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  • Four Great Films For Wine Lovers | TQS Magazine
    the misfortunes of midlife crises Sideways offers an appealing and in depth look at the gorgeous California wine country 2 A Good Year A 2006 film starring Russell Crowe A Good Year gives us a lovely depiction of the peaceful quality of a vineyard in Provence In the film Crowe plays the role of Max Skinner a rather soulless investment trader As a boy Skinner spent time on his uncle s vineyard in Provence and the adult Skinner inherits the property out of the blue From that point on as he attempts to sell the property and advance in his career Skinner gradually revisits the comforts of Provence and develops a relationship with a local cafe owner Marion Cotillard in the process 3 Bottle Shock This 2008 comedy is based on The Judgment of Paris a 1976 wine contest in which a Californian Chardonnay defeated French wines in a blind test The film stars Alan Rickman Chris Pine and Bill Pullman and offers an interesting if comical look at a significant moment in wine history when Californian vineyards were validated on a global scale 4 The Kids Are All Right A 2010 film that centres on a family led by a married lesbian couple in California The Kids Are All Right has very little to say about wine This is a film largely about family relationships However from the gorgeous and open California scenery to the frequent presence of wine in the hands of the main characters wine manages to become a sort of subtle theme throughout the film making this a wonderful film to watch with a glass in hand Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Film blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Review Doctor Faustus Read Next What you should be listening to

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  • Beautiful Creatures Review | TQS Magazine
    her life will be one of cruelty and deception However she may be chosen for the good side of witching fence in which case she may save the world for everyone Either way it s not permissible for a Caster as witches are known in this film good or bad to fall in love with a mortal even if they re especially handsome like Ethan If swoon was still an acceptable phrase outside of Mizz I d say it now Alas Rules or no rules these two have fallen desperately in love and they continue with their relationship despite her family s objections The path towards young love s dream isn t helped by the fact that the town is very conservative and deeply religious Ethan rebels against the town s oppressive nature by reading banned books but at the same time is coerced into taking part in civil war re enactments Emma Thompson plays town busybody Mrs Lincoln who puts plenty of spanners in the works for the young couple Lena is rejected by her peers in school and her and her family are labelled Satanists However fortunately Lena is considerably less irritating than Bella She is no push around takes responsibility and the lead in decision making Unlike the Twilight films watching Beautiful Creatures doesn t feel like you re watching part one of a three film series The story has a good enough conclusion to stand alone although the door is definitely left open for a sequel The film is full of surprisingly unexpected twists and a credible well thought out fantasy plot It s cheesy of course it is but it is not without merit and is overall incredibly gripping I was almost a bit sad when it finished The similarities between Beautiful Creatures and Twilight

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  • Film Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 10
    venn diagram which pits the characters of each collection against eachother by asking who fought what 9 Alternative Looper Movie Posters September 28 2012 no comments Looper the time bending sci fi thriller starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Bruce Willis is out in cinemas today To celebrate we ve rounded up the best fan made and 1 official movie posters The Matrix revisiting a masterpiece September 27 2012 no comments With the UK release of the Wachowski s highly anticipated and intriguing Cloud Atlas early next year we look at the cult classic that grabbed the cinema goer and introduced them to A world without rules and controls without borders or boundaries a world where anything is possible ParaNorman Film Review September 22 2012 no comments A creepy children s stop motion zombie comedy that pays homage to the horror genre ParaNorman tells the frightfully ghoulish tale of Norman and his ability to see and communicate with the dead 9 brilliant animated neon sign movie posters September 18 2012 no comments 9 brilliantly animated neon sign movie posters by Doodling Daddio Mr Whaite The animation ranges from obvious to subtle but always brilliant Racing Dreams Documentary Film Review September 15

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  • Bruce Willis: Action Hero, Hollywood Legend | TQS Magazine
    a star of the all American action circuit What held him apart from other super agents like bond is that whilst their tuxedoes are always perfectly ironed McClane on the other hand is ever more beaten and bleeding no wonder lifeinsurance org uk declared him uninsurable Then Pulp Fiction came along and Willis was hailed as Hollywood gold once more Pulp Fiction has been credited as a film to have launched and saved several careers and Willis is no exception By featuring so prominently in a strange exciting new film the likes that had never been made before Willis showed he could be the all action guy whilst working within a challenging environment 1998 saw the release of the all star packed Armageddon and Willis was cast as the international hero who sacrificed himself to save the earth Loved by some hated by others the American hero status cast upon Willis in the film is at the strongest of his career and he plays the role of disgruntled over protective daddy well Sin City the latest Die Hard instalments and a turn in the old man shooters The Expendables has seen Willis attempt to reprise the action hero status to some success Sin City is considered by many to be a modern masterpiece and the second instalment Sin City A Dame to Kill For is likely to be another box office success While Looper has been critically appraised by many it is for his ability to stay adaptable that Willis has remained loved His role as Captain Sharp in Moonrise Kingdom reflects his versatility and a desire to work as an actor rather than a caricature of himself Willis is set to feature in a variety of upcoming films in 2013 and beyond including G I Joe Retaliation Kane and

