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  • The Jobs that No one Wants – and Why they Matter | TQS Magazine
    article and others that were current in the news media at the same time is not good If ignorance came in the shape of a death star then maybe people would sit up and take notice General ignorance is really not as funny as Stephen Fry and his friends on QI make it seem More than just jobs That alarming pattern is not one that is simply about the plot lines of people s working lives It goes deeper than that You could even say that it is an issue that goes to a level of ideological appreciation that the British are famously reluctant to address Ideology tends to be a word that we think of as something to do with the bad guys but it s not Ideology is about everybody that s how we know there s a dark side Over the past decade or so we have allowed the notion of public service to become an almost dirty word And this again is not a pattern that is specific to Britain it is an ideology that has global reach and very real effects The celebration of free enterprise and the systematic denigration of public sector workers as some sort of a national burden has undermined the entire notion of public service Unless it comes with a tax break doing something for the community is now routinely seen as the past time of cranks and wishy washy liberals too kind hearted to wake up and smell the Starbucks In a world where profit is king doing something for nothing is the act of a fool That s not a great ideology and it s not a place where heroes come from by Beverly Pack But the tragedy is that this plays out in ways that go way beyond the wholesale recruitment of doctors midwives nurses and teachers It runs into the fine grained detail of our daily family lives The jobs that no one wants are not just the ones that are reported in media headlines or advertised in The Lancet A sporting chance What holds good for the movies holds good elsewhere Young people s artistic and sporting lives are being blighted by a shortage of parents willing to give up their time to coach their local youngsters Even fewer are willing or heroic enough to put themselves forwards as referees In a world where there is no regard for the value of a public service there can be no respect for volunteer officials It is easy to blame football culture but the truth is that football s loutish treatment of its volunteer officials is the symptom and not the cause of the problem The same shortage of referees is blighting rugby union rugby league cricket and just about every amateur sport you could name anywhere in the western world Australian amateur rugby league is in a state of crisis over the issue In a world where everything has its price measured in pounds and pence giving

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  • Where Are They Now: The Cast of Harry Potter | TQS Magazine
    See Me and stars alongside Woody Harrelson Dave Franco and Michael Caine But while the leading actors of the Harry Potter movies are enjoying much publicised success where are the other favourites of this magical series that has attracted a legion of fans throughout the world Rupert Grint who played Ronald Ron Weasley has not enjoyed as much of the limelight as his other lead co stars But in fact he s been just as prolific as Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe with fifteen movies to his name and his voice is featured in two other movies Postman Pat and Foosball He also has roles in upcoming British comedy Moonwalkers and an adaptation of Macbeth called Enemy of Man which is still in development Tom Felton who played Harry Potter s schoolboy enemy Draco Malfoy appeared in his first film at the age of ten The Borrowers His first role after the seven movies based on the Harry Potter books was as Dodge Landon in the film Rise of the Planet of the Apes In 2014 he had roles in three movies In Secret where he plays one of the lead characters in this erotic thriller set in 1860s Paris Against the Sun and Attachment which have yet to be released Matthew Lewis who played bumbling Neville Longbottom had been acting for six years before landing the Harry Potter film role at the age of eleven Since then Lewis has appeared on stage in Agatha Christie s Verdict and in the five part television series The Syndicate He is due to feature in the second series of comedy television show Bluestone 42 Evanna Lynch has appeared in a number of films and stage productions since appearing as quirky Luna Lovegood In 2014 she landed her first lead role in Irish

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  • The Amazing Spider-man preview | TQS Magazine
    and messy hand to hand fight set within a jet recalling the type of directing Paul Greengrass has shown us in The Bourne Supremacy This flashback soon cuts to Spider Man Andrew Garfield saving the Big Apple as Rhino Paul Giametti ploughs through downtown smashing cop cars and yellow cabs to the side of the road Andrew Garfield is cheeky and cheerful while retaining a certain amount of smug arrogance that immediately gains our attention We like him and for me we like him more than Tobey Maguire s slightly too awkward portrayal in the 2000 2008 series Lead villain Electro is played by Jamie Foxx and though showcasing some incredible special effects and strong effective use of 3D his one liners It s my birthday it s time to light my candles BOOM and blue make up seems to recall our favourite Batman villain Mr Freeze from the critically panned Batman and Robin But this is Spider Man He s our favourite guy He is fun and games a geek we can relate to an optimistic lad who can t quite believe how crazy cool his supernatural powers are The Avengers are building a universe that is epic in scale reaching from earth to Asgard Man of Steel seems to be so serious while X Men Days of Future Past is so political The Amazing Spider Man 2 looks like it will be fun and pronounce f u u u un with a huge grin on your face Over the top villains snarky heroes and gorgeous romantic interests with perfectly balanced chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield is what we want to see While he may be limited to the Manhattan skyline that s not a bad thing It means it looks like the comic book we know

