in all European Economic Areas and Switzerland but it may not be the same level of care that you d get in the UK You may also have to pay part of the bills and it won t cover the cost of getting you back to the UK after a medical emergency Check for a travel insurance policy that will also cover loss of baggage personal liability and the costs of cancelling delaying or cutting short your trip Safety Before you travel check gov uk for advice on the destination you are looking to visit This site holds up to date information on

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  • Winter Show at Plus One Gallery | TQS Magazine
    Landscape too takes on new perspectives in hyperrealism occasionally combining into the metallic and glass structures of urban cityscapes Plus One Gallery s 2016 Winter Show showcases a selection of the hyperrealist work including several new still life paintings The exhibit features the work of twenty six revered hyperrealism artists including Paul Cadden David Finnigan and Cynthia Poole Cadden strives to create an emotional social or cultural impact by intensifying the normal in his extraordinary pencil drawings He is strongly influenced by the scenes of everyday life he encounters on his travels particularly those of other cultures Some of his latest designs have been inspired by his visit to the Guilin region of Southern China Finnigan is currently exploring the parameters of non reality He has moved away from traditional hyperrealism by painting scenes that have never existed This means the viewer is presented with a manipulation of reality altered to make the painting work aesthetically rather than presenting a truth The Winter Show exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to see a diverse selection of works from the most talented contemporary hyperrealists side by side Sculptural work by Paul Day Tom Martin s distortion of scale signature animal paintings by Alexandra Klimas and Nourine Hammad s exploration of texture and material through Joker playing cards are all featured A clever blend of paintings that use similar materials and work with contrasting styles hues and subject matters gives each hyperrealist an artistic freedom culminating in an exceptionally engaging exhibition Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Theatre Arts About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Which Sci Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield Read Next Top Tips for Travelling Around Europe How to hold a wine glass and other forgotten rules of dining etiquette March 23 2016

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  • Which Sci-Fi Weapon Would You Choose To Wield? | TQS Magazine
    s not the flashiest looking piece of weaponry and it certainly doesn t hold a candle to the lightsaber in terms of general status in sci fi but the Smart Disc wielded in Predator 2 was pretty incredible Think of it like Captain America s shield Only instead of clunking off of things it can cut through them and instead of randomly assuming boomerang qualities it s controlled by technology so that said boomerang qualities actually make sense This nasty little object ranked eighth on a list at IGN of the coolest sci fi film weapons but I d put it higher The Noisy Cricket I m kind of trying to avoid guns of any kind on this list because in the end they mostly do the same thing There isn t really a single gun in sci fi that stands out as cooler than all the rest but the Noisy Cricket from Men In Black wins points for being the size of a keychain This miniature gun famously packed a gigantic punch that sent Will Smith flying backward like he d just been catapulted So if nothing else it would be a really fun toy to play with at lakes and beaches Just imagine the water sports shenanigans Unfortunately like every other sci fi weapon worth its salt the Noisy Cricket doesn t actually exist Although Factory Net carries a replica that runs about 400 or about 275 Yaka Arrow If you saw Guardians Of The Galaxy you saw one of these deadly little instruments in action Basically it s a thin metal blade that Yondu the annoying blue guy controls merely by whistling at it The concept of this weapon is explained at Comic Vine as an extension of the almost poetic powers possessed by Yondu Basically Yaka

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/which-sci-fi-weapon-would-you-choose-to-wield/ (2016-04-26)
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  • 3 essential tips for aspiring creatives | TQS Magazine
    course but also actively seeking contact with people who are already doing your ideal job This will allow you to pick up tips and tricks but also help you get your foot in the door of your industry of choice You can do this through internships and workshops In his tips for teenage writers author John Scalzi stresses the importance of learning about the publishing industry He suggests to check author blogs and to read their advice as acquiring information early on will be one less thing to do when trying to get in the business Artist Owais Husain took apprenticeships in both New York and India during his educational years He in turn incorporates passing on his knowledge to the next generation of students into his artistic practice This past September 2015 he held a workshop called House of Cards at Singapore s LASALLE College of the Arts where he spent three days collaboratively working with the students to create pieces for an installation on the topics of artistic expression and identity giving them a hands on professional experience of creating a work of art Getting your chance to work for or with industry professionals is fantastic experience but it can also be your chance to get a foot in the door make connections and impress employers Develop your people skills The Creative Skillset s Workforce Survey 2014 found that 54 of the respondents had found their job in the creative industries through informal recruitment methods This can only stress the importance of making contacts in your industry as soon as possible in your career as opportunities often don t come through a job board People skills include verbal and non verbal communication but also listening and negotiation skills You can develop your intrapersonal skills in your everyday life but you should also attend networking events to see how other people in your field interact with each other This means going to events talking to people and learning from your interactions to build better rapports House and dance music producer Marc Kinchen said that people skills are as important as the music made by a producer The business is full of different types of people and you have to be able to suss them out and adapt Being able to identify the best way to interact with influential persons will encourage them to take notice of you Get their attention and they could be your entry way to success Publish exhibit submit Charity Creative Cultural Skills says that a creative s portfolio is essentially your calling card the better it is the juicier the role you could land A body of work whether it is a personal blog online site or as a physical piece needs to be accessible Opportunity won t always come for you so you need to be proactive in putting yourself forward You should be able to point people to examples of your works such as a business card with a URL for your online

