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  • UK - China logistics and shipping. China manufacturing services from TriVista Engineering.
    of our clients in a smooth streamlined process Based on your indicated requirements TriVista will evaluate the most appropriate transportation method by sea or airfreight In the early stages of the outsourcing process we usually recommend depending on the product and circumstances that initial samples are transported by air as this enables the product to be quickly inspected and reviewed and avoids significant delays in early stages of the manufacture outsourcing process For the transportation of production quantities shipping by sea usually offers the most cost effective route but the time taken by sea freight from China to the UK is typically 6 weeks including the time needed at the ports on the both ends Therefore it is important that this transport time plus a margin is taken into account when placing production orders TriVista helps its customers with decisions regarding the most appropriate packaging arrangements to ensure products are fully protected during transit Unless otherwise required by our clients our professional forwarding agents can handle the relevant custom clearances payment of import duties VAT and UK delivery If you think that outsourcing manufacturing will possibly help your business to reduce costs and improve competitiveness we will be glad to

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  • How outsourcing to China works. TriVista Engineering
    specifications estimate of the batch and annual component product quantities required quality requirements and or samples of the product to basically enable us to explain to the Chinese manufacturers exactly the product and quality standards required by the customer 2 TriVista will then translate the product information where required into Chinese to enable us to contact a wider range of Chinese companies where English fluency is either limited or for companies where all the engineers and technical staff may not be necessarily be fluent in English We find this step enables us to obtain quotes relatively quickly and removes any misunderstandings at an early stage in the process 3 We will then contact suitable manufacturers based on the client s product requirements from our established network of manufacturers in China to get accurate manufacturing costs If required TriVista will at this stage also calculate estimates of the associated shipping costs and customs duties to enable us to provide a complete outsourcing cost overview for the product delivered to the client s premises 4 Once TriVista has supplied the quotation our clients can then evaluate the potential cost savings and decide whether they wish to proceed further If the client does we then recommend getting the Chinese manufacturer to produce samples of the client s product based on the supplied design and quality requirements Depending on the product this may also involve making the associated tooling The manufactured components product can then be inspected against the quality requirements This also enables any errors to be corrected if requirements have been interpreted incorrectly before any significant quantities are manufactured 5 The experienced engineers of TriVista can also assist by accompanying the client to the premises of Chinese manufacturer if the client needs to visit the Chinese factory to assess manufacturing capability quality

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  • Intellectual property rights in China. Retaining control of IP rights when dealing with Chinese companies. TriVista Engineering.
    the manufacturer in China We feel that keeping the manufacturer one step away from the client and unaware of the product application stops the manufacturer from having an incentive to readily copy the product or components Many of our clients deal with intellectual protection by only outsourcing the manufacture of components and not the complete product This gives protection in that the Chinese manufacturer is unaware of the other components making up the complete product Outsourcing of non confidential product components can also enable clients to concentrate on their high value added core competency and the innovative intellectual property components of their product Another practical method we have used to help our clients deal with intellectual protection is to use more than one Chinese manufacturer to supply the different components making up a product This prevents one manufacturer from having all the details of the client s product However this is not always practical and also depends on where the final assembly is to be done On a product reaching the production stage TriVista usually gets the Chinese company to sign a commercial contract agreeing to limit manufacture of the indicated bespoke product for TriVista and hence their client only This contract also covers preventing the disclosure of products technical details This step usually depends on the products IP requirements and still has limitations For cases where the complete product is to be manufactured and its application is obvious TriVista advises their clients to take out the appropriate protection for their intellectual property such as patents and also to get the Chinese manufacturer to sign a more binding commercial contract Even when a patent is obtained there are still issues of reinforcement and the associated costs However by putting the necessary protection in place a burden is placed onto potential

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  • Contact TriVista Engineering: engineering design consultants for UK and Chinese business
    friendly and experienced engineers will be happy to advise you in confidence and without obligation Alternatively you may prefer to use our simple enquiry form Fields marked with are required First name Message Surname Company name Position Telephone number Email

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  • http www milonbeginner

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  • 工程设计咨询公司TriVista Engineering为英国和中国的公司用有限元分析(FEA)提供结构分析和应力分析.
    ANSYS 强大的 非线性 能力使许多复杂的模拟得以进行 它们包括 大挠度 应力强化 大应变 这些特点 加上广泛的材料特性功能 塑性 超弹性 各向异性及随温度改变性等 以及世界领先的表面接触模型 使大型而复杂的结构可以迅速得到分析 在TriVista 分析不是简单地停止在有限元分析的结果上 一个很好的例子是处于周期性负载下部件的疲劳寿命 它通常是根据应力和应变的数据进行估算的 由此我们可以依靠多年的工程设计经验迅速地对设计问题采用的对策进行评估 TriVista可以提供多种选择来满足您的要求 如果需要 通过FEA与我们其他 服务 的有效结合 就可以完成一个完整的工程项目 欲知更多详情 请与我们 联系 The Sussex Innovation Centre Science Park Square Falmer Brighton BN1 9SB

    Original URL path: http://www.trivista.co.uk/cnstructural.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • 工程设计咨询公司TriVista Engineering为英国和中国的公司用有限元分析(FEA) 做热传导分析
    在这种状态下热力学参数随着时间变化 一个通常的例子是当系统启动时加热程度的不同会引起严重问题 由TriVista提供的热力学分析预测是一种非常有力的资料 对用户的好处包括 无需进行困难和昂贵的试验就可以使设计优化 通过使用 耦合场分析 来预测结构对热负荷的反应 以消除诸如过度变形等问题 确定适用的材料 以避免在高温下的氧化 对冷却或加热的措施进行快速而有效的评估 热力学边界条件的定义通常不是直截了当的 在TriVista 利用我们在建立模型及试验方面的丰富经验 对分析结果加以验证 例如 可以根据用户的试验数据以及 或者独立的分析计算 我们的综合 服务 还可以使用 CFD 分析对复杂的对流的边界条件进行的测算 欲知更多详情 请与我们 联系 The Sussex Innovation Centre Science Park Square Falmer Brighton BN1 9SB UK 电话

    Original URL path: http://www.trivista.co.uk/cnthermal.htm (2016-02-10)
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  • 工程设计咨询公司TriVista Engineering为英国和中国的公司用有限元分析(FEA)提供动力学分析及转子动力学分析的服务(FEA)

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