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  • The Legend of Hercules | TQS Magazine
    place namely actually exiling him and selling him into slavery because of a forbidden love sorry to hear that big guy This feels like something of an overreaction from step pops but as a result we re treated to what can only be described as an insane round of action fighting death matches and amazing effects The trailer puts a bit of crunchy dubstep to excellent use boulders on chains never looked so fun Go on Have a watch and tell me you don t want to try and harness electricity to bring down coliseums We re not in Rome are we Whatever Hercules odyssey for peace looks anything but peaceful and the date nailing combo of mind boggling action and heart fluttering chaps mean everyone s a winner We re sold so get back to your right hand swiping because you can catch it in cinemas on the 28 th March This post has been sponsored by Lionsgate but all thoughts are our own Sharing is caring Facebook Twitter Tumblr Pinterest Film blog About admin View all posts by admin Read Previous Acts revealed for Blissfields 2014 Read Next Ralph Lauren Denim Supply The Cliffs of Moher Harry Potter

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/the-legend-of-hercules/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Film Review: Her | TQS Magazine
    like Theodore and Samantha are simply communicating over the phone Their relationship is real watching them interact you forget the potentially disturbing side of the situation and watch as they create deeper and deeper connections Spike Jonze creates the perfect world for this futuristic love story to unfold with in with everyone plugged into earpieces talking to themselves as they walk around there is a brilliant lack of human interaction throughout the whole film The human contact that does occur is brilliantly stark and varied there is on the one hand the very frank and easy conversations between Theodore and Amy While at the other end of the spectrum you have Theodore s uneasy encounter with a surrogate The woman Samantha hires to be her body for the evening creates such an uneasy presence that you are left feeling that Theodore s relationship with his OS is far more meaningful and real than any human contact he could have The oddest thing about this look to the near future is society s easy acceptance of this new technology OS s are quickly accepted as friends and lovers giving Her an opportunity to build its small story with out the need for conflict Theodore and Samantha are not going against the man or society they are not star crossed lovers but real people whose life we are able to see played out on the big screen Jonze s nostalgic look at the future manages to be fantastically odd and completely heart wrenching at the same time Theodore and Samantha are doomed from the start and sheer will power on the part of the audience can do nothing to change that but their story is so beautifully constructed and their world so perfectly familiar that you kind of want to live there

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/film-review-her/ (2016-04-26)
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  • Film Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 2
    of the most important films of the 21st Century read our review Best Film Biopics with transforming gifs November 7 2013 no comments In celebration of the release of The Bling Ring we thought we d put together some morphing images of our favourite actors and actresses and the famous biopic parts they ve played Adore film review October 25 2013 no comments Sex sea and a highly commended cast one would imagine Adore to be a sultry and deeply affectionate take on lust and love Our review explains why it isn t The Fifth Estate Film Review October 22 2013 1 comment Our review of The Fifth Estate starring Benedict Cumberbatch by Charlotte Keeys Virgin Media Shorts 2013 Shortlist September 22 2013 no comments Created to help uncover some of the best up and coming British filmmaking talent the UK s biggest short film competition Virgin Media Shorts has revealed the successful film makers to make this year s shortlist The Way Way Back Film Review September 8 2013 no comments From the writers of the The Descendants we review new film The Way Way Back Time Bandits reviewed by an 11 year old September 8 2013 1 comment

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  • Film Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 3
    finally go to a pop up cinema experience Film Review Only God Forgives August 5 2013 1 comment After Nicholas Winding Refn s last critic dividing offering Drive we approach his newest film Only God Forgives with a kind of hesitant excitement The Conjuring Trailer July 29 2013 no comments Take a look at the creepy new trailer for upcoming horror flick The Conjuring Film Review The Returned July 10 2013 1 comment The new hit drama from channel 4 The Returned originates from a 2004 French film of the same name a film which is set to be rereleased on the 22nd July 2013 Armageddon in Retrospect 10 Films about the End of the World June 28 2013 no comments It seems that movie goers can t get enough of the Armageddon these days Film Review Confine June 25 2013 1 comment Confine is a tense psychological drama from British director Tobias Tobbell Tobbell s previous experience in short films is more than evident in the slick handling of this feature length offerin The Magic Number Trilogies and Mainstream Movies June 19 2013 1 comment Why are good trilogies so hard to come by is Before Midnight a perfect

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  • Film Blog | TQS Magazine - Part 4
    comments To celebrate Last Exorcism Part II hitting our cinemas June 7 StudioCanal have put together one of the creepiest things we ve ever been sent a possessed font The cost of being Superman May 30 2013 no comments Whilst Man of Steel may have cost 175 million to make it turns out that the cost of actually being Superman is only 5 678 Who knew 9 Alternative Star Trek Into Darkness Posters May 19 2013 no comments 9 super cool alternative Star Trek Into Darkness posters The Great Gatsby Film Review May 18 2013 1 comment Our review Baz Luhrmann s long anticipated adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald s parody of the American Dream The Great Gatsby Star Trek Into Darkness Film Review May 16 2013 1 comment JJ Abrams second instalment of Star Trek films brings us one step closer to the idealism and exploration that the original series brought to our screens The Great Gatsby as The Great Gatsby May 12 2013 no comments YouTuber Richard Sandling has cleverly cut a trailer from the 1974 film to almost exactly replicate the new one Watch them side by side The Alphabet According to Almodóvar May 8 2013 no

    Original URL path: http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/category/film-blog/page/4/ (2016-04-26)
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