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/3-essential-tips-for-aspiring-creatives/ (2016-04-26)
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  • What Would You Do If You Could Use The Force? | TQS Magazine
    his lightning force to inflict pain upon people but imagine how great this ability would be if you were in desperate need of toasting some marshmallows Without having to start a fire or turn on the gas hob you d have a tasty treat for you and your friends Okay so it s not exactly world domination But it s pretty cool Move things Think how much easier it would be to move house if you used telekinesis Or how convenient it would be to simply push an obstacle out of the way Tidying the house would be a darn sight easier we d simply move everything under the bed and pushing someone out of the way with the power of your mind could be useful and quite frankly funny There is the worry of becoming incredibly lazy though isn t there Don t hurt yourself Jedi knights have truly wonderful reflexes which is something we d all like to possess and is the reason why most Jedi battles often last longer than 10 minutes Think about it if anyone tried to hurt you you could most likely avoid it If something randomly comes hurtling towards you it wouldn t cause a scratch And walking into the corner of the coffee table It just wouldn t happen Be the best investigator there s ever been Jedi Master Quinlan Vos is the only known Jedi with psychometry which is the ability to learn about people or events associated with them simply by touching them Isn t that cool You could use it to help law enforcement to great effect Plus no one could ever lie to you again because you ll know their every dark secret The question is would you want to know Being able to use the force in

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/what-would-you-do-if-you-could-use-the-force/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Pop Culture Blog - Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion - TQS - Part 2
    to get fit in 2016 we suggest that you take up jogging The running bug has gripped thousands across the nation especially over the past couple of Design The Most Iconic Modernist Designs November 20 2015 no comments Modernism was the seminal art movement of the 20th century It was an upheaval and a reaction a simultaneous progression from the horrors of war into modern technology Across all mediums from fashion to furniture modernism flourished For the fashion 5 Fashion Photography tips for new bloggers November 19 2015 no comments The fashion industry is many things exciting innovative alluring and irresistibly photogenic As models grace the catwalks they are lit up by the flash of hundreds of cameras Behind each one is a fashion photographer a job that lets Feature How safe is cycling in London November 18 2015 no comments How safe is cycling in London We ve all heard the damning figures A recent whitepaper by Leisure Lakes Bikes reported that by the end of June 2015 eight cyclists had been killed in London In comparison 13 cyclists died in The cost of dating in London November 17 2015 no comments While there are many reasons to move to our country s capital one of the most common drawbacks is the cost There s no escaping it the Big Smoke is an expensive place to live With recent figures claiming the average Thinking about shooting your own film Here s what you ll need November 16 2015 no comments These days films don t need blockbuster budgets to garner wide acclaim In fact low budget shoots are often featured in top critic lists Such was the case with Blue Ruin an American thriller shot on just 420 000 that holds a The Top 5 Most Popular Books Of

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/page/2/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Pop Culture Blog - Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion - TQS - Part 3
    have been looking forward to Back to the Future Day Wednesday 21st October 2015 the very date in the second film Back to the Future II which Things to do London Blues Fest October 18 2015 no comments If you re a music fan looking for something to do this Autumn then the London Blues Fest should absolutely be on your radar Hosted at the O2 London on November 6th 8th the Blues Fest is the UK s biggest 5 Reasons Iron Man 2 Is Marvel s Most Underrated Film September 25 2015 no comments Following the release of Ant Man this past summer this list was published ranking all of the Marvel films excluding those distributed by 20th Century Fox I was surprised to see Iron Man 2 listed as the very worst of them 5 Reasons to Visit London in Summer 2016 September 20 2015 no comments London is one of the world s greatest cities It contains a wealth of world class tourist attractions from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace Madame Tussauds to the London Eye and thousands of other famous museums galleries and landmarks So many that 5 styles to recreate from New York s first men s fashion week September 10 2015 no comments More than 60 top designers and fashion houses gathered in New York recently to showcase the latest trends though to early 2016 This might not seem terribly noteworthy But the fact that it was the first specifically for men was The new Hollywood trend vaping movie characters August 13 2015 no comments You ve probably seen it on the street or maybe among your friends people taking drags from pen like objects instead of a cigarette It s called vaping and it s a smoke free alternative to well smoking Over

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/page/3/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Pop Culture Blog - Music TV & Film Blog, Fashion - TQS - Part 4
    mud spattered slacks it s easy to fall foul of fashion faux pas when you leave the comfort of the city and embrace country Is CGI taking the special out of special effects July 15 2015 no comments Since the emergence of CGI in film in the early 70s the first major motion film to ever use CGI was Westworld way back in 1973 we ve become accustomed to CGI giving us explosions talking apes dinosaurs and regrettably Jar Jar Binks London Cinema Best Pop Up Summer Screens July 10 2015 no comments Nothing says summer like finishing off a weekday with a trip to the cinema outside with a glass of Pimms and strawberries or a pint of cider and sausage roll Here s our list of London s top 5 Outdoor Cinemas this The Jobs that No one Wants and Why they Matter July 10 2015 no comments There are some jobs that nobody seems to want Often there s a good reason for that If the job in question involved flying your starfighter into the jaws of a giant Death Star with a minimal chance of success and Review The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime Gielgud Theatre July 9 2015 no comments Until February 2016 London s infamous Gielgid Theatre will be home to the National Theatre s production of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nightime as well as running on Broadway and touring in the UK and Ireland Adapted by The UK s top travel sized toiletries revealed July 8 2015 no comments Every stage of preparing for a holiday is exciting from choosing where to go to deciding what to take These days strict UK regulations mean that passengers have to make sure the toiletries in their hand luggage

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