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  • 27th LLFFF Programme Announced | TQS Magazine
    the European Premiere of a great new documentary I am Divine about the life and legend of the extraordinary actor drag queen performer and singer born Harris Glen Milstead in Baltimore but known to the wider world as Divine A brief survey of highlights has to include James Franco who co directs and stars in Interior Leather Bar hot from the Sundance Film Festival an Oscar nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague and a powerful account of LGBT life in Jamaica in Taboo Yardies Booking information Champions priority booking opens by phone and online at 11 30 on the 25th Feb and members priority booking opens by all methods phone online post and in person at 11 30 on the 26th Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Featured Film blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Review Scissor Sisters Live in Victoria Park Read Next Fashion trends for men it s all about self consciousness How to hold a wine glass and other forgotten rules of dining etiquette March 23 2016 The Cliffs of Moher Harry Potter s Irish Pride February 24 2016 Winter Show at Plus One Gallery January 25 2016 Leave a Reply

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  • Zero Dark Thirty Film Review | TQS Magazine
    In a film where the audience already knows the outcome Bigelow has managed to create an intense atmosphere that will in the final scene leave the audience on the edge of their seats Bigelow not only enriches but complicates the public s perception of what occurred on those fateful days She manages to look behind the scenes of the all male navy SEALs who finally killed OSBL and found the women that helped make all of this possible As the first female director to have ever received an Oscar for Best Director Bigelow herself has become an iconic female figure in film choosing to direct films in a typically male dominated genre Therefore the use of a strong female protagonist gives this thriller an edge as Maya is a fictional addition to the events that realistically took place making this an interesting choice for Bigelow The use of torture in Zero Dark Thirty has raised much controversy not only has it sparked the debates surrounding the tactics used by the army but has raised questions surrounding Bigelow s own moral standing on the subject The torture scenes are graphic and definitely not for the faint hearted but are simply a depiction and not an endorsement as Bigelow has defended herself The scenes seem to be depicted in a non judgemental way in fact the audience if anything is made to feel incredibly uncomfortable watching these scenes rather than supporting the actions This thriller brings a sense of realism back home to the audience who themselves in most cases will have felt fairly distanced from the war due to their geographical circumstances Therefore thrillers such as Zero Dark Thirty give the audience a sense of understanding and intrigue that keeps the film fresh and suspense filled despite the known outcome but

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  • The 4 Most Memorable Future-Cars from the Sci-Fi Movie World | TQS Magazine
    film Mad Max was produced for a rumoured budget of just 650 000 and they kept things simple by making a few cosmetic modifications to a 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe Unlike the film s leading man Mel Gibson the Interceptor still looks badass today Police Spinners Blade Runner 2019 Released in 1982 and depicting the Los Angeles of 2019 Blade Runner is hands down the definitive dystopian sci fi film for an entire generation And no dystopian classic would be complete without some suitably awe inspiring transport technology The police spinners in the film have an unsettling air of familiarity thanks to the red and blue flashing lights we all recognise but they also take off vertically and emit menacing columns of steam for good measure According to information given to journalists when the film was released the spinners were powered by a combination of jet propulsion anti gravity tech and the trusty internal combustion engine Hats off to concept artist Syd Mead now 79 for imagining this iconic cop car from an eerily familiar future Johnny Cab Total Recall 2084 So the remake of Total Recall released last year featured hover cars but it didn t feature Arnie so I m really not interested Instead I m keeping the focus on the films I remember from my childhood and that means that Johnny Cab from the original 1990 version of Total Recall has to get a mention There s nothing cool about the car itself or its daft robot driver but that just makes it more enjoyable when Arnie takes control and starts pulling some power slides before abandoning Johnny hitting him with a killer one liner and then dodging the car before it powers into a wall and explodes Flying Taxi The Fifth Element circa 2250

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-4-most-memorable-future-cars-from-the-sci-fi-movie-world/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Hitchcock Heroine Posters | TQS Magazine
    About Kirsty H View all posts by Kirsty H Read Previous Win exclusive tickets for anti Valentines screening with NowTV Read Next The 4 Most Memorable Future Cars from the Sci Fi Movie World 40 Goodies and 40 Baddies Posters December 4 2012 9 Alternative Looper Movie Posters September 28 2012 9 brilliant animated neon sign movie posters September 18 2012 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will

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